This Short Film Is Written Entirely By AI

This Short Film Is Written Entirely By AI

This video is brought to you by Squarespace. It seems like every day I hear or see a news
story about how Artificial Intelligence is getting closer and closer to becoming indistinguishable
from human beings. And while AI has certainly changed the face
of automation, it remains to be seen whether or not it can truly replicate the creative
spirit – and this month, I decided to put that idea to the test. So, using an open source AI program, I plugged
in several well-known stories, like the Harry Potter series, some Star Wars screenplays,
a few Stephen King novels, and even a mediocre young adult book written years ago by yours
truly, and after the computer used those to learn how to write, I asked the system to
generate its own original tale. The story it wrote is ridiculous, and for
the past month, I’ve worked painstakingly night and day to adapt that story into an
original 3D animated movie. Why? …For you. The folks at Plotagon were kind enough to
let me try out their animation software. I even let their system randomly generate
each character from the story, so you truly ARE getting a computer-generated experience. Bon appetite. [EPIC ORCHESTRAL MUSIC.] [MUSIC.] Harrison looked around at the class and rolled
his eyes. He didn’t understand why there was no one
there. The class was scheduled to meet at this hour,
but for whatever reason, the chairs were empty. He left the room and made his way down the
corridor to investigate. There, he met Dexter Longbottom, who was deep
in conversation with a wave of cold sweat. Harrison asked him about the empty classroom,
and the cold sweating, and Dexter nervously consulted Yaxley, who had just come on the
scene. With a great deal of effort, Yaxley explained
that today was a special day. Today was Spaceship Day, and the whole school
was buzzing. Harrison had somehow missed what Spaceship Day was all about, and eagerly listened to Yaxley explain. “I’m not going to let you in on everything,
but it’s worth noting a few things about Spaceship Day. Firstly – of all the special days, this is
the one that really means something. Ask yourself – what would life be like with
the stars of heaven? No magic in front of our eyes. No idea of the beyond. On Spaceship Day, we send someone special
to the dark mystery beyond, and they make two of their friends come along for the ride.” “But what if two of their friends don’t
want to come along for the ride?” Harrison challenged. “Don’t interrupt. This is to be answered secondly.” “You see Harrison,” Dexter chimed in,
finally having conquered the cold sweating. “…By going on the adventure, the friends
learn the hard way to deal with all sorts of terrible misfortunes. It is a good thing to go. If we’re being honest, I would like to go,
but I’m a bit unsure if anyone would ask me. Harrison put his hand on Dexter’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, Dexter. If I am asked to go to the dark mystery beyond,
I will have you come along for the ride.” “Take care what you say, Harrison and Dexter!” Yaxley cautioned. “People might hear you and take it seriously.” Harrison looked back at Yaxley, sharply. “He will be seriously coming along for the
ride. Then it will be people who feel not asked.” Harrison and Dexter soon left Yaxley standing
there, and went to visit Charlie, who was wearing pajamas under her spartan armor. Charlie laughed when she saw them. “Are you not going to Spaceship Day?” Harrison looked at her with a watery look of triumph. “We will go to Spaceship Day, but you must
come with us.” Charlie laughed when she heard him say that. “You will need a girl of great surprises
to join you. I will come along for the ride.” Dexter took Harrison to the side, unsure. “I am nervous about Charlie, friend. The other students say that she can giggle,
and that her giggles cause others to lose control like some sort of exploding kidney.” “Perhaps she does have giggles that cause
others to lose control like some sort of exploding kidney, but she is the best chance we have
if we visit the dark mystery beyond.” “I am not certain about the dark mystery beyond. It might be too dark for us.” “It won’t be… if we stick together.” Harrison returned to Charlie and then nodded. “If we are to go to the dark mystery beyond,
we will all go together.” Later that day, the group attended the Spaceship
Day event. The whole school was buzzing to find someone
special to go to the dark mystery beyond. Harrison looked around at the others and a
great sadness filled his nostrils. What if he couldn’t go along for the ride? Soon, Hagrid The Table got the attention of the whole school. “It is now time to see who will go. First, are there any of you willing to volunteer?” The whole school began to be very quiet as
a few moments passed. Harrison thought hard as he struggled to remain
upright. It was a very irritating feeling to be so
nervous. Eventually, Harrison felt a hand on his shoulder
and saw Dexter quietly smiling at him with a watery smile that made him laugh rather
unpleasantly. Hagrid noticed the laughing and then came
over to them. “Harrison, are you choosing to go to the dark
mystery beyond?” There was a sudden waft of silence throughout
the courtyard. Harrison thought desperately for about twenty minutes, and then finally finished thinking desperately. “I have decided to volunteer.” Then, something extremely interesting and
unexpected happened. Hagrid turned around and waved at someone
that was standing just a few steps away. It was Yaxley. “I have decided that now seems very good to
be a volunteer.” Hagrid turned to Harrison, and again at Yaxley,
unsure whether or not he was standing in the middle of a historical disagreement. “Two of you wish to go up, but the rules clearly
state that it must be a single volunteer.” Dexter and Charlie applauded loudly. It was ultimately decided that a fictional
challenge should be held to determine who would go up. Harrison and Yaxley looked at each other for
a fraction of a second before they were ready to fight. Yaxley slapped Harrison’s face, and then laughed
jeeringly at him. “Refraining from slapping me will be a very
ugly mistake!” Harrison looked at Charlie softly, and then
remembered the time they went to eat together just one year before. He couldn’t shake the feeling that she had
wanted to tell him something extremely personal. Soon Yaxley slapped him again, and Harrison
realized immediately where he had made a mistake. Finally, with great reluctance, Harrison quickly
slapped the face of Yaxley, and he fell to the floor, defeated. So it was decided that Harrison would go to
the dark mystery beyond. Hagrid stood before the crowd and spoke with
a finality bordering on indifference to them. “Today, on Spaceship Day, we send Harrison
to the dark mystery beyond, and he will make two of his friends come along for the ride.” Harrison turned to Hagrid and spoke for just
a moment. “Dexter and Charlie will come along for the
ride.” Charlie turned to Dexter and looked at him
coldly. “I think I’ve made a few mistakes today.” Dexter nodded. “That makes two of us.” Later that day, preparations were made. Harrison and Charlie sat opposite one another
in the front of the spaceship, while Dexter nervously placed himself in the ship’s corridor. Harrison looked at Charlie nervously. “Do you remember the time we went to eat together
just one year before?” Charlie nodded. “How could I forget?” Harrison smiled weakly. “Did you want to tell me something extremely
personal?” Charlie shook her head frantically. “What I wanted to tell you will have to wait. They are counting down.” Harrison listened closely and could hear them
counting down. [CROWD COUNTING DOWN.] [ENGINE FIRING.] About ten hasty seconds later, they were off
to the dark mystery beyond. The stars of heaven twinkled with a wave of cold fury as the spaceship went along its merry way. Charlie sat next to Harrison, and looked out
across the dark mystery beyond, and thought of her sister back home. She seemed to be rather unhappy to Harrison,
so he asked her. “You seem to be rather unhappy?” Charlie turned to Harrison and growled. “The dark mystery beyond is much different
than the time we went to eat together just one year before.” Harrison shrugged. Meanwhile, in the ship’s corridor, Dexter
nervously flattened himself against the wall to get rid of his anxiety. “This journey will be the death of me,” he
whispered affectionately. The spaceship did its best to do a good job,
but before too long, it ran out of fuel. Harrison steered the spaceship to a cold and
lonely planet. The spaceship landed, and the group enthusiastically and desperately made their way outside. Harrison stood before them both, and spoke
quietly. “We are here now, and what is ahead of us
seems incredible.” “Incredible might be a stretch,” Charlie cautioned. In response, Harrison slapped Dexter fiercely
and looked directly at her. “Why can’t you be more positive?” [BANG.] Harrison could not help noticing that there
was a bang and a flash of bright light from the ground, and he felt a surge of fury that
was quite unconnected with his own stupidity. Finally, Charlie responded. “Harrison, there is something that I must
finally admit.” “What is it about?” “It is about the time we went to eat together
just one year before.” Harrison straightened himself, unsure whether
or not the words would hurt his head immediately upon hearing them. “I feel like this conversation will be a very
excitable thing!” “Don’t interrupt!” Charlie continued. “The truth is, I *did* want to tell you something extremely personal.” “What was it?” “The truth is that it was a big thing to eat
with you… and it seemed to feel right. I’m full of ordinary sounding words, but when I say them, and you are there to hear them, all is well with everything.” At this, Harrison began to cry in surprise,
while Dexter proudly clapped. Spaceship Day had been a very long and special
adventure, but they had learned the hard way to deal with all sorts of terrible misfortunes. It was a good thing to go. [MUSIC.] This video is sponsored by Squarespace. They provide you a way to quickly and easily
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  1. I can't stop laughing. Like I'm literally crying. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I'm trying to stop and I can't OMG.

  2. is it just me or is every ai dark and twisted the ai wrote a story that ended with people starving together and what was that bang

  3. This is just like a dream. It makes no sense and random stuff happens, but it had enough consistency that you don’t question it.

  4. Cameras watching viewers and before long AI using all that data may be writing films for the most emotional responses. Or making recommendations.

  5. Well, apart from the sentient furniture and occasional combustible internal organ, this was a surprisingly coherent story line.

  6. Charlie looked at Harrison and frowned.
    "The Dark Mystery Beyond is much different than the time we went to eat together just one year before"


  7. So …
    Hagrid was having a family reunion at the same restaurant that Charlie and Harrison went to eat together … a year before Yaxley had volunteered his kidney to Dexter .
    The anxious Charley nostrils giggled ,flat against the sweaty wall…..this was SpaceX day.
    Harrison realized immediately was standing in the middle of a historical mistake .
    He felt a surge of stupidity quite unconnected from his own fury.
    the dark mystery beyond the comment section had felt the cold hand of AI on the shoulder.
    …the Hagrids had been turned .
    and the table had to go ?.
    SLAP !!
    or something like that anyway

  8. Thanks for letting me know about the best way. Please let me know if you need anything else from me please. Maybe we can get together for a drink or something. So much for the quick reply and let me know if you need me to do something about it and let you know when I get it I will send it to you when I get home and see you.

    This story was made with my keyboard's assumption

  9. This seems to be made by a real person-

    “And a great sadness filled his nostrils”
    Then a table speaks…
    Then the table waved?!

    Edit: 1 like already..? You people fast

  10. I think I might be the only person to have noticed this:
    – They ran out of fuel so they're fucking stranded on a cold lifeless planet
    – One of them was just standing in a hallway when the fucking rocket goes off

  11. "I am full of ordinary sounding words, but when I say them and you are there to hear them, all is well with everything." -Charlie

  12. no one: not even a single soul: AI:im am nervous about chairle friend. the other students say that she can giggle and that her giggles cause others to lose control. like some sort of explodeing kidneys

  13. I’ll continue, After 3 weeks they realised their oxygen had ran out and they slowly died and they died happily ever after

  14. Why didn't the table and it's other furniture friends go? It would be better if we find out Harison wasn't really the main character, and the table was.

  15. ["This journey will be the death of me." He whispered, affectionately.]
    That's way more human than almost anything real humans ever wrote about themselves.

  16. Why did nobody comment about this masterpiece:

    "This journey will be the death of me"

  17. Moral of the story:Charlie’s giggles will kill us all and Hagrid is a man of wisdom

    Edit:Dexter was very offending on the new planet so I’m glad he got slapped

    Edit 2: ending was that they died on the planet

    Edit 3:I also love how dexter said “this conversation will be a very excitable thing” when they were gonna talk about the time they went to eat together

  18. "The spaceship did its best to do a good job"
    Awww, sweet little spaceship… always trying so hard…
    "But before too long, it ran out of fuel"

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