Top 10 Actors Who Were Cursed After A Movie Role

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do some comment shoutouts. Today we’re talking about curses. No not curse words, like curses that people
get after partaking in something bad or creepy. It’s often said that actors who have worked
on horror films become cursed or haunted themselves, and while some people don’t believe it,
there’s some that do. How about we let some of the actors share
their own stories with today’s list of Top 10 Actors Who Were Cursed After A Movie Role. Let’s jump in. 10. Starting off our list at number 10 is Josh
Brolin. Right now, most people are stuck with the
image of Josh Brolin playing Thanos from the Marvel Universe. But believe it or not, he has an acting career
outside of playing the big purple villain. He was actually in one of the most legendary
horror film series of all time; The Amityville Horror. He took on the lead role in the 1979 adaptation,
but was really hesitant at first. Apparently when going for the role, there
was no script to review, so he decided to read the book to get an idea if this was a
project for him or not. He explained during an interview with The
A.V Club, I quote: “I was reading this novel at night and it’s two in the morning. Well, I would hang my pants on the door of
the bedroom, I’d throw them over the top corner of the main door coming into the bedroom,
and all of a sudden the pants fell off the door and onto the floor. I was at a scary part of this book so it surprised
me. I started laughing and after I recovered I
thought, I’ve got to do this movie!. And so he did. However, he later explained that things were
never the same after being a part of the movie. He said that objects around his house continued
to move on their own and he doesn’t feel that it’s a coincidence but that some of
the hauntings have actually stayed with him. I don’t know if any paycheck is worth that,
I would not be okay. 9. At number 9 we have Vera Farmiga. The actress plays the paranormal investigator,
Lorraine Warren, in the horror movie series, The Conjuring. After watching her performance, we would never
know that the actress had a difficult time during filming and suffers from it still. The Conjuring was released back in 2013 and
is based on the real-life haunting of the Perron Family. The actress says she felt uneasy about taking
the job and filming the movie all together. But when she did, she refused to bring her
script home from set. She reported that she had this fear that it
would cast bad energy into her house. However, she claims that it didn’t work. She tells a story during an interview, saying
that one night she opened her laptop and noticed three slashes across the screen, like a claw
mark, without any explanation. If that wasn’t scary enough, she said the
first day after she finished shooting she returned home to New York where she woke up
with the same marking on her thigh. She said: It was these three, very distinct,
what looks like claw marks, that long nails or long fingertips … could make. There’s clear evidence of some strangeness
that occurred. My husband did not do that to me. I did not scratch some mosquito bite. It’s inexplicable”. We know she’s not lying because during filming,
the real Perron family visited the set. After their day on set, Carolyn Perron reported
that she was pushed to the ground once she returned home; she said she felt like something
from set had come home with her. Actress Vera Farmiga seems to have brought
something with her too, some sort of cursed energy. 8. Coming in at number 8 is Linda Blair; the
13 year old actress at the time who took on the role of Regan in one of the most iconic
horror films to this day. There has been controversy since the film’s
release back in 1973 regarding if the film is actually haunted and has an evil curse. For starters, a film broke out on set and
burnt down the entire set of Regans household, however, her bedroom was the one room that
didn’t catch flames. The cast was so shaken to the core, believing
that demons had possessed the house, that they had a real pastor exorcise the new set
before they began filming again. Things were especially bad for actress Linda
Blair who had to film a horrific possession scene. While filming the scene, she reported she
was thrown out of the bed and onto the floor, causing her to injure her back. Once filming was over, religious officials
believed the young girl had actually become possessed and suggested she go through a real
exorcism. The Exorcist curse is nothing to mess around
with either, after the release of the film, a total of 8 deaths occurred, actors and production
that were all a part of the movie. Linda Blair remembers it as a difficult time
of her life and doesn’t enjoy speaking about it. What do you guys think? Do you think the Exorcist Curse is a real
thing or all just a coincidence? 7. Taking our number 7 spot is Jennifer Carpenter,
also known as Emily Rose from the horror movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Just hearing the title we know this role would
be a hard one to play. Although the actress did enjoy taking on the
role, she told Dread Central that while filming the religious horror movie, strange things
started happening to her after hours. She says she does believe there was some sort
of negative energy or spirit that was attached to that film. She said that one particular thing kept happening
and it was her radio would turn on by itself in the middle of the night. Why it was so scary was because it happened
around 3:00am which is the significant time that’s in the movie; it’s said to be the
devil’s hour. She explained that one time it was so scary
because her radio turned on, blasting the song ALIVE by Pearl Jams, really loud. Other co-stars admitted that their televisions
and radios would also turn on at 3am each night, so the haunted curse was onto more
than just Jennifer Carpenter. 6. In at number 6 is JoBeth Williams; the actress
took on the motherly role in the 1982 horror classic film The Poltergeist. A variety of terrifying things were reported
happening on the set, but one thing that left JoBeth Williams in shock was her skeleton
scene. She expresses in interviews that Steven Spielberg,
the writer and producer, insisted on using real human skeletal remains as props for the
movie. The actress felt that these skulls may have
spirits that remained with her even outside of the set. She admitted during an interview that she
thinks she was haunted afterwards by a spirit, and that she noticed things moving on their
own throughout her house. While filming, the actress rented an apartment
in LA since she wasn’t from there, and said the pictures on her wall would be slanted
and crooked when she got home from set. She said she would fix them and make them
straight, but every day they would still move. She’s not the only one who experienced a
curse from that movie, so I can’t imagine she’s making anything up. 5. Half way through our list at number 5 is Isabelle
Adjani. The actress won a Cesar Award for her performance
in the movie Possession, but the actress says the intense physical and emotional demands
of the role were difficult to come back from. The movie came out in 1981 and is known to
be one of the most horrifying and shocking films. The actress told a French magazine that it
took her years of therapy to get her possessed character Anna, out of her system. She said she suffered from a variety of mental
illness elements after shooting the movie and says she would never attempt another role
like it. Sources around her were convinced that she
was in fact possessed even after filming stopped. You know there’s something wrong when you
have to go through years of therapy after shooting a movie. Maybe I don’t want to be an actress… 4. In the number 4 spot is Patrick Wilson; the
actor who played Ed Warren in The Conjuring alongside Verma Farmiga who played his wife. We already heard her side of the story, but
turns out Patrick Wilson also felt cursed after being involved in the movie. He opened up during an interview and explained
that he began to realize weird things happening while filming the second film in 2016. One particular incident that happened on set
was so disturbing that they brought a priest to bless the set before they continued to
film. He told Metro: It was a huge curtain that
went from the floor to the ceiling, which was sort of waving violently and there was
no door open or fan on, no nothing. That was a very, very odd occurrence because
nothing else was moving around it and nothing was blowing. You didn’t even hear any air, but you watched
these curtains sort of violently going. The actor admitted he has always been a skeptic
when it comes to supernatural elements, but after the second film he said he believes
his own house was haunted. During the interview with The Independent
he said: I’ve heard people on 2 different occasions say they’ve heard kid’s laughter
in the middle of the night in my house. OH HELL NO. Haunted little kids are like my biggest fear. Every scary movie is 10x more terrifying when
a haunted child is involved, just saying. 3. Alright guys, our list continues with number
3, with Dominique Dunne. She was another actress who had the Poltergeist
curse but one that is far more serious than one could imagine. One story from the film set is famously known
and it’s the story of Oliver Robbins, who nearly died on set when he was choked by the
arms of an evil puppet. Like no exaggeration, Steven Spielberg admitted
he had to actually save the actor from the doll. This is why it was an even bigger shock when
actress Dominique Dunne was murdered not long after the release of the film. The most disturbing part was that she was
strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend. People believe that this was no coincidence
and that the film was actually cursed. Her role in the movie was the haunted family’s
teenage daughter, which led people to believe she was actually cursed and didn’t know
it. Not only her, but a few years after the release,
her co-star Heather O’Rourke also died, at the young age of 13 years old. I don’t know about you guys, but this whole
Poltergeist Curse thing seems pretty legit to me. 2. Taking over the number 2 spot is Vic Morrow. The actor tragically died while filming a
scene for the movie and some believe it was because the movie was cursed. His death was caught on tape since they were
filming and because of how it happened, people think it was too much of a coincidence to
just be a freak accident. The actor died because a helicopter that was
flying above him in the scene came crashing down due to an explosion and landed directly
on top of him. The worst part about it was that he was carrying
two child actors in his arms, a 6 year old and a 7 year old. The death was so horrific that it broke news
and caused a lot of controversy. One child was crushed to death while the other
one was decapitated, and the co-director, special-effects coordinator, and the pilot,
were all charged with manslaughter. The court on the child labour laws that was
broken. The laws don’t allow kids to work at night
or near explosives. According to the New York Times, the father
of one of the child actors testified that he wasn’t told there would be pyrotechnics
or a low-flying helicopter. Some people believed it was a mix of negligence
and a freak accident, while others thought the movie which focused on scary subjects,
is what cursed the scene. 1. In our number 1 spot is Gregory Peck; the
star actor of the horror film: The Omen. Everyone who worked on the film reported that
the set was 100% haunted by demons, because the subject of the film being all about the
antichrist. The actor explains that he felt like he was
cursed because when he was on a plane with the screenwriter, they were struck by lightning. Which is a 1 in a million chance right? WRONG. Not too long after, Harvey Bernhard, the producer,
was nearly struck by lightning while visiting Rome. They all admitted their feelings that people
involved in the film were cursed by the evil spirits it involved. The most tragic event that convinced the actor
this curse was in fact true, was the car accident that killed the special effects director John
Richardson and his assistant Liz Moore. Liz was decapitated in the crash, which was
the eeriest part because the accident occurred on Friday the 13th and is almost identical
to the movie’s most violent scene, where a man gets decapitated by a vehicle. Coincidence? I think not. BUT, let me know what you guys think down
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