Top 10 Movies to Watch While High

Top 10 Movies to Watch While High

some movies are even better when you’re under the influence of a little somethin some misfits are more we’d welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 movies to watch while high for this list we’re choosing films that are even better viewing experiences when you’re high because they’re overly trippy hilarious or just plain fun we’re not necessarily choosing stoner comedy specifically since they would seem too obvious and we already have a list for that instead we’re focusing more on films that aren’t meant to be watched while you’ve used certain substances not that we condone that kind of thing please how can I make you trust me number 10 heavy metal aren’t we fierce gods castrate him while this movie may be animated it is certainly not for children this sci-fi flick serves as an animated anthology of different fantastical stories complete with graphic violence and a great deal of sexuality care for each other we have highly becoming a cult attraction through midnight showings we have no doubt that the audience members had a little help from some chemicals to get through heavy metal as the film is rife with stylish animation and some mind-boggling scenarios [Music] while it is artistic on its own merits being high while viewing it will undoubtedly increase the pleasure tenfold as the scenarios become only that much more fantastical and scary [Music] number nine pineapple Express what’s it called pineapple express hey we didn’t say there would be no stoner comedies on this list and this one definitely deserves its spot you have the easiest job on earth you do smoke weed all day a film about two potheads played by Steph Rogen and James Franco as they go on the run from a drug dealer pineapple Express is ripe with hilarious circumstances and even some intense action sequences what makes viewing this movie better while hi are the interactions between the two co-stars as they get themselves into progressively worse situations I did it on three one one two three go meanwhile the action sequences differentiated from other stoner comedies and they are a welcomed addition to an already amazing movie going experience never ate labyrinth do you know where the Georgia labyrinth is this film directed by Jim Henson who was also behind the Dark Crystal stars David Bowie in the lead role and that’s about all you need to know forget about the baby the plot revolves around a teenager who has to rescue her brother from an otherworldly maze however most of the supporting characters playing alongside Bowie are puppets which adds a freaky and surreal tone to the film just one look at jerath and The Creature Shop characters and you know that you will be in for a trippy time no thank you but I have to solve this labyrinth we can only imagine what fans of this movie were smoking what’s sad is number seven Big Trouble in Little China yeah this 1986 action film sees Kurt Russell helping his friend rescue his fiancee from bandits in Chinatown feel pretty good not scared at all I just feel kind of feel kind of invisible it sounds all well and good until they delve underground and experience a mysterious world filled with magic and sorcery experiencing this movie hi would be like you’re actually visiting another world with the characters one in which everything goes from normal to surreal and becomes very confusing and very trippy at the same time don’t tell me receiving mixed reviews the action flick like many others on this list has since gained a strong cult following number six The Matrix I don’t come food showing when released in 1999 this movie revolutionized Hollywood with a stylistic direction and action scenes set in a world where machines use humans as battery power the freed humans are able to manipulate the matrix and defy the laws of reality leading to some intense and fantastical sequences including ones in which people are able to dodge bullets and run on walls [Music] watching this high would not only make you appreciate those action sequences so much more but as the nature of the plot itself leads to some very interesting discussions about life meaning and philosophy you’d probably be even more inclined to explore these big questions you take the blue pill the story ends you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe number five Alice in Wonderland well my name is Alice and I’m following a bike that it’s this 1951 Disney film is a classic among drug users as the animated adventure follows heroine Alice as she falls down a rabbit hole and enters another world [Music] filled with some very trippy moments courtesy of the fantastical nature of the story and it’s characters the fantasy comedy is likely very popular among LSD users especially as it’s bound to provide an experience like no other while most Disney films could be fun to watch hi this one simply towers above the rest and it’s easy to see why executive well it’s precisely number four Team America world police in this Matt Stone and Trey Parker movie an American anti-terrorism unit tries to protect the world from Kim Jong Il’s terrorism plot congratulations team America you have stop and the entire movie is played out with puppets super marionettes to be exact [Music] what makes this satirical action comedy amazing while high is a combination of the wacky humor the biting satire and the act of watching puppets use rocket launchers have sex and just generally move around awkwardly [Music] it’s a hilarious movie made even more hilarious by certain substances and by watching the situation these marionettes get into terrorize this number three Dazed and Confused you got a joint it’d be a lot cooler if you did this coming-of-age comedy starring now big-name actors revolves around a group of high school students on the last day of school like pineapple express what makes this movie better hi is simply that you can be high with the characters as they smoke with hilarious and often touching results you’ve got to keep living man Li VI n even just seeing these famous actors during their younger days may be enough to trip you out George Toth we absolutely George don’t we do you kidding me man while not necessarily made for stoners Dazed and Confused is a high school movie about smoking weed and really who doesn’t remember those days that’s what I love about these high school girls man I get older they stay the same a number two The Big Lebowski nobody calls me Lebowski you got the wrong man this Coen Brothers classic about a STONER who gets caught up in a criminal underworld after asking for compensation for his peed on rug is also a classic in stoner culture their rock really tied the room together did it not the dude is such a classic stoner character so of course being high will make you love and appreciate him that much more my career’s slowed down a little lately what do you do the recreation usual drive around the funny scenes also become even more hilarious and the drugged-out sequence adds just the right amount of trippy alongside the hilarity to make this crime comedy a great time [Music] before we light up our top pick here are some honorable mentions we had two bags of grass 75 pellets of mescaline five sheets of high-powered blotter acid a salt shaker half full of cocaine a whole galaxy of multicolored uppers downers screamers lappers I hope I don’t kick the bucket very finish all of my most secret inventions are cooking and simmering in here old slugworth would give us false teeth to get inside for just 5 minutes 1 2001 a Space Odyssey [Music] what better movie to watch hi than Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece when humanity finds an artificial object in space they set out on a quest to see what it is as Kubrick is a master of visual storytelling this film is a real treat to watch when stoned simply due to its vibrant and surreal visuals [Music] the space setting definitely helps add to the surreal aspect and the questions 2001 leaves you with will have you pondering what it all means for a long time well I’m sure you’re right now even after the high wears off do you agree with our list you nuts it’s okay Charlie I got an angle what movies do you think are the best when viewed high I know I’ve been good for more trippy top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to you people sit tight all the floor it and keep the home fires burning and if we’re not back by Dawn call the president [Music]

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  1. I HIGHly recommend watching "Nightmare on Elm Street" stoned. I did this when it was released. Complete trip!!!!!

  2. 1, the cat in the hat 2, beetlejuice 3, zootopia 4,Paul 5, ted 6, sausage party 7, guardians of the galaxy franchise 8, the lego batman movie 9 darkshashadows 10, Escalade from planetearth

  3. Watch Mojo is awesome to watch when you're high lol. For real though my top 10 would look like this.
    10. Wizard of Oz
    9. Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
    8. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    7. Pink Floyd The Wall
    6. Labyrinth
    5. Alice in Wonderland
    4. Dazed and Confused
    3. Airplane 1 and 2
    2. Blazzing Saddles
    1. Fear and Loathing in Vegas

  4. The objective #1 is Lebowski. No points, opinions, or arguments to be made. 2001 is cool. But its The Big Lebowski. Gg

  5. Labyrinth would be fucking terrifying on LSD also I can barely follow the plot regularly if I was stoned I’d be shit out of luck

  6. Best movies while high

    1.American Psycho
    2.Dazed and Confused
    4.Beavis and Butthead do America
    5.The Truman Show
    6.Scott Pilgram vs the world
    7.Employee of the month
    8.Montage of heck
    9.The Blair’s Witch project
    10. (Not a movie but any episode of adventure time)

  7. 1,beetlejuice 2, the iron giant 3, zootopia 4. The cat in the hat 5, Godzilla 2000 6, guardians of the galaxy 1&2 7,Paul 8, the shining 9, venom 10 , ted

  8. I've seen all in your list and all of these on acid: A Clockwork Orange, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, everything by Cheech and Chong, The Dark Crystal, Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, A Scanner Darkly, Evil Dead & Evil Dead 2 & Army of Darkness, Pumpkinhead, Real Men, Total Recall, The Howling, Avatar, and so many more!

  9. I was clicking thinking it was gonna be movies to watch while baked…. All the people down in the comments talking about how they watched this and that while on acid and other hard drugs like that…. I must have hit this blunt too hard and ended up at the wrong video. I'm out

  10. I recently watched nerve while I was on 200ug of lsd and it was amazing. I was interested in it when it first came out from the plot and the flashy colors but never got around to watching it. Watched it 2 weeks ago and realized it was kind of a chic flick but even tho I’m a 19 yo male and straight I kept watching and it’s probably one of the best movies I’ve seen tripping, forsure on my top 3 list when I had low expectations and I honestly really enjoyed the soundtrack and the story was great, definitely worth watching on a trippy night.

  11. I watched live in wonderland a. Pure child nd nothing nobody can say or do will change that because God is stillness in my heart

  12. Watch Mojo, either update your list from the 1970’s or get high for best results.
    1. Matrix
    2. Avatar
    3. Tron:Legacy

  13. Me and a mate watched white men cant jump whilst off our heads… to make matters more interesting we were the only two in the cinema at the time so we rolled a couple of fattys mid movie.. can’t remember the ending funnily enough…

  14. Everyone claims to get smoked but nobody passed it to me yet puff puff pass people start since now see how far it passes 505 represent ur code

  15. You should have listed
    Animation movie: "Fantastic Planet"
    If extraterrestrials landed in Hollywood and decided to produce a movie it would be fair to say it would come out like FP.
    It has a very strange feel about it.
    It should have been in the top 5
    as far as I'm concerned.

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