Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies

things are about to get scary welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 scariest horror movies for this list we’ll be looking at traditionally dark horror movies and how terrifying they are number 10 the Texas Chainsaw Massacre you see those buildings there that’s where they kill pretty and foreboding and every scene this slasher flick revels in all the violence and gore that it could possibly throw at its loyal audience when a group of friends decides to pick up a hitchhiker on their way to a family homestead they have no way of knowing just how horrible their world is about to become here’s the short version awaiting them with open arms and empty stomachs near their destination is a family of cannibals who use the bones of their victims to furnish their home among the most wanton lead violent films ever made to this day if this Massacre doesn’t chill you to your very core we don’t know what will [Music] number nine the Blair Witch Project I would have really avoid any cheese one of the most successful indie flix ever the Blair Witch projects marketing campaign made it the most talked about movie in America you wish like oh my god go loose back here the fact that the trailer and teasers that whet the appetite of audiences everywhere gave away virtually nothing about the plot made all of the found footage flicks twists and turns entirely shocking it’s utterly unknown stars allowed us to empathize completely which made those surprises even more terrifying while the simple yet horrifying closing seconds ensured this film is one of the scariest of all time number 8 child’s play [Music] while on the brink of death lakeshore strangler Charles Lee ray imbues a child’s toy with his soul to ensure that his reign of terror will never end children are without a doubt what most people want to protect in this world so when this film centered itself around the idea of having a ruthless killer cuddle up to an innocent child it became many adults worst nightmare anchored by the effortlessly creepy voice work of Brad Dourif any movie that could make children fear the very playthings they adore so much is positive to scare many for years to come number seven Paranormal Activity based principally around home video camera footage of a couple being haunted by supernatural phenomena in their new home this supernatural horror combined everything that made the Blair Witch Project and the Amityville Horror classics of the genre this time however the spectre doing the haunting is a demon that feeds off of negative energy and has latched itself onto Katie basically in paranormal activity we get to see the psychological damage that prolonged exposure to a force of pure evil wreaks on a completely typical couple while getting further thrown for a loop by the many suddenly scary moments played out in front of us enthralling and unsettling it’s the moments of quiet and Static that give the sudden action the ability to scare us to our bones number six a Nightmare on Elm Street had your name written all over it it’s a simple fact of life we all must sleep what Mother and try as we might we are incapable of staving off sleep forever that’s why a horribly disfigured man who wants to kill the younger members of our society in grisly fashion while they sleep is an entirely creepy prospect enraged by his murder at the hands of parents who believed he killed their children Freddy Krueger managed to stave off the hell he deserved despite the later chapters in The Nightmare on Elm Street franchise devolving into over the top humour this first flick is played so seriously that we suggest you don’t view it just before bed number five Rosemary’s Baby okay let’s take it please please let’s take it okay darling we get out of the other lace okay like many young couples who are finding their way in the world rosemary and her husband guy are trying to conceive a baby to make baby that is where the resemblance to a typical story ends as rosemary soon finds herself the unwilling focus of a strange group of people and their malevolent plans for her child to be the mere idea of something so evil growing inside of you would be blood-curdling to most of us but when you consider the totally natural love you’d feel for any child you mothered things become positively chilling he came up from Helen but get a son of mortal woman number four the omen on this night mr. thorn God has given us in this Richard Donner flick the suspected Antichrist is not in the womb or a crib but comes in the form of a young and at times innocent looking child [Music] ready and capable of destroying anyone who stands in his way or displeases him Damien’s life is surrounded by grief misery and death fraught with violent visuals like decapitations and hangings the omen doesn’t pull any punches as it delves into the life of the world’s most evil little boy excellent performances and incredible suspense make this movie one of the best horror films of all time [Music] three the ring what would you do if your son had seven days until he dies in horrendous fashion and what if your son’s fate was inexorably tied to your fate these are the questions that this remake of the 1998 Japanese film of the same name attempts to answer in the most unnerving way possible fuelled by amazing sound design and a gripping score every moment of the Ring will have you recoiling in terror no need for loads of gore here with just lots of disturbing visuals the use of psychological horror and a haunting vibe it’s no wonder the movie was both a critical and commercial smash number 2 alien despite the science fiction elements of the story there can be little debate that alien is in fact also a horror film being stuck inside an environment you can’t escape with a mindless creature who only wants to kill you is a creepy idea to be sure combine that with the fact that even the calm of an innocent dinner scene is the setting for unparalleled alarming moments like this movie’s unforgettable chest bursts and it becomes clear that Ridley Scott’s space adventure doesn’t only grab you by the neck it also never lets you go again before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions [Music] [Applause] [Music] want to play hide-and-clap number one the exorcist gonna die up there what is it about a child and demons that is so enthralled filmmakers over the years in this case we’re introduced to Regan a friendly twelve-year-old girl who becomes possessed by a demon after playing with a Ouija board howdy do you think my mom’s pretty captain daddy a terrific and refreshing concept for a horror film got taken to the next level by William Peter Blatty exceptional screenplay and the amazing direction of William Friedkin in the Exorcist unflinching and truly scary this is what we’ll always imagine an actual possession would look and feel like forcing us to imagine how helpless we’d feel if ever this happened to our loved ones then compounding that with moments like when the demon tells the priest about his mother’s fate in Hell your mother sucks cocks in hell be with you this is as scary as scary guess and undoubtedly a horror classic along I’m planning to stay in Regan you got a nice thinking in here do you agree with our list which horror movie do you think is the scariest for more film top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to [Applause] [Music]

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  1. My top ten scariest movies
    10. Child’s play
    09. Resident evil
    08. Nightmare on elm street
    07. Texas chainsaw massacre
    06. Friday the 13th
    05. The conjuring 2
    04. American ware wolve
    03. The grudge
    02. The ring
    01. Psycho

  2. I just wanna say, at least to me… the Blair Witch project was not scary. It was just annoying as shit. The whole movie is basically just 4 assholes arguing and fighting with eachother, which you watch through a shaky as hell camera. That's it. It's just annoying. Like the stuff that was suppose to make the movie scary, just fades to the background because of all their bickering and yelling… I remember when it first came out, everyone was saying it was the scariest thing, adults were telling you not to watch it, like it was the worst thing they'd ever seen. I finally watched it, and I'm just like this is bullshit. Not even slightly scary. I haven't watched the 2nd one yet, cause I'm still annoyed by the first.

  3. Of course not The Shining, Psycho, Silence of the Lambs, no how about The Boring Witch Project? That's a good list.

  4. I am very spooked of horror movies and I never watch dem I only watched dis ta see which ones r da spookiest but dere not real eight? May ya pls tell meh dere not real pls

  5. I know the Exorcist is at a certain psychological level of horror and is scary for some people. But it's hard for me to get scared by a movie were a demon who is possessing a little girl is asking a priest to fuck her in the ass. While also cross raping her.

  6. Bone Tomahawk is the best horror film for me, but unfortunly this film is uderrated.. you should watch that,really recomended film

  7. does anyone know the movie where theres demons flyin and grabbing ppl and old and yung ppl coming out there bodys and at end demons come out of the sky…

  8. Blair Witch is the most overhyped and non-scary horror movie ever, it’s annoying rather than scary …

  9. Oh my gosh that chest burst was soooooooooo unsettling.

    (That image can never be erased from my mind 😣 )

    *throws up

  10. surprised Carrie isn’t on this list. But certainly not surprised that most of these are old…. the old horrors are the best

  11. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – 6/10

    The Blair Witch Project –

    Child's Play – 0/100000000

    Paranormal Activity – 0/100000000

    A Nightmare on Elm Street – 4/10

    Rosemary's Baby – ?/10

    The Omen – ?/10

    The Ring – 0/100000000

    Alien – 6/10


    The Descent ?/10

    The Grudge ?/10

    Halloween 6/10

    The Conjuring 0/10

    The Strangers ?/10


    The Exorcist – 0/10

  12. Is this list more about films that were the scariest for their time? Or movies that have stood the test of time & are still creepier than ever & get more creepier with age?

    If so, I would say Elm Street & Child's play are a little comical. The Omen holds up well & should be further up the list. Blair Witch relies too much on its marketing – a formula which we are all too well aware of now, which makes it way less scary today.
    The Conjuring lacks any unpredictability & subtle tension as it tries too hard to present scare after scare which becomes almost humorous in the end
    Let's not forget that horror is one of the most subjective of all genres though…
    But anyway –
    Here is my list:

    The Omen
    The Grudge (Japanese version)
    Black Christmas
    The Exorcist
    The Devils Chair
    Paranormal Acitvity
    Wolf Creek
    The Ring (Japanese)

    & special mention to "The Reef" for being the scariest shark movie ever….

  13. This is the worst top 10 I have ever seen. Made me puke, eat that puke just so I can puke it out again.

  14. I don't watched The Blair witch project but I watched The 2016 Reamake version "The blair witch " and I died so hard😅

  15. Personally I don’t find horror movies scary, it’s my favorite genre but I don’t find it scary. I think it’s because I’ve been watching them since I was about 6 and I’m pretty much immune now lmao.

  16. Idk why but as a kid the scariest movie to me was the Texas chainsaw massacre because before I watched the movie my cousin told me it was based on a true story and how the guy was actually real and then the movie starts off with real footage of a officer that goes down the stairs and gets attacked by leather face from there on I was like fuck this lol I didn't even want to watch the movie but wanted to seem brave in front of my older cousins lmao now I love all the Texas chainsaw movies one of my favorite horror films to this day

  17. Halloween is my scariest film because I have nightmares for weeks when I watch it and I’ve watched all 11 of them

  18. The Exorcist is my favourite movie, then the Omen, part one the best.
    Rosemary’s Baby
    Kinda liked the contouring

    They don’t make horrors like than anymore

  19. 1. The Exorcist
    2. The Shining
    3. Halloween
    4. A Nightmare on Elm Street
    5. The Ring
    6. The Silence of the Lambs
    7. Poltergeist
    8. The Conjuring
    9. Psycho
    10. Friday the 13th

  20. We need more scary movies that aren’t cliche nowadays and aren’t stretched to every possible extent.. Yes most of the top movies were made 20- 30 years ago but the ones made then were scary because of the plot as well as the scenes obv but most movies now have terrible plots or are shitty sequels.

  21. How in the world is the texas chainsaw massacre on this list? I did more laughing than anything else when i first saw this movie 🤨🤣

  22. 1. insidious (2010

    2. the blair witch project (1999)

    3. a quiet place (2018)

    4. a nightmare on elm street (1984)

    5. halloween (1978)

    6. house of wax (2005) (more disturbing that scary)

    7. the conjuring (2013)

    8. carrie (2013) (i’ve never seen the first one, sorry y’all)

    9. it (2017)

    10. truth or dare (2018)

    i would put the exorcist on here but i’ve never seen it. insidious is the scariest for me because it’s a big hell no. i also watched it by myself, in the dark. not a very smart idea tbh

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