Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

Thunderbolts of the Gods | Official Movie

The Earth was once the
center of the universe. It was flat. Then it was round and it circled the Sun. It was no longer the
center of the universe. It was a tiny part
of the Milky Way. The Milky Way was
the only Galaxy. Except it wasn’t. It was only one of billions of galaxies
floating in space without end. Every single time we think we
have got it all figured out, we realize we have merely found
another piece of the picture. It is a big picture with many pieces. Sir Isaac Newton was the first
to state the Law of Gravity. Eventually everybody agreed that
gravity alone formed galaxies and that stars and planets and gravity
alone holds the universe together. Then we discovered a force a 1000 billion billion billion billion times more
powerful than the gravity. Until recently we believed that the space
between the stars and planets was empty – a vacuum. We now know it is teaming
with charged particles. We see glowing electric filaments
spanning millions of light years. We see stellar and galactic
formations shaped by magnetic fields. Only electric currents
create magnetic fields. It is possible that the predominant
force in the universe is not gravity but something else. Recent discoveries in space have
amazed and perplexed astronomers. Currently popular theories in the
sciences can neither predict nor explain the phenomena
we are now observing. A new theory is being proposed,
a theory which can both, predict and explain the data
coming back from deep space. Its implications are profound and
affect all scientific disciplines. It is in fact a synthesis
of the disciplines, a synthesis which has already
led to discoveries that link modern astronomy, leading edge plasma
physics and ancient mythology. The electric model offers us a new
interpretation of the workings of the universe, the history of our solar system
and even human history. Myth & Science The rise of science was a
triumph over mythology, over magic and superstition. That’s why the word science
today implies reliability. The word myth means
fiction, not true and it turns out that the key
to understanding the myth is the same key that is now helping us
to understand objects in deep space, to understand the workings
of the physical universe. That key is electricity. It was 33 years ago that I
first began to wonder about these preposterous stories told around the
world, what we call world mythology. What was it that provoked this incredible
outpouring of human imagination just a few thousand years ago, just before
the birth of the first civilizations? I came to a radical conclusion that the myth
arose from extraordinary natural events. Our early ancestors witnessed things
in the sky that are not seen today. The events were awe-inspiring,
both beautiful and terrifying. So it shouldn’t surprise us that
the myth so incomprehensible Well, of course, they’re incomprehensible. The celestial references
are no longer present. It was in 1994 that I was invited to
come to the US to attend a conference, which was dealing with the
possibility that the ancient sky as witnessed by our earliest forebearers
was different to the one we see today. I’ve been interested in
this kind of idea because it could only be explained in terms of electromagnetic
influences within the solar system. So, it came as a bit of a shock and
as a surprise to see David Talbott showing slides at one of the
sessions of the conference, which I recognized
immediately as being similar to those of electric
discharges in the laboratory. It was wonderful for me personally
to come to my first Kronia meeting and hear David Talbott. And I still want to
see some of those slides that he showed again and again and again. That explained the white crown of Egypt and
the rest of these things that he showed us all from mythology all from
thousands of years ago. These things clearly were seen by civilizations
that never talked to each other from the far corners
of the Earth. It all just click together like a
three-dimensional jigsaw puzzles in my mind. Unity of Myth A breakthrough for me
came when I realized that many different
cultures spread around the world used different words, different
symbols, different myths to describe precisely the
same formations in the sky. The ouroboros or celestial serpent
biting its tail for example occurs on every
habitable continent but it has no ties to the
world we now observe. Like all of the archetypes,
it is part of an alien sky: a cosmic column rising to the center of the
sky, holding aloft the wheel of heaven and much more than a wheel because
this was the revolving cosmic temple, the city of the gods,
the kingdom of heaven, always resting on
the cosmic column. Then there is the image of the
four rivers or pathways radiating from the
center of the sky out to the boundary,
the rim of the wheel. The simplest forms lead you invariably
to the full story of world mythology. The hero’s journey unfolds as
the story of the wheel’s axle. The mother goddess
finds her identity in the star at the summit, the
hub and spokes of the wheel. The Key From childhood on, I’ve always had
a deep interest in mythology and I remember that
as a child I was trying to draw up genealogies of the
gods as provided in greek mythology and I soon found out
that it didn’t work nor did anything else in
mythology seem to work. There was no singular fitting explanation
that would make sense of these stories. So, I basically laid this whole subject to
rest, and I didn’t look at it for many years until I came across the work by Dave
Talbott and Everett Cochrane mainly whose articles were
real eye-opener for me and as soon as I began to read these articles it became clear to me that we
were really looking here at a very important key to
the unlocking of myth. And the recent findings provided
by plasma physics are capable of providing that key. Based on the results we have seen so
far and Dr Peratt’s investigations with petroglyphs,
which he matches successfully to laboratory experiments
involving plasma, it has now become crystal clear
and I think undeniable that the morphology of plasma
as it manifests itself, both in the laboratory
and in space, can account successfully for
the major themes in mythology. To find the true meaning of the myths,
we follow a forensic approach. The purpose is to expose the points of
agreement between the different cultures because here at the level
of the archetypes everything is unified. There are no isolated themes of myth
at the level of the substructure. This is like a holograph, follow one
archetype and its links to other archetypes, and you’ll find one story
told around the world. PLASMA The Fundamental State of Matter Throughout almost all of history we
have regarded the states of matter as being solid, liquid or gas. But in
the last century or so, we have found that there is a form of
matter where the charged particles within atoms are separated to some degree or
another and that is known as a plasma. It is the fundamental
state of matter. It was not until the second
half of the 20th-century that we came to realize the
role of plasma in the universe, and this has changed the
picture of space completely. Not long ago we thought of the
physical universe as being constituted fundamentally of nothing more
than atoms and empty space. But a plasma includes at least a
percentage of charged particles, protons and electrons, that are
not bound to any atomic structure, and plasma is an
excellent conductor. Electrons will move efficiently in
the direction of charge equalization, and that is an electric
current of course. Now the reason why we see magnetic
fields everywhere we look in space is because electric currents
produce magnetic fields and only electric currents
produce magnetic fields. But astronomers working only
with gravitational equations did not anticipate the discovery of
pervasive magnetic fields in deep space. Electric currents also account for the
abundant filamentation of space plasma. First the electric currents
produce the magnetic fields then these fields confine the
electron flow to narrow paths. Such currents paths are filaments
called Birkeland currents, named after the pioneer,
Kristian Birkeland. They are typically braided
just like the twisted wires of transmission lines on Earth. Well, that’s their role in space: to conduct
electricity across vast distances, creating the astonishing structures
we observe in every direction. None of these structures were
anticipated by gravitational theory, and none are indicated by the behavior
of neutral gases in a vacuum. In any theory of the universe,
plasma is extremely important because it has been found since
the space age that it makes up 99.99 percent of the
visible universe. So our inexperience with it on
the Earth’s surface is rather crippling when it comes
to trying to decide on a cosmology to explain
the visible universe. Now, plasma behaves rather oddly
compared to normal matter, the matter we find as solids,
liquids and gases on Earth. If we look at a
novelty plasma ball, you will see that it forms these bright
filaments that dart all around inside the globe. And if you look closely at them, you’ll see they are
actually twin filaments twisted together. In other words nature
finds it efficient to be able to transfer energy
over a distance by twisting two pairs
of filaments together, and this is a characteristic of the way
plasma carries electric currents in space. And one of the puzzles that has faced
astronomers since the space age is the discovery of
filamentary structures in galaxies, around stars, even the cometary tails of
planets and comets themselves. These filamentary structures
have come as a surprise. Plasma is Scalable We now have plasma physicists
who are doing important experiments in laboratories around the world. And one of the virtues
of plasma experiments is that they can be scaled over an
enormous numbers of magnitudes. In other words, a discharge phenomenon
that may be seen in the laboratory that occupies only a few centimeters can
be scaled up to the size of a galaxy and you will see the
same structures. Now, this introduces a new area into cosmology
where we can do experiments on Earth, which can verify our ideas or theories
about how the rest of the universe works. Similar Patterns
in the Lab and in the Sky Some of the natural consequences
of electric cosmology are the patterns that we see, both in
the laboratory and in the sky. A very good example of this is
the work of Dr Anthony Peratt, who was a graduate student of
the very famous Hannes Alfvén, who was really the father
of electric cosmology. Peratt simulated on a super computer
using just a cloud of electrical charges and a magnetic field just using
the laws of electrical science, not using anything
to do with gravity. He simulated what looked
like a spiral galaxy. And the interesting thing is that
Peratt’s spiral galaxy in the laboratory had exactly the same
rotational properties as the real spiral galaxies
that we see in the sky. Plasma, Gods & Monsters Plasma was named by Irving Langmuir
because of its life-like qualities. In other words, the
similarity to blood plasma gave rise to the term “plasma” now used
in the sciences. Well, this has incredible meaning for us
because of the nature of the metamorphosing. The god, who is now an eagle,
now a serpent or dragon, now a leonine figure
with long flowing hair. These figures take on
a whole new meaning when we can interpret them with
the benefit of plasma science. Cosmology The new instrumentation that
was developed in the space age expanded our ability to perceive
things, perceive facts. We can now see things in the
entire electromagnetic spectrum instead of just the narrow
sliver of visible light. And we had sensors that
were out in space. We were freed from the geocentric
and anthropocentric order that had prevailed before. We’ve got a whole new universe, and
theoreticians are still trying to look at it through [a friend of mine says they’re
peering through] the wrong end of the telescope [and trying] and telling
us what they imagine they see. The Disconnected View Modern cosmology gives us a rather
disconnected view of the universe. In other words, we are separated
star from star by vast distances. Light takes a long time to travel between
stars and across galaxies, and, therefore, we look upon ourselves
as isolated and disconnected. The Electric Universe
takes a different view. It says that we are part of the sun’s
environment, electrical environment, and the sun is a part of
the galactic environment and the galaxy itself is
strung like all galaxies on huge electric currents
flowing through the universe. Electricity in Space? One of the typical questions that plasma
cosmologists hear all the time is: How do you know what’s
out there in space? How do you know there’s
electricity out there in space? Is there energy out
there in space? Why should we consider
anything more than gravity? And the answer is that through the years we’ve
used optical telescopes but recently we have what
are called radio telescopes and we’ve broadened the spectrum
that we can look at the sky with. And those radio
telescopes can measure electric currents and
magnetic fields and we can determine from those measurements
the strength of the electric currents, the strength of the
forces involved and the amount of energy that’s stored out there in space. Relativity & Quantum Physics The two major pillars of
modern cosmology are based on the theories of relativity
and Quantum Theory and as Einstein himself noted
the two are incompatible. And that is maybe because the theories
of relativity deal with matter as if it’s only consequence
is the bending of space. The Electric Universe, on the other hand, deals
with the electrical structure of matter at the subatomic level then
works its way up through living systems if you like, planets, stars, galaxies
and the entire universe and shows that it is the
electrical structure of matter that forms the amazing
shapes we see in deep space. Magnetic Fields We can demonstrate the existence
of these currents flowing between galaxies
and between stars by the presence of the
magnetic fields they generate. Magnetic fields are threaded through space
at all dimensions, within the solar system, on the surface of the
sun, between stars, and within galaxies and
even between galaxies. Now magnetic field can only be
generated by electric currents. So, in other words, to continue that
magnetic field for any length of time requires that there be electrical power
input into those magnetic fields. And that raises the
whole question: Where does this power come from? The Mathematical Cosmology Modern cosmology is
highly mathematical. In fact, we were joking
before about the idea that the only people who understand cosmology
are professional cosmologists. The basis of cosmology
really if you hunt for it lies in Einsteinian
relativistic mechanics and, when Einstein
promulgated his ideas, he totally and completely
ignored anything electrical. And so the modern cosmology
with all of its ideas of Omega and expanding universe and
inflation theory and the Big Bang and all the rest of it are
predicated on a foundation which ignores almost half of man’s knowledge
about the way the universe works, which is electricity. It may sound like I am dismissing Einstein
and his theories of relativity out of hand but we have to give
Einstein credit for his integrity in pointing out that his theory
did not meet his requirements, and that is that his theory had to be
tied back to some form of reality. And there is no explanation as
to why matter should curve space to give the effect of gravity. He felt that quantum theory
being a probabilistic theory divorced cause and effect. And this is one of the things
you can not do in physics, is divorce cause and effect, otherwise you
might as well give up and get a real job. But this is a puzzle that dogged
Einstein through his later years to the point that his
followers tended to go off and use his geometrical explanations
to conjure up things like black holes and neutron
stars and so on and the expansion of
the universe and the Big Bang without referring back to Einstein,
who with great integrity said he wasn’t satisfied
with his explanation. Black Holes One of the problems faced by
astronomers, after the space age began, was to explain the discovery
of very concentrated outbursts of energy
in deep space. And that meant for them, since gravity is
the only driving force available to them, that they require an infinite
concentration of mass because gravity is an
infinitely weak force. The black hole as Wheeler originally
visualized it sucked everything, including light, in and so
therefore was invisible. So, he could postulate its
existence, and we couldn’t see it. And because we couldn’t see it, we
couldn’t prove that it wasn’t there. Later on, in order to explain these fantastic
emissions of energy from galaxies, it was proposed, and I believe it was
Stephen Hawking who did it, that there were various
types of black holes, some of which actually then spat
matter back out again in jets because why, because
we had observed jets. In the electrical model, it’s quite
simple if you think about it. The power that’s expressed
in your own home in the heaters and the electric
motors and the lighting and so on is actually generated at a vast
distance away from your house. In deep space the
same thing is true. The energy, which we see
concentrated in these events, which are attributed
to black holes and so, can more easily be explained as
the confluence of electric energy from different parts
of the same galaxy or even from other
parts of the universe. And it is this explosive release of energy
which forms the vast jets that we see lit up and exploding from the
centers of active galaxies. We also have observed double radio
sources either side of galaxies and that event was
predicted by Hannes Alfvén the founding father of
modern electrical cosmology and is still to this day
unexplained by standard cosmology. The Pulsar One interesting phenomenon in the
sky is the so-called Pulsar. The pulsar is an object, that
is observed to put out pulses, both of light and radio activity in
the RF [radio frequency] spectrum, and those pulses are
extremely rapid. They are something like
milliseconds apart. So, it’s like an extremely
fast strobe light. And, thinking this of a strobe
light, astronomers immediately leapt to the lighthouse
kind of analogy. Something must be spinning
around, a beam was going around, and its going around so quickly that
this thing goes flash, flash, flash. Well, once the repetition rate
of the pulsars was observed to get up to in the millisecond
range that meant that this star that was putting out this beam
of radiation would have had to be rotating at three
hundred times a second. And three hundred times a second, we’re talking
about the speed of a dentist’s drill. So, the astronomers decided, well, normal
stars couldn’t possibly rotate at that speed and so they postulated the existence
of what they called a neutron star. A neutron star is a star that is so
dense that it holds together so well, that it can, indeed, rotate at
the speed of a dentist’s drill. Well, the problem is that in
nuclear chemistry we know that you can’t pack neutrons
together that densely. They will all fly apart
instantaneously. There is a [thing] a principle called the
Island of Stability in nuclear chemistry that absolutely prevents that. So, here again we have the standard
astronomers or astrophysicists going directly against another
well-developed science. In the electrical model, however, there
is a very simple explanation for pulsars. Everybody is familiar
with the idea that pulses can travel back and forth on
electrical transmission lines. Such uncontrolled pulses for
example were responsible for the famous northeast black outs. A similar effect can occur between two
binary stars connected by a plasma. The two binary stars act like
capacitors that store charge. And if you reduce that in size to something
you can produce in the laboratory, you can produce it in the laboratory,
and it’s called relaxation oscillator. Electrical engineers use it,
and have used it, for decades. The idea of producing pulses
every few milliseconds is a sophomore level of experiment in
electrical engineering laboratory. It doesn’t require neutronium, strange
matter or any other fictitious device. All it requires is two capacitors, a
battery and and a nonlinear resistor. And we maintain that’s exactly what
a binary pair of stars connected by a plasma field presents. Magnetic Force
Gravitational Force A typical ion in the solar
wind hydrogen nucleus moving about 20 km per
second, which is relatively slow for the ions in solar wind, in
the magnetic field of the sun experiences potentially magnetic forces
that are something like 10 million times the strength of the gravitational
force on that same ion from the sun. An interesting demonstration that illustrates
very readily the relative strength of magnetic force and
gravitational force is the simple idea of a ball
bearing sitting on a wooden table. The entire mass of the Earth is pulling
downward on that little ball bearing, and that’s what prevents it
from flying out into the space. But a child can come along with
a little horseshoe magnet, and click, can pick that
ball bearing up instantly. The space age presents us
with an interesting paradox. That technology of science is
really quite extraordinary. And technology has taken us out
into space, taken us to the Moon, taken probes to distant planets, opened
up whole new vistas in remote space with new telescopes and new ways of
measuring what’s happening in space. But the picture of theoretical
sciences is much different. And many decades ago, assumptions began
to crystallize in the theoretical sciences, beginning at the top, that the queen of the
sciences, as we say, which is cosmology. These theoretical assumptions have constrained
all of the other theoretical sciences. Cosmology deals with the big picture
questions, the first questions. How did the universe begin? What is it made of? How will it end? And so many popular theoretical constructs
from the big bang to string theory, to dark matter and black holes, the
formation of stars, formation of galaxies, all have arisen from assumptions
first postulated by cosmologists. At the same time these assumptions
have defined boundaries for other theoretical sciences, working
down from astronomy and astrophysics to the space sciences, solar theory,
even Earth history, even human history, have all been confined
by these boundaries established by the
queen of the sciences: cosmology. Sun The sun just dominates our sky as the source of light and
warmth and life itself on Earth. This preeminence of the sun is so clear
and obvious that it remains a mystery why virtually every ancient
culture insisted that before the present sun there was a quite
different luminary ruling the sky. The central sun, the superior sun,
the best sun, the motionless sun. And all of these cultures, whatever may
be the meaning of these traditions, are insisting that
the sky has changed. Of course, our ideas about the
sun have continually changed. Only a few centuries ago the sun
was a campfire or ember in the sky. Then early in the 20th-century, under
the influence of gravitational theory, the sun was seen as a gravitationally
collapsing nebular cloud. In the atomic age, astronomers
began to visualize the sun in terms of a nuclear
furnace hidden at its core. But now we are in the
age of plasma science. With discoveries of the
electric currents in space, and it’s inconceivable
that these discoveries would not change the
picture of the sun again. An Electric Phenomenon Plasma cosmologists have been able
to demonstrate experimentally and also in a supercomputer that
galaxies are an electrical phenomenon. Which raises the question about stars
and in particular our own sun, which is the closest star
to the Earth, of course. Any theory of the Sun has to explain how
it could continue to burn for billions of years and also explain its present
size based on its known mass. And of course, as soon as
nuclear energy was discovered, it was grasped immediately as
the energy source of the Sun. But all of that assumes that the Sun is
disconnected and an isolated body, and that it must consume
itself over its lifetime to provide the heat and life
that we receive from it. But if the Sun is connected to the rest
of the galaxy in an electrical sense, it doesn’t require to
burn itself at all. And the energy that we receive is
actually being received from the galaxy, and the sun is acting as
a focus for that energy. The Sun is actually a
fairly typical star. And so, if we want to
understand stars and cosmology, we really
have to understand the Sun. And the Standard Model
of the Sun, so-called, that astronomers are so
very proud of these days, really doesn’t explain
very much about the Sun. Why is there a corona
in the first place? Everybody knows about the corona, the
beautiful corona that we see during solar eclipses. Why is it there? It is clearly
an electrical phenomenon. Coronal Heating One of the greatest
puzzles about the Sun has been: with the surface temperature
of six thousand degrees [Fahrenheit], high above that surface we have
temperatures of millions of degrees. And the question has been: How do we get the energy from the center
of the Sun somehow past that surface to heat the upper atmosphere of
the Sun to millions of degrees? In an electric model you
don’t have that problem because if the energy is
arriving from outside the Sun, the first place you expect to
see that energy expressed is above the Sun and its
tenuous atmosphere. And that is the place where
particle acceleration occurs, and the apparent temperature
goes very high indeed, often into the
millions of degrees. Solar Wind The fact that the particles
in the solar wind accelerate, that is to say increase their velocity with
increasing distance away from the Sun. The farther away they
get the faster they go. And the fact those particles are
indeed charged particles, leads me as an electrical engineer
to come to the immediate conclusion that this is an
electrical process. In the Solar Model, think of the
Sun as being a positive anode, a very high voltage body that obviously
would emanate an electric field. And if you put a charged particle in
an electric field it will accelerate. That’s the way we accelerate
particles here on Earth. It’s the way every physicist
and electro-dynamicist has ever increased the velocity
of a charged particle, is put it in an electric field. Sunspots One of the features we observe on the
Sun, which have no business being there according to the Standard
Model, are sunspots. The most significant
thing about a sunspot is the fact that the center
of a sunspot is dark. And if the Sun is trying
to radiate energy from its core into space, we should expect
that it is bright. And if you think about that umbra, the
darkest place in the center of sunspots, that’s the place where we can
see deepest into the Sun. And just consider the fact that, at
that point where we can really see down into the Sun, that’s the absolute
coldest place that we are able to measure. If the center of the Sun is
really a nuclear fusion furnace, it should be the hottest because
we’re closest to the source. And it’s not the case. We ask any astronomer,
why are there sunspots? Why are the umbra dark? They would blame it on some sort
of warp-twisted magnetic fields. They will say that it has to
do with the solar dynamo. All of which lurk unseen like a big
genie somewhere below the surface. These phenomena are only to be expected
if the Sun is electrical in nature. Fusion Model Astrophysicists make the claim
that the Solar Fusion Model has indeed been tested
in a laboratory. And nothing really is
further from the truth. Although each of the steps involved
in the hydrogen to helium fusion reaction have indeed been verified
experimentally, the overall experiment, the overall reaction has never been produced
in a continuous laboratory experiment. Continuous Hydrogen to Helium fusion
has not been attained in the lab. The strength in fact of the
electric cosmology is that indeed all of the mechanisms that the
electrical people talk about have been verified over decades, in fact
at least a century in the laboratory. The plasma scaling is well-known and
plasma and electrical experiments have verified every
step of the way. Fusion Model,
No Explanations There are any number of observations
that have ad hoc present explanations, but really have no explanation
in the Standard Model and are natural consequences
of the electrical model. For example, heavy elements, the solar
spectrum, the neutrino deficiency, the neutrino variability, solar atmosphere,
differential rotation by latitude, differential rotation by depth,
equatorial plasma torus, sunspots, sunspot migration, the sunspot
penumbra and the sunspot cycle itself, magnetic field strength, the even
magnetic field, helio seismology, solar density and
the changing size. All of the observations
in that list are natural consequences of
the Electrical Sun Model. Standard astronomers tend to pass them off
as being inconsequential difficulties that will eventually
someday be solved. I maintain, and so do our colleagues
here, that these are not inconsequential but are rather death blows to the Solar
Fusion Model because they are important. They’re not secondary. They are primary falsifying observations
for that failed nuclear fusion model. What I find so fascinating about
the electric model of the Sun is not just that it is a challenge
to a long-standing theory but that it opens the door to the
ancient world, to an electric sky. The electromagnetic phenomenon that we
now observe on the surface of the Sun and in the vicinity of the Sun are direct
pointers backwards to the plasma formations that were seen above the
ancient sky worshipers. Comet Electric Currents in Space Electrical currents in space can either
be invisible or they can be visible. If they are very
diffuse, in other words, if there is very little energy per
cubic meter, they will be invisible. But where that energy becomes
concentrated, it will begin to glow. And we see this kind of thing in the
ion tails of comets, for instance. Where the energy becomes very
concentrated, we begin to see arcs and sparks, if you like,
electrical discharge phenomena. Standard Theory of Comets The Standard Theory of comets
comes from the view that the solar system was formed from
a rotating cloud of gas and dust and that the planets, in some
fashion as yet unexplained, completely formed from most of that gas
and dust but there were leftovers. And the leftovers are beyond sight
outside the solar system in a hypothetical Oort
cloud, as it’s called. We have no observational
evidence for such a cloud. The Electric Universe Model of comets
is that they are actually parts of well-differentiated
planetary bodies that have in the past suffered from
electrical plasma discharge machining, and that some of the surface
material has been lofted into space. So, it is expected to be rocky. The second thing is that because
comets trace an elongated orbit, both away from the Sun
and toward the Sun, in that trajectory its charge
changes, its voltage changes. Since it spends most of its
time in the outer solar system, the voltage that it has reflects the
voltage in the outer solar system. But as it hurtles towards the Sun,
as it enters toward the Earth orbit, the voltage is changing rapidly and
the comet has to respond to that by beginning to discharge and
that’s where we see the familiar cometary phenomena of the coma
and the various tails that it produces. This creates a very distinct
difference between the two models, the Standard Model of a comet, which is
supposed to be a dust and ice leftover from the formation of the solar
system, and the Electrical Model, which says that a comet
is an electrical body, which begins to discharge as it
enters the inner solar system. Comet ‘Jets’ Ever since we began to
look at comets in close-up, and Halley was the first one that was
observed by several spacecraft close-up, it was found to astronomer’s surprise
that the material coming off the comet was coming in discrete jets
and seemed to be coming from what looked like
circular areas on the crater. But the imagry wasn’t
sufficiently sharp to be able to tell exactly
what was going on. This required the Standard Model
to come up with an idea that maybe the surface of the comet is
coated in black tarry substance or something which was
preventing the material from just evaporating
from the surface and forming jets as it
burst through the surface. But when later images were looked
at as we passed other comets, it was found to the astronomers amazement
that they were seeing very sharp relief. It was
not like a melted ice cream, it was looking like a piece
of heavily cratered rock. Now this fits the Electric Model of the
electrical discharge birth of such a body. In other words, there is rather no
distinction between an asteroid and a comet other
than its orbit. Comet Tempel One It was in this context that I
looked at Comet Tempel 1, which was chosen as the
target for an impact. The idea was that the impact
would create a small crater, which could then be photographed by the
passing spacecraft and we can determine whether the material was ice or dust or rock
based on the size of the impact crater. It seemed to me that, if this comet
was a charged body, there would be several other effects that
were unexpected. Principally as a metal copper
object approached the comet, there should be an electric discharge
to that copper projectile. In other words, there will be an initial flash
and then there would be the impact itself. And the impact, I suggested, would be
far more energetic than was expected because it would tend to concentrate the
electrical discharge in the area of the impact and also it may change the
nature of the jets nearby. So, it was with great interest that
I waited the results of the impact and watched that on television. Before the impact, the astronomers
in the assembled control room were worried that they
wouldn’t see anything, that the impact would
result in a very small puff of dust and that would
be the end of it. So, when the impact occurred, they
were surprised by two things. One was that there was
an initial flash followed by the main
impact which was so energetic that some of the sensors were almost
swamped and the passing spacecraft was unable to achieve it’s primary aim,
which was to photograph the crater. Comet Tempel One
Finely Divided Dust Apart from the surprising brightness
of the dust released from the impact with Comet Tempel 1 was due to the fact that
it was so intense and so wide-spread and one of the initial findings was that
it seems to be very finely divided dust. Now this is the same thing that
was found at Comet Halley, and it was a surprise then. So, it’s rather surprising that
they were surprised once more. The point is that an electrical discharge
on a surface will release material, dusty material, very
finely divided. It’s a technique that’s
used in sputtering of metals on to, for instance,
astronomical mirrors. So this production of very fine dust is
to be expected in the Electrical Model. But in the Standard Model you are asking
ices to evaporate or to sublimate and in doing so to
drive off pre-existing dust grains. So there is no way that the
dust can be finely divided; it will be in its
pristine state. So, the production of this
great cloud of very fine dust is rather inexplicable
in the Standard Model. Comets
Electromagnetic Forces The Electrical Model of comets
was driven for several people by Velikovsky’s challenge
that the solar system had electromagnetic forces
to be taken into account. One of the early pioneers
in addressing this issue of comets and electrical
phenomenon was Ralph Juergens. When he proposed the
electrical model of the Sun, it implied that all bodies in the
solar system must have to some degree a cometary appearance or a cometary
effect associated with them. Electric Forces Induce
Cometary Display Ralph Juergens in his
model of the Sun showed that bodies moving radially
toward or away from the Sun would experience electrical
forces which could induce a cometary display,
as a visible display. Also working in late years with
Ralph Juergens was Dr Earl Milton, and he made some
predictions and statements about the impact of Comet Shoemaker-Levy
9 fragments with Jupiter. And his view of the electrical nature
of those impacts was also vindicated. Venus with Comet Tail In the Electrical Model
of the solar system any body moving away from or
toward the Sun at any great rate, for example like a comet, will
experience electrical effects, which result in a cometary appearance,
and that can apply to a planet. Now Velikovsky in his
research found that Venus was described as a stupendous
comet at some point in ancient times. So, it was very gratifying for him to be
able to announce at a conference in 1974 that astronomers had discovered what
they called a cometary tail of Venus. Some years later it
was announced that it was discovered that stringy
things were coming from Venus and, of course, this was
confirmation to the Electrical Model because plasma currents
flow in strings. This discovery of a cometary
aspect of Venus raises the issue of the intense heat
we find on Venus. That intense heat is not well
explained at all by the idea that the planet is somehow
a twin of the Earth. It raises the distinct
possibility that Venus has had a far more dynamic history
than would have been taught. Comets and Catastrophe Our ancient ancestors were
obsessed with the comet. Let the slightest wisp of
a comet appear in the sky and all of humanity was
thrown into terror. But why was this? It was cosmic catastrophe that
inspired the ancient words and phrases for the comet. The comet was the torch of the sky,
the sword hanging over the world, the spiraling serpent or dragon,
the spiraling sidelock or ribbon, the angry or lamenting goddess
soaring across the sky, her hair disordered and
blowing in the wind. Anyone exploring the roots of the
ancient comet fears is going to run into the work of Immanuel
Velikovsky, the controversial theorist who suggested that there is a reason for
that fear of comets around the world. We experienced this horrific
cometary catastrophe. The world was devastated by a comet
just a few thousand years ago, and Velikovsky went further. He said that not long ago planets appeared
in the sky with comet-like attributes. In particular, he named the planet
Venus as the great comet of antiquity. Both Wal Thornhill and I disagreed with many
components of Velikovsky’s reconstruction but we also felt that Velikovsky
had nailed certain principles that can help us to understand
the early cultures. In particular, Velikovsky was correct in
naming the planet Venus as the great comet. And the cometary language
of Venus goes far beyond anything that
Velikovsky himself published. In every corner of the world,
the language of the comet and the language of
Venus are identical: Venus as serpent or dragon,
Venus as torch in the sky, Venus as long-haired star,
Venus as bearded star. The Sumerian goddess Innana
was identified as Venus. She was the lady of life
but in her terrible aspect she became a dragon-like
flame in the sky. The texts say: “Like a dragon you have
deposited venom on the land…”, “Raining the fanned fire
down upon the nation…” Innana became
a roaring storm, “With a roaring storm you roar…” she devastated the land. “Devastatrix of the Lands…” “Mankind comes before you in fear and
trembling at your tempestuous radiance…”, the texts say. Innana’s Babylonian counterpart
Ishtar was also identified as Venus. “She was the shining torch
of Heaven and Earth…”, “…furious and
irresistible onslaught…” “I rain down like flames…”,
the goddess announces. The Egyptian goddess Sekhmet
has the same attributes. She takes the form of
a fiery Uraeus serpent. She becomes “A flame of
fire in her tempest…”, “A star scattering
its flame in fire…” Sekhmet herself says: “The
fear of me is in their hearts…” and “The awe of me
is in their hearts…” “No one at all can approach
her…”, the Coffin Texts say. “The streams behind her
are flames of fire…” The astonishing fact is that
goddesses everywhere exhibit this terrifying
cometary aspect. The Canaanite Anat, the Hindu Kali
and Durga, the Greek Aphrodite, Athena, Medusa and
countless others. And, of course, you can add numerous
counterparts in the New World from the Incan goddess Chasca
to the Aztec goddess Xochiquetzal to the legendary Nokomis of
North American Indian tribes. The serpent or dragon is an
unexplained mystical archetype. There is nothing like it anywhere
in the biological world. And yet, the same recurring features will
be found in cultures the world over. The dragon’s disheveled
hair and shaggy beard its knotted aspect, and its world-wide appearances
as entwined twins, its fiery or lightning-like emanations,
and its effusive feathers. In all of the ancient serpent or
dragon images, it’s the luminous, filamentary, braided,
spiraling, metamorphosing and the destructive
aspect that stand out, the very traits of high
energy plasma discharge. The attributes of these mythic
monsters remain unexplained only until we see the hairy
and feathery attributes of the electric arc
in the laboratory. We see precisely the same thing in
enhanced images of the comet’s tail. And we see the same thing in the
comet-like discharges of distant nebulas. Gases in a vacuum
don’t behave this way but electrified plasma does. INTERSECT The recent discoveries about the
comet have astonished astronomers. Extreme ultraviolet light, X-rays, supersonic
jets, sharply etched surface relief, and cometary nuclei
fragmenting explosively, no one expected such
high energy events. The Electric Model proposes that
the comet is a charged object moving through an
electric field. This would explain
these phenomenon. But what is creating
the electric field? Suddenly everything changes and we are talking
about an electric Sun, electric stars and
electric cosmology and a whole new way of looking
at how the universe works. The End Dedicated to Amy
Acheson — 1946-2005

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  1. We all have choices to make so it's a free for all ,on the free will of choice ………interesting none the less, and imagination is a wonderful thing w/ science these days as in that age and era and it's become scientism , (the """worship""" of ? )
    Back to square one ?

  2. Theres othere light waves and radio waves we havent even doscovered different kind of magnetics and stuff lol a digital code thats been there that doesnt even understand its own dimension

  3. I bet if we tuned off all the light globally we can possibly see all the galaxies by the naked eye. they did not have light pollution in those times so i would assume the night sky was possibly clearly view able and the reason they did not really need telescopes. To be able to see something like that will never happen now. unless the planet has a global black out…

  4. All schools should teach courses in recognising the techniques of the huckster. Recognise this and you don't have to understand what they're on about to realise they're talking bullshit.

  5. Thank You Thunderbolts Project because the Truth has Scientist ( YOU ) that are beacons Of Light And now your Hypothesis as YOU have Masterfully Delivered has awakened we who growing up was told our scientist tell us what the Truth Of our Universe is and only the Truth yet because Thunderbolts Scientist have taken full circle and this has made every scientist that attempts to Debunk Clearly are exposed for the people they are and that being FOOLS and obvious Wrong In fact Liars who continue to take our money then tell us we have no right to demand the truth from them so in a short time the real universe will be realized by we who pay the scientist to find report truth.
    Thank You.

  6. How can myths be placed together in archetypes, with each based this one electric hypothesis that is not explained, making it nevertheless interesting, but never the less difficult to prove within perception of our limitation or belief in God is real and existed beyond everything that made everything God simulation

  7. You can see aliens if you put on mirrored polar glasses and look into a mirror with another mirror behind you , you will see an aura around the image in a second mirror

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  9. Donโ€™t give up guys because you are right, youโ€™re gonna make it to the academia. Chances are somebodyโ€™s gotta a Noble prize for it.

  10. This shared education is so important and needs to be in our schools. I am so grateful for this project of bringing this forward for us in ways to digest and see the parallels within healing models. As a lifelong healthcare professional now working in Life Force healing and a "spirituality and science" merging, I can really appreciate this material. As above, so below. Nature wants us to find it through its powerful simplicity, beauty, and alignment with truth at all levels.

  11. Tesla had discovered free electricity but they shut him down. It is there but they won't let us have it. No money to be made in free electricity.

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  13. I doubt these ideas are all that close to being right yet, but it is good to see that there are some people actually looking in the right direction, for a change.
    I first noticed the magnetic field lines in interstellar dust clouds years ago, and saw that they were virtually identical to the ones on the sun. (so it's Not just me) ๐Ÿ™‚
    Like in the top center of this pic:

  14. I'm not a very highly educated person, but I believe even common sense says that our universe is electric. Gravity is there, yes, but electricity rules everything.

  15. so this documentary changes my perspective of the outer space and universe.
    now i know that, I am an electric human, can't get away from electric outlet and phone charger…. fortunately i am not discharging….

  16. Only problem is Perfect Structures and The Golden Mean. So a Force like plasma, is it capable of creating time and micro Novas cycles perfect?

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  20. I saw this link on a curated site "". I am not a formal scientist, but I have been exploring Life Force science and Life Force healing for several decades. I do allow myself to listen in and read up on new theories and innovative thought on plasma physics, healing, LIfe and how the Life Force touches, allows us vibrancy and creative possibilities from biophotons to the outreaches of space. I have to say, I really resonate with this particular understanding. There is obvious evidence here.

  21. Dewey Larson's System is even more simple than EU. He posits time is 3 dimensional. Real thinkers will jump on this cue.

  22. My take on missing anti-matter: If the universe is an electrical system (as per Tesla et al.) and matter in the universe has polarity; when it was created, matter when to one half, anti-matter to the other half; at the point of contact, there was a tremendous explosion that separated the two, so it wouldn't annihilate the universe. If my theory is correct, there should be a detectable background radiation from the explosion (there is, but it's believed to be just from the big bang), and a very large gap somewhere in space (there is, but no real explanation). On the other side you will find all the anti-matter you want. I do wonder…if anti-matter is matter going back in time, did it become a singularity right after the big bang? ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Your deffo onto something with this, just please recognize many of the symbols you are using to describe the outer reality are symbols of an inner reality, of the unseen not to be taken literally, but inevitably this has been happening since day 1 hence all the hipocricy of religion.

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    This is a fascinating subject and I am ten minutes in, How much longer I will be able to try to shut out the idiotic clamour of 'background' music I cannot say.

  25. Tradition is based of fact. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Imagination, experiance and knowledge is wisdom. Myth, science and religion all go together

  26. No theory. While these quantitative results are encouraging for Verlinde's ideas, they are only a first step towards its validation. According to Brouwer, there are still a number of questions that Verlinde's theory of emergent gravity can't explain, so "further advancements on both the theoretical framework and observational tests of emergent gravity are needed before it can be considered a fully developed and solidly tested theory."

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    Many so called moon symbols are not the moon at all!!
    I am glad to have this under my belt. Now this study will be deeper and better.
    This changes so many meanings!

    Kinda kicks religion squarely in the ole patootie, as well. I can see why
    the- powers-that-shouldn't-be railed against it so hard.

    This knowledge could unravel our current slavery system.

    I had nightmares about this as a small child. Dang nice to know where all that came from. Kinda liberating!

  28. The island of stability. I've never heard this term used this way (29:20) It usually refers to the number of neutrons and protons reach a balance that adds stability to very large nuclei. I don't know this usage. What do you mean?

  29. I know this is old; but it astounds me that these guys think that the Electric Universe is the be all end all of physics. Here's just a simple example; today's cosmologists certainly do account for electromagnetic phenomena when it comes to the cosmos. Modern physics and astronomy totally acknowledge electromagnetism & plasma in today's cosmology; and although I love Thunderbolts, it irks me everytime they suggest we don't take this into account. arrrrrgh.

    It's absolutely ridiculous to think today's physical scientists do not know about EM and plasma dynamics! Stop saying they don't! Gravity brings the mass to create the stars, and black holes; EM and plasma make up the effects seen everywhere what else is going on. The two concepts work in tandem, the universe has both; not one, or the other. False logic! It rankles me! @22:23 Of course Einstein only used mass when discovering about gravity and GR; but it doesn't mean EM isn't discussed; perhaps not enough… but her I think it's just taken for granted, and when an EM explanation is needed, it's used.

  30. Unity of myth is explained by the evidence of technologically advanced pre-ice-age civilizations. Ancient civilizations that left information in our ancient language, artifacts, and monuments in our solar system in part to warn us about war and the abuse of light, or nuclear power.

  31. For those (like me ) who are distracted by the loud sound production qualities, mute and turn on CC. The content is worth it. Author needs to repost with music turned down, and place new link in description, as the voice over is worth listening to. Everything they post is worth watching.

  32. Big Cosmology is like nine blindfolded men (in little boy pants) and the Elephant: they'll admit to component pieces of EU, but damned if they'll take off their blindfolds, put on their big boy pants, accept the unified explanation of the big Cosomology picture the EU presents. If they want to be smart about it, they'll offer outstanding cosmology questions and ask EU what they think about those. Their names will be spoken with derision in years to come, like the Pope who made Galileo recant.

  33. We still know nothing. I don't agree with this and could explain possibly all phenomena. In this video we are on to few things but nowhere near explanation of them.

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    Diamond from Oppenheimer Ranch project shared this with me.
    Thanks Diamond โค๏ธ

  36. I have an original copy of this one along with a signed copy of the book. I really like this one because it introduces who I call "The construction crew" as they have been construction and or reconstructing science in an understandable way. This team has been at work for at least 55 years each.

  37. This site is being polluted will fanatical yankee Christian bible bashers and moronic flat earthers sadly .

  38. Fourth of July booming outside my window as I watched nothing but this. The joyful sound was just right.

  39. Learn the Law that exist, holding the stars in their balance by the force of the Primordial Mist

  40. Could this go some way to explaining the seemingly spooky action at a distance as einstein would have put it. Or modern quantum entanglement. Ie a standing wave transmitting a high voltage high current electric flow over said standing wave . ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

  41. Could also the flow of electric universe cause the arrow of time ๐Ÿค”. As an electric current will only flow in 1direction at a time, can flow multiple paths but will never reverse upon its self. As you would never suddenly see a river stop and dlow back upstream.

  42. In my opinion, the symbology is too similar across continents and oceans for the civilizations not to have been interoperating; especially if they had been forced to be on the move during times of great natural chaos. The world was once connected with one shared understanding of the universe and their place in it. We know that humans have been here for at least a quarter of a million years and we know that we have experienced great cycles of time with peaks of great wisdom and troughs of great ignorance. We are reawakening and rising toward our next peak, but wisdom keeping tells us that there was once a greater society which existed before and perhaps several times in the inky past of human history. We are simply remembering what we once knew completely as our collective consciousness rises because our sun races toward Sirius and the next golden age of the great cycle of existence.

  43. White paper from Tibetan observatory talking about 100 TeV photons out of the Crab nebula hitting us last month.

  44. Why are we so blind to this? It almost makes this a conspiracy; however, I just don't think that is the case. I guess we just live in our own tunnel vision…and that gets out into culture. Culture is everything.

  45. It is funny to me how The Powers that be will knowledgeably lie to the general public. Why would they ever want us to realize that the Universe was creating by electricity and not Gravity. Nikola Tesla was building a tower for FREE ENERGY but the project was shut down due to it not being profitable. If this was done, the Rich couldnt keep making money off of the weak and brainwashed. THe world as we know it is forever blanketed with Lies! They Lie to the people on how the Universe was created because they do not want people to be able to figure it out. Modern Day scientists are paid to lie to the public. They would be exposed and people would learn to think for them selves. It is a shame that there are people who will actually back up the original Cosmology, and Einstein Theories of Relativity just because they have been so brainwashed. I am glad I can understand how our Universe works. To those that dont, oh well, Stay sheltered under the Lies of the Powers that be! YOUniverse! Now excuse me while I go take another hit of Acid and Rock out to Slayer. LOL jk

  46. I find this all very interesting. I have no way of knowing which theories are true or not, but I am open minded to all of them. I have been following claims of Low Energy Nuclear Reactions for many years and notice that strange electrical currents and magnetic fields often accompany the claimed LENR reactions. Is there a connection? See

  47. Science is about what you can see, taste, hear, smell and touch using our five senses. If something isnโ€™t obtainable through our five senses, then it doesnโ€™t exist as hard science. We may postulate that something beyond hard science may exist, but until it does exist as hard science, it isnโ€™t hard science. Instead, it belongs more comfortably or more appropriately in the realm of the metaphysical, whereby science is used to deduce the existence of something that none of our five senses can experience. This doesnโ€™t mean that the metaphysical does not or cannot exist. Rather, it becomes a matter of faith or religion. Unfortunately, Cosmology has been turned into a bonafide religion, whereby standard Cosmology scientists behave like priests who religiously preach the existence of metaphysical beings such as dark matter and dark energy that fly in the face of hard scientific evidence to the contrary. The scripture of these priestly scientists is composed of mathemagic, which only they understand, and none outside of their circle of believers may contest. So, when you watch another documentary on standard Cosmology, keep in mind that the protagonists are not just scientists, but also priests who preach their religious beliefs in black holes, white holes, Big Bang and everything else that comes along with dark energy and dark matter, all of which remain in metaphysical forms and can only be truly appreciated through mathemagic and computer graphics imagery (CGI).

  48. This is all fake news, pure garbage from people that know nothing.. Sudo science … shame on its creators for polluting inquisitive minds with miss information.. bye

  49. At the Griffith Park Observatory in CA I seen a neon light lit by nothing. It pulled static power from the surrounding air. It said it was illegal and considered power theft.

  50. It will be a great achievement to electric universe theory if they are able to explain why magnetic Pole flip occurs around every 11 years on Sun which is a star and around every 300 million years on Earth which is a planet.

  51. I found the EU theory 2 years ago & have to say it's way more plausible than the 'Everything came from nothing' (big bang) theory. I do however wonder why Wal & the team fail to mention Tesla?… The mastermind behind an electrical universe. Also surprising that when asked about Tesla Elon Musk didn't know alot about him but was more an advocate of Edison! He named his company after the genius yet knows nothing about the quiet introvert!! Too much credit is given to Edison, all he did was steal the patent from Tesla. Tesla wanted free energy as he knew it was so abundant out there but the greedy corrupt system effed him off. Edison was part of that corruption & nothing more.โœŒ

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