Top 10 Disney Secrets Illusions & Tricks Explained

Top 10 Disney Secrets Illusions & Tricks Explained

Welcome to TPMvids Disney Beat where we talk
about all things Disney! If you’re new to the channel, hit that subscribe
button and click the bell icon to be notified when we upload a new video. We also have Instagram and Twitter- you can
find us @TPMvideos. Magic is often a word used to describe the
Disney theme park experience. The Disney magic comes alive in many different
ways on the dozens of attractions at Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in
California. The most magical attractions are usually the
dark rides since dark environments make it easier to manipulate various illusions that
will trick the mind. On Instagram we asked you what your favourite
illusions and tricks are from Disney rides at Disneyland and Walt Disney World and this
list today was comprised by your responses. So while we look at many illusions and explain
how some of these tricks are achieved today we’ll be counting down the Top 10 Disney
Ride Illusions and Tricks! Number 10
The first ride we’re gonna take a look at is Na’vi River Journey at Animal Kingdom
in Walt Disney World. This ride is a great example of how physical
sets and screens create the illusion that what you’re seeing is a seamless canvas. About halfway through the ride you’ll find
this little waterfall. It appears as though actual water is flowing
down the rocks but the flowing water is actually just a projection. With some bubbling of the physical water at
the bottom, it creates the illusion that this is a real waterfall. Last year a viewer named Mattie sent us a
picture of Na’vi River Journey breaking down and this gives you a great perspective
on how the projection and physical sets blend together on the ride. Number 9
Heading over to Mickey’s Toon Town in Disneyland, Roger Rabbit’s Cartoon Spin brings you into
the wacky world of Roger Rabbit. At the end of the ride there’s this little
scene of Roger Rabbit opening the portable escape hole {Roger Rabbit} I’ve got a portable hole! I’ll save ya! and this illusion is achieved by a very simple
trick. Right here on the left hand side is a mirror
that reflects the bricks from the other side and the hole just gets pushed into the wall. As that motion is happening it tricks our
mind into thinking that its moving horizontally towards us when realistically its being pushed
vertically away from us. This night vision footage helps to give a
little more clarity into how the mirror is used in the trick. {Roger Rabbit} I’ll save ya! Number 8
As you saw in the previous example a mirror is a very simple way to trick the mind. After all, magic is just smoke and mirrors
and there’s another great example of a fun mirror trick that you all suggested. As you make your way through dead man’s
cove on Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, you’ll come across this mini scene with
the octopus that was added in 2018. To mark your transition from Dead man’s
cove into the physical world of real pirates, a mirror is used to turn this skeleton into
a pirate. Each side only has half a figure and the mirror
placed in the centre hidden by this rope. The mirror reflects the half a figure which
tricks you into thinking that its a full figure that magically morphs into a human. Now this example of reflection is easy to
make out since it’s at eye level and the mirror is sort of visible, but there is another
example that we’ll talk about later in the video that’s much more effective. {Ride} Dead men tell no tales Number 7
The Haunted Mansion is home to 999 happy haunts. Many illusions, tricks and lighting effects
are used to create the ghoulish delights on the ride at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland. One optical illusion used on the ride is what’s
known at the hollow face illusion. The spinning marble busts can be found in
the queue at Disneyland and in the Library scene on the ride at Magic Kingdom. Now these busts appear to spin with their
eyes following you as you move past them. Although they look like convex figures like
these busts in the outdoor queue at Magic Kingdom, they’re actually concave and hallow. It’s just a reverse negative impression
of someones face, sort of like a mask, so it curves inwards instead of outwards. This mold of Albert Einstein really demonstrates
the effectiveness of the illusion. From the time we’re babies, our brain is
wired to recognize faces as being convex shapes so when we’re presented with a concave face
our brain is tricked into thinking we’re seeing something we aren’t. Lighting also plays a big part in this illusion. Lighting the faces from below reverses the
detail’s shading allowing them to appear more like a convex face that lit from above. Number 6
One of the most commonly used illusions found on Disney rides is the Pepper’s Ghost effect. The ballroom scene of the Haunted Mansion
is the most commonly talked about example and it’s actually one of the largest Pepper’s
ghost set ups there is. The simple yet effective illusion has been
around since 1862. It was commonly used in stage set ups and
it’s all about using a piece of glass and reflection. The easiest way to understand how the illusion
works is to look at any window. In these display windows you see the reflection
of the guests walking around the park and this pretty much the same concept as Pepper’s
Ghost. As your doom buggy travels along the ride
track, there’s a large pane of glass that extends 30 by 90 feet in front of this scene. Hidden above and below you there are the physical
ghost animatronic figures painted with exaggerated colours and they’re all placed against black
backdrops. When they are illuminated their image is reflected
onto the glass and creates a composite of ghostly spirits in the physical room in front
of you. The same effect is used to make the Blue Ferry
disappear on Pinocchio’s Daring Journey at Disneyland. In this breakdown footage its much easier
to see where the sheet of glass is and if we backup, behind this wall is where the physical
Blue Ferry figure is placed. Number 5
Other examples of the Pepper’s Ghost can be found all over Disneyland and Walt Disney
World. There’s a couple different set ups used
to achieve the effect and it all starts with a piece of glass on a 45 degree angle. Here’s an example of the effect at play
in a demo we set up. You can see how the image on the iPhone placed
upside-down projects right side up on the glass creating this composite. This same idea, flipped on its side, is what
allows the 5 missing elevator passengers on Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios to magically
appear in the hallway. So right here theres a piece of glass placed
on a 45 degree angle. On the other side of this wall, there’s
an area where the hologram of the passengers is projected onto a mirror which reflects
onto the glass. The pepper’s ghost effect is also used to
allow the window to float forward then shatter in the same scene. At Walt Disney World you can also find the
Pepper’s Ghost effect used in the Seas Pavilion at Epcot. This is how the finding Nemo characters are
placed into the actual aquarium of The Seas with Nemo and Friends. {Music} In the big blue world, like I’ve
never seen before. These two examples have the audience looking
directly through the glass into the scene but there’s another set up used which involves
a little more reflection. Number 4
Another way peppers ghost is set up is by having the audience look a mirror which is
reflecting the effect from the opposite side. This is how Winnie the Pooh floats away in
his sleep on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. So what you’re looking at in front of you
is actually a mirror visible on the bottom, right here. After you’ve passed this scene take a look
behind you and you’ll see the physical room that’s being illuminated and reflecting
onto the mirror. In this image you can also see the reflection
of these honey pots in the mirror. Then right here at a 45 degree angle is the
piece of glass used to carry out papers ghost allowing pooh to float away. Another example of the same set up is Randal
in the bathroom scene of Monster’s Inc Mikey and Sulley to the rescue at Disney California
Adventure. {Randal} Race you to the scare floor Number 3
The last Haunted Mansion trick can only be found at Disneyland and that’s the Hatbox
Ghost. This animatronic figure found his home on
the attraction in May of 2015 and it uses a couple different illusions to create this
Disney magic. So first lets take a look at how his head
disappears. Now his face is projected but the figure has
an actual wig so this will help us to identify what’s happening. Pay attention to the hair on right side of
his head as we bump up the brightness and play the clip in slow motion. When the face projection is switched off and
his face is no longer illuminated you can see the hair move and it’s quickly lowered
into his body. Now how does his face makes its way into this
hallow and empty hatbox? By using what appears to be the Pepper’s
ghost effect, think along the lines of the demo we showed you earlier with the iPhone,
his face is projected into the middle of the hatbox giving it a 3 dimensional shape. As for his hair well it appears to be illuminated
by backlight from an LCD screen. All of these elements together create a pretty
impressive illusions bringing this iconic animatronic character right to life. Number 2
The best mirror reflection illusion can be found on Journey into Imagination with Figment
at Epcot. Once you make your way into the sight lab
you see this butterfly in a cage and as your ride vehicle passes, it magically disappears. Well hidden in the middle of the cage is a
double sided mirror. As you first approach the cage, half of a
butterfly and a perch is reflected onto the mirror to make it appear as if it’s a full
butterfly. As your ride vehicle moves around the cage,
an empty half perch on the other side is reflecting against another mirror and thats how the butterfly
seamlessly disappears. The lighting in this scene as well as the
fact that the cage is elevated above eye level plays a big part into the effectiveness of
this illusion. Number 1
One of the most impressive illusions can be found on the Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland. In the big final scene on the ride there’s
the iconic boulder chase. The boulder rolls towards you as your the
ride vehicle moves backwards to avoid getting hit. Well what if we told you the boulder and the
truck don’t move at all and its the walls that actually move. The boulder is stationary but swivels in place
as the walls move forwards giving the optical illusion that the boulder is moving forward. In this Disney after dark news segment it
shows you exactly how the walls operate. Then in this night vision footage its easier
to see what’s happening while you’re on the actual ride. Once you combine all these tricks with the
dim lighting and you have one of the most convincing illusions in a Disney ride! So what is your favorite illusion or trick
from a Disney ride. Either from this list or maybe one we didn’t
mention. I’d love to know! Leave a comment down below to start a conversion
and don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video. Thanks so much for watching! Click the TPM icon on the screen to subscribe
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  1. I know another example! Once I was in my dad's truck, he had a 'FOR SALE' sign sitting behind the windshield, if you looked at it from inside the vehicle, you saw the 'FOR SALE' sign standing up at a 90 degree angle.

  2. Also I can explain why it does that. Listen, look in a window inside your house. You look like you're outside right? That is exactly what Disney does to trick your eyes and mind.

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  4. My favourite trick is where you don’t see me and still don’t see me cause I’ve never been to Disney.

  5. My favorite illusion I believe is in Disney's Haunted Mansion, while you are going through one part you are facing a bunch of mirrors and there are "ghosts" that appear on top of people's heads that are sitting in seats lol

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  8. Whenever I see the tower of terror or guardians of the galaxy mission breakout I freak out and get sick

  9. I, personally, still have TWO apples from Snow White's ride (circa 1975), wherein the witch USED to swing out and present the poison apple to Snow White. My friends and I used to snatch it out of her hand, only to have a new apple replaced the following week. Even when they began to wire it to her arm, we still managed to grab them. They were plastic and painted in a neon paint for added illumination. Now, the ride uses a projected image, where the witch is well-protected and prying hands can no longer reach the apple.

    I have kept those apples as keepsakes of my youth and reminders of how fortunate we were to live so close to the park and how we never even gave a consideration to the fact that our weekly summer visits, which we took for granted, were so amazingly special.

    NOTE: Yes, I realize now that this was vandalism and wrong to do so; however, as pre-teen boys, we were immune to social responsibility. To that fact, I am also very familiar with the underground areas in D-Land, as they are used to escort those apprehended by security from the park (I was removed for getting out of the ride on Monsanto's Inner Space ride in 1976. I have forgotten the understanding; however, supposedly, my name went on a list of "forbidden to enter."

  10. There are SO MANY tricks used in Disney esp. at the new Star Wars Galaxy Ride…I was just there a few weeks ago (3rd week of June 2019) at Disneyland in Anaheim & one BIG trick is the "oh, I'm getting there soon ~ to the ride, I can't wait!!" The new Star Wars Galaxy Ride…well, I was very lucky, I got on in about 40 minutes, but there are SO MANY HIDDEN areas where the queue continues on & on in a snake-like fashion that keeps you W-A-L-K–I-N-G forever!! Thankfully, most of these snaking queue areas are in the shade, which does help. Remember, if you buy that $5.00 round (yes round) bottle of soda (I don't know if I can say the brand name)…it starts with a "C".. product that they sell ONLY at Star Wars, keep it as a souvenir!!…I'd hate to carry that globe-shaped bottle around with me all day (yes, I'd throw mine in the trash can ~~ remember to recycle!!)~~but empty ones are selling for over $30.00 + shipping on the internet…

  11. I was hoping the tiki from the tower of terror at disneysea would be on her but it wasn’t. I’m guessing that it’s probably the pepper’s ghost effect, but I’m still unsure of how they did it.

  12. My favorite use of Pepper's ghost was at LaBrea Tar Pits using skeletons and full size mannequins of a woman and a Sabre Tooth Tiger, two way mirrors, and dimmable lights to make the mannequins appear to turn to skeletons where they stood in the museum.

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  18. I used to work Winnie the Pooh in Disney World. The bear figure that floats is actually behind the two way mirror. I believe you said it was reflected on a second mirror at 45 degrees which is untrue.
    The scene where he’s sitting and falling asleep is reflected but the floating bear is in a black room behind the mirror itself. The light turns on as the figure rotates upwards.

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  20. Tower of Terror at California Adventure had a mirror that reflected you in your ride vehicle as a ghost in real time. Then your ghostly image vanishes and you see the reflection of your ride vehicle but now YOU and your fellow riders are MISSING. The car is EMPTY. Very complicated but satisfying gag.

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