THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) Movie Clip – Odin Departs | Marvel HD

THOR: RAGNAROK (2017) Movie Clip – Odin Departs | Marvel HD

Coulda just walked He’s waiting for you. All right. Oh, don’t forget your umbrella. Oh, yes Sorry I Suppose we’ll leave my brother back. Oh, yeah, right. I I have been falling for 30 minutes You can handle it from here. Yes. Yes. Thank you very much to go help. Handle me. Who are you? Okay, you think it’s some kind of sorcerer anything for one minute you second-rate right, bye-bye Father. Look at this place. It’s beautiful. Father it’s us. My sons I’ve been waiting for you. I know we’ve come to take you home home. Yes Your mother she calls me Do you hear it Loki left your magic Took me quite a while to break free from your spell Trigger would have been proud What’s it with me? I don’t have much time. I Know we failed you, but we can make this right I failed you it is upon us Ragnarok no, I’ve stopped Ragnarok. I put an end to soda. No, it’s already begun. She’s coming My life was all that held her back, but my time has come I Cannot keep her away any longer. Oh, who are you talking about? Goddess of death? Hela the firstborn Your sister And what a violent appetites rule beyond my control Couldn’t stop her so I’m prisioned her. Lock’s her away She draws strength from mass garden Once she gets there her powers will be limitless Whatever she is we can we can stop her together. We can face her dude I’m on a different path now This you must face alone. I Love you my sons Look at that Remember this place, home Subtitles by ZIARNOW 🙂

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  1. I assume there in some part of Tonsburg, Norway (as far as the location in the movie. Not where they actually filmed it.)
    If it is I wish they woulda said the Name That way 2 out of the 3 Thor Movies foreshadow Tonsburg as there new place to live after Rsgnarok.
    It's just genius. To connect Endgame with a small scene in the first Thor movie and that the war happens in the 900's A.D and it turns out Tonsburg is the First Toen ever built in Norway and was sone so by Vikings. Plus its protected by Castle Mountain and a Fortess that has stood fo thousands of years. As I understand it's the only way a large force could reach them but the Fortress repels and bottlenecks any would be attackers. Same with there bay. It bottle necks hard. Those Marvel guys think of EVERYTHING!

  2. It was nice to see both his sons be with him at the end. Despite what they both went through, at least he was able to say goodbye to his beloved sons.

  3. Imagine how it will feel when we have this conversation with our dads before they pass on.

    Man its one of the few things that hurt to think.about.

    Ive done it as a way to prepare myself.
    I know all see everyone again

  4. People say Loki isn't one the most powerfull "vilains" in the MCU. He enchanted Odin, who just said it took him a while to get rid of his spell! If Loki never reached all his potential it is because he still had his doubts about the path he was taking… otherwise he would have been VERY hard to take down.

  5. Odin as the Earth planet Guardian god was taken by Dark force and put under the giant moment until last year Ron Amitron has released him. Now Odin with his Vikings came back to Earth and fighting with dark force which has been occupying on the Earth millions years. ( Ron Amitron was sent by Creation Lightship-our source ) visit Ron:

  6. I love how Odin died in Scandinavia and not in Asgard, this indeed is the home of them, cause there their legends were born there…

  7. Even though Loki isn't saying anything, but I love how he reacts to what father says. No matter what he's done, father loves both his sons either way.

  8. I hope my father gets the same treatment. Finds my mom calling to him…. Says he loves my brothers and me. Just fades into a glorious haven of love… And peace.

  9. While I loved endgame, joe blow sorcerer with one of those sling rings could have sent thanos and his entire army into the sun.

  10. Hey y’all I’m about to die…btw y’all got an all powerful sister who’s gonna come and try to murder you all the moment I die….alright peace out!!

  11. I always felt like Loki shouldn't have been able to trick Odin with his magic, but this scene makes it a little better since it sounds like Odin at least freed himself from whatever Loki did.

  12. The captions are so great. Odin says “what’s it with me? I don’t have much time” And Thor says he “put an end to soda”

  13. Imagine if Thor had an ending like this in endgame, except like "My brother he calls me, do you hear it?" to Valkyrie and Hulk. Then he gives Stormbreaker to Valkyrie and fades away…

  14. The way he talks about Hela is so casual… like he doesn’t even know that he’s dropping a huge bomb on Thor and Loki. I found it quite funny upon rewatching it.

  15. Every Thor Movie:

    A problem arises in the Odin family
    Odin: suddenly falls ill or disappears
    Odin: oh wow I am sick now, my sons can deal with this very grave threat alone

  16. This scene takes place in Tonsberg Norway, the site of the Frost Giant Asgardian fight in Thor 1, Red Skull finding the Tesseract in Cap 1, and where The Asgardians call home in Endgame

  17. Thor actually took the most failure in all, he lost everything.. His kingdom, his mother, his people, his father, his hammer, his brother, heimdall, his eye, half the people of earth , his love..

  18. Thor, Loki, and Hela could’ve been the most powerful trio in all of existence. However, their father was bad at parenting

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