Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 10,000

Time Traveler Took This Picture in The Year 10,000

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  1. UPDATE: A supposed time traveler showed us an alleged VIDEO from the year 2120. Check it out here ▶ https://youtu.be/WOw1mO6sx5M

  2. Hate to break it to you all but it's fake.
    The quality of photos would be better by then and judgment day should come before then.

  3. He sounds like an old man and talks about his past like it was 50 years ago, but 2008 was only 11 years ago from now, even less time had transpired when the video was created. Also colored and higher resolution photography existed in 2008. An entertaining story, nothing more.

  4. I am was born in 5,543 in is year 5,55I am telling everyone that YouTube dissent exist any more I have time traveler to the year it went down also we have constructed humans and we can make humans and aliens exist but are not from space

  5. Honestly, I'm very familiar with European accents, and this man is not from Greece, he has an Asian accent. As much as I'm a fan of these stories, this one, just like 99% of the others, is bogus, don't you people understand that every time you do this, you are affecting the credibility of this type of subject, and making it harder for the mainstream, to accept these kinds of stories? Just like the fake CGI UFO footage that these idiots keep posting, it only makes the truth of real events even harder to prove, please stop the bullshit

  6. Wait !!! – this guy has the same voice as the time traveler you interviewed who brought back a photo of a city underwater from like the year 2100….except that guy was from some former soviet republic…and this guy is allegedly Greek (he's not, of course. I am Greek, and that isn't how Greeks speak English).

  7. I just follow video.don't ask me.I don't know anything.ask somebody know about this first before trump.(white house).piece world.

  8. Stupid humans , i said this since i was 9 , felt it , but now i realise that the real warriors are hidden , and probably, always will be …

  9. Perhaps its legit, sounds like the government found him and his work and stole it like theyve done with so many other scientists.

  10. I doubt this persons legitimacy due to the fact the earths magnetosphere will collapse lontg before then ending all life due to global polution.

  11. Блин такое ощущение будто этот чувак из русскоговорящих, уж больно речь у него подозрительная… да и речь вообще какая то как у наркомана в состоянии "прихода". Я уже молчу о той ереси что он излагает)))

  12. Bahahahaha if one stupid mfk actually believes this y’all should stand in front of a train and try to transport yourself to 10,000 before you get ran over the. You’ll have the truth about this ridiculous video

  13. So no one to those travellers care about religion what happen. Everytime he or she shring the experience always beatyful etc. What the fuck

  14. Fake! Never really watched it! So never believe anything like this plus if you ever travelled to the future I guess you'll probably come back with something very futuristic
    It's funny how the guy is just waffling on

  15. Growing up, we never had tv until I was seven, so my brain had a chance to devolop normally. Anyone who did not get a chance for their brain to devolop before tv indoctrination, might believe this crap!

  16. ‘Ethereal energy, lights & wires’…dude can you please come over and help me set up ethernet security system and compatible Phillips hue smart bulbs?

  17. Year 10K.. Still have "cars". Still speak "English" even though aliens are walking their alien dogs around the park. BS.

  18. So this amazing professor figured out how to travel through time, built a time machine and tested it all within the week that you two hadn't seen each other …. right. Also, why the fuck would we move the entire solar system to another galaxy …. you really find that easier than terraforming a different planet?

  19. Speaking English in the year 10,000? 600 years ago the English language sounded very different than it does now. So now we are told that in 8000 years he can still understand the version of English spoken?

  20. Ok…..so we are supposed to believe a taxi driver from the year 10,000 picked up a tourist wearing clothes from 2018????

  21. if told you my subconscious travel to year 1 million and 10 would you believe me I met a woman I asked her what year was it and I couldn't believe it
    I remember the technology


  23. Sounds like he was electrocuted in the “chair” and hallucinated the whole thing pic taken from a movie or something.

  24. total bullshit 😉 If you have ever heard of Baba Vanga watch her predictions at least she is the only one in the world predicted a lot of stuff truly confirmed by governments all around the world not by people 😉

  25. Funny how everyone on this channel sounds like an actor in a studio isn’t it? Also, why does this Greek guy have a vaguely east European accent? 😂
    Tip; if you traveled to the year 10,000 you wouldn’t be immune to any bacteria and would die horribly. Also if you look at how the English language has evolved in the last 500 – 700 years you wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with someone from the year 10,000… as you lay dying from all the bacteria destroying your body in a blood spewing, pustulant horror show.

  26. He says he could not see the skyscrapers' end though the sky was clear but the pic he shows shows skyscrapers that are not that high as he exaggerated.

  27. You didnt time travel to the future, you travelled to a diffrent planet and interacted with a diffrent civilization

  28. Tho 2k19, but 2k18 wasn't far enough to not to use android's or iPhones with 4k…u can bring tons of videos and who the hell uses 1980's camera now a days…so fake

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