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rakesh dasnice Joshua And my name is Daniella Venzini Uh-huh. You look a little bit like
my little daughter–like my little Lu. So who is the boss here? Me! You’re the boss? In my house, the girls are the bosses too. So let’s just say you make it to the end, let’s say you’re really good, What would you do with a million dollars? What I would do? I would give some to the whole world that are poor. That’s very nice! And… Will he get some of that money too? Or are you organising all of that money? We’re gonna share it, and then we’re both gonna have a mansion… (audience laughing) I’m gonna save some for college, and, I’ll– (audience cheering) And, like she said, we’ll buy a mansion. (audience laughs) That sounds pretty good to me! I can’t wait to see you two dance. Go ahead! Aw, so cute! (music) (crowd cheers) (audience cheers louder) (crowd clapping) (music) (crowd applause) (Music) Awh, he did it! (Music) He bloody can’t stop now! (Music) (buzzer) Noo! (Music) (crowd clapping) Oh come on.. (crowd clapping) If you will run after girls Then girl will run with money If you run after money Then girl will run after you (Music) One time what I say Then only to my mom no one else (Music) (crowd clapping) (Music) Hello! Hi. Welcome to our tenth year on America’s Got Talent, You guys look great, you really do! What are your names? Elin I’m Noah. And, how old are you? I’m seven! And I’m eight. You guys are awfully cute, you know that right? Yeah, we know that. Can you imagine – what am I gonna do if I don’t like you? I could never tell you ‘no’, right? Because you’re so cute! Yeah, yup! What if i have to tell you no are you gonna break down and are you gonna cry? Or are you gonna be able to handle it? We’ll be able to handle it! Alright thank you, alright. The stage is yours, good luck! (Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer) This is amazing! I love it! That’s brilliant! Haha! What’s the big dream for you? My ultimate dream is to win Britain’s Got Talent! Good dream. We wish you the best of luck! Thank you! Whenever you’re ready! Come on, Jack! Well done! Well done, Jack! Hello, and what’s your name? My name’s Aidan. Aidan, how old are you? 11 years old. 11 years old.. Ok, and why are you here today? I’m gonna dance. You’re gonna dance? Ok, and why did you enter the competition, Aidan? Uhm, I just like dancing. Ok, well best of luck. (Music) (The audience gets excited) (Music) (Audience is extremely impressed) (Speechless) (Speechless and amazed) (Well deserved applause) Subscribe to Idols Global and Got Talent Global!

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