Top 10 Hood Movies

Top 10 Hood Movies

what happens in the hood stays in the hood I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 hood films get us off your shoulders you know give me shut up you better make that money oh yeah for this list we’ve chosen those movies that have given us the grittiest most memorable depictions of living and working in the hood ac number 10 new jack city set during America’s war on crack cocaine Mario Van Peebles directorial debut tackles life on the streets of New York City with smarts vitality and thrills backed by an awesome soundtrack you Jack city also boasts an engaging plot and tons of cast chemistry in addition to Van Peebles acting turn the crime flick will also be remembered for wesley snipes crime boss Nino brown and ice-t as the undercover detective who wants to bring the drug dealer down yeah that’s right little junkie just like you so my mother back in 1974 didn’t take no money didn’t take no jury did pass took a life you know what I’m saying number nine juice thanks to its great pace and frenetic rhythm there isn’t a dull moment to be had in juice ready to died through strong performances by rappers like the late great Tupac and Omar Epps as the aspiring DJ this crime drama depicts the lengths to which a person would go in the hood to garner the respect and admiration of his peers [Music] when you come with that bullshit gun oh right the answer is that it always comes with a price it’s a violent angry but poignant look and it works number eight Friday and what triggered having just been sacked from his job Craig and his best friend smokey spend the day smoking up in their south-central neighborhood while dealing with the host of troubles that surround them you don’t drag me into this one of those problems is trying to figure out a way to get the cash they owed rug dealer big worm by 10:00 p.m. that night what’s up ray thanks for the bike but you got my 40 homie I thought you had $200 I do but what’s been raised money the hilarious hijinks that ensue bring out the sometimes comedic side of the hood while Friday’s energy helps set the film apart from other movies in the genre man ain’t Enron smoking weed weed is from the earth number seven City of God Garcia future mood I’m a vida my / – a douche Sequoyah Bishop burger it’s offical Bishop for me it’s a fancy disco era cruise director Fernando Miguel doesn’t flinch when it comes to shooting a film about the gangsters of Rio this Brazilian movie can be brutally violent and all too realistic at times you can wear non-professional actors from the slums were cast for this feverishly gritty but unforgettable crime drama so we’ll be rejuvenated to Samui I’m a small Dutch you make flinch at times but there’s no denying Michels scenes in City of God are beautifully choreographed and the film’s for Oscar nominations as well as it’s important message make it all too hard to forget ya see my love Amir’s amiable it’s a jicama key question Emile that’s the same place in the mirror number 6 8 mile I hear you’re a dope rapper the dope rapper yeah who told you I was a dope rapper you know it’s around in this hip hop flick director Curtis Hanson brought out the intensity of Eminem so well that we think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who could ignore it I don’t know what they told you Mike must had him cornrows rolled too tight his job we want to quit but you can’t you worked at this plant so long you’re a plant look at your goddamn boots right sakes is starting to grow roots this biopic about an inner city guys struggles in the hood was as raw and powerful as the oscar-winning Eminem song for the film called lose yourself yeah studio top to top things off the thrilling rap battle that ends 8 mile sealed the deal about slim Shady’s dramatic abilities give it is great yeah they call me ready this is the total race [Applause] the rapper really can’t act and then some number five Latin a youth is beaten to unconsciousness by cops in the hood the event makes the news and his friends vow revenge if he dies it’s you unfair do you know something I thought to be beautiful but you cannot equate opposite day this biting drama and suspense from director masuka’s of its does not pick or choose sides the police are brutal the street youth is reprehensible and the parents are absently oblivious so when did you say always I’m in Mensa na n is a scary thing to watch especially when the shots finally ring out but it’s also mesmerizing powerful and emotional just like a kitty my number for training day is a training day off toy show you around give you a taste of business you know a rookie cop a corrupt cop and a society on damage control Denzel Washington’s bad cop is one for the ages as he trains ethan hawke on his first day with the force since you can’t keep your mouth shut long enough for me to read my paper tell me a story in the process he shows him there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to police work and that the sinking corruption in their profession is present everywhere the streets are the background for these two cops who go through a day they will never soon forget that is if they can make it through alive training day is raw unforgettable and filled with strong and believable performances yeah that’s right you better walk away go walk away cuz I’m a burn this mother down King Kong ain’t got me number three do the right thing time out time out go take a jail director Spike Lee wanted to make a movie that would stir things up and light a fire inside our bellies [Applause] well what do the right thing you made it with this incendiary statement we shows us an unblinking look at racism on the streets of New York City upon a war man asks our Wright brothers on the wall Mookie is a pizza delivery boy who works for an italian-american named Sal who also happens to be the father of one bigoted son and one who isn’t with two Oscar nominations and a realistic but riveting look at discrimination Lee shows us both sides of the story in this comedy drama that skill entertains today this is the man talking all right all right doctor come on what all the way to do the right thing that’s it that’s it I got it I’m gone number two menace to society in the directorial debut of Allen and Albert Hughes a young street hustler tries to escape the rigors and temptations of the hood you ain’t doing jack shit he and the way that I see it you’ll be dead or you’ll be in jail wanting to get out before it’s too late and start a new King finds out it’s easier said than done especially when your entire life family friends gangs is built around this menacing society the Hughes brothers nailed every detail with this potent persuasive and chilling take on life on the streets as an african-american teen being a black man in America isn’t easy the hunt is on and you are the prey before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions going you’re gonna make las vegas we got is get the fuck out you don’t hear me my son umber one boys in the hood turn your punk ass ho it may have been just his directorial debut but John Singleton’s portrayal of the social problems of inner-city Los Angeles is what made boys in the hood such a landmark movie listen I want to do some what my life right I want to be somebody listen let me tell you something then you joined that army you ain’t gonna be nobody following three friends and their struggles conflicts and mishaps in the ghetto the Oscar nominated drama can be considered the originator of the hood film why is it that there’s a gun shop on almost every corner in this community why tell you what for the same reason that there’s a liquor store on almost every corner in the black community why they want us to kill ourselves with a stunning cast incredible direction and an impeccable script we still haven’t forgotten the sting of watching Trey Ricky and Doughboy hustling it up and trying to stay alive give me the mother gun Trey [Music] [Music] do you agree with our list what’s your favorite hood movie with entertaining top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [Music]

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  1. Mojo please do me a favor. With all due respect, please don't ever do a list like this again. To put Friday and New Jack City at the bottom of this list was ridiculous. Just please leave subject matters like this alone. And how the hell is Baby Boy or Blood in Blood out not on this list. Horrible list.

  2. Actual Top 10 List from someone actually from the hood

    1.) Boyz N the Hood
    2.) Menace II Society
    3.) JUICE
    4.) Friday
    5.) New Jack City
    6.) Fresh
    7.) South Central
    8.) Colors
    9.) Belly
    10.) Babyboy or Set It Off

    This is based on impact and relevance to ppl who are actually from the hood. 8 miles is so laughable 😂.

  3. How you gonna but 8 mile and leave out “Colors” and the most gangster movie of all time “American Me” this list is wack

  4. To all of those hating on 8 mile, how does it feel when a white fucking boy is better at the game than anyone else?😉

  5. 8 mile made the list and not Belly!!! Who ever made this list don't know what the hell they talking bout. Yea you listed some classics but the order is all wrong. It was cool tho nice try.

  6. This top 10 was totally wrong this is the new top 10.
    1. New Jack City
    2. Juice
    3. Training Day
    4. Menace II Society
    5. Boys in the Hood
    6. Friday
    7. Do the Right Thing
    8. City of God
    9. 8 Mile
    10. La Haine

  7. Paid in full should’ve been on here!! It’s one of the best Hood movies ever made! Top 5 for sure…..not to mention it’s a true story!

  8. Blood in blood out ? Has to be one of the best hood /gangster movie ever made surprised it’s not even in the list ????

  9. 8 miles and friday are not hood movies like that like tf. those are nothing. struggle to eat and rap, then struggle to eat with comedy and bully NAH fam. show me all struggle in one. Like City Of God which was supposed to be NUMBER 1

  10. WTF 😱
    Sean Penn's groundbreaking Colours isn't on your list, it practically invented the modern day street gang culture movie.
    Some odd choices on your list too…8 Mile anyone?

  11. The hood and the people who matter strongly disagree with this list. Ain't no EFFIN way 8 mile is Ahead of New Jack City and Friday. TFOH

  12. Friday and 8 Mile over New Jack City, City of God, Juice? No honors for Dead Presidents or Tales from the Hood?

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