Top 10 Movies Way Too Upsetting to Watch Twice

Top 10 Movies Way Too Upsetting to Watch Twice

there shouldn’t be a second time around for these films you will strike her until her flesh is blend and meat and blood flow we call our kill every turn my side welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 movies to upsetting to watch twice for this list we’re choosing emotionally upsetting films based on their plot points and not because they’re horrible productions or completely gory that means you The Human Centipede and because we may be discussing the final outcomes of some of these flicks a spoiler alert is probably in order watch number 10 The Passion of the Christ Veronica where shamone arrival by ich dich aroun labarda wig epic in nature and devastatingly depressing Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ looks at the final hours of Jesus Christ’s life and the relentless violence he endured never fear cut luck how few God viewers may want to drink a couple of extra glasses of wine before first viewing but watch what you eat because it may just rise again no no they come cuz sonic say louvre lair this is a film you prepare for process and never ever watch again that came pretty bad number 9 Brokeback Mountain Jack twist damage your folks you stop at Ennis no more gay cowboys heartbreak 10-gallon hats are you not entertained moviegoers filled theaters to watch Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger fall in love but 134 minutes later they left speechless or in tears sometimes both we heard I had a good life together real good life how does a place of our own but you in water Danis so what we got now is Brokeback now the line I wish I knew how to quit you has often been parodied over the years but who can forget the raw emotion of the original screen delivery I wish I knew how to quit you Oh Brokeback many did quit you because we didn’t want to go through that all over again don’t leave number 8 the missed visit daddy missed this film inspired numerous facepalms and maybe even a few bathroom accidents based on Stephen King’s 1980 novella the mist features you guessed it a horrific mist along with monsters that don’t necessarily arrive in town for a cold beer with the locals nobody told you got that kid killed nice get blood on me as tensions increase a supermarket offers protection for David Drayton his son Billy and although the mist is darker than your typical horror film the final moments are simply depressing I say we drive south as far as a fuel takes us I try to get clear as mist you are a sick person if you want to watch this film again sick number seven dancer in the dark kun point an Icelandic singer an electronic music legend and the infamous director Lars von Trier this musical drama sings quite a somber tune that is unless you find dark stories of immigrant persecution a happy subject björk won best actress at the cannes film festival for her performance as a Czech woman with a secret and her inherently haunting yet beautiful voice takes on a whole new meaning by the film’s heartbreaking finale and scares um Keaton’s pick your poison went searching Lars von Trier’s filmography chances are you’ll be crying uncontrollably by the end number six The Green Mile take my hand boss you see for yourself has there ever been a happy movie about death row director Frank Darabont makes his second appearance on our list with a movie about a prison guards painful past and the ubiquitous grief that never leaves don’t poop get told through flashbacks Paul Edgecombe were counts his experiences with a giant prisoner named John Coffey and his ability to heal or take away these lots of folks here ate me that’s during the final minutes of The Green Mile audiences were crying buckets full of tears and contemplating what it might be like to be a wrinkly old person filled with regret I was voted for the year that John Coffey walked the green man such a heartwarming story but such a sad one number five a devil sibling don’t need to be too told in 13 scenes shown in reverse chronological order gasps bowel noise film produced some of the most disturbing images ever seen in mainstream cinema but hey it stars Monica Bellucci and vincent cassell so it can’t be entirely depressing right well not exactly I want a superlative mix everything I see if only pollen misha puppy every database page AZ roger ebert once called this film quote a movie so violent and cruel that most people will find it unwatchable a couple of guys set off for revenge after Belushi’s character is raped and well somebody definitely pays the price it’s not hard to miss miss collector Co EE our tax proposals is nothing if a bill SIB cannot be unwatched nor should it ever be watched a second time number four Blue Valentine my experience the prettier girl is that she is hey girl how would you like to watch my 100 12-minute film that will make you choose to stay single which makes you an insane Valley Betty Cooper crazy featuring two of today’s finest actors Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams Blue Valentine chronicles a couple’s downward spiral into booze and aggressive facial hair this is the dream while the romantic drama does include some light-hearted scenes and improvisation from the actors the film as a whole will make any happy couple reconsider the future you can call me sue sue out of love with you I’ve got nothing left for you nothing nothing it’s a Blue Valentine after all a reminder of how brutal people can be you know I give you this ring as a symbol it’s a symbol of my solemn vow of my songs at number three requiem for a dream you all right kamme hush – bad dream somebody cue the sad trombone because this film includes nothing but despair when did you start taking the pills some in fact the characters in requiem for a dream somehow managed to find themselves somewhere akin to Bob Dylan’s desolation row as they experienced a slow descent into drug addiction psychosis and prostitution I won’t be running streets my whole life and my sneakers all ripped up my nose running down to my chin Darren Aronofsky’s film about these struggling Brooklynites will make you reconsider those minor outbursts of daily life I don’t think we’ll be putting anyone’s open that it’s intense bleak and unforgettable but we wouldn’t say rewatchable one number two twelve years a slave may we trouble you for a moment of your time to converse sir given the title one should not expect Steve McQueen’s period drama to be a jazzy production or screwball comedy I will not fall into despair I will offer up my talents to master Ford I will keep myself on it till sweetums opportu based on the memoir of Solomon Northup the heartbreaking 12 years of slave tells the story of his journey through slave markets and features extended scenes of torture Oh ex hand my life although its message comes across painfully clear and allows viewers to reflect on America’s dark history the worst scenes will cause some to check out mentally and physically 12 years a slave is a powerful film that is also sure to make people cry in public before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions there is another who has the joy of having a live rat sewed up in her vagina yes nine-one-one buried you have to help me have to help me him breathe yeah I’m buried in a coffin please help like I think it’s slowly opening up now people’s minds like educating in and AIDS and um what see you you’re my angel all right here just like women needs to be left alone sometimes that’s why I tell hustle I hear listen cousin all the time leave me alone and she won’t get it for me is there something the matter with you number one Schindler’s List showcasing innocent people in danger of being systematically taken out in the world Schindler’s List is an essential piece of cinema and a harrowing account of World War two much like the equally sorrowful World War Two flick the pianist Steven Spielberg’s film highlights the efforts of Oskar Schindler who saved the lives of over 1,000 Jews by giving them jobs at his factory I hear your name goes Annalise insecure drugs and that’s not true Schindler’s List is sad and difficult to watch but it’s most certainly based on real events by the historical dramas end most viewers will simply choose to move on and learn from the experience do you agree with our list what movie do you think is way too upsetting to watch twice for more mind-blowing top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to i’m not contradicting you but may we re-examine one asset i noted that seemed to me to look especially pleasing

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  1. I could watch Schindlers list over and over and over like I have at least a dozen or so times what the hell are they thinking

  2. I remember crying so fucking much when I saw 12 years a slave. I was 12 years old and I was home alone, so it made me feel better.

  3. This movie is still very New …. But the movie MOTHER is now a classic in my mind an i seen it twice. First time watching I Stopped the movie right twords the end cause i Knew when Him character looked at the baby, i just knew the movie would show something bad happening to that baby. I rented it a second time An finished it an i was noxious
    and shaking. I had a infant too so the film just hit me harder.


  5. I legit can only watch Requiem for a dream once every +-7 years because it upsets me so much, and I feel sick after I do watch it. But it’s good

  6. "Last Exit Brooklyn" is pretty bleak and hard to watch. Hubert Selby is the author and also wrote "Requiem for a Dream".

  7. I'm surprised that no one has brought up Million Dollar Baby! My husband came in from our yard right after I had finished watching it, and I was such a sobbing mess that he thought something terrible had happened to me!

  8. You need to add Downloading Nancy to this list. Not a well known film, but worth watching, although hard to watch at times.

  9. 10) The passion of the christ
    9) Brokeback mountain
    8) The mist
    7) Dancer in the dark
    6) The green mile
    5) irreversible
    4) Blue valentine
    3) Requim for a dream
    2) 12 years a slave
    1) schindler's list

  10. My top never watch again pic is A Woman Under the Influence. A 1974 John Cassavetes flick about a woman with a mental illness and how it affects her marriage. Watched it for a film class, left disturbed. Can’t remember exactly why but I was so freaked out I can’t bring myself to watch it again.

  11. I haven't seen 3 of these, but many of these I don't agree with. schindlers list I get, requiem for a dream is probably the most depressing movie I've ever seen, especially for a (recovered) heroin addict like myself who could just feel the pain suffering, especially in the end when the two guys were in jail/the hospital, and curling up in the fetal position, almost as if in an attempt to comfort themselves, or escape/concentrate the pain.)
    for example, I wouldn't agree with the green mile, or even twelve years a slave(not because they arent sad/hard to watch, but because their not as bad compared to other films.) I suppose I can understand passion of the Christ, but to I guess I almost consider that not even a real movie. it just seems gratuitous with its violence(I'm also not a Christian, so an emotional connection to the character just isn't there like it is for many Christians who watch the movie, as if they are literally watching their savior being tortured.)

  12. i watched this whole thing thinking "The Cell" would be on the list. im so disappointed, lol and now ive watched clips of thing i dont wanna know about ahaha awwwwww

  13. Threads (though i have watched it countless times); Cannibal Holocaust; a Serbian film; the Road; (possibly) The Day After…really suprised those didn't even get mentioned.

  14. 12 years a slave was a bad movie because it was politically motivated for charging tax to white people etc. dirty government playing with people's emotions!! Not upsetting but Disgusting!

  15. My stepdaughter was completely traumatized by The Human Centipede (she saw it at a friend’s house). She still can’t see or hear anything about the movie (even the name) without being completely freaked out.

  16. Noé's Irreversible, as well as Enter the Void and his other movies, will attack your soul not only with the graphic violence missiles, but they also will leave your brain self-imploded, heart ripped out and torn down. Your hope is going to be chewed up and spat out. If you started "enjoying" those in a sitting position, you surely will end up being soaked up into a floor..

  17. Verizon ad is playing right now before the video starts. I should stop now while I can but I'm really going to watch this because I'm a dumbass. 🤣

  18. 2 fucking adverts. Are you taking the fucking piss youtube. Fucking bunch of fucking walkers.

  19. What Dreams May Come (Robin Williams) and The Virgin Suicides. I don't think I could watch either one again. Very depressing

  20. Come and See is the most brutally upsetting film I've ever seen, upsetting and traumatic in fact, much more so than anything else on the list, much more than even Schindlers list

  21. I'm suprised that you guys didn't have the movie Moonlight from 2016 on this list.
    I cried through about 3 quarters of the movie and a good solid hour leading to 3 am after the movie finished.

  22. I disagree on The Green Mile, 12 years a Slave and Schindler’s List. The last two are historically important real stories that deserve to be known by everyone. And Green Mile is just a good film that makes you rethink people.

  23. God the mist…………. its such an incredible film but i dont know if i hate myself enough to put me through that again

  24. Your list suck. And your French accent as well.
    You should've included "eye origin".. Can't watch that scene with the elevator again.

  25. Schindler's list is very sad and disturbing but it's an amazing piece of art too good not to watch more than once. It's tastefully done, no torture porn no shock factor scenes.

  26. What the hell is this retarded hype over Requiem for a Dream?! It's just a movie about stupid drug addicts. Unworthy of any sane person's time.

  27. You missed Jude. That movie was disturbing as hell and the ending made me cry for over an hour. I warn people to never watch it…

  28. Anyone else don’t agree with this list? Only one movie they got correct was Human Centipede because that is just sick

  29. How is A Serbian not on this list?? Not even an honorable mention? Will never forget watching it and could never watch it again.

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