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  1. Bernard Hermann's Vertigo score penatrates the mystery and romance. Absolutely sublime.
    Such a profound influence on composers to this day. I hear echoes of it occasionally.

  2. Brad Fiedel's The Terminator, nothing? The Seahawk, talk of memories, The Late Late Show,👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Well done.

  3. I really expected Lawrence of Arabia to at least be numbered on the list rather than just a quick honorable mention. It's been my favorite film theme most of my life.

  4. It's so sad they forgot all those unforgettable masterful scores in animated films, such as Pixar's and Studio Ghibli's. In my opinion, Joe Hisaishi's score for Spirited Away should definitely be among the top 5 best film scores ever composed.

  5. All John Williams, Dances with Wolves, LOTR, The Last of the Mohicans, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049, Interstellar, Vertigo. Those all should be winners IMO.

  6. The Blue Max
    Bugsy Malone
    Young Frankenstein
    Star Trek
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    A Clockwork Orange
    The Graduate
    Easy Rider

    My work here is done.

  7. One day I'll have to give you a👎… I don't have enough time to watch all of these movies ! Are you trying to kill me or to make me feel regret for the rest of my days ?

  8. Im sorry but not one John Williams score is pretty embarrassing. Jaws, Indiana Jones, any other Spielberg classic??? Lol

  9. I think Howard Shore’s score for the Lord of the Rings trilogy is the most immersive, beautiful score I’ve ever heard. It crosses the boundary between the image and the music, in a sense that Middle-Earth could not exist without his work, it is shaped by it, brought to life. It is not just music, it’s something else, an experience.

  10. My top 3 looks like the same as the average:
    1: Ennio Morricone
    2: Hans Zimmer
    3: John Williams
    But my most powerful movie moment linked to a score:
    Mike Oldfield – Pran's Theme – The Killing Fields
    And My favorite full single movie soundtrack is:
    Eric Serra – Le Grand Bleu
    As for impact in a TV series nothing come close to:
    Jan Hammer – Miami Vice

  11. omfg other channels based their lists on popularity but this channel shows the impact,influence, the ART salute to this channel

  12. The most immersive almost hypnotic movie score happily that of the greatest movie – Vertigo. Seamless but Wagnerian motifs for falling, Judy and more by Bernard Herrmann.

    A brave but admirable top choice of Korngold though – who had been a precocious 'serious' classical composer and after conquering that came to film scoring late when he migrated to the US -a great doco of him is The Adventures of a Wunderkind.

    No mention of directors excelling in choosing established pieces for his films. Especially Kubrick with his use of Beethoven in Clockwork Orange and various the pieces that define the moods of Barry Lyndon such as the duel.

  13. i sincerely believe that the ONLY reason John Williams/Star Wars isnt #1 is because this channel didnt want to seem too normie

  14. Pierre Jansen .i did a cd inspired by him ,but forget my semi plug and see Le Boucher ,rupture and other Claude Chabrol films
    Also Konrad Elffers ,I believe the first score of Dr Mabuse

  15. The placement of Riz Ortolani’s ’Oh My Love’ in the movie Drive is nothing short of brilliant. The juxtaposition is breathtaking.


  17. Hollywood and by extension America has truly and absolutely benefited from immigrants from all over the world like no other country has in history, arguably.

  18. 1 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
    2 Dances With Wolves
    3 The Shawshank Redemption
    4 Interstellar
    5 Last of the Mohicans
    6 The Big Country
    7 The Finest Hours
    8 Forrest Gump
    9 Dunkirk
    10 A River Runs Through It

  19. I really appreciate CineFix's take on topics like this, and I can't fault any of their choices. I, of course, would have liked to have seen a couple of my personal favorites – Cliff Martinez for the score of the 2002 version of Solaris, and Thomas Newman for the Shawshank Redemption.

  20. How can lotr not be on this list?
    It's widely considered to be the most complex music score in movies ever. And it's also one of the best in quality. The mixing of themes and leitmotifs to tell the story is magnificent and unrivalled.

    To give an example: the music when Sauron is destroyed is the same as Saurons evil theme, but played more hopeful. That's the amount of attention and dedication Howard Shore put in the soundtrack.

    I really don't understand the appeal of the Star Wars soundtrack. Yes, they have some iconic themes, but outside of that it's really not that good. The Hoth theme for example is really weird with lots of stupid sound effects, if you listen to it as a musical piece and not in the movies.

  21. Not saying it’s the best but the score from Annihilation during the lighthouse scene was definitely one of the most unsettling for me.

  22. It switches constantlyn and we can't even listen to the music, it's constantly babbling telling you how the music is wonderful…

  23. Not a single mention, either in the CineFix list or in the comments section, of Ry Cooder's haunting slide guitar work for Wim Wenders in Paris, Texas… Shameful.

  24. You said themes and leitmotifs, and I said "this had better be John Williams."
    And you did Howard Shore and LotR dirty by only mentioning it in passing.

  25. Some of my favorites: Vertigo, E.T., Dances with Wolves, Gladiator, Inception, Mask of Zorro, Once Upon the Time in the West, Tron Legacy, Jurassic Park, 1917.

  26. The music from Arrival…. It's just haunting!…but I loved that Sea Hawk movie…truly a wonderful piece of music as well…as for the best composer for music John Williams is on top of my list.

  27. Have to go with Ennio as THE best!! While Williams is undoubtedly great, Morricone coveys emotion in a way that Williams grandeur cannot match, and the point is really emotion. That both compose motifs which are immediately singable and memorable to all is why they are the best

  28. Not a super popular opinion, but I think The Last of the Mohicans has one of the best scores of all time. Probably too 5 for me

  29. It's always a mug's game to pick a best of anything. But I think three film composers deserve a place higher in the pantheon than the estimable John Williams. 

    Elmer Bernstein. Versatility, wit, power, elegance; hard to imagine that the same guy who scored the bombastically reverent "The Ten Commandments" also did the tastelessly irreverent "Animal House." Bernstein scored such diverse vehicles as "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Great Escape," "Airplane," "The Magnificent Seven," "Walk on the Wild Side," "An American Werewolf in London," "The Shootist," "My Left Foot," "True Grit," "The Blues Brothers"… 

    Max Steiner. He pioneered the leitmotif in movie scores with "King Kong," and his 300 scores include "Gone With the Wind," "The Searchers," "Casablanca"… Everything Williams does, Steiner did it earlier and at least as well.

    And, above all, Bernard Herrmann. Incomparable, to my ear. His first score was, oh, what's it called, some obscure thing — ah, "Citizen Kane." His final full score was "Taxi Driver." In between, he elevated Hitchcock in, among others, "Vertigo," "North by Northwest" and "Psycho" — three classic scores in three remarkable years. He was the sound of many of Harryhausen's great fantasies, including "The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad," "Mysterious Island" and "Jason and the Argonauts." He revolutionized science fiction soundtracks with his theremin-rich score for "The Day the Earth Stood Still." His "Cape Fear" score was so muscular and ominous that Scorsese had it reworked (by Bernstein!) for his ugly remake. De Palma, in his obsession with Hitchcock, turned to Herrmann for "Sisters" and, what else, "Obsession." And there may be no more lushly romantic score than Herrmann's for "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir." 

    Better than Williams? That's an arbitrary argument. But I stand by my picks. And Morricone and Goldsmith and a couple of others lurk just a half-step behind…

  30. 1.Conan The Barbarian
    2. Conan The Barbarian
    3. Conan The Barbarian
    4. Conan The Barbarian
    5. Conan the barbarian
    6. Conan the barbarian
    7.Conan the barbarian
    8.conan the barbarian
    9.conan the barbarian
    10.conan the barbarian

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