Top 12 Movie Songs

Top 12 Movie Songs

LORD MUSIC ACADEMY LORDMUSICACADEMY.COM 12- Rocky Balboa 11- Star Wars 10- Jurassic Park 9- The Exorcist 8- Amadeus 7- Star Wars [Cantina Band] 8-Braveheart 5- Star Wars [Throne Room] 5- Star Wars [Throne Room] Subscribe! 5- Star Wars [Throne Room] 5- Star Wars [Throne Room] Follow my Instagram: @vinheteiro 5- Star Wars [Throne Room] 4- Godfather 3- Jaws 2- Empire Strikes Back – Star Wars 1- Braveheart LORDMUSICACADEMY.COM

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  1. I just started lessons at 62 I know I will never play as well as you and thanks for the laugh you are truly weird!

  2. Slightly disappointed the theme for Halloween isn't on here. Is it because it's not a true piano piece but is actually a warm up exercise for playing drums that John Carpenter found sounded really eerie when played on the piano?

  3. Best Soundtracks

    1. Çöpçüler Kralı (Gurbet) –

    2. Canım Kardeşim –

    3. Çalı Kuşu –

    4. Şaban Oğlu Şaban (Kürdili hicazkar Longa) –

    5. Tosun Paşa (Şehnaz Longa) –

    6. Aile Şerefi –

    7. En Büyük Şaban –

  4. You look like Valtteri Bottas mate, the only difference is you play the piano perfect and he drive a Formula 1 car perfect… Well not drive perfect but you understand right 😂😂😂😂

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