Top 10 Supporting Roles That Stole The Show

Top 10 Supporting Roles That Stole The Show

>>Speaker 1: Sometimes,
small roles can leave a big impression. And sometimes, they’re the only thing
we’re talking about when the credits roll. This week,
we’re counting down our picks for the top ten supporting
roles that stole the show.>>[MUSIC]>>Speaker 1: [SOUND]
Kicking us off at number ten, an easy way to end up with an upstaged star is
to cast an even bigger one below them. Think of Meryl Streep in
The Devil Wears Prada, Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean,
and Brad Pitt in Twelve Monkeys. These actors have far too much charisma
to be relegated to second fiddle. And the same goes for our pick for number ten, Christian Bale as
Dicky Eklund in The Fighter.>>Dicky Eklund: Cuz
he’s my younger brother. I taught him everything he knows. I’m still his trainer,
though we got different styles. I’m [BLEEP] ing squarely, as [BLEEP] fuck. You know, I’m like [SOUND],
you know, I’m not even there. It’s what Sugar Ray said. I was the most tricky fighter
he’d ever come across.>>Speaker 1: Deservedly winning
an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, Christian Bale really blows
the lid off of The Fighter. And no disrespect to Wahlberg, who’s
done his fair share of outshining ala the departed, Christian Bale is
incredibly under appreciated actor with immense dedication and dramatic talent
that Wahlberg just couldn’t match. And it’s not just
the 63-pound weight loss, the action and biographical mimicry, Bale
lights up the screen from the first frame with the performance that’s
both histrionic and believable. And for that, we’re happy to
give him a spot on our list. But not all supporting actors
stealing the show are stars. Let’s not forget about the incredible
performances by character actors. These tend to be subtler, quieter
interpretations that don’t necessarily take the air out of the star’s role so much as they quietly land in emotional
depth and texture to a story. Ben Mendelsohn quietly outshone
Ryan Gosling in Place Beyond the Pines, as did Dianne Wiest in Hannah and
Her Sisters. Martin Landau, and Ed Wood, and Gary
Oldman in like everything he’s ever done. However, we think that our number
nine pick really belongs to Robert Shaw as Quint in Jaws.>>Quint: You know the thing about
a shark, he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eye like a doll eye. When he comes at you, don’t seem to
be living until he bites you and those black eyes roll over white.>>Speaker 1: It’s fascinating that a film
cast purposefully without any big stars became Hollywood’s first true blockbuster. But with that kind of casting, it’s not
surprising that a secondary character was able to sneak up and steal the spotlight. Robert Shaw was a career character actor,
more notable in villain roles and supporting parts than the headline. But he always nailed it,
and Jaws was no different. He anchored the whole film,
bringing a mysterious sea dog and sense of dread to the plane
New Englanders he was surrounded by. Elevating the film to a timeless
classic in the process.>>[MUSIC]>>Speaker 1: One of the best places for
an upstaging is in a comedy film. Often a comedy star is the straight man,
the audience surrogate, who spends more time reacting to jokes and pointing out the lunacy of it all
than acting crazy him or herself. This opens a lot of room for the bit players to bounce off
the wall in a memorable way. Think Bill Murray in Caddyshack or
Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny. Think Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaid. Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder,
and our pick for number eight,
Jack Black from High Fidelity.>>Barry: Whoa! Hey.
>>Speaker 5: [BLEEP] asshole.>>Speaker 6: Hey, what are you doing? Stop!
>>Speaker 5: Will you shut up? Will you?>>Dicky Eklund: Break it up.>>Barry: You’re a [BLEEP] fucking maniac. I swear to God, if you tore this thing,
it’s vintage, and I will [BLEEP] fucking sock your nose! You’ll pay big.>>Speaker 1: Barry was the role
where Jack Black finally broke out. Stoner, slacker, cut-up wild,
crazy music lover. It was the role Jack Black
was born to play. And play, and play, and play and play. Stealing every scene from Cusack with his
erratic shenanigans and wild pantomimes. It’s not that John was bad,
it’s just that pretty much nothing can top Jack Black at
his full level of hyperactivity. And then, his song at the end? The deal is sealed, Mr. Black has arrived.>>[MUSIC]>>Speaker 1: [SOUND] This leads
us to some other spotlights that have been stolen by
actors in their breakout role. We’re not sure whether it was their
spotlight stealing performances that paved the way for their stardom or
that they always had stardom inside them. But actors, like Ed Norton in Primal Fear,
Anna Paquin in the Piano, Denzel in Glory, Larry Fishburne in Boys in the Hood, and Leo DiCaprio in
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, have come out swinging way bigger
than anyone could have expected. But one of our favorite picks for the breakout,
Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted.>>[SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Mary: Hey, Dais,
is anyone in your room yet?>>[MUSIC]>>Mary: Hey girls, hey sexy.>>[SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Mary: Good to be home!>>Speaker 1: Before Girl, Interrupted,
Angelina Jolie was known for frequent TV work and
the occasional film role. But by the time she finished her
explosive turn as a committed sociopath, gleefully creating chaos wherever she
turned with the kind of on-screen presence usually reserved for Godzilla,
she won herself a Golden Globe, an Oscar, a Teen Choice Award, and
the kind of heat that would push her into the A-list
stratosphere by the very next year. [SOUND] But Angelina isn’t the only
star breaking out in a supporting role. We also wanna give a quick
second slot to Mo’Nique for blowing everyone’s mind in Precious.>>Mary: Who else was gonna love me? Hm?
Since you got your degree and you know every [BLEEP] fucking thing,
who was gonna love me? Who was gonna make me feel good?>>Speaker 1: There was nothing as
shocking as Mo’Nique bursting out of her foul mouth, comedian cocoon and
metamorphosizing into an actress of unparalleled vulnerability,
strength, and talent. Her performance turned an abusive mother
into an almost four-dimensional character. Just as cruel and
terrifying as human and heartbreak. And she won just about every
award she could for it. So, we’ve gotta put her on this list. A quick sidetrack into a category that
isn’t really an important grouping, so much is one that just
accidentally emerged. And in this case,
they’re all military themed. And sure that could easily be
Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men, monologuing circles around Tom Cruise. Or either Rob Duvall or
Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now. But for our number five pick, we think
that R Lee Ermey is easily the most memorable part of Full Metal Jacket
>>Speaker 8: Who the [BLEEP] fuck said that? Who the slimy little common as [BLEEP]
shit twinkle toes [BLEEP] fuck sucker down here who just signed
his own death warrant? Nobody? That fairy [BLEEP] fucking godmother said,
out- [BLEEP] fucking-standing! I will PT you all until
you [BLEEP] fucking die!>>Speaker 1: A tried and
true Marine Corps drill sergeant, Full Metal Jacket wasn’t his first role,
as many often believe. He actually started in Apocalypse Now as
a chopper pilot and technical advisor. Moved on to Boys in Company C, where he put on a performance pretty
similar to this one, and then, finally, worked his way through minor
roles onto Kubrick’s set as a consultant. But after a videotaped tirade he sent to
Stanley, Kubrick cast him in the role, let him improv most of his own dialogue,
and basically, handed him the whole first half of
the movie, where he spits, curses, abuses, and humiliates his way into our hearts. [SOUND] For our number four pick, we wanna honor what we like to
call the one-scene wonders. Actors who showed up, did a scene or two,
blew our socks off, and then, disappear. Leaving us wanting much, much more. These are actors like Beatrice Straight
in Network, Judi Dench in Shakespeare in Love, Dennis Hopper and
Christopher Walken in True Romance. And definitely, Charlton Heston’s
hilarious cameo in Wayne’s World 2. However, is there a better pic for this slot than Alec Baldwin
in Glengarry Glen Ross? We think not.>>Speaker 9: Put that coffee down!>>[MUSIC]>>Speaker 9: Coffee is for closers only.>>Speaker 1: Surrounded by the likes of
Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Kevin Spacey, Ed Harris, and Al Pacino, there’s no
doubt that Alec Baldwin stole the crown. And in an unbelievably brief fashion,
with less than ten minutes on the clock. But not only did Baldwin’s character,
or [BLEEP] fuck you, as he introduces himself, steal the show,
so, did the scene Itself. In a film that was almost a word for
word transcription of Mamet’s stage play from which it was adapted,
Baldwin’s tirade wasn’t in it. Mamet added it because he
felt he had to pad the link. That’s right, the most memorable moment
in a memorable film came from an actor in a scene that was entirely unnecessary
to the success of the plot. But God damn, was it great.>>[MUSIC]>>Speaker 1: [SOUND]
Closing in at number three, we wanna take a look at just
a few classic overshadowing. Like Lee J Cobb in 12 Angry Men,
Thomas Mitchell in Stagecoach. And our number three pick, Orson Welles
as Harry Lime in the The Third Man.>>Speaker 10: It’s good to you, Ollie.>>Speaker 11: Was that your funeral?>>Speaker 12: It was, but
he isn’t buying, wasn’t it? The same old indigestion on it. These are the only things that help,
these tablets. These are the last. I can’t get them anywhere
in Europe anymore.>>Speaker 11: You know
what’s happened to your girl?>>Speaker 12: Mm-hm?
>>Speaker 11: She’s been arrested.>>Speaker 12: [INAUDIBLE] Don’t worry,
old man, they won’t hurt her.>>Speaker 11: They’re handing
her over to the Russians.>>Speaker 12: What can I do, old man? Dare to hunt her.>>Speaker 1: There’s no secret that we
love this film and Orson Wells in it. And we’ve gone on at link about how and
why it’s so incredible, so, we won’t talk your ear off. But from the very first moment
that Wells’ smile hits the screen, there’s no question that he’s stolen, in
this case, quite literally, the spotlight. Throw in a couple more brilliant scenes
and ignore a silly foot chase that he hardly showed up for, and
you’ve got yourself our number three.>>[MUSIC]
>>Speaker 1: [SOUND] Runner up at number two, just like soldiers,
there seems to be an unusual amount of gangster flicks with
stellar outperformances. These are films with roles like Ben
Kingsley in Sexy Beast, John Cazale and Bobby De Niro in Godfather 2. And of course, our number two pick,
Joe Pesci in Goodfellas.>>Speaker 13: Hey,
what’s that movie that Bogart made?>>Speaker 14: Which one?>>Speaker 13: The one
wear he played the cowboy. The only good one.>>Speaker 12: The Oklahoma Kid.
>>Speaker 13: Shane?>>Speaker 1: Oklahoma kid.
>>Speaker 12: Shane, Oklahoma Kid.>>Speaker 1: [LAUGH]
>>Speaker 13: That’s me, I’m the Oklahoma Kid. Yeah [BLEEP] fucking far me, [INAUDIBLE]
Yahoo, you mother [BLEEP] fucker!>>Speaker 14: Come on.
you little prick! Now, he’s moving!>>Speaker 1: Joe Pesci is a Jack Russell
with the bite of a bulldog. Commanding any room his character is
in with a temper shorter than he is. And nobody loves his funny
how scene more than us. But it’s not just that, it’s every
loose-cannon moment he’s on screen. And it’s not like
Ray Liotta’s some slouch. He’s turning in one of the best
performances of his career. And he might even be
the better actor here, but that doesn’t stop our man from
completely hogging the spotlight. [SOUND] Finally,
finishing up with our number one, we can’t forget the supporting role
that comes in the form of the villain. Now, we did a whole feature on our
favorite villains list that you should check out here. But for this category, we wanna focus on the movies where they’re
far, far more interesting than the hero. Think of villains like The Joker,
or Anton Chigurh, or Max Katie, or Agent Smith, or Amon Goeth, or Hans Landa. I don’t even have to say the films or
the actors, but you know exactly
who I’m talking about. But if there’s a villainous role that
defines, transcends his film more than any other, it’s gotta be our
number one pick, Hannibal Lecter.>>Hannibal Lecture: Why do you think
he removes their skins, Agent Starling? Thrall me with your acumen.>>Clarice: It excites him. Most serial killers keeps some sort
of trophies from their victims.>>Hannibal Lecture: I didn’t.>>Clarice: No. No, you ate yours.>>Speaker 1: Anthony Hopkins’ Lecter has
to be the first thing that comes to mind when anyone thinks of Silence of
The Lambs, which is crazy on its own, because Jodie Foster’s Clarice Starling
is already so good. Hopkins scored a paltry 16
minutes of screen time, but made every 24th of a second count. He transfixes Clarice, the camera, and
us for every moment he’s on screen, delivering one of the most chilling
examples of upstagemenship we can think of. Which is why he’s our pick,
the best of all time.>>[MUSIC]>>Speaker 1: So, what do you think? Do you disagree with any of our choices? Did we leave out any supporting
roles you would’ve picked? Let us know in the comments below and
be sure to subscribe for more Cinefix movie list.>>[MUSIC]

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  1. If anybody could beat out Christian Bale as the Joker, it would be Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter. I also agree with what others said about Val Kilmer, Samuel L. Jackson, and Wallace Shawn.

  2. i would argue the number 1. Personally i believe the main character of that movie was Hannable just told through jody foster

  3. The Fugitive, stared Harrison Ford, as the Doctor trying to prove his innocents of killing his wife, But Tommy Lee Jones, US Marshel stole the movie and even went on to do two other spin-off movies of his same character.

  4. 1) Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original Terminator (in fact Arnold was offered the lead role but declined..)
    2) Emma Watson in Harry Potter (in the books Hermione was always the third friend, but she ended up being the most popular)
    3) Val Kilmer in Tombstone

  5. Nothing like giving away the #1 in your stupid "Watch from $2.99" ad. I swear to god, Google could get three nickels out of a dime if it squeezed hard enough.

  6. You didn't have bad choices in here, there are one or two I would have added: Martin Sheen in West wing, he was so good that a show that was supposed to give him a couple minutes of screen time each episode revolved around him only a few episodes in. Dwayne Johnson in fast and the furious, He come into a silly movie as a silly character and he knows exactly why he's there. He does to hobbs what adam west did to batman. He pulled Hobbs out of the joke. He says all these stupid corny one liners but he is delivering them with seriousness and dedication as if he were in a broadway play. It just makes all the stupid stuff he says funnier. There are bunches more: John wayne in the man who shot liberty valance, Cary Grant in Notorious and his girl friday, So many to put on the list.

  7. Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda. I walked out of that movie and said "He deserves an Oscar.", and of course he did.
    Louise Fletcher in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. There is no McMurphy without that evil bitch. Absolutely the perfect believable villain.

  8. Before I watch the video: #1 has to between either Christoph Waltz for Inglorious Basterds, Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight or Anthony Hopkins for The Silence of the Lambs.

  9. You overlooked "The Good Place". D' Arcy Carden, who plays Janet, and the actress Jamela Jamil are very, very good !!!! Are D'Arcy & Darcy mangling of D'Arc ???? Arc is a French city, home of JEANNE D' Arc !!!!!!
    On "Mchale's Navy" there was the native chief !!

  10. I'm a little sad that they didn't mention Gary Sinise's Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump, but other than that this list is great.

  11. No. 7 "Breakout role" should've been Jack Nicholson on Easy Rider. The guy had practically quit acting after years of unemployment and B movie roles: He arrived at the location as part of the production crew and ended up playing the part just because Rip Thorne quit mid-movie.

  12. Dude!!! How in God's name you pick Hannabel lecter as number 1 stealing the show???? should of been Heath Ledger.
    anytime a supporting role actor steals the spot light from main actor deserve to be number 1. it was embarrassing a unknown actor steals the show from Batman. Christian Bale Batman,…that would have Never happened to Michael Keaton Batman. But hey ,Ledger Stole the show should be number 1

  13. Anthony Hopkins is the lead actor in Silence of the Lambs. He won all of his awards from the film as the Best Actor, not the Best Supporting Actor. He literally won the "Best Actor in a Leading Role" at the British Academy Film Awards.

  14. I have always believed Spielberg knew Robert Shaw was perfect as Quint in jaws. Shaw was having severe drinking problem, in fact I think I
    Heard he was actually drunk for several scenes. Robert Shaw was an outstanding actor!

  15. Jolie played herself…She has never matched that "role" …and lets not forget she is Hollywood aristocracy…the only reason such a psycho is successful…

  16. Not having Gary Oldman in here for The Professional is criminal, incompetent, tasteless, and inexcusable. You fancy yourself a movie buff…

  17. How do you not mention Ned Beatty in "Network"? The Corporate Cosmology of Arthur T Jensen was the keystone of that movie. It brought the entire movie together. One of the greatest monologues a in film history. With just five minutes in that film, he won a best supporting actor nomination. No one else could have delivered that monologue.

  18. My top pick would have been Kevin Spacey in Se7en. He steals the climax completely from Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt

  19. One of my favourites gotta be Paul Dano in There Will Be Blood. I don't remember watching any Daniel Day-Lewis movie where another actor gets to control a scene with his character in it, but somehow Paul managed to do that in a few moments as Eli.

  20. Stephen Geoffreys steals the show as the friend Evil Ed in Fright Night.In the same movie, Roddy McDowel rules as the vampire hunter Peter Vincent. Likewise scene steeling was Griffin Dunne who plays the mangled friend in American Werewolf in London.

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