Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

Top 10 Movies You Shouldn’t Watch Alone

hi Georgie aren’t you gonna say hello these are the flicks that make our hearts race and make us wish we had company welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 movies you shouldn’t watch alone for this list we’re highlighting frightening horror movies and a few films from other genres that are simply too disturbing to watch by yourself number 10 The Strangers there are few things more terrifying than masked intruders because they usually arrive with some type of sharp object and they always mean business no sure in this horror flick Scott Speedman and Liv Tyler star as two lovers on the road to a romantic getaway in bryan bertino film but things get ugly after a failed proposal oh and when strangers appear with masks on their heads creepy sounds cryptic messages and a trio of psychos ready to slice and dice the surprised couple are just a few of the elements that make this a terrifying rental choice [Music] [Applause] just try watching it alone you’ll spend more time watching the window because here at home number nine the conjuring well very powerful demonic has latched itself onto her you know that you probably picked the wrong home to move into when your dog mysteriously dies during your first few days and spirits begin to express a desire to end you well we’ve been called demonologists it’s one name for us Ghost Hunters paranormal researchers folks such was the case in the conjuring where Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga star as real-life ghost investigators attempting to stop an entity from committing bloody murder we are beyond terrified we don’t know what’s going on or what to do can you help us yes we can you know the drill exorcisms horrible screams slow insanity but James Juan’s film offered much more than the usual genre shenanigans it made people paranoid and afraid of being slaughtered by a smiling yet torn up doll named Annabelle number eight paranormal activity so so this is call it a Hawking has happened to you before moving into this house yes this found-footage flick made audiences wet their pants and Blaine loved ones for spilling soda in the theater it seems to me that that’s what we’re dealing with something that’s basically connected to you when Katy and Mika move into a new San Diego pad a collection of odd events inspire them to set up cameras you stop following me with the camera solve the problem well katie stares at her sleeping husband for two hours and later gets pulled out of the room [Music] to make matters worse the demon gets all kinky and starts biting for Katy sorry looks like something bit you what happens next will shock you and it does involve blood we talk about grown men may have acted tough during screenings but they gently clutched their pillows before going to bed later on number seven alien ash can you see this yes I can aliens aren’t real right right that was the question posed by terrified moviegoers to their loved ones in 1979 everybody loves a swell sci-fi story and Ridley Scott’s alien is one of the best while a space crew makes their way home something odd transpires meaning a rather motivated alien begins killing people you thought the laws of science might ruin the day did you nope it was a seven-foot extraterrestrial monster with a thirst for human blood even though the human race hasn’t actually made contact with aliens that we know of movie goers still checked under the bed for a beast waiting to destroy them after they finished watching this flick well let’s talk about killing it we know it’s using the air shafts will you listen to me partner number six funny games it’s all fun and games until someone starts breaking eggs and kills the family dog fuzzy in me Kyle kanakas original 1997 film a wealthy Austrian family goes on vacation only to be interrupted by too enthusiastic guests that’s when the shit hits the fan the intruders challenge the horrified family to a game of life and death and it doesn’t go so well for Papa George Young Georgie and Mama Anna do you think it’s enough I mean you want a real ending right with plausible plot development don’t you as you might expect hanukkah’s 2007 shot-for-shot American remake was equally dark and made people rethink their morning breakfast I don’t want to be a part of it number 5 wreck it all started when little Jennifer hurls all over her mother [Applause] this real-time Barcelona shot horror hit theaters in 2007 and featured a most unusual night shift for a TV reporter and her cameraman as the sickness takes hold of the community another shocking truth is revealed and well it’s not a good one the brutal realism was so terrifying that grown men chose romantic comedies in place of this Spanish nightmare nobody wants to be snatched up and taken to hell at least it’s not on our bucket list number four The Grudge seems that the son killed his wife and then himself based on the 2002 Japanese film Jew owned this Sam Raimi produced flick reminded everybody that a horrific death filled with rage or sorrow does not signify the end death becomes a part of that place kid in everything it touches with a nonlinear plot The Grudge chronicles numerous stories of turbulent deaths and the cycle of horror that ensues sarah michelle gellar stars as an American exchange student who comes face to face with the seemingly unfaithful departed the woman who was murdered in that house three years ago knew this man he committed suicide the morning after she died the concept of the grudge is inherently shocking but the visuals are simply on another level watch this movie alone and you will regret it because you’ll accidentally claw up your own couch [Applause] number three the ring forwards samara and the television this remake of a 1998 Japanese film left an imprint on all who watched as the very premise highlighted the horror that comes from watching a mysterious video of Redrum Naomi Watts stars as a protective mother who attempts to break the cycle of death by solving a murder case and thus saving everybody from lonely VHS deaths but I do I’m sorry it won’t stop the ring was the first of several Japanese adaptations in modern times and was responsible for inspiring lonely moviegoers to call their best friends to whisper seven days into the phone thus ruining their Friday night plans who watches the ring alone hey you got a yeah don’t do that mojo ha let’s just don’t number two the Blair Witch Project have you ever heard of the Blair Witch as one of the most successful indie films of all time and a defining film of the found-footage genre The Blair Witch Project was a national mystery upon release after immediately acknowledging the disappearance of three students the filmmakers spun a dramatic tale of a Maryland witch and a brilliant internet marketing campaign led audiences to believe the film was a genuine documentary the frightening ending has since become iconic and made us believe that anything is possible when it comes to the supernatural before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions number one The Exorcist tell me if you feel a vibration it’s the ultimate horror film that has it all you’re gonna die up there accomplished director yep legendary actor yep absolutely terrifying imagery does a spinning demon-possessed head qualify with a historical back story of religion and archaeology it wasn’t difficult to embrace the story of an aging priest out to defeat an old supernatural enemy stick your cock up her ass you mother King worthless The Exorcist wasn’t just unbelievably scary it was also nominated for 10 Academy Awards thus proving the power of efficient filmmaking your mother sucks cocks in hell it’s truly an event to watch The Exorcist especially with those who are easily scared do you agree with our list what’s your favorite movie you shouldn’t watch alone for more mind-blowing top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [Music] [Music]

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  2. Me: * watches Toy Story three *
    Also me: * hides under blanket in the Incinerator scene *
    Me, again: * watches The Conjurung *
    Me, once more: * sneaks into Moms room to sleep there while shes asleep, and keeps the lights on *

  3. I watched Strangers alone. That was tough. I watched The Conjuring and Conjuring 2 alone as well. I really enjoyed them. Still haven’t watched Annabelle. Porcelain dolls give me the creeps.

  4. Okay I would watch any movie alone. Although I have trouble watching insidious 1. With the way the plot keeps building, and the strength of the demon. Ffs I don’t want to fall asleep. Even though it’s impossible the fiction makes this more terrifying than most, especially when it comes to combing horror suspense and mystery.. mostly horror!

  5. I've watched the conjuring, before alone…

    I can no longer sleep without a blankie completely covering my feet🤣

  6. I've watched
    The conjuring
    Paranormal activity
    The grudge
    Even watched chucky…

    I was 10 years old and now scarred for life

  7. well its a good thing chucky and annabelle are coming over, wont have to watch these alone no more

  8. 1:59 That is BS , The Conjuring isn't scary, I think it is the perfect horror film to have fun . Insidious is far scarier .

  9. tbh I would rather watch these movies alone, I hate it when people talk during a movie, it's very distracting.

  10. I've watched all these alone horror movies just don't scare me like they used too and it sucks =/ cause I love horror movies.

  11. I have watched more than 30 horror movies alone in the night to kill time.Idk if I am feelingless or you're stupid af.

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  13. IT 2017 chp 1 MA 2019 IT 2019 chp 2 crawl 2019 Annabelle come's home 2019 are some you shouldn't watch alone

  14. There are two stranger movies.
    The conjuring is connected to Annabel and the nun

  15. Me: sees 10 videos you shouldn't watch alone
    Me: sees Annabelle
    Me: hmmmm
    Me: fudge life

  16. where there is an alien or a person killing one anther its not a flipin horror its a thriller facts also you talk about grown men being scared and people watching under their beds, i watched most of these alone in the dark because i love horrors it has me bursting with adrenaline yes but not enough to let me check under my bed like a sissy

  17. Funny thing is I was planning on watching IT with Tim Curry. But after that last scene I may rethink my choice. Nah I am still gonna watch it cuz I want to see the newer version with a fresh look based on the original. Plus I ain't scared of clowns

  18. The nun and the conjuring got me little terrified for a moment…And exorcist was not more than a comedy movie for me..😂 those dialogues😂😂

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