Top 10 Cursed Movies You Should Never Watch

Top 10 Cursed Movies You Should Never Watch

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
channel on the internet! I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
I am talking about the Top 10 Cursed Movies You Should Never Watch – you guys loved
our cursed songs you should never listen to, our cursed books you should never read, our
cursed games you should never play….basically, you all love a good curse! So…what is going on in the world of film? Let’s find out … but before we do, I want
to ask you what the scariest film you have ever seen is? Let me know in the comments section down below…. Like share etc. 10 – The Conjuring 2
I don’t fancy watching any more of the Ed and Loraine Warren movies. I will… because I do like a scary movie,
but it is all a bit real, isn’t it! The Conjuring is about the real life Amityville
horror case in which a farmhouse in Rhode Island was reported to be haunted by a poltergeist. Not only are the Conjuring movies based on
true, reported stories, but there were a number of reports of possessions and even deaths
after the film was released in cinemas. In Malaysia footage went viral of a woman
writhing and crying in a cinema after she watched the film – with onlookers claiming
she was possessed. The video posted on facebook got 4.6 million
views. Further to that, a man was said to have had
a heart attack while watching the film in India. He died in hospital, but then his body went
missing, as did a mortician tasked with transporting it. Like…what. Also, the cast were said to be haunted by
a presence on set, with Vera Farmiga reporting claw marks on her laptop. The movie even hired an on set exorcist. 9 – A Clockwork Orange
I mean, you absolutely should watch this film, it is one of the greatest movies of all time
and I love Stanley Kubrick, but for the sake of this video, let’s talk about how and
why it is cursed. A Clockwork orange is a masterpiece about
a dystopian future in which a gang of droogs commit ultra violent crime rampages. The film features a lot of violence, including
rape, as well as some deep psychological discussions. The film was so controversial that is was
banned in the UK from 1973 – 1999 – partially as a response from a request from Kubrick
himself, who began receiving death threats and partially because of the alarming number
of copycat criminals. In the early 1970s, there were two high profile
murders wherein the teens that committed the acts directly referred to the film, and a
gang rape during which the rapists sang singin in the rain, like Alex does in the movie. A british judge once refered to the movie
as an evil in itself. 8 – The Twilight Zone
Not only is Twilight Zone : The Movie a totally creepy film, the star, Vic Morrow predicted
his own on set death. Morrow took out life insurance a year before
filming as he had a premonition he would die in a helicopter crash. Weirdly, before filming, the movies concept
artist included a burnt-out helicopter in one of their sketches, despite not being instructed
to. During in filming for one of the movie’s
final scenes, Vic Morrow was acting with two children – pretending to rescue them from
a Vietnamese village. Unfortunately a helicopter in the scene did
crash, decapitating the actor and a 6 year old child. Another 7 year old child was crushed to death. As a result of Morrow’s death, the remaining
few scenes of the could not be filmed and all of the scenes that were filmed involving
the two Vietnamese children, Myca and Renee, were deleted from the final cut. 7 – The Passion of Christ
Someone or something was NOT happy about this movie’s production! During filming, starring actor Jim Caviezel
was struck by lightning when he was portraying the sermon on the mount. The films assistant director was also struck
by lightning – TWICE! Both while the film was in production. Back to Caviezel, though – he also contracted
pneumonia while filming and also had an adverse skin reaction to the makeup used to depict
his stigmata. 6 – The Crow
There were many, many, many bad omens for the people unlucky enough to be making this
movie…and some of the deaths that occurred were weirdly prophesized. The movie is a horror about a man who goes
on a murder spree guided by a possessed crow. The star of the movie, Bruce Lee’s son,
Brandon was killed while filming when bullets were accidentally loaded into a prop gun. Brandon was mortally wounded when a .44 magnum
bullet hit him in the abdomen. His death was perhaps foreshadowed by two
of his fathers movies – one where his dad is fighting a demon that heads for his son
instead, and also in the movie, Game of Death, where his character dies after a gangster
replaces a fake bullet with a live one. Bruce Lee died in strange circumstances shortly
after filming the movie. Also during the filming of The Crow a crew
member suffered 90% burns, a lot of the set was destroyed by a storm, a set sculptor crashed
his car through the props room and another set worker impaled his hand with a screwdriver. 5 – Queen of the Damned
Queen of the Damned was the last movie that doomed popstar and actress Aaliyah filmed
before her death…although that isn’t the focus of our story here. In 2004, A Scottish man by the name of Alan
Menzies from West Lothian developed an obsession with the movie, in particular Aliyah’s character,
vampire Akasha. He watched the film over 100 times and believed
that Akasha was communicating with him and wanted him to harm other people. When his friend Thomas McKendrick confronted
him about his unhealthy obsession with the film, Menzies believed that Akasha instructed
him ho kill the man and drink his blood…which he did. 4 – The Grifter
The Grifter is said to be a genuinely cursed movie published only on the dark web. In an article on 4 Chan, it says that the
online movie was made in 2008 and that those who watched it would experience nausea and
nightmares. Some even say that their souls were altered
after watching the film. It is said that those who watched the movie
in its entirety may well be sought out and killed by a mysterious murderer. The full movie only exists on the dark web,
and even then, you may struggle to find it. There IS, however a 1 minute clip of the cursed
footage on Youtube…. Whether this is a legitimately cursed film
or just an urban legend, you decide. But beware before watching any of The Grifter. 3 – A Serbian Film
I don’t know about being cursed with a ghoul or Satan anything, but this movie will have
a long lasting effect on your mental health and I would dissuade anyone from watching
it. It is genuinely disturbing and not okay. A Serbian Film is about a retired porn star
who agrees to do one more movie for an extremely large sum of money, only he has to agree to
do whatever the movie’s director wants. And what the director wants is….literally
nothing you ever want to see. They involve a baby and a headless woman and
the movie was so dark and disgusting it was thrown out of a London Horror festival before
it even aired. One US distributor fainted as he tried to
leave a screening of A Serbian Film earlier this year, hit his head on the door and ended
up needing stitches. 2 – Triumph of the Will
Triumph des Willens is a very, very effective Nazi propaganda film by Reich movie director,
Leni Riefenstahl. The film is about the return of Germany as
a great power under the helm of the supreme leader, Adolph Hitler. The movie, while horrifying to watch, is often
hailed as one of the greatest propaganda films in history and presents Nazism as a political
religion. The music, the camera angles and cinematography
work together to create the perfect concoction to brainwash a nation. The movie was watched by millions of Germans,
who were indoctrinated into believing in Riefenstahl’s rhetoric – into believing Hitler was their
one true saviour. 1 – The Exorcist
A movie about demonic possession that caused uproar when it was released – of course
The Exorcist is cursed. The movie suffered a whole host of issues
when filming – the set burned down inexplicably and had by be rebuilt – delaying filming
for 6 weeks, two of the movies actors died suddenly after the film was wrapped. A night watchman and a special effects expert
died during filming, too. The actor who played the voice of the demon
suffered tragedy 14 years later when her sun murdered his wife and children before taking
his own life. As the film was released on boxing day 1973,
swathes of people vomited in the movie theatres, many many blacked out, people across the world
thought they themselves had become possessed, a handful of people had heart attacks and
one woman even claimed she suffered a miscarriage. In Rome, it was reported that lighting struck
a church opposite the movie theatre the film was premiering at. A rumour spread that evangelist Billy Graham
preached that evil was physically embedded in the film itself. I would call the curse a good marketing technique,
but people did actually die. SO thanks for watching this video…have you
seen any of these cursed movies? Are you okay? Comments from the Cursed Games You Should
Never Play. Fury McPurey said: An Ouija Board isn’t
a game – I agree with you, but it is licensed and sold by some game companies and a lot
of people treat it as a lounge game. I would be too scared, though! Average Potato wrote: Charlie Charlie isn’t
real, trust me I tried it. Gavin’s Games said : I played Bloody Mary,
Nothing happened…. I am glad. Honestly I don’t believe in cursed games,
or cursed movies… I don’t think so, anyway… but there are
always some stories that leave me questioning… is it worth the risk?

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  1. The first time I saw The Ring was on VHS and I was alone. After it was over just as it shut off and went to Blue Sceen…..

    The phone rang.

    Biggest… jump scare… ever. Couldn't talk when I answered phone.

  2. When I watched the conjuring 2 our cheese fell down on the floor when it stood a long way from the ground or the end of the counter.

  3. A Serbian film I heard was almost like the movie the dead house . Don’t want the excuse of a zombie film .

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  5. I watched conjuring(idk this is the right spelling)2 after i know that its cursed i prayed to god that we hope we arent curse😣

  6. 1:33 Ignorant. she reported it in The Conjuring, not the Conjuring 2. Also, you got some information wrong.

  7. A Serbian Film isn’t cursed though, it’s just disturbing, kinda leaves you feeling emotionally raped.

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  9. I watch a horror movie with my Nan everyday and I was gonna download 'The Exorcist' but she disallowed me because she said she "remembered watching it when she was younger, it sickens her"

    i will watch it one day

  10. I watch the serbian film with my friends and i gotta tell you it's disgusting….a man having sex with headless women and a new born baby..A NEW BORN BABY.. disgusting

  11. the internet ruined me i genuinely thought you meant cursed as in like surrealist and terrible like the bee movie but no you mean like a literal actual curse on movies. im gonna go to bed

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