[ Top Secret ] Comedy Show

“Beep, Beep” Welcome to Baltimore. Baltimore Baby! Bah! You Can’t See me mom go back inside the go back inside you know baltimore’s not really even
known for its comedy so it’s a good like breeding ground you can try out all the new stuff you wanna do you can try out all your weirdest shit in front of a new audience every
night and there’s like a training camp for comedy I think we probably have something most
unique talent around and tonight we are going to put that to the test We’all going to get there tonight meet back in the green room pass out manila folders with our names on it everyone’s gonna write down one joke for each comic that comics not gonna see those jokes until he opens the folder
on stage it’s a dangerous game we play but this
is top secret So I’m just writing bad jokes so they bomb and I feel better
about myself everybody knows which ones is mine cause its got a bunch of backwards “R”s and “S”s and shit. Is that a Five? my we’ll see what happens I dont know guys this is top secret thanks for coming I just open the thing and do whatever jokes are in here. What????? first thing you do is just read whatever is written out loud. I I’ll figure it out later. what happens when hell freezes over then it all melts . That girl that finally started having sex with me is like. nope, no more, there were conditions to this. mine says something nice on it. it says your funny and handsome. Hmmmm.. Cool. I got an admirer.. literally the first dumb thing that pops into my head. that’s pretty much how my stand up goes. Why am I standing like this?? Hey guys.. Why is French Bread So big??
I feel like I did way better in the beginning. and then it got weird at the end. So a G- String for a girl what would it be for a guy?? A “D”string? Like A “D”string? Dont laugh at that. Its Rough. Its Rough like I dont like it. I like that it happens and its good to work through But it’s kind of painful too
I’m been working on some impressions lately.. this is my impression of a bad
Italian accent aaaayyyyyyyyy… A pizzzzzzaaahhhhh Pieeee….. It’s almost like the pressure is off. It allows you to relax and be yourself. And the next day I came to work, and yo they fired me in the parking lot. I didn’t even get out my car.. they was like no you’re fired. go home… {laughter} most the time when it really nervous
and I’m like hopefully they laugh When I did stand up there. like whatever it’s not my jokes if they dont laugh they dont laugh. and it kind of made my stand up better you can get stuck in ruts sometimes where it feels like you are doing the same thing Over and over again and this will knock that right out of you Alright guys that was top secret, some people Did great, some people not so much, when you’re testing out new jokes on the fly in front of a new audience it
look easy it’s not easy and that’s kind of what the shows showing but that’s TOP SECRET baby. see you next time I Had fun I Hope you guys did too. This is definitely going to look a lot better in post.

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