Tom Holland’s Memorable Workout With Jake Gyllenhaal

Tom Holland’s Memorable Workout With Jake Gyllenhaal

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  1. Was 7:02 a shot at Brie Larson i.e. "I do all of my own stunts" how she arrogantly said that in the interview with Chris Hemsworth and Don Cheadle?

  2. Its no suprise even Tom had a hard time keeping up with him.
    Here is a copied transcript of his workout for the movie where he plays a Boxer:

    Wake Up
    Do 1,000 Sit-Ups
    8 Mile Run
    AM: Eat Mostly Carbs
    (1-2 Hrs) Boxing / Sparring
    (1 Hr) Core Workout Routine
    PM: Eat Mostly Protein
    (1-2 Hrs) Boxing / Cardio
    (1 Hr) Weightlifting Workout
    1,000 Sit-Ups (Before Bed)

    And that was every single day with six meals a day waking up 4:30 everyday!
    Even had a real boxer trainer helping him who even trained Muhammed ali helping him through it.

  3. Nobody is going to acknowledge the subtle Brie Larson roast at the end? “then I said ‘I do all my own stunts… which I don’t by the way!

  4. "Football was coming home. It was the world cup. And then it didn't come home and we were all devastated." The whole of England during Summer 2018 summed up in 3 sentences.

  5. Best part is that when Stephen does this rope and bait with tom at 4:46 He says he's British In an American Accent and no one even notices it.

  6. It was so funny watching Jake start questioning Tom about the movie. He went from Cheery Rosy Cheeked Tom to Nervous Pale Tom just like that. LoL I love watching him try not to give spoilers.

  7. Tom’s mom:“You need to stretch if you want to be in Billie Elliot”

    My mom:”You need to stretch if you want to get good grades”

  8. i cant get over tom clutching his heart when he sees the picture of jake 😭😭😭😭 4:00 and 5:02 for the best proof of this bromance ❤️❤️

  9. Stephen: ''You know what's my favourite part? When it's revealed that…''
    Tom [sweating]: I'm…. British?

    now I know why tom was nervous lmao, he was thinking about that post credit scene

  10. Spider-Man: captain marvel?
    Nick: don’t invoke her name


    That jab on Brie Larson was beautiful 😂😂

  11. He makes a pretty good spider man – but his fashion sense sucks. That was one stupid looking sailor outfit. And I'm not even sure if he's acting – because his Peter Parker seems basically like Tom Holland. He's going to have to up his game if he wants to last after all the teenage girls in love with him start to grow up.

  12. I love the way he speaks on his mom…he's definitely a keeper. 🤗 what a lovely young man…and yummy too. He's become so mature, very nice to see.

  13. “Bitch please you’ve been to space”
    “That’s was an accident”
    He went back after the parachute incident, that was no accident he was a stowaway

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