Thugs Of Hindostan – Official Trailer | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan | Katrina Kaif | Fatima

Thugs Of Hindostan – Official Trailer | Amitabh Bachchan | Aamir Khan | Katrina Kaif | Fatima

1795, India. The East India Company
came to trade… …but now they rule us. Fire! But for some slavery was intolerable. “In the afternoon of twin days
on a moonless night… “…astride a rosewood stallion
comes the peril of sinners.” – Who is this man?
– An Indian, our enemy. His name is Azaad. To catch Azaad we need
a thug like Azaad. Firangi Sailor. Village Gopalpur. District Cawnpore. Awadh. Sahab, what’s the word in English
for “kaminey?” Bastard. That’s me, sir!
Fun meeting you. Now it’s 1,2,3, quick march! Azaad. Name ring a bell? I’ll get Azaad’s army on its knees
for you. I’m Firangi, the “foreigner.”
Foreign inside… …not outside. 1, 2, dash it. Nonsense, quick march. 3, 4 pudding-wudding.
Good night! I want to be free like you. Too pricey. I’m selling freedom.
Don’t bargain, sire. Let the fun begin! If freedom is a crime… …let the punishment be mine. What befalls us now… …is God’s will alone. Deceit is my nature. To trust is mine.

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  1. 3:38 mins trailer. Not even a single second got that thrill to watch the movie. Just watch bahubali and kgf movie trailers.

  2. Full copy of pirates of caribbean but it is kind of different because it have songs and it is in hindi too

  3. Aamir amitabh jaise bade star hone ke bawjud ….us sale harami director ne movie ko etna kachara banaya ki mai interval ke baad dekhan band kr diya, samz ni aata etna bada budged bade star lekar koi aisi movie kaise bana skta hai es se ache actor ka beda garg ho jata hai

  4. Bollywood waale copy cat hai copy cat… Badve hai sab… Yeh sab milke humko pagal bana rahe madarchod ke bache…

  5. Who need to understand the
    The thugs of hindostan !!
    Please listen and if u like le then share it as possible as u can !!
    😊 😊 👍

  6. The movie was awsome but Katrina keif should not have to be in the movie she didn't know how to talk and acting in movie

  7. Many people don't know about history of thugs . That's why this film didn't get much appreciation.

  8. After watching this trailer and movie i am afraid about "saaho" and "War".
    Same could happen with them also as happened with TOH.

    Thugs Of Hindustan dekhne ke baad ab first day show dekhne se darr lagta hai…

  9. I am a fan of Aamir Khan ❤️ hindi movies are great! Cinematography and screenplay! The best!
    Love from the Philippines

  10. thugs of hindustaan full movie dekhne ke liye hmare instagraam id innoxent939 pr follow kre or new movie dekhe

  11. Now I know why Thugs of Hindostan was a flop it's because amitabh bachchan was in "kabhi alvida naa kehna" dating young white women and he is an old guy.

  12. That Arrow scene is 😂😂😂

    We can't hold 4 arrows In our hand when we fold only 3 can possible
    This is just to show more than BB2

  13. Aamir Khan iss ma thug ka roll Nibha Rahe The Isliye movie bilkul theek Thi kuch logo ki vajah Se movie flop ki Gayi Hai

  14. Actors ne Mehnat to ke magar CGI graphics ke waja se Movie flop huwe agar pirates of the Carribian jaise cgi estemal hote toh Super hit..

  15. Salman khan vs aamir khan
    Bajrangi Bhaijaanand
    Prem ratan dhan payo
    50 00000000000000
    Dil Dhakadnedo
    Secret superstar
    Tiger zinda hai
    Thugs of Hindustan

  16. Good story good very good story and very good practice and also very good talent Aamir Khan is very good and also all actor

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