Time Traveler Took This Picture In The Year 6000

Time Traveler Took This Picture In The Year 6000

I can show you the photograph. This… is a photograph from the year 6,000. This man claims he has been to the year 6,000. We sat down for an interview in an undisclosed location. As he told us his story, he claims to have brought back an actual picture from the future. Watch this and decide for yourself. Hello to everybody out there who’s watching this video right now. I know a lot of you are going to find my story extremely hard to believe and I don’t blame you. If I was watching somebody claimed these same things, I myself would most likely not believe them. However I can assure you that, what I am saying is true. It’s not my intention to deceive anybody. I simply want to spread a message about the future of humanity, and where the world is headed. You may be asking what do I know about the future. Well, I, am a time traveler. I was part of a top-secret program to send people forward in time. Now, this was in the 1990s. I was selected to be one of the tests members of the program. There is secret time travel technology. That is being hidden from you at this very moment. There are many technologies. In fact that the public like you watching this video has no clue about. I, I wish to change that. I wish to make it so everybody out there knows. What exactly is being hidden from you. But it is not right. So I was selected to be part of this top-secret program to send people forward in time. I myself was scheduled to be sent to the year 6,000. Now like I said, seem to be very hard for a lot of you to believe that I, I myself have been in here 6,000 but I have. I’ve seen the way the world changed the technologies that have emerged. It would blow your mind. If you only knew the technologies that existed in the year 6000, it would truly blow your mind. The world has changed so much. I just want to give you an idea of how much the world is going to have changed 5 in years 6000. So, I just want to leave you to think about this for one second. In the year 1899 there existed no airplanes. Do you think if you told someone from the year 1899, that we would have landed a man on the moon within the next 70 years. They would have called you crazy. So what I’m about to say may sound crazy but I assure you it will come. It will come true. Because I’ve seen it for myself. In the year 6,000 there are a number of technologies and medical advances that would make our current state of living here in 2018 seem quite primitive. For example, we have found cures for innumerable amounts of diseases. A cure for cancer was found in the 3000. That’s all I can say right now. But in the year 6000, it truly is hard to believe how far the human race has come. In the year 6,000, the ability to teleport already been invented. Time travel will be open to the public so anybody. Anybody granted they have enough money can travel back in time to certain historical events and actually remain invisible, so they can watch the events. For example the signing of the declaration of independence, the gettysburg address. Many, other prominent events our world history will be able to travel back in a way that, we will not influence the actual events. We have invisibility technologies so the people all those times cannot see us and will be above in ships watching the actual events take place. In the year 6000, government itself has changed. We are no longer governed by people but of by artificial intelligence (AI). This artificial intelligence is far smarter than humans and it doesn’t make the same emotional kind of decisions that humans make. And when humans make emotional decisions, sometimes they make them for the right reasons but oftentimes they make them for the wrong reasons. And that is why this artificial intelligence will not be constrained, by the same constraints human leaders are. The artificial intelligence will be able to predict things with 100% accuracy. And in the year 6000 we are in the process of spreading our consciousness throughout the universe. We upload our brains to computers. So we can live forever. Now they don’t, want me to tell you this. They don’t want me telling you any of this. But they’re especially not going to like, what I’m about to show you. But they’re especially not going to like what I’m about to show you. When I was in the year 6000 I managed to take a photograph. Of one of the major cities. Now I cannot say which city has it would lead to influential change on the future. But I can show you the photograph. Let me get it right here. This is a photograph from the year 6,000. I don’t know if you can see but that’s a city. Now, you may notice that the actual picture itself is a little distorted. That is because in the time travel process, pictures tend to get distorted. As well as many other things. Some people actually have parts of their body distorted through the time travel process. I’ve seen how this has happened. We first began the tests on animals such as dogs and cats, sending them throughout time. So they would appear in random places. But eventually we got perfected to the point where we can send humans into time. And there are actually plans about releasing time travel to the public in the year 2028. Now I am aware that in your time there are a lot of predictions about artificial intelligence. Many of them being bad. Now, we have actually been able to contain the artificial intelligence to the degree that it has not taken over humans. In the year 6,000 Artificial intelligence and humans are in the process of merging into one. All right. Now I am about to talk about a topic that’s very sensitive to me. Very, dear dear to my heart. I wasn’t sent into the future alone. I was sent with a friend. (starts crying) In the year 6000, (crying) In the year 6000, I was sent with … A dear friend I can’t say his name. I don’t want to say his name. It would expose, who his family is today but… My friend, was my friend, was left in the year 6000. I don’t know if he’s in a good place. The future, in a way of the future… It’s like a utopia so I know he’s in a good place. But sadly, when we attempted to travel back, you weren’t able to. And my friend… (crying out loud) I just, I just wish to see him one more time. One more time is all enough but I know it won’t happen. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. He’s not gonna be able to travel back. Now, what am I doing with my present life? Well, I currently reside in here. I want to thank you guys on at Apex TV for coming out today. And talking with me. I do appreciate it. I’d like to thank you for distributing my story as well. Because it needs to get out there for people to hear. It needs to. People need to know what secret technologies have been hidden from them. They need to know this about the secret projects. In which, are happening behind closed doors which nobody out there can see. People need to know about these things. And people need to be aware. And I just want to tell you. In the year 6000 many world issues have been solved. And it’s a very, it’s a very good way of living. Now, my friend, wasn’t exactly imprisoned. What I, what I mean by imprisoned is… He accidentally uploaded his brain to a virtual reality server in which he cannot allow those. We didn’t know it was permanent going in. Or he, when he uploaded his brain to it. And he can’t come out. So he’s essentially living inside of him, inside of a different reality in the year 6000. Now it’s a good place. He’s in a good place right now. And eventually these brain upload technologies will replace. While we think of his death. There will be no end to life and consciousness. We’ll be sending consciousness throughout the stars. And i just want to make everybody out there who’s watching this right now, aware that we have a very good feature ahead of us. That is if we keep innovating and we keep on the line that we’re going right now. Exponential growth is going to be our best friend in this. Think about where we as humans, were just a hundred years ago. Diseases took out some of our most loved ones. But in the future that will happen no more. Now, you may be asking about overpopulation. Is that an issue? No. For a variety of reasons. Our reason number one: We are able to actually shrink people to live in smaller, smaller cities… …and in small realities. Reason number two, is that we’re actually able to upload our brains to servers. In which we can live on reality in different ways in different places. And just live out reality in a different, way. These computers are no smaller than atoms themselves. We’re able to shrink computers down to that size of until we upload our brains. So space in the future is not an issue. We have infinite space. Now that is the message I would like to tell you watching right now about the future. Now I am living in Because I’m living in hiding. Hiding because I know, that after sharing the story… They, they’re already gonna know who I am. And then they’re gonna look for me and try to find me. And eliminate me so I cannot tell anymore to anybody. Now that is why I’m living here. And I intend to live out my life here. And hopefully in 2028 when time travel is released to the public, we’ll be able to go once again to be here 6000 and upload my brain to that digital reality. And once again meet my friend now this is of my hope if I can remain alive. But I needed to tell everybody out there watching this right now about the future. And that is why I’m talking to you here today. I want to wish everybody out there watching this a very good day. Thank you to Apex TV for distributing my message. Yes, you have a good day as well. (goodbye) What do you think? Is this man an actual time traveler, who has been to the year 6,000? We’d love to hear your thoughts, down in the comments below. Also, we want to wish everybody out there a very happy new year. I hope everybody has a great 2018. We at Apex TV have a lot planned going forward. To stay up-to-date, be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications. We will see you in the next video. Peace out ✌️

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  1. UPDATE: A supposed time traveler showed us an alleged VIDEO from the year 2120. Check it out here ▶ https://youtu.be/WOw1mO6sx5M

  2. Whether he is real or not and telling the truth, I want to upload my conscience or my brain into a virtual reality man, he's got my hopes up so I hope that he is right.

    Also, he said they took a while to get time travel to actually work so I wish he said the year that they actually perfected it to the point that humans could go through.

    Also why could he not say the original year that he came from, and also he said if someone else was saying something like this or claiming something like this he would most likely not believe it, well if he already knows about time travel then how would he not believe it?

  3. Stay away from the brain download into a machine. It’s your consciousness that gets trapped. It’s false eternal life.

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  5. Wait isn’t this guys name Noah, and I just saw another thing on Snap saying he’s a time traveler from 2035 smh. Fake

  6. no one will be alive by 6000 that is currently Alive right now , not even a new born baby. This guy is gonna be dead and no one is gonna be able to know weather he was telling the truth or not cuz we would all be DEAD . And this video will be forgotten and lost .

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  9. I feel bad for this guy, he's obviously nuts. Not because he claims to be from the future, but because he expects anyone to actually believe this plot-hole filled nonsense. There are so many things wrong with this that it's hard to even know where to begin. It's like he took the plots of every bad movie ever and combined them all. Hard to even call it entertaining.

  10. To much LSD 💝👿😈🆘🔠💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🚫🚫

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    >doesn't bring digital copy or any sort of advanced future technology giving him credibility

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  19. Funny Why is his face distorted? Because if he is a time traveler the program he works for must be limited to people and confidential which brings me to that this program would keep records of the people to have time traveled within the program so possibly they already know who he is so what's the point in distorting your face. Secondly they have the greatest tech and he couldn't event manage to take a genuine picture that's not distorted anyway let 2028 come then I will believe if I see with my own eye nonsense

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