Top 10 Pokémon Battles From The Animated Show

Top 10 Pokémon Battles From The Animated Show

[Music] choose your team and get your game face on because it’s time for a Pokemon battle begin welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Pokemon battles from the animated show for this list we’ve chosen the most action-packed and fan pleasing Pokemon battles that Ashe and company have taken part in over the course of the long-running series [Music] as you may have guessed battles from the actual games won’t be included in the list and there will be a few spoilers here and there so alert number 10 Ashe versus Brandon what’s worse than facing a gym leader a gym leader who’s packin Legendary’s I see Joe facing off against the last of the frontier brains Ashe took on Brandon in a four versus four Pokemon battle what was great about this fight is not only did Ashley squirtle and Bulbasaur make a reappearance they both took down top opponents despite both taking a heavy beating stage is finally set now regice focused punch yet the climax of the battle was when Pikachu took on one of the legendary golems regice that yellow Mouse sure has come far rejoice hi sis unable to battle number nine Charizard vs. from YouTube this is easy you’re all I’ve got left to count on taking a quick break from ash we turn our attention to the pokemons origin special that tipped the hat to fans the game’s this floor is where we honor and record the valiant efforts of the Pokemon League champions and their Pokemon in this four-part series we follow red as he travels around the region of Kanto earning badges and catching pretty much every Pokemon he comes across you know that thing ash was meant to be doing but this series wasn’t just a nostalgia trip it had its fair share of kick-ass fights and what’s more kick-ass that chars are taken on YouTube with fast paced action beautiful visuals and a mega evolution to boot for fans to get pumped for Pokemon X&Y this is a must watch fight for Pokemon fans everywhere number eight Ashe versus Jeanette yeah Jeanette she should win the good old days of the Indigo be back when a Bellsprout could actually kick ass as he makes his way towards the final Ash’s Bulbasaur almost makes a clean sweep of Jeanette’s bug Pokemon until an unexpected final choice turns the battle around I don’t think any of us were expecting Pikachu to be defeated especially by a Bellsprout of course ash manages to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in a somewhat hilarious twist well that’s a nasty way to go that muck can really smother you with affection number seven Charizard vs. Articuno it’s really beautiful back to the battle frontier as well as the return of the old favorite just as I expected Charizard the match even burn Articuno careful don’t count your victory just yet fans had gone quite a while without seeing ash’s charizard but their patience was rewarded when he came back for a solo battle against the one and only Articuno despite having the type advantage the fearsome dragon quickly realized that Articuno isn’t a legendary pokemon for nothing yet he still manages to snag a win for his trainer despite the odds number 6 the fern eight versus electivire Alexa fire stand by for fat [Music] during his journey through the Pokemon regions of diamond and pearls I found a new rival in the pragmatic yet cynical Paul power these two battled on multiple occasions ultimately leading up to their final bout in the quarterfinals of the sino championships [Music] as you’d expect it leads up to last pokemon standing between paul’s electivire and ash’s in Fernie Reggie once called them two sides of the same coin mirrors of thunder they may have the same goals but they’ve always taken different paths three filled with flames and Thunderbolts it’s an intense match that pushes both Pokemon trainers to their limits [Music] number five Charizard versus Blaziken strong yes a battle like this one could only take place between two very high-level Pokemon oh yeah expect Charizard to be showing up a lot here right back with Blanco after finding his way into another championship ash ended up taking on an opponent who had a few tricks up his sleeve namely in the form of Blaziken Blaziken is unable to battle good sure that might not mean much nowadays but when this episode premiered this was the first time fans of the show hit Cena Blaziken and it did not fail to impress right on [Music] when you managed to bring down ash’s charizard with fire type moves alone it’s worthy of recognition and it also showed that the Hoenn region had some damn strong pokemon waiting to be discovered Charizard is unable to battle and Blaziken wins number 4 ash vs. Drake don’t you just love it when the underdog comes out on top after battling his way through the various orange islands ash goes head-to-head against Drake a champion with six powerful Pokemon of his own there are a lot of highlights here Lapras versus Gengar Taurus vs van Yasur but the highlight of the battle has to go to pikachu versus Dragonite [Music] amazing how one little mouse can bring down a dragon but then again most mice can’t bring the Thunder like Pikachu can [Music] number three Charizard versus magmar [Music] nothing beats the classics battling for his penultimate gym badge ash found himself in hot water went up against the riddle spouting Blaine and his magmar after nearly barbecuing Pikachu his last hope came in the form of chars arm who by this stage was still something of a rebellious douche [Music] that changed when he found magmar to be a worthy opponent or at least another Pokemon he wanted to take down maybe his Charizard saw how strong Magpies he wants to test its strength as you can imagine the fight is intense and filled to the brim with flames it also showed why Charizard is such a badass I mean do you know any other Pokemon that can catch a fire blast [Music] number two Pikachu versus we all know that Pikachu is a powerhouse in a pint-sized body but back in the first season that wasn’t always the case though it right you give it the body swim while trying to earn another gym badge our favorite electric Mouse gets the Thunder kicked out of him by his evolutionary counterpart Raichu it was the big finale right Jo it’s then the ash has to make a tough decision on whether to forcefully evolve Pikachu to make him a match for Raichu or find another way to win Raichu needless to say ash chooses the ladder and with balls is Rocky Balboa the Pokemon version before we choose you our number one pick here are a few honorable mentions [Music] you stick down number one Ashe versus Derry Charizard versus Blastoise good morning two talented trainers two fully evolved Pokemon and one childhood rivalry leading up to one epic Pokemon battle that was four years in the making that’d be the same squirtle that Gary originally received from Professor Oak yeah that’s the one our top pick goes to the final confrontation between ash and Gary the two trainers from Pallet Town now find themselves battling at the silver conference [Music] their rivalry comes full circle as the to show just how far they’ve come since the first episode and fans are treated to a whole host of intense battles the pinnacle of course being Charizard vs. Blastoise [Music] again ranma’s been through the strong defense this time again chars are painful yet despite Charizard having the type disadvantage the burning lizard still proves why he’s the king do you agree with our list what’s your favorite animated Pokemon battle for more of your favorite top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to it’s hard but it’s not impossible [Music]

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  1. Anybody know how many episodes include ash, a few years ago I binged them till like 150 then I kinda stopped, just wondering

  2. I agree with the list, but I would’ve also included May vs Drew in the Kanto Grand Festival, that’s one of my fav battles of all time ❤️

  3. 21 million subs? Yet you don't know sh*t, you said reds battle against mewtwo was charizard for 1, that's not from the series that's a movie and for 2, charizard don't no damage so it isn't charizard it was mega charizard X and for 2 you can't even f*cking saying Articuno without f**king the name up its Articuno not Articcuno.

  4. ¿Soy yo al único que ese rugido de charizard no le gusta y le gusta más el de ash cuando estaba en Jotho? 8:37 aunque ese rugido molaba más

  5. Magmar vs Charizard gave me goosebumps! That time when Charizard came up from the lava!! N hit Magmar with a finishing siesmic toss!!!!!!

  6. Raichu has been completely buried thanks to pikachu's victory over it now no one wants to evolve their pikachu's some even forgets that pikachu evolves lol

  7. I'd say CHARIZARD vs MAGMAR is the best pokemon battle I've seen but GRENINJA vs CHARIZARD was a fantastic battle even tho Ash gets screwed out of winning the league just to stop him becoming a champion, he'd still travel around as that's who Ash is. This was the first time they made Ash really good and deserving of winning/achieving something big for once but they screwed him over.

    My top 3 are.

  8. Just came here after getting the news of Ash wining the Aloha league. So proud. I've waited my entire childhood for this moment!

  9. The animated series threw around so much bullshit I couldn't watch. I just played the games. Theres no way a fucking Pikachu would take down a Regice.

  10. Charizard vs magmar was the best. When Charizard gave him that seismic toss and he got up and looked like he was going to keep fighting; that was crazy.

  11. So we’re gonna sit here and blame ash for his incompetence? When we really should be trashing the idiot writer 🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. this is so stupid mega charizard x vs new two is by fiat the best fight in the anime and plus most of the fight scenes in Pokémon origins were better than some of these

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