Top 10 Innuendos in Kids’ Movies

what’s a children’s movie nowadays without a few jokes for the parents forget your jammies mrs. Packard I sleep in the nude you’re gonna want to pay these she sleepwalks welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 in un doze in kids movies for this list we’re looking at moments for movies generally seen as being made for children or being family-friendly that could raise a few eyebrows upon second inspection Oh sugar-hog doors turn we’re considering potentially inappropriate moments and comments of any nature whether that’s sexually suggestive legs you’re with ducky or about something else that kids wouldn’t or shouldn’t generally know about love your lake warmers nice Ascot come on can recess don’t last forever we’re excluding films that seem to be equally targeted to both kids and adults alike such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit set a rabbit in your company just happy to see me number 10 Bo Peep and Woody’s escapades Toy Story Wow oh hi blow this Pixar classic reinforced what most kids might have already suspected that our toys were alive going for fearsome here but I just don’t feel it what we didn’t realize was what they were really trying to do with their free time in Toy Story Bo Peep and woody a porcelain figurine and a cowboy doll are in a relationship I wanted to thank you woody saving my flock oh hey it was nothing after woody saves her flock of sheep from the pretend harms of mr. Potato Head peep uses her cane to draw what he closed and whisper something in his ear what do you say I get someone else to watch the sheep tonight hell yeah who knows what goes down when two toys are unchaperoned and unwatched but the grown moviegoers have some idea and it’s not all kid stuff amantha I’m just a couple of blocks away number nine ladybug come on a bug’s life it’s a buggy bug world out there princess who knew bugs were so sexually aggressive another Pixar gem this computer animated film centers on an ant colony that is essentially bullied into providing food for grasshoppers every year what’s the matter you scared of grasshoppers they recruit a team of warrior bugs to protect them after their latest food offering winds up destroyed but these warrior bugs are actually a traveling circus act stand back you flies we are the greatest warriors and all condom this includes Francis the gruff but visually appealing male ladybug that everyone thinks is a female and as such is constantly being hit on usually in some really crude ways yeah so being a ladybug automatically makes me a girl is that it flyboy most notable is this request to pollinate which you know is a wink and a nudge for something a little more adult hey cutie wanna pollinate with a real bug number eight oral sex insinuation The Brave Little Toaster good morning everyone good morning dose two as far as kids films go this one was surprisingly dark at times I hate being left in the dark you know especially considering the franchise is populated by household appliances and semi orgasmic computers my memory banks are being stroked and by an expert I feel something something happening inside of me and I can’t keep it to myself any longer the story follows a group of appliances led by a toaster who heads out into the world in search of their beloved owner you ready to go blanket yeah I’m ready but before they leave they trade some rather icy words with an air-conditioning unit doing a Jack Nicholson impersonation somebody untie the knot in this guy’s cord while the unit attempts to shame and humiliate the crew for its mission it throws a particularly inappropriate barb at the vacuum why don’t you just shut off because we all know what vacuums do really well yeah I’m real scared there Kirby what are you gonna do suck me to death hey number seven genie and the earthquake Aladdin and the King of Thieves hey want to see some resumes on these guys when you’ve been cooped up in a bottle for a few thousand years chances are your mind can get stuck on some dirty things what what are you trying to say unlike the first Aladdin sequel this second follow-up to the 1992 smash hit did feature the genius comedic stylings of Robin Williams and it also gave us quite a few interesting lines and your name is I’m Thor you’re Thor well it hurt during one scene in particular bandits show up at jasmine and Aladdin sweating and the vibrations from the rampaging elephants cause Genie to make a not-so-subtle reference to wedding night consummation I thought the earth wasn’t supposed to move until the honeymoon because what kid doesn’t know what goes down in the honeymoon suite rink okay number six Anna and foot sized frozen I can’t wait to meet everyone the sisterly bond may have provided the happily ever after in this Disney hit but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any man related adventures along the way well he was sprightly axe especially for a man in heel princess Elsa has magical ice powers and has unleashed an eternal winter on the kingdom of arendelle completely frozen her sister Anna sets out after her to help make things right but not before making the acquaintance of a young gentleman it’s Kristoff on their journey to locate Elsa Anna informs Kristoff that their argument was prompted by her impromptu engagement to a man she’d met the same day didn’t your parents ever warn you about strangers Kristoff chastises onna stating that she doesn’t know anything about him including his shoe size what’s his favorite food sandwiches best friend’s name probably John I color dreamy it size what size doesn’t matter which doesn’t matter until mid does look it doesn’t matter it’s true love number five cat and the ho The Cat in the Hat why I’m the Cat in the Hat Mike Myers gives an almost unrecognizable performance as the famed dr. Seuss character there’s no doubt about that I’m a super fun difference feline who’s here to make sure that you are me live in the fantasy comedy he plays the feline with the red and white hat and a penchant for mischief who appears to show to little kids how to have a good time okay we had some good times high jinks ensue like thing 1 and thing 2 and a good chunk of the film is just family fun it’s fun to have fun but you got to know but it wouldn’t be a children’s movie without a wink at the adults and here we’re treated to a moment between the cat and a garden tool huh one that is both tender and a little awkward dirty hoe number four misses potato heads mouth Toy Story 3 the potato heads mr. and mrs. you’ve got to keep them together cuz they’re madly love Disney and Pixar writers are good at including a number of adult references so the bigger kids can relate what happens when the kids grow up some are innocent and others well they’re a little tongue in cheek so to speak this third installment in the Toy Story trilogy follows woody and his toy friends after they end up at a daycare center welcome to Sunnyside folks the leader of the center’s toys Lotso has proven himself to be on the evil side and is about to imprison the new toys when mrs. Potato Head starts giving him an earful sweet potato who do you think you’re talking to I have oversight he responds by yanking off her detachable lips prompting her husband to declare ownership of her mouth no it takes my wife’s mouth except me give it back you furry air freshener number three Snow White’s body count Shrek magic Mara this dreamworks hit starring Mike Myers as the title character tells the story of an ogre who saves a princess and then falls in love with her the ogre has fallen in love with the princess that course of events actually ends up porting the plans of the diminutive Lord Farquaad who has his own designs on the princess you’re not a king yet but but you can become one all you have to do is marry a princess in fact he was actually looking for any princess really since his plan involves utilizing her nobility to become a king just sit back and relax my lord because it’s time for you to meet today’s eligible bachelorettes and prior to settling on Princess Fiona he consulted the magic mirror about Snow White with her living situation and perhaps her sexual proclivities come curiously into question although she lives with seven other men she’s not easy number two tirade of euphemisms mrs. Doubtfire don’t fire dear mrs. Doubtfire in this family-friendly comedy Robin Williams placed Daniel Hillard an out-of-work voice actor who goes into full costume as a nanny to be closer to his kids I’m not who you think I am how no shit watch your mouth young man the movie is a vehicle for Williams comedic genius with plenty of slapstick but also tons of snappy dialogue that might have flown past the radar of younger viewers it gives a gift like that he wants more than a piece of her hearty hmm bit of a going down payment huh excuse me in one particular scene Daniel / mrs. Doubtfire confronts his wife’s new beau and launches into a spiel of sex synonyms sink the soap hide the weasel park the porpoise bit of the old Humpty Dumpty little Jack horny the horizontal mambo hmm just a fire a bone dance a Rumple Force Club baloney pop the old cunning linguistics that and the part about her auto-erotic bedroom activities are decidedly not g-rated I hope you have a little competition by banging on she’s got a power tool in the bedroom dear it’s her personal jet camera she could break a sidewalk with that she uses it in the lights Tim it’s like a prison movie if she hasn’t shipped a teeth before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions boom a couple of things I know they’re bound to notice well if those are the teeth and that’s the top then that must be the uvula so it’s a girl house what no it stimulates the gag reflex everyone has a uvula oh I’m okay I’m okay I’m okay it’s okay I’m used to it I lived with a 68 who knows where this Farquaad guy is why do I know where he is number one spit or swallow ratatouille that’s a tui it’s like a stew right why do they call it that this rodent based Pixar film tells the tale of a rat who loves cooking you are better than that you are a cook he loves it so much that he teams up with a human and uses the bigger mammals body to create mind-blowing one-of-a-kind recipes he’s the cook the real cook he’s been hiding under my tote he’s been controlling my actions the partnership works out so well that their food attracts the attention of a notorious food critic with exceedingly high standards your Anton eco your slow for someone in the fast lane Anton ego standards are so high in fact that he doesn’t even like to keep the food in his mouth if he’s not satisfied and you’re thin for someone who likes food all of this sounds innocent enough maybe I don’t like food I love it but we know what you’re thinking and we know what the writers were thinking too if I don’t love it I don’t swallow do you agree with our list what do you think is the best kids movie innuendo whose velocity are two three seven oh that’s just a dinosaur toy down street that’s nothing let me just take care of that just a dinosaur for more entertaining top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to oh love that new bull smell you

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