Thor Hammer Lightning Strike in After Effects Tutorial

Thor Hammer Lightning Strike in After Effects Tutorial

hmmm interesting let’s see if it has
some true powers pretty good back to you Ben Hey what’s up ladies and gentleman I’m Ignace Aleya and i hope you enjoyed that little intro as you might know if
you follow me on instagram i made this video in collaboration with ben from
pressed you press tube is actually one of the biggest channels here in Belgium
and meeting Ben was really amazing and he’s a very humble guy it was a true
honor thank you so much and hopefully we can do this in the future sometime too
so he does obviously some crazy stuff on his channel otherwise he wouldn’t get
that audience and so definitely check him out I’ll put a link in the
description below so you can go and check out his channel so he made the
hammer that you saw in the intro completely by himself from aluminium his
video on that actually went viral so I wanted to add some effects to that
hammer it would be a shame if that hammer was never to be used in a VFX
scene right so anyway we had lots of fun creating this one new hammer was
actually really really heavy I was truly shocked
pun intended okay so so let’s get to the point and see how it’s done and by the
way if you enjoy watching my videos definitely hit subscribe and don’t
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same footage as me you can download the tutorial files in the description below
so the first thing that you want to do is change your color space in Adobe
After Effects to 32 bits per channel this will allow us to achieve better
colors and better glows next I will drag in my footage into a
new composition so we can get started the first thing that I want to do is
duplicate my footage on this new layer I want to apply an effect color correction
color amma this will be used to create a luma mat so we can sky replace a shot
with a stormy or sky to match the lightning scene a little bit
to the output cycle of Kalama and change it to ramp gray –great two new points
one black and one white and then play with the position until your sky looks
white and everything else black just try to really pay attention to the trees and
kind of make it a subtle gradient you can still tweak these settings later on
once you are done import an image or video of a sky that you want to use and
fortunately I can’t share this guy but I’m sure you can figure out this one by
yourself drag in the sky below the luma matte layer that we just created change
the track mats to luma matte if you still need to adjust the chlorella
effect you can still do so so make sure it is as perfect as possible then
reposition the sky to your preference next I’m going to apply a color
correction tint effect and a curves effect to the sky layer decreases tend
to desaturate the sky a little bit and play with the curves until it matches
your scene better also play with the opacity of the sky layer to blend it in
a little bit better that’s also a great trick when you do sky replacement once
you are done pre compose all these layers and this is going to be our
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code for you guys so you can also find that in the description below ok back to
the video let’s create some awesome lightning effects let’s add an exposure
effect to the precomposed layer that we just created
going to set the value to 0.5 I made a mistake of going for 1 but that’s a
little bit too high so choose 0.5 for the exposure and then I’m going to all
click on the stopwatch of the exposure effect and write a simple expression to
give it some flickering light right wiggle open parenthesis 10 comma zero
point 5 close parenthesis this is going to change 10 times a second with a value
of 0.5 randomly next I’m going to create a new adjustment layer we are going to
convert our footage to look a little bit more like a night scene I’m going to
apply an effect curves and tend again change the temps do some kind of dark
bluish cork and then lower the percentage of the effect to blend in a
little bit better and then you can play with the curves effects to add a little
bit more contrast in colors next I want to duplicate my footage and bring it on
top originally here I want to use a pen tool to mask an area around my body that
is kind of gonna be the most reflected lightening on my body then I’m also
going to add an ellipse mask to reflect in the background adjust it a little bit
to look a little bit more tree D and then I’m going to feather these masks to
my preferences change the blending mode of this layer to additive or screen next
I’m going to duplicate my footage once again and bring it above this layer now
we’re going to add a tenth effect to desaturate the entire footage and then
I’m going to add a levels effect to add more contrast what we essentially want
to create is some kind of specular map so that the reflections don’t look even
everywhere so everything that’s white is going to be visible and everything
that’s black isn’t going to be visible so try to think about it as a specular
map then use the reflection layer and change the track map to luma matte now
only the white parts of the layer above will be reflected and that creates this
kind of effect cool you can always play with the colors a little bit more using
a curves adjustment but that’s completely up to you ok now for the
exciting part let’s create some Lightning add a new black solid layer to
the composition and add an advanced lightening effect do that layer the
first thing that I want to do here is change a glow opacity to zero then I’m
going to set the core to around 6 and again I’ll click on a
stopwatch again I’m going to write that same expression wiggle open parentheses
10 comma 5 this time and close the parentheses and this is going to animate
the width also randomly of the Lightning then keyframe the lightning origin to
the hammer of course you could also track the hammer and then link the
origin but let’s keep it simple for now as I don’t move the hammer too much also
change the lightning type to a strike and animate it to something like this
trim the layer to where you want the Lightning to start and there we go next
I want to also animate the Lightning animation this we can do with the
conductivity state of the Lightning effect we are also going to write a
simple expression in this case also I’ll click on the stopwatch for addy
conductivity state here I’m going to write the expression time times 2 so now
it’s going to have a constant animation and therefore the Lightning is going to
look animate it Leslie you can play with all the other
lighting settings but I found that the basic ones actually work pretty well in
this case after you have everything set up you can change the core color to some
kind of blue but don’t saturate it too much next I want to apply our perfect
glow preset which gives you great glow results you can download that for free
on our website I will put a link in the description below
once you apply that you will see that the glow looks off that’s because you
should check on composite on original and the Lightning effect then change the
blending mode of this layer to screen and now play with the globe threshold
radius and density to get satisfying results after that you can also move the
lightning direction if you want to give it a little bit more life and then I
will import my flare footage which is going to be included in the tutorial
files in the link in the description below also set this layer to a screen
and scale it and maybe apply a simple curves effect to darken the darks a
little bit more so you don’t see any edges on that flare then I’m going to
press B on the keyboard for the position of that layer and then I’ll click on the
stopwatch for T position I’m going to link this to the original value of the
lightening effect also trim this layer where the Lightning starts next let’s
take a look on how to create the lightning in the sky I’m going to
duplicate my lightening effect so we don’t have to start over from scratch
and put it on the top solo it for now so we can concentrate on that layer and
this all the glue effects it’ll change the
lightening type to breaking play with the forking and decay to get your
desired results and animate the origin and direction to get some variation in
it I’m again going to use the wiggle expression to both the origin and
direction because I’m just too lazy to animate them then I’m going into the
course settings and also add a wiggle expression to the opacity so that the
lightning flickers on and off and isn’t constant now let’s enable the globe
effects again and adjust the settings as there’s a way more lightning than before
the glow is going to be way too intense so lower it a bit until you’re satisfied
you can still dive in the core Tecna in the color to get different kind of
results to really play around with that and then you can insulate it layer pre
compose it so we have that separate then I’m going to jump into the composition
of my footage where we keyed out the sky I’m going to copy the luma matte that we
created and paste it back in our main composition put that above the latest
lighting composition that we just created and change the lightening layer
to again luma matte so that the lightening only appears in the sky
adjust the timing of the lightening layer to your preferences and again trim
it to word lightening begins and voila next let’s finalize our clip with some
minor details that will enhance our look a lot add an adjustment layer on the top
and create an ellipse mask tool by just double clicking on that then subtract
that mask and feather it a bit here we are going to apply a curves adjustment
and bring down the intensity this will create some kind of vignette on the
edges and make the edges darker once you’ve done that we really want to
emphasize the power of the lightening when I put the hammer in the air and get
the first lightning strike going to do that we want to add a subtle camera
shake effect and I’m going to be using TC shake which is a preset from our epic
transitions back if you don’t have that you will find a ton of tutorials on how
to add shake to your footage online again this you do on a new adjustment
layer for the theses shake bring the first keyframe right before the effect
happens and then bring the center keyframe to the position where the
effect starts then the last keyframe just makes it fade out change the
settings to your preferences and boom we have the shake to really
how much power is in this shop and okay we’re done but for the serious people
here we can now export this clip to Premiere Pro and import it in a timeline
here I want to add our camera shake preset which is recorded from real
organic camera movement to give this shot a little bit more detail and depth
this will make it look so much more advanced and voila we’re done if you
want to add sound effects all I did was I use the trailer-truck from epidemics
sound and sound effects from their website as well so everything that I got
from sound is all from epidemics and and if you click on link in the description
below you can actually use epidemics sound 30 days for free so if that’s not
a great deal I just don’t know it anymore so now you will be able to
finish this project entirely with some awesome sound and that’s basically it
for this video I hope you enjoyed it if you did give this video a like also be
sure to subscribe to this channel for more and definitely hit the notification
bar so you get notified when I upload a new video and also check out our website
we have a bunch to offer for any kind of digital creative and if you buy
something from our website it really helps to support this channel and create
more awesome content and apart from that I hope to see you guys in the next one
good bye

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