Top 10 Tips to Submitting a Children’s Picture Book Manuscript

Top 10 Tips to Submitting a Children’s Picture Book Manuscript

Hi my name is Kimara Nye and I am editor at Maverick Arts Publishing. Today I am going to talk through some of the top ten tips as to how become a published author. Tip 1. Title is king. Everyone needs a good title and it will be the first thing that the editor sees. Tip 2. Guidelines It is important to follow guidelines if a publisher gives them there is a reason. And one of the main guidelines that you will come across is word count. Other guidelines might include how to send your submission. It might be by email or by post and when you do that make sure you do check what the publisher wants you to do. Tip 3. Submit Legible Submissions. In might seem obvious but make sure your manuscript is easy to read. Some people will submit a manuscript where the font is in all different colours. It is best to just submit a manuscript as plain text with 1.5 or double line spacing. Tip 4. Try to be Original It is very difficult to be original nowadays. So just try to submit something, which is unusual or is going to grab the attention of the person reading it. Tip 5. Take your time Take your time and really think about what you are writing. Don’t rush into submitting something that you’ve only just written. You want to be able to see how you can improve it. One way of doing this is to join a critique group and to show it to other people and get their opinion. Tip 6. Know Your Audience It is important when writing to know who you are writing for. So is the language you are using too complicated? At Maverick our age range is from 3 to 7 years old. Tip 7. Rhyme or Prose One of the things I get asked about most when I am receiving submissions is whether we accept rhyme. At Maverick we do accept rhyme but a lot of publishers don’t. But when publishers are looking at prose and rhyme , if they have two strong texts and one is rhyme and one is prose they are more likely, probably, to go for the prose. Tip 8. Research! It is very important to research other children’s books. So the best thing is to know the children’s book market inside out. There are loads of different places you can find out about it and loads of different people you can talk to and maybe it might help when you submit your own manuscript. Tip 9. Know Your Publisher When you are submitting a text it is important to know who you are submitting it to. Traditional stories may be written beautifully but at the end of the day it is not exactly what we publish. So it is important to make sure that you know your publisher before you submit. Finally, tip 10. Be prepared to make changes. It is important when you have a manuscript that you are not precious about it. If you are an unpublished author then you’ve got to accept that you might need to make changes to your manuscript. A publisher might accept it but on the condition that they are able to work with you. So you’ve listened to this video and you’ve decided that you have the perfect manuscript for Maverick. That you are going to be the next big thing. Well, how do you submit? The best way is to go to our website, which is I hope to read your submission soon. Thank you.

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  1. I had questions about formatting children's books. Should we write the manuscript in standard paragraph form, or separate the lines to indicate different pages for a picture book? Some websites have suggested including illustrations, a book outline, or just the edited manuscript. Do you have any thoughts on these suggestions?

    I would appreciate the help.

  2. I have a completed Book Project to submit…illustrations and more…"InDesign" Adobe or Pdf version for easy viewing?
    Thank you for your very well thought out plan and ideas.

  3. This has been the clearest video for me. I have been working on writing a children's book for the last year now, I have several short stories set aside and one in particular I have worked on.
    I go to the library, book stores and online to research kid's book's but when I look at my own work I lose confidence that my story and character's won't be good enough.

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