Top 10 Scary Pictures That Should Have Stayed Secret

Top 10 Scary Pictures That Should Have Stayed Secret

Welcome back everyone, they say a picture
says a thousand words, well how about 10 pictures and a few thousand words about them. Thats gotta be worth something. Today were looking at creepy pictures with
even creepier back stories. If you like the sound of that then leave a
like so I know to keep going. If youre quite ready, lets get into this – I
am Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Pictures That Should Have Stayed Secret. Starting off at number 10 now we have The
Visitor. This one comes from a Reddit User called Fan
N Depressed. They posted this picture with the caption
-Got a notification from my smart home app in the middle of the night saying -your doorbell
detected a visitor– … thats all he put – and thats all that was needed. He posted it to the Creepy subreddit where
it has gained over 34 thousand upvotes. One of the top comments was said -Why are
you doing this? Because you were home. … thats a quote from the movie strangers
where some twisted home invaders give their reason for terrorising a woman – its a great
a movie and yeah, it reminds me of this. Imagine how terrifying it would be to see
this at on your phone app in the middle of the night? There was no follow up story to this – I just
home they were alright … Next up at number 9 we have Mummified Captain. This is the disturbing story of Manfred Fritz
Bajorat – a German man who was found in his boat by two fishermen off the coast of the
Philippines. He was dead. His corpse had been preserved by dry ocean
winds, hot temperatures and the salty sea air. It could not be determined how long he had
been dead for but he had not been seen for 7 years. He had been sailing the world on his yacht
for 20 years. Its thought that from the way he was sitting,
death was unexpected, perhaps from a heart attack. The police said there was no evidence of a
second person aboard and no weapon was found on the yacht. Moving on to number 8 we have Home. This is a 1948 picture of a girl who grew
up in a Nazi concentration camp. She was asked to draw home and this is what
she drew. The photograph was taken by David Seymour
in a home for emotionally disturbed children located in Warsaw. Not much is known about the girl other than
her name – Teresa. The swirling lines are a stark reminder of
the horrors of the holocaust. More than 1.5 million Jewish children were
killed in the holocaust, those that survived often ended up like Teresa – lost, shocked
and unable to grasp the concept of home … Moving on to number 7 we have Obsession. Georg Karl Tanzler was a radiology technician
from Germany. He moved to Florida where he married Maria
de Hoyos, a local Cuban American woman. She died of tuberculosis 5 years later, despite
his best efforts to save her. He wouldnt accept her death though. After her funeral, Georg dug up Marias body
and took to his home. He attempted to preserve her. This is the picture of his efforts. He attached her bones together with wire and
coat hangers and fitted her face with glass eyes. He replaced her skin with silk cloth soaked
in wax. He gave her a wig and filled her inside with
rags. He covered her in jewelry and the smell was
covered up with copious amounts of perfume. Her body was eventually discovered by authorities
a full 9 years after he first removed her from her resting place … Next up at number 6 we have The Catacombs. This is a very disturbing picture, please
look away now if youre sensitive to that kind of thing. This is the story of Masha, a Ukrainian woman
who went out with a large group of friends in to celebrate New Years Eve in 2005. In was foggy with temperatures around freezing. The group stumbled into the Odessa Catacombs,
an ancient tunnel and cave system that spans for 1,550 miles. Somehow, Masha became separated from her group
and got lost in the dark. She seems to have wandered for days with no
food or water before slipping into a coma and then death. Her body wasnt discovered for months until
this picture was taken by some local boys who found her. Still, she wasnt retrieved by authorities
for a further 2 years. When the story was shared on Reddit, people
tried to imagine how terrifying it must be to be lost in the dark like that – pitch black
darkness – unable to see a difference between your eyes being closed and open – and totally
alone … Moving on to number 5 now we have Shell Shocked. In WW1, there were hundreds of thousands of
soldiers who got shell shock – a type of PTSD brought on from the endless bombardement they
had to endure. Tens of thousands of soldiers were treated
for the disorder. Victims has a thousand yard stare, looking
into the distance as their mind went blank. Here is a famous picture from a soldier during
the Battle of the Somme, a battle which killed 3 million men. This man appears to be suffering from shell
shock. He has a crazed look in his eyes that was
often associated with those who had shell shock. Its an image that has become increasingly
associated with war, especially the hell that was World War 1. Next up at number 4 we have The Subway. In 2012, the New York Post ran a story with
this picture. It was of Ki Suk Han, a 58 year old man who
was pushed onto the track by a stranger. He was was fatally struck the train seconds
later. The suspect was 30 year old Naeem Davis who
confessed to pushing the innocent man onto the tracks. The picture shocked New Yorkers and people
around the world. Why was someone taking a picture instead of
trying to help? Should the New York Post have ran that story? What do you guys think … Next up at number 3 we have Madam Violet. This is a picture of Violet Spears, otherwise
known as Madam Violet. She was the leader of a group of real life
vampires in Edinborough in the late 19th century. They were called the hive. They became known as lovely but dangerous
partiers, seducing men and women with drugs and alchol, and then making them donate their
blood to them. Some of the victims even joined the Hive and
she became their leader too. In 1882 and 1884, she was apparently voted
the scariest woman in England, even though she lived in Scotland – thats how scary she
is. She scared another country she didnt even
live in. Moving on to number 2 now we have The Vulture
and the Little Girl. In March 26th 1993, The New York Times shared
a picture known as Struggling Girl. It showed a famine stricken boy, initially
believed to be a girl who had collapsed from malnutrition during a famine in South Suda. In the background, a vulture waits patiently. These birds birds have a keen sense of death
and this one has its eyes on the boy. The picture shocked the world. The photographer, Kevin Carter, was awarded
he Pulitzer Price for his photography. He killed himself 4 months later, the reasons
are largely unknown – but many speculate that pictures like this can drive anyone down a
dark path … And finally at number 1 now we have the Hiroshima
Shadows. When the US dropped a bomb on Japans Hiroshima,
over 100,000 people were killed. Some of them who were close enough were literally
vaporised into thin air. The intense heat of the explosion caused whats
now called -Nuclear shadows- … the blast forever changed surfaces because of the UV
radiation. Surfaces that were blocked by people looked
different to its surroundings, leaving a permanent shadow of the person who was vaporised. This is one of the most striking images for
me – what appears to be an old person stood at the bottom of the steps – you can even
see the cane in their hand. Its a shocking reminder of how destructive
weapons of war have become, and how quickly life can be snuffed out in an instant, leaving
only a shadow behind … I tried to make the end of that one less dark
but I clearly failed. We were always gonna have a pretty dark ending
to a video like this – but if you made it this far, you probably don’t mind that. Would you like a part 2 though? Let me know – go and watch some kitten videos
now – thanks for watching as always, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all in the
next video!

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  1. Excuse me the "mall man" is actually named Cartoon cat. If u want proof go to a youtuber called bill styler and check out the vid 'who is cartoon cat'.

  2. "MALL MAN" Is A Picture Made By Trevor Henderson, The One And Only, The Picture Is Actually Named "Cartoon Cat". If You Have Heard Of Trevor Henderson, You Might Know The Following Popular Images:

    Siren Head, Long Horse, Rubber Man, And The Country Roads Creature.

    Please, Do Not Continue To Copy And Rename Trevor Henderson's Images.

  3. Hes called cartoon cat. He isnt called mall man. He was created by an artist who makes comic books. This artists name is Trevor Henderson. He posts scary, abnormal and self made pictures on his instagram, too. This includes the following: Siren Head, Long Horse, Bridge Worm, Counry Road Monster, AND YES, CARTOON CAT. Each one has their own secret, hidden back story and secrets.

  4. Please stop showing thumbnails that aren’t on the list many people comment this too! Mall Man from the picture is actually “Cartoon Cat” a creation created by Trevor Henderson
    Other Creatures made by him
    -Bridge Worm
    -Siren Head
    -Country Road Monster
    -Rubber Man

  5. That kid is a famous prankster in number 10, he would go around to people's cameras on houses with a creepy mask just to scare people look him up.

  6. I don’t get how this can stay on YouTube (no offence I still luv ur channel) like with death and stuff and I saw a video that got put of YouTube just because it was baby toys opening?!!?

  7. 3:33
    Me:*stares intensely at the dead human*
    Video:*switches back to the narrator*
    Me: *Jumps* Oh, its you…

    He totally didn't scare me… Heh

  8. "body as preserved by a hot weather" in reality that is not what preserves a dead body quite contrary you start to rot in only a couple of minutes in a hot environment.


  10. Mall Man is nowhere in the video.
    And "Mall Man" isn't even the character's name. The character's name is Cartoon Cat, and is described to be one of the most malevolent creatures Trevor Henderson has produced. They are right about it living in a mall though.

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