Top 10 Movies That Will Make You Paranoid

Top 10 Movies That Will Make You Paranoid

who’s there what do you want so I to disturb you I’m staying next door welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 movies that will make you paranoid hi Maggie for this list we’re looking to all genres of film for plot lines that make us suspicious of everything where are my friends however we’re excluding movies that Center on real-life conspiracies alle loose change after September 11th President Bush had and continues to have permission to do and say whatever he wants all under the pretext of 9/11 number 10 Paranormal Activity just starting yeah just uh it’s a little bizarre with a found-footage premise this spooktacular film was designed to inspire what we’re calling TGIF or theater Ghostface you know this after a San Diego couple experiences rumblings and mumblings around their new home you might say their life gets flipped upside down what’s here what are you talking about healing hailey bringing me as if it’s not frightening enough to imagine a ghost lurking around the corner it’s even more disturbing to discover that a loved one has been possessed sorry looks like something bit you Paranormal Activity reminded everybody that ghosts could be waiting to snatch you up and toss you around the room like a rag doll when and where you least expect it want to stay here and sleep this fuck better you dragged down the hall again I don’t think so number 9 hostel this Eli Roth horror flick instantly canceled euro trip plans for the would-be American adventurers of the world as did take in three years later if you’re looking for ransom I can tell you I don’t have money but what I do have are a very particular set of skills life was great for college buddies Paxton and Josh but their sexytime adventures came to a halt once a crazy Dutchman approached them for business I always wanted to be a surgeon remember mojo holics be cautious of kind people across the world because they just might ultimately drill holes in your chest and break your heart this could very well be one of the painful realities of hostel life the inevitable torture sessions but have fun while you can number eight a Nightmare on Elm Street to Freddy if you thought pulling an all-nighter to study for exams was stressful it’s nothing compared to the sleepless nights this scarred and clawed serial killer will inspire meet Freddy Krueger the nightmare of a Nightmare on Elm Street who will literally haunt your dreams please stop this is God in Wes Craven’s classic horror film a group of Ohio teens learns to leave on both their clothes and the lights so that Freddy doesn’t ravage their dreams who needs sex ed class when you have mr. Krueger to remind promiscuous teenagers that dreams and sex can be deadly just tell me who did it I’ll go get him baby Fred Krueger did it number 7 funny games gave me this here’s a suggestion if strangers enter your house and disrespect you make sure they leave before the family dog is killed I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing but I don’t want to be a part of it in Mikael hanukkah’s disturbing remake of his own austrian film mom dad and little Georgie attempt to enjoy some family time together but a couple of ominous comedians turn their home into a stand-up special from hell do you think it’s enough you want a real ending right with plausible plot development don’t you we won’t go into detail but let’s just say there are golf clubs and a deadly game of tag involved when all was said and done movie goers learned that vacation preparation means planning for potential intruders especially at Lakeside homes is Tamra here no no you get the one house you’re sure the American couple from The Strangers also learned this the hard way while vacationing at their remote summerhouse is us cuz your home number six buried yes 9-1-1 buried you have to help me have to help me make him breathe huh I’m better covered please help this debbie downer of a film starred Ryan Reynolds inside a dark dark coffin in Iraq from cellphones what’s up Oliver you’re calling me from your CalPERS yes that’s right the American truck driver couldn’t be buried alive domestically it had to be in the Middle East can’t breathe in here armed with only a flashlight lighter a flask thank God a pen a phone and glorious glow sticks Paul Conroy must either decide to get drunk and call it a life or find his way out of the darkness good about me can you chop my sausage we’re having a lot of trouble with youth hmm what do you do watch the latest WatchMojo clip and then make a phone call so many options just don’t ever leave home or you could be buried alive I’m a civilian truck driver for Creston Roland and Thomas and I’ve been taken hostage somewhere in Iraq number five the conversation for our session released during the Watergate scandal but not in response to the Watergate scandal the conversation chronicled the devastatingly boring lifestyle of a surveillance expert and the San Francisco couple he’s been creeping on killers he got a chance Harry caul likes jazz but doesn’t like human contact he’ll listen to your conversation but will sweat profusely if his ethics are questioned well I’m getting fed up uh did we mention this film wasn’t in response to Watergate even though director Francis Ford Coppola swore that 1966 is blow up inspired the film shouldn’t you call the play that’s the body he believed audiences felt the subject matter was too similar to the presidential scandal to ignore sometimes while Coppola ended up losing the Best Picture Oscar for this film that year to himself the conversations legacy is secure because Harry calls paranoia rubbed off on all of us hello we know that you know mr. Cole for your own sake don’t get involved any further number four final destination you know I’ve never dealt with death before this could all be in our head it’s been said that no one gets out of life alive and in final destination death reigned supreme after a paranoid traveler envisions his own demise it’s all part of death sadistic design leading to the gray one by one his unsuspecting friends are picked off by the big D and it all began with a field trip to Paris sidenote in the movies nothing good happens when high school kids travel to Paris so why even bother Dyanne your they would have died yes just final destination led travelers to question their own decision-making and notice all the small things that could potentially make life miserable the lesson school culture and travel are bad bad things number three The Truman Show good morning morning good morning oh hey Truman Burbank did we mention that your entire life is a sham in Peter Weir’s The Truman Show Jim Carrey stars as the unsuspecting title character who enjoys life on a Los Angeles soundstage shoe minute where they want listen to me everybody everybody knows everything you do he was born into the figurative hands of a corporation which broadcasts his entire life repeat his entire life to all of earth everything all right keep that in mind mojo holics as a film that preceded the outstanding cultural gems that are reality TV shows The Truman Show made viewers check for cameras at home and question their entire existence hell does this have to do anything tell me what’s happening maybe we’re all living on a grand stage number two contagion approximately one in 12 people on the planet will contract the disease here’s a film that’ll make you think you’re allergic to everything and possibly inspire a life of seclusion so we have a novel virus with a mortality rate in the low 20s no treatment protocol and no vaccine at this time it all started with a Minnesota woman and her voracious sexual appetite as Gwyneth Paltrow’s character enjoyed more than just a little Hong Kong during a business trip then what was it we don’t always know and some people get a disease and live some get sicker and die what happens the entire world dies or at least all of our favorite movie stars do which is kind of the same thing as of right now no one has found a good way to grow the virus themselves is that because it kills every cell we put it in Steven Soderbergh freaked out the entire world with contagion probably made 70 percent of the population gluten-free don’t ask it’s real contagion is coming then she douses everything in hand sanitizer after I leave I mean she’s overreacting right not really and stop touching your face days before we unveil our top pick here are a few honorable mentions world as it was at the end of the 20th century it exists now only as part of a neural interactive simulation that we call the matrix did you kill your wife Nick I did not kill my wife I am NOT a murderer you know the only thing to do is to walk out of here before it’s too late never see one another again I don’t see anything are you sure they’re cool number one jaws it doesn’t matter where you swim it doesn’t matter what body of water you’re in jaws will swallow you whole well at least that was the general vibe we got from the release of Steven Spielberg’s horrifying film we were all born to skinny-dip but jaws ruined everything by making us afraid of bloodthirsty sharks even those poor bastards in Minnesota thought jaws was roaming their land of a thousand lakes now that’s just a damn shame screw you jaws you’re not real you’re not real right you better need a bigger potion do you agree with our list I think I got it better what’s your favorite movie that’ll make you paranoid drop fuckin dead for more mind-blowing top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to

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  1. never watched any of the final destination more than 15 minutes. I tried it more than 5 times and failed, stop at first 15 minutes of watching.

  2. I was rewatching the final destination movies yesterday, then I went outside to get my mail, and for a split second when my foot slipped on ice I thought that a force was trying to kill me. Promptly switched to Shrek

  3. UUHHHHH… Paranormal Activity ain't scary and didn't make me paranoid, it put me to sleep! A Nightmare On Elm Street actually put me to sleep and Friday the 13th made me wanna go swimming! Final Destination is really one of the movies that makes me paranoid on this list! That on Tony Todd is THE PERFECT actor to play something akin to the grim reaper! And Contagion is the other! When I started coughing after watching this movie I ran to the bathroom freaking out

  4. Final Destination made me VERY paranoid. I went to Florida twice on an airplane. I had never been on a plane in my life before that. After I came back to Canada, I watched Final Destination, not knowing about the plane at the beginning. I have never been on a plane since. I can't watch that part in the plane when it blows up, but I can watch the rest of it without looking away (well, except part of the tub strangle scene…and the dentist part in the second movie.)

  5. Final Destination should definitely be the nr1 since it makes you paranoid about every single thing in your life being a potential cause of death

  6. The movie The Day After from 1983 – this movie fucked me uppppppp as a kid. I was 8 or 9 when I watched it. It’s about the aftermath of nuclear war. I had no idea what nuclear war was at the time. It changed my entire reality. I couldn’t sleep, I would just lay in bed thinking about nuclear war every night until the sun came up. It really did some mental damage lol and I’m not the only one. A lot of people recall seeing it as a child and then being messed up for a while over it

  7. Ever since I watched the Truman show I’ve been so paranoid I hate taking showers or taking a piss cuz I think people are watching me , everything seems so fake I’m cautious with what I say or do I feel like I’m never alone I wish I could unwatch it but not cuz it was a good movie

  8. i thought the number 23 was going to be on here!! i thought the clip from the beginning was from that, certainly didn't seem to look like truman show but meh. I think that's such an underrrated movie!
    but maybe depicting paranoia is different than instilling it?? it still made me very unnerved and i loved it, more than the fucking truman show which i love.
    and anyways i agree i would have put matrix on here somewhere and cut out the horrendous paranormal activity. only pussies are paranoid from that shit. personally i dont get hostel or taken either,but i do have friends who wouldnt go to europe with me back in the day because of those films.

  9. The matrix should be #1 after 20 years people still quote and think they live in a machine made simulation…. And after watching the movie you literally question reality what could be more paranoic?

  10. Final Destination made me so nervous that my dad might add bathtubs when our house were still being built. I was so thankful that we only got showers.

  11. I really hate myself for that I watched Final destination movies as a child and then Teen. I really shouldn't…

  12. Where is Inception? I always thought maybe i am really in a comma or deep sleep and all my life is a dream that i am dreaming!😨😨😨😨

  13. What happened to The Descent?
    I can't even walk by a cave or limestone hole without breaking into a sweat! And I live on an island with a cliff covered in caves and underground wells! Guess who doesn't jump on the 'Explore our Limestone Caves' tour.

  14. How can you be paranoid of Elm Street-flick? Dreams just can´t kill you like this movie. No reason for paranoid.

  15. After i watched unfriended: the dark web i got so fucking scared because i had just got instagram facebook and snatshat😦😦😦

  16. So I have seen Matrix and Paranormal activity so I see the paranoia but funny enough I wasn't paranoid by any of it. I guess I have really been unscathed by horror over the years. My sis actually told me about another movie that could make you paranoid. How about Mirrors? Also a friend of mine mentioned an anime, I don't remember what it was called it may have been a movie but long story short she never looked at an umbrella the same way again

  17. The Strangers.
    Especially when learning the crime that inspired that movie happened in our region of the world 😱
    The Matrix didn't make me feel any paranoia…just on edge, anticipating those glasses to slide off Morpheus' face.
    Jaws is another reason I've only taken showers for over half my life.

  18. Final Destination should have been #1. Perhaps that should go to the second one, which made me afraid to drive home after seeing it. I can't imagine any other movies that made the entire world seem as dangerous. I know Jaws can make one afraid to go into the water. But no one is afraid of being eaten by a shark while they're shopping for groceries.

  19. Until now Final Destination affects me on how I view things around me . Everytime there's a Big truck loaded of Heavy metals / scrap ahead of me I always imagine that I'm NEXT in line that I'm part of Final Destination Hahahaha 😂

  20. In my freshmen year of high school, a Spanish home invasion horror film called "The Uninvited Guest" (2004) made me paranoid for the longest time.

  21. Final Destination, A Nightmare On Elm Street, Jaws, Hostel And The Sixth Sence Are The Great Movies They Should Not Be In This List Nobody Got Paranoid After Watching These Amazing Movies So Shut The Fuck Off You Dirty Bitch

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