Titanic 2 – (Never Let Go) 2020 Movie Trailer – Parody

We’ll be arriving shortly Rose. How do you move on, from a life, you never got to live? Rose? Sometimes the end is only the beginning I remember the first day you came off the train.
You were different. Jack is not coming back. There’s nothing you could have done. There wasn’t enough room on the door for both of you. Prepare for a new journey. We spent three weeks searching the Atlantic for bodies from Titanic. And we found them all. Except one. Forget everything you thought you knew. Now I know you’re upset Rose, but I don’t want you to despair. I’ve organized a little ceremony for you. It’s a way for you to say goodbye to Jack.
It will help you move on. Rose it’s time you let go. But not every love
is a forever love. Rose I’m here! I was just sleeping. Rose? A broken heart can lead to darkness An Abandoned Cabin.
One Year Later And never let go of that promise I promise. Never let go… I will never let go Jack.. I’ll never let go Now it’s time for Rose to die Say your prayers Molly Brown. But I don’t wanna die Someone killed Molly Rose dear, there’s a letter for you. [ROSE THE LIAR]
YOU’RE NEXT Somebody help me. Help me somebody! You lied…. Titanic 2. Never Let Go. Sometimes the heart doesn’t go on. It just stops He’s just out there and he’s watching us
and waiting What are you waiting for huh?
WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Want to see deleted scenes from this trailer?
Then check out the making of video. To watch other fun trailers like
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