Top 10 Worst Movie Plot Twists

Top 10 Worst Movie Plot Twists

these are the films that you should turn off with 20 minutes left you’re too old to still be doing this welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten worst movie plot twists for this list we’ve chosen big screen endings that enraged frustrated or just plain bewildered audiences and critics alike before you watch any further beware that this list will obviously contain spoilers will tell the others he was killed by the creatures number 10 ghost wife safe-haven oh well I’m not close by city standards I’m Joe by the way when Katie arrives in North Carolina it seems she has big secrets as she starts to fall for a widower named Alex and becomes friends with her neighbor Joe we learned more and more about her even suspecting that Katie is a murderer what is this but it turns out that she isn’t and her abusive drunk husband is just claiming that so he could have an excuse to look for her that was a stupid young girl that got into a relationship with the wrong man how am I supposed to believe that so is that the plot twist nope the twist is that Joe is actually the ghost of Alex’s dead wife and she has been making sure katie is right for Alex throughout the whole film I only wish I could be there somehow to meet you control issues much you’re maybe in some ways I am number 9 Mandarin Trevor Slattery Iron Man 3 some people call me a terrorist I consider myself a teacher after he sanctions several terrorist attacks and blows up iron man’s house audiences were really excited to see the Mandarin in the flesh my disciples just destroyed another cheap American knockoff the Chinese theater until they actually did you see it turns out that the evil Mandarin is just a drunk British actor named Trevor Slattery they gave me things that he gave me this palace they gave me plastic surgery they gave me things and this actor is as surprised to find out about his terrorist persona as audiences worth since he had no idea such things were occurring in his name Killian Killian he created you he created me as his later revealed the Mandarin was a lie invented by aldrick Killian to cover up the fact that his disability cure was kind of blowing up veterans yes sir Laurence Olivier and that he was the real terrorist mmm number eight just a vision the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part two after four arguably dismal movies plenty of people were more than ready to see all of the characters in Twilight be brutally murdered and that’s exactly what they got Jasper Jane Caius Marcus ro and Ringo and all the others get to chop in the final installment of this romantic fantasy Saga except gotcha because the battle sequence was just a vision being shown to RO of what would have happened if there was an epic and awesome battle since ro decides not to wage war the coolest scene in the franchise is made completely irrelevant number seven mark ruffalo scheming now you see me for very good eyes sir for a film about tricks this caper thriller sure did not know how to pull one off a group of magicians is assembled by a secret leader the plan to rob insurance magnate Arthur Tressler I had what are the kids call it these days oh yes that’s right magic the only man who can stop them is FBI agent Dylan Rhodes played by Mark Ruffalo you know the less angry half of the Hulk how’d he do that I have no idea but I’m sure there’s a logical explanation luckily for the magician’s though he’s a bit of a moron except in reality Dylan doesn’t want to stop the four horsemen why because he’s the guy that brought them together so we’re supposed to believe that this guy has been able to make his way all the way up the ladder at the FBI all while acting like a total moron number six it was Jim Carrey all along the number 23 in this psychological thriller Walter Sparrow is given a book called the number 23 played by everyone’s favorite Grinch and least favourite Scrooge the animal control officer slowly becomes obsessed with the book especially when he finds out that the last chapter number 23 is missing it wasn’t the happiest of endings it wasn’t an ending at all after chapter 22 there was nothing but the question as the movie wears on Jim Carrey’s character slowly discovers that he wrote the book and that the murder described in it is something he did in real life it was a whole hour before the doctor arrived and in that uncertain hour my eight-year-old mind raced really can’t you Carrie go back to being the kind of funny mentally unstable guy like in me myself and Irene number five just a fear savages they will attack us there in savages surrender is not defeat after 90 minutes of gritty realism it looked like this crime thrillers climax was going to be realistic after their shared girlfriend is kidnapped by a cartel pot dealers Ben and Shawn captured the cartel leaders daughter now an exchange is organized but a shootout erupts several characters died Bennet’s wounded and he John and the girlfriend Oh philia all overdosed to die together except that was all just Ophelia’s fearful thoughts of what might happen that’s the way I imagine it but the truth has a mind of its own in actuality the good guys live happily ever after and for some reason so does the cartel enforcer who’s also a rapist and a Decapitator lado Ana’s who’ll created a new cartel the Helios number for modern day the village my intentions are true to my word I think of nothing but the people of this village M night Shyamalan has a reputation for giving his films terrible twists and this is no exception the psychological thriller appears to be set in a rural village in the 19th century that is being terrorized by monsters or so receive but in fact none of this is true mile 27 there’s a girl I’m gonna check it out the story is actually taking place in modern time and the village is one in which a small cult of people many of whom are unaware of what really goes on in the outside world is living in a secluded forest the monsters just the village elders in fancy dress the whole film is basically an over serious two-hour episode of scooby-doo way you know you’re not chicken are you number three water water everywhere monsters can handle classroom blogger from Shyamalan to Shyamalan we return to the king of god-awful twists for number three the aliens cater lunch in signs Mel Gibson and his family slowly realized that aliens have landed the tension is slowly and masterfully built up until one weakness is found water yes water you know that thing that’s spattered all over the planet the liquid that comes out of the tap in everyone’s house the naturally existing phenomenon that literally falls out of the sky and is in the air vapor you’re kidding us right the aliens are supposed to have superior intelligence and they didn’t plan for this guess not don’t think I like water let’s hope they don’t come back with raincoats number two 911 remember me so uh what do you want robert pattinson breaks into this top ten once again this time it’s for remember me a film that ironically will be forgotten quite soon what’s this one’s plot twist 9/11 yes apparently if you’re stuck trying to end a terrible romance film throwing in an international tragedy will do just fine that’s like if the notebook ended with footage of Columbine this is lazy writing at its most emotionally manipulative teeth before we get to the worst film twist of all time let’s have a look at some honorable mentions or rather dishonorable mentions of course I’ll simply wait well I need it wasn’t disappointed to get off the only one with enough power to get out of town that one is based on the two worst books full of lies and Distortion like all bad propaganda look really smooth it’s more like the antique WikiLeaks movie they were undone destroyed after all of man’s weapons and devices had failed by the tiniest creatures that God and His wisdom put upon this earth number one Abraham Lincoln Planet of the Apes the original Planet of the Apes flick is considered a classic and one of the greatest films of the late 1960s dear stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape so when Tim Burton took the reigns for a reboot he already had the foundation of a great film ready for him to slap his name on instead the director took out what’s arguably the greatest twist in movie history and replaced it with this needless to say it pissed off fans critics and pretty much everyone else with eyes if this is the best twist humanity can think of we think we deserve to be overrun by Apes seriously how does this make any sense do you agree with our list I know what I’ve done to you made you question your faith which mind-numbing painful plot twists hurt you the most when you saw them chicken up for more straightforward top 10s published every day be sure to subscribe to because from what I’ve seen at least it helps with the pain

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  1. I can totally see why people feel that way about twilight, but let me tell you… I went to an all day marathon of all five movies that ended with the midnight premier of the fifth (I was like 14 give me a break)
    And the eruption of horrified screams that happened in that theater was like nothing I’d ever experienced. And it didn’t stop after the first “kill”, it was a solid ten minutes of teenagers and middle aged moms absolutely shrieking. It was insane. Like ya we were crazy for being so emotionally invested, but I’ve never felt closer to a giant room of strangers in my life.

  2. I thought that Now You See Me's twist was great, and, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it the bacteria that kills the aliens in the book War of the Worlds?????

  3. WTF …. Remember Me has seriously one of the most shocking and heart wrenching twists that still makes me cry to this day!! I totally don't agree with this list…

  4. This video is an example of why people actually don’t like there Chanel, the number 23 was awesome, the villages twist was week but it was still a good movie, and they didn’t give reasons on why there bad, they just judged the movie, not the twist, yeah I’m a bit unhappy

  5. M. Night Shyamalan has never been famous for terrible twists. Literally he is known for some of the best and most daring twists in the sci-fi genre

  6. Do we agree with your picks? Most definitely not.
    Especially Iron Man 3 and
    Now You See Me. Iron Man 3 is odd, and some people don’t quite like it because it’s comedic but there is no reason for it being a ‘bad’ ‘terrible’ plot twist. It reveals a bigger twist, and a big twist on what we assumed would happen next.

    And in Now You See Me, that’s an amazing plot twist. It makes you want to re-watch the movie to see exactly how Mark Ruffalo’s character was that man all along. It makes you rethink everything you just saw.

  7. Am I the only one who liked Remember Me? I thought that twist was amazing, because I did not see it coming and it felt more like real life.

  8. The biggest twist in film history was finding out the baby’s face in twilight was cgi. I mean it looked so realistic

  9. Remember me was shocking. It made me realize how intricate and unique lives in the middle of their story were cut short. It got to me.

  10. In response to the War of The Worlds ending, I thought it was extremely realistic and scientific. The world will only die if it becomes sterile because they are the most basic forms of life and microorganisms are the ones that affix nitrogen and very first oxygen-producing forms of life.

  11. What the fuck. Why are people saying the village was a good movie? I thought it was god damn hot garbage. Worst twist ever

  12. Actually War of the Worlds has one of the most accurate endings for alien invasions type of scenarios. They would be annihilated by a microorgnisms, because thier immune system never met them.
    And by that you didn't thought that and put it as bad plot twist, makes it more reasonable why aliens wouldn't think about it either…

  13. M. Night is trash he always finds way to mess up a movie with a twist. He messed up the entire Airbender movie without even using a twist. He’s a one hit wonder.

  14. Twist in planet of the apes is pretty descent. Like imagine after surviving everything you end up realizing you're still not saved at all… It's like the end of descent…

  15. M. Night Shyamalan should have all 10 slots for this category. Also, Top 10 Worst Movies, Top 10 Worst Movie Plots, Top 10 Worst Movie Directors, etc…

  16. The end of War of the Worlds appears here and elsewhere as a 'bad plot twist' or 'terrible ending', but that's how it ends in the source material… so… tough shit. Deal with it.

  17. worst twist of all time was "bridge of terebethia"….i thought from trailer it was one of those narnia type movies but then the young girl straight up died and i took my nephew and niece to see this movie….all three of us were TRAUMATISED….

  18. Dlyan could of made it to the Fbi and just acted like a moron for that one case, it was actually a good plot twist cause it makes more sense why he didn't catch them

  19. Don't agree with the Twilight one, loved the vision twist. Maybe i was the only person to get attached to the caracters and was happy that they didn't actually die plus i got to see an awesome fight scene.

  20. Why do you have to give away the twist right away. At least give us time to click away if we havent seen the movie.

  21. I loved the village because it used the very easy way of not giving you an obvious Information like the century was so mind blowing.

  22. Are you guys trying to become the next Screen Rant? Cause shitty lists like this is how you become the next Screen Rant. Idiots. Lol.

  23. 'Remember Me', for me, was a shocking plot twist, because it just seems like a typical Romance, but with the last scene, I took it as the movie trying to show that the victims and their loved ones had lives of their own and no matter what they were, 9/11 completely changed that and the suddenness of the last scene kinda mirrored how it felt in reality.

  24. I'm actually not mad at the Twilight thing. You never read about the fighting in the book… Because it never happens. So it's pretty plausible to think that Alice… Who sees the future… Could show that to them. Just saying

  25. Your honorable mentions included war of the worlds a classic piece of literature written by H.G. Wells one of the greatest sci fi writters of all time. The end monolog in the movie is taken directly from the book and is an incredible end to one of the very first books to ever include aliens. Also although the village was not the best movie, i will say that it is based on a pretty good book.

  26. the Village, Signs both sucked…The Village might have been ok, but the "twist"? reminded me of The Holy Grail by Monty Python when the police showed up to arrest the medieval people on the battlefield… Any of the Twilight movies blew, not just the twist.. good list, but trust me, there are thousands of shitty movies out there with bad twists, plots and acting. Try Jackson's Hobbit Trilogy

  27. LMFAO I love how people hate on knight when in reality every twist he does is damn near unpredictable. The same people who say "village ending sucked" are usually upset that they didn't see the shit coming.

  28. I think viewers are sometimes, so obtuse, they can't comprehend a good film when they see it. I understand disappointment to your expectations, but it should then be rethought, when the twist is actuallystrongly thought provoking.

    "The village" for instance, was a deep movie exposing how strong indoctrination can go in cults (aka small cultures). The only reason why we can point a finger and call a cult cooky, is because we have enough peers in our own cooky cultures to win the pissing contest.

  29. Now You See Me was so stupid. A lot of people I know liked it but I don’t get the appeal. Stage tricks are only impressive when performed ON STAGE and not in a movie where you can just fake magic tricks with CGI and cuts.

  30. Okay no… I haven’t even watched this video yet but The Village is an AMAZING plot twist. I’m already heated 😂

    Edit: okay wtf are these people ON ABOUT MY DUDE?! The number 23, Now you see me, and remember me are INCREDIBLE films. Also really, war of the worlds? Do these people READ?! HG Wells wrote this masterpiece and if you think it sucks you need to remember he wrote it LONG before any science fiction was EVER popular. It’s a fantastic book and movie so imma need these fools to sit the fuck down okay

  31. You also forgot to include the plot twists in both Skiptrace and Central Intelligence(both happen to be 2016 movies).Here's the explanation:in Skiptrace,Jackie Chan's character,Hong Kong Office Bennie Chan,is motivated by both a sense of justice and revenge over the murder of his partner Yung in the pursuit of a businessman named Víctor Wong whom he believes to be a cartel leader known as the Matador,and is forced to team up with the only witness,American con-artist Connor Watts(played by Johnny Knoxville) in order to do so;in Central Intelligence,we have CIA agent Bob Stone/Robbie Wilberdic(played by Dwayne Johnson) teaming up with former popular high school student Calvin Joyner(played by Kevin Hart) in order to take down a mysterious villain known as the Black Badger,who killed Bob's partner Phil and left him to take the fall.In both films,we learn that not only are said dead partners still alive,but are also the same villains the protagonist has been constantly pursuing.Thankfully,Yung sacrifices himself in order to save his daughter Samantha(Bennie's goddaughter,and Connor's love interest) and Bennie,whereas Phil dies like any other villain in the clímax battle.Still,as much as I enjoy both films,what a wasted plot!

  32. The Palm Beach Story (1942) has a nonsensical twist that does absolutely nothing for the movie. It’s the worst, most useless ending I’ve ever seen in a movie. Moreover, it undermines the rest of the movie because it suggests the possibility of a whole different movie that they could have made instead. One that would have been better than the movie we got.

  33. I usually agree with most of the stuff in your guy’s videos, but I’m gonna have to strongly disagree with number 7 in this one. People really think its a bad plot twist just because they couldn’t believe someone that stupid could be that high up in the FBI, seriously? I don’t mean to start anything, but just look at our president man, its really not that uncommon to see a idiot with a job in a high place people.

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