Timothée Chalamet and Jimmy Audition as a Tree and Chair for Greta Gerwig’s Next Film

Timothée Chalamet and Jimmy Audition as a Tree and Chair for Greta Gerwig’s Next Film

-“Little Women,”
let’s talk about — [ Laughter ]
I love the movie by the way. -Thank you.
-I really loved it. I watched it with my daughter. And you got nominated
for two Golden Globes, nine Critics Choice Awards.
The movie is — -The movie did, the movie did.
-Yes, and the cast, as well. -Yes.
-So that’s you. -Yeah.
-Yeah, you’re in the cast. -Yeah, yeah.
-Yes. -But you’ve worked with
Saoirse before and Greta. But the other —
the other actors in the film, it looked to me
like you guys were having the time of your life —
it looked like fun. That’s when
I know a movie is fun, when it looks like
you guys all bonded. -Man, it was incredible.
It was — That’s one of the most special
filming experiences I had in my life.
Everything you just said. Getting to work with them, getting to work
with Greta again. -Did you know those girls?
How did you know — -I knew Saoirse,
and I knew Greta. But I —
You know, it was really cool. “Lady Bird” was a smaller movie,
and all of a sudden, it felt like
everybody had graduated. You know, it was a big set,
a lot of people on set. -Yeah.
-So it was surreal. But, you know, this is not
an empty selling point. I wouldn’t say it
if I didn’t believe it, because then, next time,
I would come out here, people would be like,
“He’s a liar,” that this movie
is really extraordinary and needs to be seen. And I was saying it
to my sister yesterday. I was like, “Man,
if I have daughters one day, I want them to see it.” And she was like,
“If you have sons,” and it’s true —
boys, guys — everyone should see this
because it’s — it just gets
at the pursuit of artistry, what it is to be human, what it is to be a girl
and a woman back in the 1800s. But, unfortunately,
the prejudices that held up to today. And it’s just special, Jimmy.
And you saw it, right? -And young, just to be young,
young people. -To be young, and young people
on screen being young. And now, we’re so self-aware, and we got to be like,
you know, whatever. You know, little professionals
and adults all the time. But it’s cool to see, like,
young people, you know — [ Laughter ]
Maybe that’s just me? No. But then, you see, like,
young people — But then, you see
young people on screen, and, like, Emma Watson included. They’re acting, like,
with youthful abandon. So it’s cool.
-It was great. And you know the story,
but she tells it in a cool way and using different — I love that Greta Gerwig
did that. -Yeah, and Greta is just —
She comes on next week, right? -She could have done any movie. -I would do any —
You know, Greta, if you’re watching this, you want me to play a chair
or a tree… [ Laughter ]
I’ll be a tree. -I’ll play the chair
if he gets the tree part. I’ll do the chair.
[ Laughter ] -What would the chair be?
-Dude, this is such a chair. -Okay.
[ Laughter ] -Are you the chair right now? [ Cheers and applause ] -Nice, nice.
Good scene! Good scene! -Good scene, good scene. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Timothée Chalamet
in “Little Women.” Check it out. -Jo, would you like
to dance with me? -I can’t because…
Mm. -Because what? -You won’t tell?
-Never. -I scorched my dress, see?
There. And Meg told me to keep still
so no one would see it. -I have an idea
of how we can manage. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-Oh, that’s great! Timothée Chalamet!

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  1. Apparently his agent specifically requested that no mention be made about the Timothee Chalamet ventriloquist puppet doll lol 😂

  2. 1:52 oh Timmy u shouldn't have said that"she's comin on next week right?",Jimmy's face though :ignore the subjet,mayday mayday change the subj😳😆💞
    Btw cutest quirky tree ever😌😍

  3. I just love watching timmy getting excited about his job and explaining with alot of energy it's so cute and so professional

  4. Did he play in the Woody Allen’s movie  « a rainy day in nyc »?
    Sorry for my terrible english, i’m french….

  5. I love how he talks about the things he's passionate about. he just has that natural charisma it's incomparable and too hard to not fall in love with this dude

  6. This guy! I love him! So incredibly talented and an amazing human too. Snubbed again from the Globes. He totally deserved a nomination at least for either The KIng or Little Women.

  7. How can you hate on this guy, like he is such a humble person. He is different than the rest of the actors and actresses, he opens up and he acts ‘real’ he acts like himself and he is not afraid to show it. I respect him and his career, he is talented and can’t wait to see what comes next for him in the future 🙂

  8. He’s good looking and all but his self-indulgence is off putting. Also, I’m bored of all the white people movies this year, so I won’t be watching

  9. I don't root for many "celebrities" but I'm really rooting for Timothee. Really hope he stays humble & the way he is now even after he becomes more and more well known & "famous" and accepts even bigger roles & wins awards which I'm sure he will because he is incredibly talented as an actor. Love him in everything he's done so far 🙂

  10. Whoa what happened to Jimmy ring finger?
    But besides that, Timothée talking about what this movie is about and who should watch it was so genuine ❤️

  11. He’s on coke no doubt haha. Anyone who denies it has never done coke. Not knocking him for it, it’s just funny to see he how manic he is in this interview compared to others. Not to mention the jaw/lip stuff too

  12. Im so happy timothee's fav movie is also fever pitch 😂😂😂 everybody low key loves that movie😂😂😂😂😂

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