TO THE END ~ A Short Film

TO THE END ~ A Short Film

Hey. There’s a house right there. Sam, move left. Go right. What have you got? Jukes. I see someone, but I don’t think they are alive. This house is clean. Another dead zone. The only thing alive in here is the smell. They’re not coming back. If you’re going to ride out the apocalypse… …you might as well do it with some Castles & Crusades. Hey you two. Take only what you need.

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  1. Nicely done, and if I am right shot in the great state of Arkansas. Nice short film and probably the cleverest ad for an RPG I can remember seeing.

  2. Written by the same guy who brought you this…The only thing missing in To the End is this fine actor.

  3. You may have started a new thing… playing your favorite table top fantasy rpg in post apocalyptic gear! Good job everyone.

  4. Will we see any more of these short films? I have really enjoyed the two and would love to find out more about the world these characters inhabit.

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