Top 10 SCARY Pictures With CREEPY Backstories

Top 10 SCARY Pictures With CREEPY Backstories

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10 Archive! Since the first camera was invented, they’ve
given us the power to document everything that we see. Stunning landscapes, special moments and the
ones that we love are frozen in time with the click of a button. What camera’s capture isn’t always happy
and beautiful, though. Sometimes they capture dark, twisted and horrifying
images that etch themselves into our brain. Here is our list of the top ten scary pictures
found in history. Before we commence our terrifying list, take
a second to hit the subscribe button and click the bell to be notified of every new video. And, if you end up enjoying this video, help
us out by giving us a thumbs up and leave us a comment about what haunts YOU the most! 10. Two-headed dog
Our first picture is straight out of a sci-fi novel. Soviet scientist Dr. Vladimir Demikhov actually
created a two-headed dog, and these pictures prove it. They attached the head and forelegs of a small
dog to the neck of a fully grown German shepherd, and both heads could hear, see, smell and
swallow. This 1959 attempt was actually the 24th time
he and his team had performed the surgery, and it was his most successful effort. The dogs died just four days later though,
which was probably a good thing for the poor animals. Although he may sound like a total mad scientist,
Dr. Demikhov was actually an important figure in the surgical field and even coined the
term transplantology. His progress in organ transplantation helped
move medical science forward, but his two-headed dog didn’t have any real-life application,
so was widely condemned as being cruel and twisted. 9. Shadows of Hiroshima Victims
These images might just look like strange shadows on walls and steps, and you might
think of first glance that they’re nothing more than dirty marks on aging streets. But they’re actually something much more
sinister than that. What you’re seeing here are the carbon imprints
of people and objects that were burned into the concrete the moment that the nuclear bomb
was dropped on Hiroshima. The bomb, which was the first atomic weapon
to be deployed in warfare, was dropped by the United States in 1945. Instantly, an estimated 140,000 Japanese civilians
were killed. It had the same effect as 15,000 tonnes of
TNT, and entire families were scorched into the earth in a split second. Around 70% of buildings were burned to the
ground and increased cancer rates continued to have an effect on the island for decades. For those that survived, their mental and
physical scars from that day will forever remain. 8. Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum
Madame Tussaud’s wax museum opened in London in 1835 and has always been a little creepy,
but never more so than after a fire which devastated the museum in 1925. News footage shows the world-famous attraction
almost completely gutted by the fire, and one witness described red and golden flames
leaping 50 feet from the roof of the building. Obviously, when wax comes into contact with
fire it melts, and this horrifying line up was the result of the accident. A whole host of world leaders, sports stars
and historical characters succumbed to the fire, and the aftermath was horrifying. As firefighters tackled the blaze, they came
across the disturbing sight of charred limbs and scorched torsos that must have been enough
to give them nightmares for weeks. It was even reported that the waxworks could
be heard sizzling as they succumbed to their fiery tomb. 7. Paris Catacombs
This guy is a worker in the Paris Catacombs in the mid-1800s, and it’s his job to transport
bones through the tunnels running under the French capital. Suddenly your office job doesn’t sound so
terrible, right? Parisians began moving bones under the city
in the 1700s, in an effort to resolve the city’s issues of overflowing graveyards. It took around 12 years to complete the job,
and by the time they’d finished, the remains of almost 6 million people had been transported
to the deep dark depths of the city. Men like the one in the picture would be responsible
for gathering up the bones that were dropped down a mine shaft each night, and moving them
further into the tunnels. Even though he has a legitimate reason for
carting around barrows of bones, it doesn’t make it any less creepy. 6. Mummified ‘Vampire’ Heart
Whether you believe in vampires or not, this next image is pretty creepy and gross. This is the mummified heart of Auguste Delagrange,
a supposed vampire who was reported to have killed several people in the state of Louisiana. The victims were all found in their own homes,
and there was always little to no blood at the scene. Local people pleaded with a Catholic priest
to help them, so he teamed up with a voodoo practitioner to hunt the vampire. And they did exactly that. They found and killed Delagrande by driving
a wooden stake through his heart. That definitely did the job, and the final
body count was halted at 40. The heart was, for some reason, mummified
and stored in a wooden box along with the murder weapon. 5. Brain Experiments
Medicine hasn’t always been as humane as it is right now, and if you were unlucky enough
to be ill a couple of centuries ago, you were in big trouble. In fact, you didn’t even have to be sick,
simply being unlucky could result in you being the subject of horrifying experiments. This picture from 1862 was taken of a bizarre
experiment by French neurologist Duchenne du Boulogne, who believed that facial expressions
were the gateway to the soul of a man. In order to study his theory, he attached
probes to the face of his victim, ahem, I mean subject, and switched on an electric
current which would contort his face into a series of scary expressions. The investigation was also intended to show
the difference between a real smile and a false one. How much are you betting that none of the
smiles were genuine during this terrifying experiment? 4. Head collector
Is there anything scarier than the thought of a man who collects the skulls of humans? Imagine a wall of heads greeting you as you
go to meet your new partner’s parents, or going to a colleague’s house for the first
time. British Army officer Horatio Gordon Robley’s
home was very much like this, and his walls were adorned with the mummified faces of dozens
of unlucky souls. The heads in this 1895 shot show the preserved
craniums of New Zealand’s Maori people. These preserved heads are known as Mokomokai
and were usually seen with traditional Moko facial tattoos. The heads were valuable trading items during
the early 19th century, much like how we use money today. Luckily, he wasn’t responsible for the deaths
of any of those hanging in his home: he was simply a collector of the macabre and creepy. Although honestly, I’m not sure that makes
the situation any better. 3. Shell-shocked Man
The man in this photo may be smiling, but look closely and it’s clear that it’s
not a happy grin. The look on his face is more of a hollow grimace,
caused by the horrors of war. The photo, from 1916, shows a soldier suffering
from shell shock. The term was used to describe the state of
hysterical paralysis, confusion, and dazed stares that were often seen on the battlefields. The men fighting in WWI experienced unspeakable
horrors that left their minds unable to cope with what they’d seen and done. Men that had bayonetted others in the face
developed uncontrollable facial twitches, and those who had shot soldiers in the stomach
experienced cramps that would leave them writhing around in pain. So often, the trauma of war would be too much
for their psyches to handle, and they would descend into madness. This photo is even more haunting when you
think about the fact that people didn’t pose for photos with a smile in those days. 2. Flesh Stripping
This next photo shows the most ancient horror on our list, from a time long before cameras
existed. These remains date back 7,000 years and are
proof of flesh-stripping, a process that’s known to be used during the preparation for
cannibalism. The region of Herxheim in Germany was an idyllic
Stone Age settlement, and villagers were relatively safe from invaders and predators. That is, until, sometime around 4950 BC when
the entire community disappeared and left behind nothing but brutally butchered bodies
and a big pile of bones. This photo was taken in 2009 during an archaeological
dig at the site of the Herxheim settlement. They found human bones belonging to over 1,000
men, women, and children. And, what’s more creepy, is that tool marks
on the bones showed that flesh had carefully been scraped off. Larger bones had also been broken to extract
marrow, and skulls crushed to get at the brains. 1. Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier
Our final image of this archive is the most disturbing of them all and is proof that humans
truly are capable of evil. This is Mademoiselle Blanche Monnier, a French
girl who was kept captive under lock and key for an unbelievably long period of 25 years. The shot was taken in 1901 after she was discovered
following an anonymous letter that was sent to the Paris Attorney General. The Monnier family were known as a normal,
middle-class family, and authorities even knew of Blanche’s existence but didn’t
question it when she suddenly vanished at the age of 25. 49-year-old Blanch Monnier was found padlocked
to a bed in a room filled with rats, pests, and human excrement. The woman was suffering from extreme malnutrition
and weighed just 55 pounds. The reason that she was imprisoned? She refused to give up her relationship with
an older attorney. Blanche’s mother thought she would relent,
but she refused to give up on true love, no matter how brutal the consequences.

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