Top 5 Best Netflix Original Movies To Watch in 2019 || Bingeworthy

Top 5 Best Netflix Original Movies To Watch in 2019 || Bingeworthy

Did you know Netflix has
produced more than 200 original movies? That’s a lot of screen time. But I’m sad to report that not all of it is worth
your time. Luckily, if you stick around,
you won’t have to sift through all 200+ titles before just
giving up and rewatching “The Office.” I’m Alex Robinson, and
on this week’s “Bingeworthy,” we’ve got the five best original Netflix movies you need to watch right now. I hope you have your
microwave popcorn and Swedish Fish ready, because we’re jumping right in. First up, “I Don’t Feel at
Home in This World Anymore.” But that’s just the title
of the movie, that’s not actually how I feel. This film is part mystery,
part thriller, part comedy. We’ll just say it wears
a lot of hats. But don’t let the
laughs fool you. You can expect a hearty
dose of violence, as well. It is all about
balance, am I right? The movie tells the
story of Ruth, a nurse who is frustrated
with the world and her own life. After her house is burglarized, she goes on a vigilante
crusade to find the thief, teaming up with her
quirky neighbor, played by Elijah Wood. Seriously, this movie’s
got everything. Ninja stars, gallons of Big
Red soda, upper deckers, friendly raccoons, and even
exploding body parts. And through all that, the
movie sets out to answer the very timeless question: Why are people such
[beep]holes? And if all that’s not
enough to convince you, who could say no to
Elijah Wood in a rattail swinging
a set of nunchucks? – I’m not letting you shoot
anyone. Anyone… anyone else. – Up next is “My Happy Family.” Manana is a middle-aged
wife and mother whose big, multigenerational
Georgian family is super demanding
and suffocating. After reaching her
breaking point, Manana shocks everyone
by packing up and leaving them to
live on her own. Of course, we quickly find
that this sort of thing just isn’t done in
Georgian families, so the cultural angle adds
an extra layer of tension. Manana’s husband, children,
and parents are completely out of their element with
her gone, but also equally peeved that she tarnished the
family reputation. All of this leads to, and
you guessed it, major drama,
lots of fighting, and even eating
cake for dinner, which you might not
have guessed. While that may sound
like a synopsis for “Real Housewives,”
“My Happy Family” is both delicate and brutal in its
portrayal of independence and women’s changing
roles in the household, and it should be a
relatable watch for anyone who deals with their
own family drama. “The Meyerowitz Stories.” The movie follows
the Meyerowitz family, who all, to put it simply,
have some very serious issues. It plays out like a series
of short stories, tied together by
a common thread. All three of the Meyerowitz
siblings share a seething resentment toward
their disappointing father. This movie will keep
you on your toes with trying to navigate the
tricky dynamics of a dysfunctional family.
Plus, it’s packed with straight up amazing
performances by an all-star cast. You’ve got Adam Sandler,
Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, and Emma Thompson,
just to name a few. But it’s Adam Sandler who
really steals the show here, making a pretty major comeback after a few questionable
projects of late. This movie is more akin to
“Punch Drunk Love” in its charm and teeters
delicately between comedy and tragedy,
instead of hitting you over the head with
fart humor. – Ow! You kicked me
in the shin! – Number 2: “Okja.” Hollywood loves a cute
pig protagonist. First, there was “Charlotte’s
Web,” and then “Babe,” and now we’ve got
“Okja.” But while Okja the pig
might be super adorable, the movie is actually
pretty dark. It’s about a “super pig'”
that’s genetically bred by a corporation to be
the perfect food source. She was raised by
14-year-old Mija, who loves Okja like a pet. And I mean, how could you
not? The pig might be CGI but
it is freakin’ adorable. So when the corporate
overlords come for her roly-poly pal, Mija heads to the big city
to save him, encountering
environmental terrorists, a zany Steve Irwin-type, and the suits at the top
of the food chain. The film’s unlikely friendship
between Mija and Okja will have you dabbing
at your eyes, and its critique of
human’s relationship with the natural world might have you questioning even your own eating habits. And finally, “Roma.” All that money Netflix
has spent on originals finally paid off. This film earned 10 Oscar nods and brought home three wins. And even better, it’s
worth all the hype. Alfonso Cuarón’s
black-and-white passion project is an autobiographical
story of a kind-hearted maid named Cleo, who cares for a family in 1970s Mexico City amidst
her own personal troubles. The movie is visually stunning, with artful direction and
deliberate, yet subtle, shots that distinguish the
unique style of the film. The movie has an enduring
subtly and tension throughout that will really keep
you invested. Plus, it’s hard not to
fall in love with Cleo. But don’t take my
word for it. My buddy Wil Fulton
is a huge Cuarón superfan, so I’m gonna give him a
call with a little help from Visible. Hey Wil, what’s up? I’m talking “Roma” on
“Bingeworthy.” – What’s up, Alex? I’m always
down to talk to you. You came to the right person. I recently was in Mexico City
on vacation. And I found the house where
“Roma” was filmed. So, you know, there’s actually a plaque outside now that says, “‘Roma’ was filmed here from 2016 to 2017.” And apparently it’s nearly
identical to the house where the director,
Alfonso Cuarón, grew up, which is right across
the street. It’s already kinda a landmark
in Mexico City, and a testament to how great
the film is and how much people love it. – All right, Wil, I’ll let you go. Thanks for talking Cuarón
with me. So, there you have it, the five best Netflix
original movies. Of course, since Netflix
seems to be on a roll, don’t hold us to this
list forever. They might just whip
out the next “Star Wars” by the time you’re
watching this. To stay up to date
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Thanks for watching, everyone.

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