Today Show Features Scientology Volunteer Ministers and John Travolta Relief Work In Haiti

Today Show Features Scientology Volunteer Ministers and John Travolta Relief Work In Haiti

MEREDITH: It has been 22 days now since that
powerful magnitude 7 earthquake rocked Haiti. Organizations, including the
controversial Church of Scientology, have sent volunteers to the region, but what exactly
are they doing there? We had NBC’s Kerry sanders check it out. Kerry, good morning. SANDERS: Well, good morning, Meredith. Look,
Catholic Relief Services, The Southern Baptist Convention, they’re well known for their work
in disasters, but now, quietly, the Church of Scientology is helping those in need. And
as we discovered, they were at ground zero following 9/11, they were at Katrina, and
now they’re here, often doing the work that no one else wants to. REPORTER: Frenetic chaos of this makeshift
operating room. Doctors found unexpected helping hands. There, peeking out from under their
scrubs, those yellow shirts are a tip-off. 150 volunteers from the sometimes controversial
Church of Scientology. Like 22-year-old Josh Hawkins. No medical background, now working
with surgeons. HAWKINS: They were very sketchy when they
first saw us. I think just because of Scientology, the name has some people associated with,
so on and so forth. DR DUDA: Your little baby suffered some fractures
— SANDERS: Doctors like Rosemary Duda, a Catholic
from Boston, didn’t even know who they were. DR DUDA: I am totally impressed with these
young adults from the Scientology church. They have just been so effective for us. HAWKINS: People see the fact that, you know,
the amazing work that we’ve been doing, just the love that we’ve been giving. They’re like,
oh, these are actually cool guys. They’re not weird, freaky people, things like that,
you know? REPORTER: Nicole Greenwood from Los Angeles
found her role here. Scientology teaches there’s a connection between the mind and touch. It’s
called an assist. In 20 minutes, we watched as Nicole took the pain from the little girl
with frowns to giggles. Nicole says scientologists are not here to spread their beliefs. GREENWOOD: We don’t even mention Scientology.
We’re here to help people. I don’t think that cleaning toilets is going to get anyone to
join the church. REPORTER: Actor and accomplished pilot John
Travolta flew in tons of medical aid. He’s a scientologist, but that never came up. MR TRAVOLTA: When we arrived, we had 50, no
100 people, marines and volunteer ministers from my church helping us unload it. REPORTER: Scientologists believe members’
lives improve when they’re highly organized. So, when you arrive here with those teachings,
you can — HARNEY: We can organize. We can find out what’s
needed and wanted and we can deliver those in an organized fashion. SANDERS: And in all the chaos, a sobering
moment when Josh cut his finger with a used bloody scalpel. He’ll now be on preventive
aids medication for the next six months. HAWKINS: I’m still glad I came, beyond belief. REPORTER: Reporter: Even with this? HAWKINS: Oh, yeah, definitely. SANDERS: Well, Josh and the others say they
are here for the long-term, three to five months, and then they’ll rotate out and other
members of the Church of Scientology will replace them? MERIDITH: Kerry Sanders, thank you so much.

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  1. Wow, I am very, very impressed! What an incredible, selfless bunch of volunteers!
    This is definitely more valuable than sending a check… these guys are interrupting their lives to help others. I hope many people get to see this.

  2. Nice puff piece.

    I wonder how many tens of thousands of dollars that woman had to pay in order to use the touch therapy? Does it extract thetans from the child's body?

  3. When the body is healed and mended, who are the people that will be there to give the people succor? Clergy that's who and it definitely must include the Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers who can and are willing to do something about it.

  4. Seeing VM's work first hand is truly amazing. Makes you want to have their training and knowledge. And I know we all can. It's just a matter of reaching for it. Good Job guys!!!

  5. THIS IS SO AMAZING! Totally mind blowing. I am totally encouraged and thrilled and excited by this video of those amazing VMs and GO NICOLE!!! 🙂

  6. They are really there to help. I admire all of them for just being there and helping, without making a big fuss about it. They all put aside their every day life to be able to travel there and work, for nothing. Sometimes a helping hand and a real person who is there for you is much more than some material help. Though supplies and finances are also much needed aid, of course.

  7. INCREDIBLE! Surrounded by so much chaos yet able to deliver so much happiness – THAT is what being a Volunteer Minister is all about!

    Just so everyone knows, for $30 your local Church of Scientology will train you on Assists. They're great for everyday use, as well as in these scenarios.

  8. Real help. That's what they really need and the volunteer ministers are giving it as well as those doctors, military and others. The humanity is wonderful to see.

  9. I'm no Scientologist. I'm not even remotely religious or spiritual. But I can appreciate the good deeds these Scientology volunteers are doing.

    We should remember that we're all human beings, and that ALL of us – religious or not – have the capacity for love and compassion.

  10. wow. it amazes me to see what some people are capable of confronting. there are so many people who wouldn't dare enter Haiti lend a hand and they sit here and criticize the Scientologists and leave silly uninformed comments. I applaud Scientology for what they are doing.

  11. What are the requirements to bea volunteer minister sent to Haiti? How old? Background? Money? I am a Scientologist in Iowa and may be interested in going.

  12. Kudos to the Today's Show. After 20 years of volunteer service at some 126 worst-case disaster sites, the Scientology Volunteer Ministers finally pierce the age-old media blackout. It's great to see their good works made known for a change, and without the usual spin.

  13. i'm not in the church of scientology and can say as an impartial observer that this united effort is really inspiring. Keep up the good work. And thanks.

  14. So proud of the Scientology VMs. Finally, press coverage that actually is covering what Scientology is really all about. Now if they can just realize that effectively and selflessly helping people is not "controversial".

  15. Great. COS is helping folks. So what if anyone in Haiti decides to convert? Are they going to offer the tech on a sliding scale? Shouldn't poor people who have faced disaster learn how to be clear without paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to do so. And if that is true, why shouldn't the populace of non-third world nations be afforded the same privilege. If this religion is so great why can't they exist on tithing-like every other popular religion?

  16. I've met people who practice Sientology and they can improve any situation, it is really interesting.
    Like what the lady was saying they can organize anything to make it better.

  17. Great job! I'm glad people are helping in Haiti and I'm glad people are now seeing how important it is to have religions help.

  18. People should be judged on what they DO, not what they believe. Freedom of Belief is a big part of being an American. Good for the Today Show for not being afraid that Scientologists are working side by side in Haiti, along with all other types of people who just desire to help their fellow man.

  19. Scientology Volunteer Ministers Commended by Georgia Senate
    Submitted by csinet on Mon, 2010-02-08 21:50

    February 8, 2010

    Today the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Corps was recognized by the Georgia Senate for their Haiti disaster response actions! Georgia Senate Resolution 998, passed on February 8, 2010, states:

    10 LC 94 2070
    Senate Resolution 998
    By: Senators James of the 35th, Tate of the 38th and Seay of the 34th


  20. This is great. There is no way anyone can rationally, legitimately critiscize something as amazing and thoughtless as this.

    Great job guys!

  21. You guys (Scientology Volunteer Ministers) are amazing. It's unbeleivable and unexplanable how some people can attack and target Scientology for things that are not even true.

    Keep up the great work you guys 😉

  22. Wirklich sehr eindrücklich was von den Scientologen getan wird. Ich denke jeder der die Scientologen kritisiert, sollte zumindest auch einsehen, dass es darunter sehr mutige und tapfere Menschen gibt die Sachen machen, wo andere davonlaufen!
    Super, Gott mit euch!

  23. Diese Scientologen auf Haiti sind Helden, egal was man sonst über sie hört.
    Solche Menschen braucht es!!
    Bravo und weiter so!

  24. In a disaster, sometimes you must accept help from whomever is kind and caring enough to offer it…He was there…and you? Not able to spell, yet you're typing comments…ahahahahahahahah Let's not cast stones, shall we?

  25. In a disaster, sometimes you must accept help from whomever is kind and caring enough to offer it…He was there…and you? Not able to spell, yet you're typing comments…ahahahahahahahah Let's not cast stones, shall we?

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