Top 10 Scary Pictures You Have To Look At Twice

Top 10 Scary Pictures You Have To Look At Twice

Okay ive seen these sort of pictures on twitter
quite a bit where the caption is super ambiguous and then itll be like click on the picture
for a surprise. And im there buying into the clickbait clicking
the picture and then trying to figure out what on earth im looking at. Helloooo everyone what is happening its been
a while, Welcome back to another video here at most amazing top 10 im your host ayman
hasan and today we are basically gonna freak each other out but before we do remember to
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a lot of questions asking about that but weve got you covered. But without further ado this is the top 10
scary pictures you have to look at twice. At number 10 what the hell is this hahah how
did is this a mask like what is this im confused. It looks elastic im just very confused by
what this is. And i know i should be focusing on the weird
figure in the back in the 17th century clothes who looks 100% ghost like but im too focused
on this guys face to even be scared by whats happening in the background. Ok apparently he cut open a bouncy rubber
ball and covered his face with it which i dont even understand how he did but props
to him first of all im impressed. Secondly now we can talk about the ghost in
the back, if i was a ghost and i came back from the dead and saw the human i was haunting
pulling this kinda crap id like be like send me back send me back to the grave its not
worth it. At number 9 is this girl doing her makeup
in the mirror. And it seems pretty normal not much looks
like OhHHH what is that. So the girl is doing her make up and theres
this super faint face in the mirror i mean not really a face more like a demon ghost. Thats so freaky is that her room that shes
doing her makeup in or someone elses room thats maybe haunted by this thing. The ghost looks fuming like how do dare you
you use that shade of blush do you have any idea what youre doing. At number 8 is this portrait of
this asian woman which seemingly looks fine but ok no. not fine. I just saw her feet wow ok at first i was
like ok theres a mirror behind her usually with these pictures the reflection would be
her own face looking back at her or something or i just thought the freaky thing would be
in the mirror but wow ive never seen feet this shape. And i always knew in some asian cultures small
feet is a really aesthetic feature to have and i think this is after some feet binding
but i just assumed your feet would remain small i didnt realise it could change the
shape of your feet this drastically like wow her big toe is basically a cone shape her
other toes are like folded over omg like how does she wear shoes. But also that must be really painful. I do feel for her. At number 7 we have a woman posing with her
dog. the dog really doesnt look like it wants to
be in the photo LOL the woman is so happy and the dogs like no human this is not what
i signed up for. Is that the freaky thing? Is that it. OHH ok no theres a figure behind the glass
section of her front door like there seems to be someone on her front porch just there. These figures always look like people from
a different century like they never look like modern people haunting and lurking its always
people from like 40 decades ago. Thats probably why the dog looks like its
just shit himself cus he can probably sense and feel the ghost. Ive never had a dog but apparently when they
bark at nothing continuously theyre actually barking at ghosts? At number 6 we have this girl just sitting
in her dorm room it seems. I mean i wanna say dorm room cus this looks
like the sort of bed i had in my dorm but it could be her house who knows. This seems pretty wholesome i dont know what
im meant to be looking at here. Scanning scanning scanning… okay theres
this guys face wedged in the corner of her bed like under her mattress but his face is
poking out. If that was me and i saw this photo afterwards
i would move directly out of this room out of that house do not pass go do not collect
200 and never look back. Ofc this is photoshopped i hope fingers crossed
but thats just so creepy. At number 5 we have a nice selfie. Omg ok haaha what is happening on the rear
windshield. I feel bad the selfie is actually nice but
how did that guy even get there and why is he there i have so many questions. He also looks like a demon but he also equally
looks like he couldve just fallen onto the window or he chose to jump onto it i dont
really know but im surprised the girl didnt notice mid picture. It looks like she was taking a selfie so in
a selfie she shouldve seen that person behind her but maybe she was doing it oldschool and
just turning the phone around who knows but she probably straight up screamed after checking
the pictures. Definitely not instagram worthy. At number 4 we have a really old school photo
of some kind of this group of girls. literally nothing seems out of the ordinary
at first glance. I feel like i always say that and then one
second later im like WAIT NO i see it my eyes have been scanning it right now
i still dont see anything. Im like looking in between them to see if
theres a magical figure i missed thats like hidden there. I literally cant find anything (open mouth)
ok i found it. Theres like a random hand on this girls shoulder
the girl on the far right i thought the hand was from the girl behind her but her arms
are crossed so obviously not her hands. Ahhah the girl isnt even looking at the camera
shes on another level on another vibe with her decapitated hand ghost friend just not
caring about whats going on. At number 3 we have this picture that was
apparently captured on a hospital CCTV camera. and the woman in the picture apparently died
the same day this was taken but i dont see any woman in the bed. I mean we have the massive figure on the bed
like look at her limbs, gender unknown species unknown. What actually is that it just has a massive
bum that goes into its long ass legs and the feet look like hands they dont look like feet. I just dont know know what to make of this
and the worst part is it doesnt even look photoshopped. Thats the scary part. At number 2 we have a picture from someones
visitor camera outside their house. whaaat. What is up with this guys eyes ive actually
seen this one before apparently this is 100% real and the guy who owns the house was asleep
but he kept getting notifications on his phone that there the doorbell was detecting a visitor
and he sees the footage the next day and sees this dude. Just imagine you are sleeping in your house
safe and sound no i need to set the scene and have some creepy music, but youre sleeping
and you have this man wandering around your door at god knows what hour of the night probably
crazy, probably could kill you and you find this the next day. Im shook. Last but not least at number 1 we have a very
old family photo. And i say old cus look at the womens hairstyles
thats very circa idk world war two. But how is this full on man hanging from the
ceiling. Hes so clearly there how did they not notice
him during the picture. And im sorry even if he did magically fall
from the ceiling at the exact moment the pic was taken i have 2 questions. 1 if he did fall how did none of them see
his body or anything up there beforehand and 2 if he fell during the photo how did the
camera not capture their reactions. I dont wanna say its a ghost cus the mans
body looks so 3D and real and grabbable and not like an apparition. I dont know what to believe but i have no
idea whats happening. And that is all for todays video guys! I hope you enjoyed it, i know i certainly
did tryna figure out story behind these photos. Lemme know which one freaked you out the most
or took you the longest to figure out in the comments below and do check out top
10 hindi videos if you get a chance id love to see all your faces there. Im your host ayman hasan and ill see you next
time byee.

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  1. Yes, cats can do it too. They don't bark, but they do see things that we don't. Many times our cats have freaked us out by staring at something we don't see. I think all animals are like that.

  2. The girl was cheating on her husband with another man and he hid under the bed when the girl husband came to visit

  3. tвh í'm glαd wє cαn uѕє ѕuвtítlєѕ. í hσnєѕtlч dσn't líkє whєn α pєrѕσn tαlkѕ thrσugh thє whσlє vídєσ.
    í'd rαthєr rєαd α títlє σf whαt thє píc íѕ, thαn líѕtєn tσ ѕpєєch.

  4. I actually appreciate how she laughs and smiles it lowers the tone on the scariness I’m not trying to have nightmares

  5. Eight minutes and fifty-two seconds of being confused and not understanding something.

  6. I click on this video and see Ayman and I know no matter what is being shown it will be okay, she won’t let anything happen to us.

  7. The picture with the girl on the bed with the guy under it is real. She cheated and hid the guy she cheated with under her mattress

  8. The boy hiding under the girls bed was was her lover, the picture taker was her boyfriend, not sinister he had to hide, just caught out

  9. Ok so I know the story of the girl sitting on the bed with the guy under the bed.
    So the girls boyfriend took a picture of her sitting on the bed and when he looked back at the picture he saw the guy under the bed.
    The girl was actually cheating on her boyfriend (the one who took the picture not the one under the bed) but actually WITH the guy hiding under the bed and hid the other guy who she was cheating with there but the boyfriend found out and they broke up.
    OK so let's refresh you're mind if you're not keeping up

    Boyfriend took a picture of his girl sitting on the bed.
    Boyfriend looks back at the pic.
    Finds out she is cheating on him WITH the guy under the bed.
    The guy hid there got found out.
    Break up.

    Hope that got cleared up😇

  10. And I feel like the girl taking the selfie in the car was photo bombed by her dad or brother or boyfriend

  11. Ghosts don't exist, but demons do. What you may think is a ghost is really a demon imitating a person as to disguise itself and make it seem more human and potentially less intimidating.

  12. 4:19 the person taking the picture is that girl's boyfriend and the face in the bed is qho she is cheating with.

  13. Number 5 looks like she is parked, taking a picture and ignoring her little annoying brother who is yelling at her trying to annoy her . Since she hasn't left yet she is parked by her parent car which is what he is leaning on to annoy her 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Hey, if you think foot binding is barbaric, consider the things women do to their bodies today in order to look pretty…nose jobs, removing ribs for a smaller waist, injecting foreign substances into various other parts of the human body to make them bigger, and of course starving ourselves until our periods stop and our bodies start to self cannibalize in order to be thin. If it weren't for makeup, most of the women in Hollywood would look like the walking dead!

  15. There's a story behind the girl on the bed with a boy under it it's her boyfriend and her father came in and he ran under the bed…

  16. @MostAmazingTop10, the first picture is a guy wearing one of those silicone, rubber balls thats filled with air and squishy. its a kids toy someone decided to wear? lol

  17. 3:54 my dog died year-and-a-half ago, and now after that sometimes I'll see my cat just meowing at nothing……. Yeah I'm pretty sure that cats can see ghosts too

  18. No. 8 reflects the practice of binding in Chinese culture, and it's super disturbing. I remember taking a literature lecture on this in like.. Mid 2013.

  19. Number 8 is Chinese foot binding they literally break their feet as children and force them into tiny shoes to keep their feet looking small

  20. The car selfy, kinda looks like the creature from 'The Lord of the Rings' shouting " THE PRECIOUS"!

  21. Actually when a cat stares off into space for a very long time they're actually looking at a spirit

  22. number 6 was of a women cheating on her husband. apparently he was in the army or some sh*+ and came home to surprise her and divorced her after seeing this photo

  23. sweetie I hope you don't take this wrong but I have to tell you a couple things. First off the old lady in the background with a guy with a ball in his head she's not a ghost I'm a southerner I can assure you that my grandmother my aunt's my great aunt's all of them dressed exactly like that back in 1960s 70s 80s and 90s. secondly and most importantly the girl with the guy under her bed is very real it was in one of y'all's top 10 sheeder videos it's not Photoshop there was really a guy under there it was her lover her husband came home was taking a picture of his cute wife laying on the bed and found the guy so let's just say she's no longer married for cheating on her husband and you guys really should pay a little more attention to your videos. your sweet girl and I have hope you have a great day I just needed to tell you that

  24. The girl with the guy under her bed….that's the guy he's cheating on her boyfriend with and her bf came over so that's how she hid him

  25. 0:00 "oh my gosh, this is gonna be so sca-"


  26. am i literally the only one who loves the host? am i the only one who doesn't care who the host is, and basically loves all the hosts? yep. yes i am.

  27. The one with the guy under the bed, thats her lover hiding. Her husband took the picture and later recognized it and divorced her. They were friends!

  28. Foot binding is basically repeatedly breaking a woman’s feet and binding them so they heal that way, there are special made shoes for it and the smaller the feet the better. It’s illegal in most places now if I don’t mistaken

  29. 3:40 the figure in the doorway is so blurry and low res how can you tell they look like they're from a different century? Personally I'm guessing it's just the reflection of the person taking the photo.

  30. Whoever she is, her accent is cute, but her ignorance is too high to be hosting this video. I get that she's charismatic. I'mma need more than that..

  31. #6 has a story behind it. The pic was for her military fiance overseas. The guy hiding is who she was cheating with. She was dumped as soon as the pic was received.

  32. I remember number 6 …scared the hell out of me when I saw it months ago and no no it wasn't photoshoped.

  33. To answer the question about number 8 one of the ways that a woman's foot was made smaller was to break her foot, fold it along the break and then bind it that way so it would heal with her toes in the bottom of the foot. It was horrible, painful and while it could (and would) be done many times in the women's life it was often first done as a small child.

  34. I'm surprised you didn't include the Asian girl with the vase that matched her leggings, looking like she had 3 legs

  35. 7:33
    This is called “The body”. From what I know, the people were taking a photo in their new home. This dead man did indeed drop out of the ceiling when the photo was snapped. It’s creepy as hell tho.

  36. Animals can see and sense things most humans cant. Cats especially, they just dont react to it most of the time, unlike dogs, they react heavily to that stuff. I've read and I could be wrong that some ghosts wont enter a room with a cat.

  37. The picture of the guy under the girls mattress is the guy the girl is cheating on and the guy that is taking the picture is the boyfriend

  38. #1 was a photo shopped pic, it's been around a while now and i have seen it a few times on top 10 so how have u guys not caught onto it being a fake yet?? but anyway love the shows and also Rebecca…

  39. I just saw this video so I’m really late but… about number 7, the one with the lady who practiced foot-binding? I think the focus wasn’t her feet. Try looking on the hand next to her, why is a hand just laying right there in that position on a cupboard (supposedly?)

    Just my opinion though.

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