Toilet Ek Prem Katha Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar | Bhumi Pednekar | 11 Aug 2017

Toilet Ek Prem Katha Official Trailer | Akshay Kumar | Bhumi Pednekar | 11 Aug 2017

Father, guess who? You see, father…
You see… it’s like… I want to get married. Father, please get me married. I can see that. What, father? The volcano erupting inside you. He’s a Manglik… Plus the stars and planets
in his birth chart are unfavorable. Only this buffalo
can save his life now. Listen, brother, talk to me okay. Call me rude, madam… But don’t call me brother. Everything’s going
to be just delightful now. Not just delightful, father. Brother’s
gonna wrestle every night now. Will you come quietly…or jump? Jump.
-Jump! Sister-in-law, it’s 4:15 am. Everyone’s eagerly waiting
to welcome you to the LOTA Party. Don’t your in-laws feed you? Shed all your inhibitions…and
get down to business. Such anger for a toilet. If I had known,
I would’ve never married you. I’m sure He wrote my fate in the loo. And flushed it too. Then build a bathroom in your home. How can we build a toilet
in the same courtyard… …where were worship ‘Tulsi’. Is it our moral obligation
to make a spectacle out of our wife… …or does sh*** out
in the open give us salvation? Men can do it right in their
backyards. But we are women. We’ve to work harder for everything. Whether my wife comes back or not… …but, I will definitely
build a toilet in this village! Radhe-Radhe! “Radhe-Radhe! Say Radhe-Radhe!” If you want your wife to stay with you
then, you need a toilet at home. “Radhe-Radhe! ” All that money you which con from
the poor where does it all go? If you change nothing,
nothing will change. Lovers built the Taj
Mahal for their love. But I couldn’t build a loo.

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  1. This is the kind of movie we want in India no randipana and do take Ka chochla action of salman khan and shahrukh khan madharchods.

  2. all this is about a mystery about Nazi i.e. Aryan Civilization shown in a different perspective, and else is a fake news – KGB,Moscow

  3. Such a great movie, thanks for producing this movie. Never think aboout toilet will be a problem in this earth before xd. Salute to all the ppl who fight for toilets and basic human facilities in India.
    Btw, is this movie popular 1yr ago? I wish it gained as many rewards as it can. It deserves glory

  4. Anpad Are kitne ghatiya log jinko movie bna ke bataya jata hai ki sadak par train ki line par nhi hugna 🤣🤣
    Thnk god i born in punjab

  5. I can relate to this movie. I’m a Canadian born girl with Indian heritage. Back when I was young my parents took me to India and we visited our ancestral village – which had no toilets. Me being from North America made a huge fuss about this, and I couldn’t understand why the locals thought I was weird for wanting a toilet. Fast forward 20 years, I’m happy to say every house in my ancestral village has a toilet. Yay for progress

  6. Really a person who possess a brave heart and can only work in these sort of Movies as there is always a danger of Backlash… Love you akshe Sir, I salute and love from Pakistan

  7. आशिको ने आशिकी के लिये ताजमहल बनवा दिया हम एक धंदास न बनवा सके nice line akshay sir

  8. A better solution this film should have explored would have been not building toilets, but, rather, encouraging constipation!

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