Top 10 Horror Movie Animals

Top 10 Horror Movie Animals

They’re murderous creatures with a lust for human flesh. Welcome to and today we’re counting down the top 10 most memorable horror movies that starred animals. Get away from me. Get away from me! Number 10: The mosquitoes from “Mosquito” Kicking off our list is a film that’s so bad, it’s good. This movie answers a timeless question: What happens when ordinary mosquitoes feed on alien carcasses? The answer involves a campy, good time filled with horrible dialogue, bad acting, terrible effects and buckets full of gore. Hey man, you can’t just leave us here with those things. They got my cousin, they nearly got me. Shut up. If you thought you hated these pests before imagine meeting one this big, without a can of bug spray. *Screaming* Number 9: The crocodile from “Lake Placid” This film is a similarly funny, yet scary tale of animal cruelty on man. A 30 foot crocodile has begun snapping at victims in Maine. This water dwelling amphibian is a vicious killing machine that not only devours people but also loves munching on cows. We don’t have to destroy him, God damn it, look at him! Number 8: The sheep from “Black Sheep” In this off-beat horror, the dangers of genetic engineering are explored when experiments turn harmless sheep into bloodthirsty killers. As a result, these modified animals go on a rampage of a New Zealand farm, bringing new meaning to the term “Baaad”. Number 7: The snake from “Anaconda” A National Geographic film crew is taken on a trip to hunt the world’s largest giant anaconda in the Amazon rainforest. Unfortunately for them, this snake is so massive, it is capable of consuming a live person. They strike, wrap around you, hold you tighter than your true love then you get the privilege of hearing your bones break before the power of the embrace causes your veins to explode. Number 6: The ants from “Them” Now we’re getting serious and delving into the real questions of radioactivity. Here, atomic testing in New Mexico causes regular sized ants to mutate into massive man-eating monsters that are hell-bent on devouring human civilization. When man entered the atomic age, he opened a door into a new world. What we’ll eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict. Number 5: The piranhas from “Piranha” In this 70s horror flick, military scientists have genetically modified piranhas for use in the Vietnam war However, these man-eaters are accidentally released into the river and find their way to a day camp, where they begin to multiply and feed on the guests. They breed like flies, there’ll be no way to stop them! Number 4: The spiders from “Arachnophobia” A Venezuelan spider stows away on a boat to America It mates with a local spider and their offspring eat their way through the inhabitants of a small town in California. This is easily the scariest flick to ever star 8-legged freaks with large fangs. Number 3: The St Bernard from “Cujo” In this Stephen King tale, a rabid bat bites a friendly St Bernard named Cujo. As a result, the dog becomes incredibly violent and goes on a killing spree through a small town in America. Cujo *growling* What are you growling at? *growling* Number 2: The birds from “The Birds” Terror from the sky reigns in this iconic horror film by the master of suspense himself, Alfred Hitchcock. The anticipation of a feathery attack never lets up and is especially nerve-wracking when the winged killers decide to converge on a child’s party. Get yourselves guns and wipe them off the face of the earth. That would hardly be possible. It’s the end of the world. Number 1: The shark from “Jaws” Rounding out our top 10 list is the great white that made us afraid to go to the beach. The film combines an excellent score by John Williams with suspense and pools of blood. Jaws will grip you and never let go. *suspenseful music*

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  1. I know it’s not a horror movie but the Dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park to this day haunts my nightmares 😱

  2. Chicos, no tienen uno de los 10 peores animqles del cine de terror? El monstruo de Escorpión Negro, por ejemplo.

  3. Black Water, The Reef, Orca, Grizzly Maze, The Naked Jungle, Rogue, Mimic, Bug, The Killer Shrews, Attack of the Giant Leeches, Squirm, and Tentacles to name a few!


  5. The Crocodile from Lake Placid,
    The Giant Snake from Anaconda,
    The Shark from JAWS
    are really scariest horror movie animals.

  6. ants spiders and mosquito are not animals they are bugs so this is a list of the top 7 animals not top 10

  7. You know "the dog" from cujo has a name it's cujo and "the shark" from jaws also has a name it's bruce
    watch mark hamill's horror quiz to know
    P.S. i'm not joking

  8. There was several snakes in anaconda. It wasn't one hunting them it was a bunch of snakes trying to get a piece of Jennifer Lopez's ass

  9. guy crushes spider guy: puny spider turns around 800 spider spider: you are gonna need a lot more boots to crush us butthole

  10. Anaconda was about a film crew trying to find indigenous peoples in the jungle, but then taken hostage and used to find the snake.

  11. u should make an update abt this list in a another new video. Recommend the bear in annilihation

  12. Nothing can make me flinch but this shit → 3:06 :'v

    & That crocodile movie tho😂

    Girl : We don't have to destroy him! God darn it, look at him !!

    Alligator : …. '-')

  13. did you just notice ? the sheep ate the guys dick along with balls and then started farting !!! this is when you don't like to be a vegeterian 😂

  14. 1. Blood surf
    2. THE BIRDS 2
    3. ROgue 2007
    4. Spiderman new universe
    5. Piranha 3d
    6. The hive
    7. Python 2002
    8. The breed
    9. Primeval
    10. Creature of the black lagonn
    Honorable mention :
    Deep rising
    Jaws 2
    2 heade dsjark
    Eaten alive

  15. classifying bugs as animals is like classifying humans as animals on this list…like – sure you're technically correct. but I feel like we came here for ANIMAL animal movies

  16. You forgot Rogue. It has better CGI then some of these movies and it has Radha Mitchell and Sam Worthington

  17. Top 10 Horror Movie Animals
    10: Mosquitos from Mosquito (1995)
    9: Crocodile from Lake Placid (1999)
    8: Sheep from Black Sheep (2006)
    7: Anaconda from Anaconda (1997)
    6: Mutant Ants from Them! (1954)
    5: Piranhas from Piranha (1978)
    4: Spiders from Arachnophobia (1990)
    3: Rabid St. Bernard from Cujo (1983)
    2: Birds from The Birds (1963)
    1: Bruce the Shark From Jaws (1975)
    You're Welcome

  18. Really??! Black Sheep and Mosquito beat out:

    Orca: The Killer Whale
    Monkey Shines
    Deep Blue Sea
    The Pack
    Of Unknown Origin
    The Breed

    Not to mention The Shallows, Burning Bright, The Meg and Crawl which I believe this video predates.

  19. I have a feeling that the genetically engineered sheep were inspired by Polyphemus's flesh-eating sheep from The Odyssey.
    And NO Africanized bees from The Swarm ?!

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