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  1. Tom Petty, un genio !!! De lo mejor de la música de EE.UU. Su música, su estilo, genial. Siempre lo recordaremos. Brillante, siempre !!!

  2. Wow Tom such a great shooter love ya bab you could never die in my memories, consider me your relighter till long live botanical mama 👨‍🏫

  3. FANTASTIQUE ..wooow, can we please go back in TIME,,,LIFE is TOO SHORT..Their songs bring back so many wonderful memories…

  4. I did some set up and tear down for a Tom Petty show in Toronto back in around 2005 and I was standing there alone and someone rolled a box to me so i took it to its mark on stage and opened it. It was the travel case for all Tom Petty's electric guitars for the show. I really gasped and I had to touch the first fret on the Rickenbacker 12 string. What a great musician he was. It seems like all the great ones are dead or dying off. Getting old sucks.

  5. I just saw today on my Facebook Memory that it has been 2 years ago today that Tom left us! Again RIP Tom Petty. You will always be remembered!

  6. My mom was a cab driver throughout my childhood. We were poor. We weren't well off. Most of my memories are in the passenger seat of a taxi cab listening to classic rock music on the radio. This one and Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd are the earliest ones I remember hearing. I was able to see Roger Waters in concert but I'm sorry I missed you.

    R.I.P Tom. Thanks, buddy.

  7. Trump's political theme song for 2020.
    I love this song,
    I love the cover by John Mayer,
    I love the fact that John Mayer covered.
    The modern John Lennon. Sucks his life was cut short. (RIP Tom Petty)

  8. I love ❤️ always Tom Petty I wore my hair just like his but on the longer blonde and then a few people said they liked my hair and when I came back to School on the next Monday I had already changed it again and I had a great 👍 pair of blue glass lenses in my favorite pair of octagon gold framed glasses and I would look in the mirror and I did look a lot like Tom Petty and I really really got into his music 🎶 and now I’m writing my own music and learning how to play my left handed Acoustic Fender. Bless you always AHMEN Peace ☮️ out. Rock On 🤘

  9. I used to hear this song when my first love left me.. Hearing it again after a decade… Memories are still fresh..

  10. Just saying one of the guys in this mv is gator the skater who raped and murdered one of the girls on here because he was jealous

  11. I listen to this song while driving the 101 (🎶freeway running through the yard 🎶), through Reseda, and Ventura Blvd.

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