Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature Horror Movies

Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature Horror Movies

What’s that!? Oh my word–it’s a giant, ravenous monster
heading straight for us from the silver screen of horror cinema. It’s a shark–or a horde of flesh eating
slugs–or a twelve story leviathan that shoots it’s offspring off a set of strange bio-cannons
on its knees. Either way–it’s a pretty effective sandwich
for a classic form of horror. They go together hand in hand, really–terrifying
monsters and all the trappings of horror that come with them. In many ways, creature feature horror is the
very definition of the function of what truly affects us on the screen–because when you
boil it all down, all it takes is a frighteningly effective monster to scare us witless. Let’s find out. Hello horror fans, what’s going on–and
once again, welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube–Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch–as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature Horror
Movies. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, of course–that
scene was from 1979’s Alien–the first ever cinematic depiction of the xenomorph, and
of course–that particular titan of science fiction horror would make the top of our list
every single time when it comes to horror of the creature feature variety. However, much like that film–as well as John
Carpenter’s The Thing, we’ve covered them time and time again on the channel, and by
now–it goes without saying that they’re worthy of note. So yeah, honorable mention. Also, stick 2006’s The Host on that honorable
pile too, because it’s the definition of creature feature–but yeah, we’ve covered
it quite a lot. And double also, let’s not even get started
on Godzilla–because that’s a different story entirely. Kicking off at Number 5–The Burrowers, 2008 A surprise entry for an otherwise surprisingly
effective horror movie. And it will be even more of a shocker to fully
realise that this film, is in fact–a Western. Yeah. Exactly. A Western. A Creature Feature Horror. Who would’ve thought it? But in fact, 2008’s The Burrowers is certainly
worthy of a look-see–and when we boil down the bones of what makes a creature feature
horror worth its salt, for a relatively low budget horror, this one has a few lessons
to teach. Written and directed by J. T Petty, the man
responsible for writing the Outlast video game series, The Burrowers tells the tale
of a group of pioneers in 1879–who venture through the Dakota Territories in their attempt
to try and build a new life out in the Wild, Wild West. Sadly for them though, during that time, the
colonists begin getting picked off one by one–and a series of strange holes begin to
appear. Now–this film is incredibly reminiscent of
the classic horror comedy creature feature, 1990s –Tremors–which is 100% worthy of making
a list similar to this, but–of course, we’re compiling this list for horror–rather than
humour–and if you’ve seen Tremors you’ll know it is damn hilarious. You see, like Tremors, The Burrowers lives
up to the promise made by any creature feature horror movie. The creatures–as in, you know, the most important
part of the movie–are actually terrifying. And they are. Also, the cast to this film is stacked with
90s cinema goodness, starring William Mapother, Sean Patrick Thomas, Doug Hutchinson–and
none other than Clancy Brown himself. Yeah, although it may not seem it–The Burrowers
is a surprisingly effective movie, and well worth a watch for any fan of creature feature
horror. Swinging in at Number 4–Mimic, 1997 Alright guys, this one may come across as
being noteworthy of a little bit of nostalgia–but if we’re being honest, I’m pretty confident
that nostalgia and creature feature are a subgenre of horror cinema that were meant
to go together. However, much like our previous entry, The
Burrowers–part of what makes this movie so good is the surprising stance it takes in
subverting common tropes to prove it’s point. In many ways, Mimic was way ahead of it’s
time following its release back in 1997–and what director better suited to deliver such
a bold promise? Of course. Our man Guillermo del Toro. Written and directed by del Toro, based upon
the short story of the same name by Donald A. Wollheim, Mimic tells the tale of a scientist
and entomologist named Dr. Susan Tyler–played by Mira Sorvino, who is fantastic in this
movie may I add–and whose character is responsible for developing a species of insect, known
as Judas–to eradicate a deadly disease spread by cockroaches in downtown New York. Now, in typical late nineties science based
horror–although Dr. Tyler is successful in wiping out the disease, things very quickly
and very rapidly go awry. It’s also pretty important to note that
if you’re creeped out by insects–particularly highly intelligent insects with a knack for
rapidly evolving–then there are many, many moments in this film that will gross you out. It’s strange, because Mimic is oddly one
of del Toro’s lesser known releases–and although it didn’t exactly shake things
up at the box office–stylistically, it’s perhaps one of his most visceral horror creations. As you’d expect from Guillermo, the physical
effects in this film are top notch for the time–and the psychology behind the Judas
insects are surprisingly horrifying. Evolution is messed up. Oh, and also–Josh Brolin and Norman Reedus
are in this film. So yeah. Watch it just for that. Next up Cloverfield, 2008 You know what? Still to this day, this film gets quite a
lot of hate, and I have no idea why. One of the biggest criticisms of this movie
is that the shaky camerawork is too much, and watching it gives people a headache. I mean. Okay, that’s fine–but maybe avoid found
footage horror if you’re not in the mood for that–because the equation is simple. Handheld Camera. Being chased through the streets of downtown
Manhattan by a giant, terrifying monstrosity–yeah, unless you’ve got a steadicam vest–by proxy,
things are gonna be a bit shaky. And whilst we’re on the topic–creature
feature aside, 2008’s Cloverfield is perhaps one of the finest demonstrations of found
footage horror–ever. It really is–and I think it gets a bum deal,
because Cloverfield is fantastic, and it’s a much more important film than it’s given
credit for. Written by Drew Goddard, directed by Matt
Reeves, and produced by the contemporary legend of science fiction, J.J Abrams–for all intents
and purposes, Cloverfield *is* the horror amalgamation of the legendary kaiju and Godzilla
series. You see, Cloverfield was made with a reverence
for those movies–which have held an important place in both science fiction and horror,
but let’s not beat about the bush. They’re anything *but* scary. I mean, they’re awesome–but yeah, Mothra
isn’t exactly the kind of visual monstrosity known to induce nightmares. Cloverfield, on the other hand, whilst admittedly
being more thriller than horror–is genuinely anxiety inducing. It’s a whiteknuckle ride, mainly spurred
on by it’s found footage credentials–but it stands on its own merits as a genuinely
effective horror ridden thrill ride. Also, again–the most important facet of this
list–the titular creature behind the feature is more than worthy of note. We know *so* little about the Cloverfield
monster, that that in itself serves to propel the horror behind this movie. It’s Lovecraftian–or it could be, and that’s
reason enough to give this movie a watch. Yeah, the characters might be a little bit
annoying–but hey, we’re watching this film to see a firsthand account of New York being
torn apart by a cosmic horror of unknown aquatic proportions. Coming in at Number 2–Pumpkinhead, 1988 And I’m sure that this one will raise a
few smiles amongst you die-hard horror fans–and in all reality, this film is perhaps the literal
definition of the term, ‘they don’t make movies like this anymore.’ Because really, they don’t–and sadly, gone
are the days that the likes of Pumpkinhead will make their way to the forefront of horror
cinema. In many ways, creature feature horror itself
is a dated concept–and it takes films like Cloverfield to reinvent the form and rearrange
it for a new generation of horror fans. Pumpkinhead was the last cycle of those films–released
just before the 90s loomed their ugly head and horror cinema decided how best to reinvent
itself. On the surface, Pumpkinhead is a slasher movie
with one of the most inventive and memorable horror monsters ever created. But beneath that surface–is a highly intelligent
film–an almost gothic tale of love–vengeance and redemption that is surprisingly effective. Written and directed by Stan Winston in his
directorial debut, 1988’s Pumpkinhead was made by a die-hard fan of physical effects. And yeah, whilst the visuals of this film
*are* indeed slightly dated, the craft poured into this film by Winston is second to none. It tells the tale of a man named Ed Harley–the
owner of a small store in the countryside of rural USA whose young son, during a terrible
accident at the hands of a group of out-of-town youngsters, is tragically killed. Seeking vengeance, Ed employs the wisdom of
a local witch–who instructs him to carry out an ancient ritual that will bring a terrible
monster to life to enact his revenge. The price of that? Well–that’s why you should watch this movie–but
really, start to finish–Pumpkinhead *really* is the definition of creature feature horror–and
it’s a must see for any fan of horror, cult horror or otherwise. And finally, coming in at our Number 1 spot–The
Descent, 2005 And whilst some of you may be a tad surprised
to see this movie take our number one spot–I hear you–*but* first and foremost, let me
explain. I thought long and hard about what a *true*–genuinely
fear inducing creature feature horror could be. You see, in many ways–we don’t exactly
watch creature feature movies for the sake of getting scared, right? In some ways–the sub-genre itself is similar
to horror comedy, which is perhaps why films like Tremors, Anaconda, Lake Placid and Eight
Legged Freaks are so successful. You see, we watch these movies more for their
passion behind horror cinema–to visually witness all of the tropes and styles that
make them so appealing. Gross physical effects. Witty one liners. A titular monstrosity of a creature feature. But you see, Neil Marshall’s fantastic 2006
horror–The Descent–does all of those things, and yet it’s very specific recipe–is terrifying. The Descent is scary on many levels. If you’re claustrophobic–this film will
be stressful for you on another level. If you’re scared of remote locations out
in the wilderness. The Descent has got something for you. And if you’re scared by the prospect of
a species of subterranean cannibals that hunt their prey using echolocation–then I hate
to break it to you, but The Descent may be the most terrifying film that you’ve ever
seen. You see, we’ve covered this film on several
occasions over here at Top 5 Scary Videos–and the thing is, we have reason to–because it
works on so many different levels. And strangely enough, I’m not entirely sure
why–because on the surface, this movie isn’t exactly the most impressive of pedigrees. It’s got a relatively unknown cast, and
it was created on the back of Neil Marshall’s brilliant yet otherwise unknown 2002 horror,
Dog Soldiers–and yet deep within it, this film is one of the most well crafted horror
movies of the 2000s. I almost don’t want to say anything about
the films plot, or the creatures in question–because if you haven’t yet seen it, really–you’re
in for a treat. Well, there we have it! Our list for the Top 5 Scariest Creature Feature
Horror Movies. What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree? Have any intriguing insights to add? Then please, let us know your thoughts down
in the comment section below, as well as any choice picks of your own. Before we depart from today’s video though,
let’s first take a quick look at some of your more creative comments from over the
past few days. First up, Chapter XIII says– In the intro you uttered the name of the most
terrifying, sanity-devouring, mind splintering horror ever to manifest and it gave me nightmares. Please, Jack–don’t mention Coldplay again. …. — Yeah. I’m sorry about that man. I promise it won’t happen again. And next up–Kings of Horror says– –Thank you for making this video! It gives us a few new ones to watch–skull
emoji. –Hey! That’s not a problem at all Kings of Horror,
I’m glad that you enjoyed. Cheers for stopping by–erm… two skull emojis. Wel–on that note, unfortunately that’s
all we’ve got time for in todays video–cheers for sticking around all the way until the
end. If you were a fan of this video, or just Top
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Jack Finch–you’ve been watching Top 5 Scary Videos–and until next time, you take it easy.

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    The Decent DESERVES number 1! 💀🤘

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  10. I love Cloverfeild and remember being super impressed by how something so vague could induce so much anxiety in me.

  11. Pumpkin Head truly is a great movie. That witch's house and the witch herself were really scary. Pumpkin Head was scary itself as well. The whole movie (for me) was edge of your seat scary, especially on two hits of four way window pane! 😲😱🏃

  12. Given the history of the "Creature Features" broadcast programming, the only one on your list that qualifies is Pumpkinhead. No CGI creatures/monsters should really be on a list of "creature features". They can go elsewhere. Can you talk without your hands all over the place?

  13. I am a huge fan of that freaky headed pumpkin head, or a freaky fan of that huge headed pumpkin head, or er…. well you get the point, keep'm coming Jack.

  14. The Descent is my favorite horror movie. Ever. As for creatures Cabin In The Woods is full of them. It bumps Pumpkinhead.

  15. The descent was my daughter first real horror movie, we watched it together. This movie has a very special place in our hearts.

  16. So many need on this list. Relic, Deep Rising, Dog Soldiers, Deep Star Six, Phantoms, Feast, Wishmaster, Anaconda, The Cave, Frankenstein's Army

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  18. It's about time Pumpkinhead gets a spot. I used to scare my sister with this movie as kids. Now, to date myself, we are both in our 40's now, and I can still scare her with it. I'm such a horrible sister! Thank you Jack for bringing a smile, and some very fond memories. Lol

  19. I loved Cloverfield with a capitol "L". What I didn't quite understand is someone holding a camera to their eye for 85 minutes while all this crap is going around them.

  20. First time I ever found guys from h.p love craft! Now please answer this question what is your favorite monster from h.p love craft stories? Also I need see all those movies!!

  21. I consider 'Creature Feature' meaning a movie based on a real animal, a la Jaws. 'Monster movie' in my mind shows made up creatures, which all of these (bar mimic – which is an amazing movie) fall into this category.
    The Meg is currently my favourite Creature Feature. So tropy!

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    The Relic 1997
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    Pitch Black 2000
    C.H.U.D. 1984
    The Mist 2007
    Slither 2006
    Q 1982
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  27. Nice to see Mimic getting some love. Whenever I think of Descendants, I think about the scene in Frontiers when the two guys were trying to get out of the basement while being chased by the mutants living in there.

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  29. I dunno how many would agree with me tbh. The movie didn't do well and the novel is down right obscure but the Entity in Phantoms (1987 book 1998 movie) was pretty terrifying. A filter feeding previously unknown town sized ancient creature that wakes every few decades to consume whatever living animals are on the surface above it and who's contentiousness and self awareness changes based on what it's food source thinks it is as it consumes whatever it's eating. Now modern humans beings in the Bible Belt of America are the food source and they/it think it's the devil so in essence they are battling an ancient creature that thinks it's the devil and can manifest it's self however it wills too.

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    In case of i have to chose i preffer the creatures from "the Cave" obviously not for the movie itself, but for the afford put by the FX team

  31. It's funny, I love The Descent, but I actually find the whole trapped-in-a-cave-that-might-have-no-way-out thing waaay scarier than the monsters themselves.
    Delighted to see Pumpkinhead on here. For all its cringey acting moments, it is a genuinely scary movie with a terrifying monster. And the witch is phenomenal.

  32. I watch creature features for the monster(s). Bonus if the characters are believable and the plot is good, but my attention is solely on the monster(s) and the lore.
    My top pick for a creature feature would have to be Trick 'R Treat. Now, I know some may not say it's a creature feature, but I feel like it somewhat is, as the same creature, Sam, is seen over and over throughout the movie; even having his big reveal towards the very end of the film.
    But that's just my opinion. ^U^

  33. I am actually not surprised this movie can be scary without the monsters tbh! Just the idea of being stuck in small places at times of the movie had me scared and kind of gave me anxiety! But yes the monsters were pretty scary!

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