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  1. There's another one with that guy on Percy Jackson and The Lightning theif, where they're eating special treats at a casino😂

  2. The Starsky one is complete bullshit because that’s not what cocaine does he does not look at all like he just took cocaine

  3. did that dude accidentally get x instead of valium? That would make more sense as Valium has never done anything close to that when I took em.

  4. I can’t find this scene where Michael cera is reading a nude book and red naked bodies come off the page and float, he follows them and it eventually pops. Idek if the actor was Michael cera

  5. How you manage to leave out The dude and the spiked drink in The Big Lebowski? The fuck is wrong you. High or something?

  6. The perks of being a Wallflower: wow, this brownie is fucking amazing ima be the life of the party

    Me after a line of coke and smoking three blunts: wow, this is amazing ima be the life of the party

    Seems legit

  7. This list should've considered I Love You, Alice B. Toklas from the 1960s with Peter Sellers, from which several of these later choices directly reference. And no love for the horse trank dart scene from Old School ? Pretty good list, otherwise.

  8. In “Death at the funeral” that dude mistakenly takes some powerful dope. It was not even mentioned on this video. XD

  9. Let's be real, Charlie Chaplin was a great actor, when there was no other actors. He wouldn't even make it to Hollywood in 2019.

  10. You could have also had the end scene in Cheech and Chong when Stacey Keach and his drug squad buddies are standing by the weed van and are getting stoned, unknowingly and then shove loads of pizza in their faces with Keach saying "go with it, I'll go with it" and then continues to shove pizza in his face… Classic!!!

  11. Sargent Sadanko and his officers at the end of "Up In Smoke" when the "green van" exhaust catches fire and "Pink Panther Strikes Again" when Clouso and the (former) cheif inspector accidentally get high on nitrous.

  12. What about The Brady Family movie sequel?The villain is eating dinner when he realizes that the family's servent put some shells from his room in his food,and his hallucinations are actually cartoonish.Now that is funny!

  13. I was thinking Chris Farley's scene from black sheep would be in here where they get stoned off nitro in the cop car

  14. I was eaten a sassy magic cookie in IT one time and teacher asked me for one not knowing what they were I didn't Evan get in trouble

  15. I disappointed that the acid scene in pick of destiny didn't make it. It leads to a musical number and is better than almost all these.

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