Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies

Top 10 Best Studio Ghibli Movies

they set the standard for Japanese animation welcome to and today we’re counting down our list for the top ten Studio Ghibli films this is the dream this world’s a dream welcome to my kingdom we’re gonna keep it pretty straightforward for this list we’ve accepted be somewhat difficult task of choosing the most beloved of the films from the legendary anime studio whether they’re miyazaki directed or otherwise how strange I can’t number 10 whisper of the heart [Music] [Applause] this film follows Shizuku and her blossoming romance with the violin maker say gee you’re the one who inspired me say gee I’m glad I pushed myself I know myself a little bit better now whisper of the heart is a deeply personal story about creativity and the ups and downs of teenage love we had a few dream sequences for extra fun [Music] this film is a notable entry as it is one of the first Studio Ghibli films to be directed by someone other than Hayao Miyazaki or SiO Takahata it’s a gorgeous film that showed the promise of director you shifu me Kondo who sadly passed away shortly after the film’s completion the movie stream sequences also inspired a spin-off film 2002 s the Cat Returns centering on minor fantasy character the Baron good evening welcome to the puter [Music] number nine the tale of Princess Kaguya when a bamboo cutter named me Atsuko and his wife discover a tiny girl within the stock of bamboo their lives and the lives of their village change forever [Music] she’s dead the first thing that comes to mind with the tale of Princess Kaguya is how undeniably gorgeous the film is boasting an impressive art direction by utilizing the ink washing style it’s clear that this is some of the best animation ge is put out to date courtesy of longtime director Zhao Takahata [Music] it’s no wonder this film went on to join the ranks of Studio Ghibli masterpieces that have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature it’s criminal veteran went that’s an outrage number 8 castle in the sky this is where it all began the story of pazu and princess sheeta’s quest to find the fabled flying castle Laputa was the first official release from the studio many of the creative teams core elements are on full display a deeply imaginative world endearing main characters and excitement in danger at every turn plus it’s got Hayao Miyazaki in the director seat this was the film that set the course for Studio G please resume for the next 30 years and it still holds up against the modern anime of today she floating many call this a perfect adventure film and who are we to argue I wouldn’t miss an adventure like this for anything in the world number 7 grave of the fireflies what you doing set during the tail end of world war 2 grave of the fireflies follow sibling Seita and Setsuko as they try to survive a war-torn Japan many consider this film to be one of the most heartbreaking anime of all time the film is a harsh realistic look at youth struggling to get by in the darkest of times it may bring a tear to many and I however the film’s dedication to its tone in animation no less has earned it considerable praise much like whisper of the heart grave of the fireflies showed that Studio Ghibli could not only turn out great fantasy but also heart-tugging tragedy and truth at the same time [Music] number six my neighbor totoro when Satsuki and her younger sister may move out to the countryside the last thing they expect to see is a giant furry beast with a wide-eyed smile the same lovable monster known as Totoro has been studio G pleased mascot ever since the film debuted in 1988 while the film doesn’t have a lot of conflict it’s really not needed to make a great story much of that is left to the enjoyable bond between the two sisters and the unexpected adventure they get into with Totoro and his companions [Music] this makes my neighbor totoro an anime for all ages plus it has a cat bus everyone loves cat bus everyone needs a cat bus am i right number five Nausicaa of the valley of the wind [Music] glad you’re okay so this one is a little bit of a cheat now Scout was released just prior to the founding of studio ghibli if steelwill showcases the studio’s high quality animation and dedication to fleshing out characters though nothing is fair featuring themes of environmentalism and empowering young girls to save the day nazca has been a title beloved by animation fans worldwide despite appearing before G Lee’s inception nazca is still regarded as one of their felt as such it has been re-released several times on DVD and blu-ray under the studio’s banner [Music] it’s okay though I’m just happy it makes sense as without this film the studio might not have ever been created in the first place clearly deserves your courtesy and respect number four Kiki’s Delivery Service in this coming-of-age classic the young witch Kiki heads off to the big town to learn her craft she ends up using her slowly developing powers to run a delivery service for the town she resides in thank you so much my pleasure let’s go Gigi Oh Kiki is an instantly likable character with a drive and optimism that makes her a true role model for girls of all ages the film also boasts a great amount of humor particularly from Kiki’s adorable sidekick Gigi and some heart racing action sequences once Tiki really kicks her broom in high gear see Kiki overcome all challenges personal and external is part of what makes this film a treat for all audiences here we go [Music] number three Howl’s Moving Castle now straighten your legs based on the novel by Diana Wynne Jones this fantasy flick follows Sophie a beautiful girl turned into an old woman by a Wicked Witch [Music] searching for a cure so he comes across the wandering Castle of howl and soon finds herself joining a motley crew that collected characters as one of Studio Ghibli follow-ups to spirited away Howl’s Moving Castle boasts some of the best quality animation the studio has to offer there’s still plenty of room for good story though featuring themes of building confidence and of course innocent love Howell was so brilliant it even netted a nomination for Best Animated Feature after its release I’m sorry did I come too late I didn’t mean to make you wait this long [Music] number two Princess Mononoke that’s enough I’m not listening to you anymore beautiful in a land where humans are in constant battle with forest spirits Hoshi Tonka teams up with a wolf princess to bring balance to the land and to rid himself of a dreaded curse look everyone this is what hatred looks like this is what it does when it catches hold of you majestic powerful exciting and gorgeous these are just a few of the words that come to mind when talking about Princess Mononoke with stellar animation quality a story of grandiose scale and strongly developed characters it’s no wonder that many consider this to be one of the greatest anime films of all time the film’s also noteworthy for being one of the studio’s more violent films and we are talking a hefty amount of blood here I’m warning you before we reveal our top pick here a few honorable mentions [Music] [Music] [Music] you’re a good person know the good guys were the ones who died or maybe I’m dead in life as a pig it’s the same thing as hell number one spirited away I said come [Music] this Miyazaki masterpiece is one of legend in the world of animation following youngji hero’s journey through a supernaturally populated bathhouse spirited away is a triumph of imagination there are so many creatures and working parts to this world that every single frame is something of beauty take a deep breath spirited ways brilliant storytelling made it an accessible film even to those not familiar with the anime genre and it went on to become the only anime in history to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature not even a kira could pull that off but like we said this film is legendary do you agree with our list I’m just supposed to accept that that is so unfair what Studio Ghibli film has a special place in your heart what do you say for more time honored top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

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  1. どれも日本語で見て欲しいものばかりだけど、もののけ姫だけはどうしても日本語でなければ美しい作品とは言えないと思う。

  2. My top 10
    1- princess mononoke
    2- grave of the fireflies
    3- laputa
    4- spirited away
    5-howl's moving castle
    6- porco rosso
    7- Nausicaa of the valley of wind
    9- my neightboor totoro
    10- the wind rises

  3. Why there is no "POMPOKO"!!!!???? I think POMPOKO is one of the best masterpiece in Ghibli as well.

    Especially The scenes that Japanese traditional monsters illusionally parade, Transform into animals and appeal to human, and Reviving the home town in illusion, are really awesome. Please introduce it too.

  4. what i don't get is why you used the english dubbing videos instead of the orginal japanese voices.
    i just love the oriignal voice versions over any dubbing.

  5. In Japan, Castle in the sky is most popular.

    Actually its English version is different from Japanese version in many ways. Many important dialogue, direction, BGM is quite changed from original.

    For example, the original scene that Pazu and Sheta rush into the thunder is so quiet, but English version has BGM and extra voice.

    The original dialogue "We cannot live apart from the earth!" was changed in English into "The world cannot live without love!".

    All BGM is changed to different music. The BGM of when finding the Dragon's Lair cloud is completly different.

    I think these are one of the reason that the difference of populararity of Castle in the sky between Japan and other country.

    I hope another dubbing that is more faithful to original will be maked.

  6. Kiki’s delivery service was the very first anime I’ve seen… Some of the earliest memories I have I can remember plopping down at my grandmothers and putting in that VHS… What a wonderful memory!

  7. Grave Of The Fireflies and The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya should both be #1 can't decide between the 2!

  8. I like this movie houl smoving castle but i did not find out plz upload these movie plzzzzzzzz plzzz🌷🌷

  9. Whisper of tbe heart made me cry. I had just finished middle school and it was so pure hearted and sweet. It deserves higher on the list

  10. My Top Ten:

    1. When Marnie Was There
    2. Princess of Kuyuga
    3. Howls Moving Castle
    4. Laputa
    5. My neighbour Totoro

    (Having watched every single Studio Ghibili movie, I love all their films and they all deserve the highest ranking awards they can receive.)

  11. 12. The cat returns
    11. Grave of the fireflies
    10. Nausicaä
    9. Tale of princess Kaguya
    8. Castle in the sky
    7. Whisper of the heart
    6. When Marnie was there
    5. Princess Mononoke
    4. Only yesterday
    3. Porco rosso
    2. Spirited away
    1. Howl's moving castle
    Honorable mentions: My neighbour Totoro, Kiki's delivery service and Arrietty.

  12. there was one where they were in a boat in some kind of flooded forest or smth.I watched it when i was rly young so that's all i remember.Anyone can help me ?

  13. While I've only seen 4 of them so far (Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, and Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind), Nausicaa is my absolute favorite. <3

  14. 1. spirited away
    2. Howls moving castle
    3. Castle in the sky
    4. Kikis delivery service
    5. Ponyo
    this is my top 5 BUT all of Studio Ghilbi anime by Hayao Miyazaki is awesome!

  15. When Marnie was there is my fav, and the cat returns, and The Tale of the Princess Kaguya, and Ponyo, and Spirited Away for sure

  16. Arrietty
    Spirited away
    From up on poppy hill
    The cat returns
    Howls moving castle
    My neighbor totoro
    These are the ones i watched

  17. I watched princess Mononoke and spirited away as a small child and they have a really special place in my heart! I absolutely agree with your list tho! There is one anime that I don’t know the name of but it was where there were a bunch of kids at a random abandoned school in the middle of the forest, one part I remember specially was one girl had a stuffed animal taken away and late at night she tried to get it back, it might have been just dream but I remember really well

  18. I think Castle in the Sky should be a little bit further up the list, its storyline and characters aren't that low

  19. Howl's moving castle… i fell in love with howl n 8 years later i found my Howl 😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  20. I love Nausicaa and Mononoke best
    Then comes Kiki, and castle in the sky. I love the part where he goes to catch sheeta, almost falls and makes a crazy sound.

  21. Where is Ashley. Ashley should always narrate "top ten bests" because he's the top one best narrator at watchmojo

  22. Finaly i found spirited away when is was young i watched this in the class the movie was from the teacher i loved it

  23. If i had to pick a favorite I'd go with Nausicaa but they're all amazing don't just take this list as the only ones to watch

  24. The order they appeared on this list doesn't surprise me at all, but Howl's Moving Castle will always be my favourite movie <3

  25. I’ve actually watched Laputa: Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service and I hope to watch those other movies

  26. Trivia :Grave of the fireflies and Totoro released at same time. It was said while audience were depressed by former, the second filled them with happiness leading to repeated watching. GOTF fireflies bombed at box -office but totoro was a massive hit.

  27. When Marnie was There is definitely one of the best to come out of the studio, the storyline is beautiful and heartwrenching, the animation and art is beautiful, and the characters are memorable, endearing, and complex.

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