Top 3 BEST Sites To Watch Movies Online For Free (2019)

Top 3 BEST Sites To Watch Movies Online For Free (2019)

what is up guys its your boy zwax and bring
you back another video today I’m going to tell you how to watch movies
free 2019 how to watch movies for free 2019 and i will be telling you the top three
websites for sure and tell you how to watch movies for
free 2019 I’m gonna show you the top three sites go follow me on my Instagram
my fries my username is em eh or exit Z&Z
if you’re wondering why is mehraz that’s my real name but when you to
remember all these works the channel you’re watching right now but my
Instagram is by my real name I want to be original you know and if it
happens Lux on Instagram I’ll still come up and just my profile get if I get to
1000 followers on Instagram I’ll be doing a giveaway
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let’s get right into the video first of all you need to do is go download the
Chrome extension called adblock and how to download this as you see on screen in
a minute is go search on Google ad block and then the top-ranking will be on the
chrome store go click on that and then simply just press add to Chrome it’s as
simple as that I block just my friends ads and nudity ads whatever and so you
don’t get any viruses anything yeah that’s what you wanted to do I got first
on the list is movie ninja dot IO that is moving into the ayah and is a
really good website as you can see has all of the newest and movies most of
them I really knew some of them are in cinema but I was gonna put one two three
movies at this place but I just found I got shut down as much 2017 I haven’t
been doing research I’m sorry guys but this is when my favorite movie websites
starting from what last week I’ve been using movie ninja though I oh and he is
really good and they they’re very popular as you see on the movies that
have votes and some have like 500,000 votes or some sort which means at least
not much people on the website I think about all the other votes millions of
people use this website is very trusted let’s just hope this doesn’t get shut
down like quantity three movies got busted but I repeat thought I oh don’t
use any other ones and a lot of them are HD summer cam basically the difference
between cam and HD is that cam is using your phone camera pointing at the screen
she’s always d20 and I have a really good phone but still the audio will be
as good shape as the British and that’s what HD and above all
maybe something for 720p may even be be available and yeah that is coming up at
number three I’m it up next on the list is a really really good website called
cut TV cat TV it’s is another one of my favorites all of these on the list are
my favorites guys it’s does one two three movies it has all the latest
movies out now as you can see on my 30 however the better benefit of this what
this is why is high up on the list is that they are mostly HD high-definition
or 4k depending on your screen resolution you probably just be able to
stream it on HD but guys this is so good on the end of them are calm as you can
see this bumblebee as well I tried the HD and but will be still in the cinemas
out now I wanna watch that after and in this video you know after burn the
ground its 2019 and eg I need to be on top of the CEO CEO and ranking business
you know anyways all seriousness it’s a good all around the website and moving
on to the list we have clinics dot fun the only problem about this website is
that all these movies are all cinemas but they get a little straightaway when
they do come out cinema so there are still fairly in the only reason I put
this on the top of the list is that every single or repeat every single
movie on here is HD or above HD or a but none of them my car the mask on and I’m
have a HUDs okay I didn’t intend to round there but okay this is hands-down
the best website on the list but all free websites are my favorite so yeah I
hope you have found this video beneficial and yeah this is a flex a lot
of fun hope you guys have enjoyed this video please excuse my waffling so we go
it’s none of these I’ve been bombing two scripts so I’m not reading off anything
I’m just a sink II out of my own a heart and sport anyways a like subscribe and
comment down below which website was your favor of thank you guys for
watching until the end if you are what seeing this
and follow me on instagram get me to a thousand followers and then i’ll be
giving away a 20 pound gift card winner’s choice and obviously you guys
later see

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  1. If you follow a crap ton of people you can get followers fast. I got like 1000 in a week on insta

  2. I pray, that one day. There will be tutorial channels who can just get straight to the point 😭🙏

  3. 2:09 movie is the best. The audio is decent but the quality is good if you have good WiFi

  4. Movie Ninja doesn't work, took me to this real life cam and it showed me a live camera of people.. I'm creeped out.

  5. I couldn't eve search a movie on it it wouldn't load bit works.really well I recommend it tho

  6. I went to flenix and Trojan tried to hack my computer stealing all of my info but Microsoft locked up my computer and I ended up paying $250 so have my computer fixed and safe against the hackers. Fair warning

  7. the real shit is showbox its wayy more better than netflix and has movies released on the day it came out and its free, it takes netflix sometimes months or years to get a new movie
    but the only problem is it only works on android but theres movie box for iphone

  8. 2019 anyone?

  9. Shoebox Pro is the best so far. It's an apk that you have to download from the internet, as it's not available on any app store. You do need to change the setting on your phone to allow unknown apps. I've never gotten a virus from it and just about every movie & show u can think of is there. Some new movies may be bootleg, but eventually they go HD. Now if I could only do this on my chromebook laptop! LOL
    Dont click on any links on YouTube comments.. always type them in a Google search or just read the comments.

  10. Speak more clearly you should realize you are communicating to an audience plus inscribe the info to the sites you talk about with links on your bio besides that it's good, please avoid being a bore involve us that's the only way you can get your message home.

  11. They’re all really really bad websites that have constant ads , don’t waste your time going through the frustration for nothing

  12. trying to find the new Jordan Peele horror movie "us" came out few months ago. anyone seen it anywhere or know where i can stream it

  13. People I know and other side that I use and stuff it's good I think but like you don't have to like download stuff you just like watch it online and I think it's actually really cool because you don't need a profile and stuff usually there's like two different things overcloud cloud and vidcloud that you watch it on one of them usually doesn't work but the other one when you click the play button it works oh and the site it's called

  14. 123 movies isnt shut down u can still look up movies maby they did for certing time but its still working as of july 14


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