Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

Top Gun: Maverick – Official Trailer (2020) – Paramount Pictures

– Thirty plus years of service. – Combat medals. – Citations. – Only man to shoot down three enemy planes
in the last forty years. – Yet you can’t get a promotion, – you won’t retire, – and despite your best efforts,
you refuse to die. – You should be at least a two-star admiral by now. Yet here you are. Captain. Why is that? It’s one of life’s mysteries, sir. ♪♪ – The end is inevitable, Maverick. – Your kind is headed for extinction. Maybe so, sir. But not today.

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  1. story line could of had goose die CIA covered his death, now goose traded sides and now tom cruise has to dog fight him…….(storyline trademarked) me

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  3. I really hope they don't waste too much time on plot, dialogue, character development, etc. Normally I'd care, but in this case wouldn't mind if it's cheesy, unoriginal or poorly written—as long as that stuff is brief. For the love of aviation, please be at least 60% aerial shots of fighter jets running full throttle pulling insane G's.

  4. FUCK!! The mad man did it, he fucking really did it. He is flying that war machine himself, I salute the dedication and perseverance he has to always looking to bring an authentic cinematic experience to his audience. BRAVO!

  5. Not to be that guy, but Thomas Dietz and Robert Hehemann also shot down three aircraft during the gulf war, which was 28 years ago. Though they were both USAF pilots.

  6. Top Gun was great because of the real US hardware. If this trailer is any indication…this looks like it's going to be awesome!

  7. I wasn't allowed to join the Navy due to medical problems but that's alright simply because watching this movie a thousand times will make up for it

  8. Imagine if tbey cast Tom Cruose in the MCU. We would finally get a great movie tbat doesnt end in a generic CGI mess(and trust me, i love those fights . Especially Infinity War and Endgame)…. Because he would do all the stunts for real!!


  10. Well I’m glad I didn’t hear “Old Town Road” for the trailer song. I’m disappointed in the Rambo trailer.

  11. You know on the first one I was crashed and burned by genius of first movie… AND THE SECOND? I don't know… BUT IT'S LOOKING GOOD SO FAR….

  12. Collected from comments section
    ED Harris: u should be at least a 2 star admiral by now and yet here u r capt..why is that?

    Tom Cruise: too busy making mission impossible films sir..

    Ed Harris : 30+ years of service. Actor like you should've been retired by now.

    Tom Cruise: Maybe so sir. But not today.

    ED Harris: The end is inevitable Maverick. You will eventually look 57 years old!

    Tom Cruise: Maybe so sir… But not today!!

    Admiral".. But you remember one thing: if you screw up, just this much, you'll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!"…

    Maverick" maybe so sir… But not today! "

    Alexa, how old is Tom Cruise?" "That's one of life's mysteries"

  13. You guys do realize he owns a couple planes in real life. One being a p51 mustang that he keeps at van nuys airport. So the possibility of him flying or even co piloting the f18 would be more then possible. It was the first top gun movie that inspired him to be a pilot.

  14. The moment when the Top Gun Anthem plays…goosebumps! Finally a trailer that doesn't give away plot points, instead just gets you excited for a movie.

  15. Carrier based , legendary movie part 2… only took 34 years. Anyone would think there will be a carrier based false flag war kicking off again soon … in Middle East… again… under pretence of freedom … again … with oil thrown in as ‘accepted’ conspiracy theory again.
    When really it’s just another Mossad run proxy war that will kill thousands … including naive US teenagers who will sign up because of this movie. Ain’t Hollywood great .?

  16. Will this movie be woke like everything else that is being made these days? If this movie is about story and not agenda it will be a rare thing.

  17. If you go any higher then Captain in the US Navy you're flying a desk. And he's HAD plenty of promotions…let's see….he went from Lt. to Lt Commander to Commander to Captain. Wherein a one star admiral is sitting at a desk and your combat days are over😭

  18. Okay no one else is gonna say it. Is that Jon Hamm? Because I can't wait to see what kind of a-hole instructor he'll be playing.

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