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So with Hollywood so prolific these days,
more and more movies slip through our fingers! That’s why in addition to my list of the top
ten best movies of 2015 and the top ten worst movies of 2015, this year I’m also making
a list of top ten hidden gems! That way the next time you’re looking for a movie to steam,
you can give this bunch the second look they deserve. Kicking off the list at number ten
is The Good Dinosaur – this one’s even still in theaters! Sure, Inside Out was Pixar’s
big movie this year, and maybe this is convincing evidence that Pixar shouldn’t release two
movies a year! But I actually preferred The Good Dinosaur to Inside Out, a sweeping western
for kids that has the most stunning nature animation you’ll ever see. Plus not falling
in love with Spot is impossible. Next at number nine, check out Max. Hollywood has been churning
out modern day war movies left and right, but while this is a family movie it hardly
takes a sugar-coated look at war. Instead it’s very realistic in the depiction of how
war effects the families of our soldiers both good and bad. It also highlights the importance
of not holding onto anger because you never know what’s coming down the road. And on top
of all that it’s just a good movie with some thrilling scenes toward the end. Then at number
eight we have another thrilling movie, McFarland USA. The trailers made this look like just
another movie of the week, but we need to remember that Kevin Costner has a pretty good
eye for material. This true story about a white coach sent to a rural immigrant town
is not only an inspiring true sports story but shows that the only thing keep us apart
in America these days is old fashioned racial stereotypes from both sides. But the reality
is we’re all just people trying to survive while hoping to someday be our best if we’re
lucky, and if someone will believe in us. Now in number seven, The DUFF, Mae Whitman
doesn’t believe in herself when her confidence gets shaken by the hottest guy in school,
Robbie Amell. The DUFF deserves to be an instant teen movie classic, especially thanks to Whitman
and Amell’s comedic chops and chemistry, so hopefully it’ll find its audience on the small
screen. Jimmy Fallon couldn’t stop watching it during his recovery this summer… So these
days we find ourselves talking a lot about immigrants, and what a pleasant surprise that
Paddington happens to be one of the best immigration movies to come along in awhile! On top of
this bear from Peru trying to make London his new home, Paddington features wonderful
performances from Downton Abbey’s Hugh Bonneville, Nicole Kidman’s Barbie doll Cruella DeVille,
and well, let’s just say Colin Firth was right to step aside and let Ben Whishaw provide
the voice for Paddington. Then at number five is Pawn Sacrifice, a wonderful comeback for
Tobey Maguire that sadly nobody has noticed. Bleecker Street films released Trumbo and
Beasts of No Nation this year which are getting plenty of awards attention, and they’re actually
three for three with Pawn Sacrifice! Do yourself a favor and complete the set. Child 44 is
number four, because it’s Tom Hardy’s best performance this year! I rented this movie
on iTunes because there was nothing else to watch, and it ended up being the movie where
I fell in love with Hardy as an actor. Sure Gary Oldman and Noomi Rapace are also excellent,
but you won’t be able to take your eyes off Hardy in this murder mystery that’s as much
about what it was like to try and be a good communist in Russia – until you learn the
price. Then at number three, I gotta put The Walk. As I said in my review, this ended up
being a live action Pixar movie which actually makes you appreciate mimes! It’s also a
beautiful movie about why we’re compelled to create art and what that art adds to society.
And it’s nice to see Robert Zemeckis’ technical know-how complement his storytelling
once again rather than get in the way of it. Number two? Far from the Madding Crowd. The
UK has produced some of the most sumptuous book adaptations in film history – David Lean
in particular – although they seem to have fallen out of favor as of late. But while
director Thomas Vinterberg is Danish and Matthias Schoenaerts is Belgian, Far from the Madding
Crowd is still a wonderful return to form for UK cinema. Just like reading a good book,
this adaptation of the Thomas Hardy novel is a very cozy read – and if you want to understand
why Schoenaerts is getting so much work lately, you’ll totally get it after you see him
in this movie. Then finally, the most precious hidden gem of 2015 is India Baahubali The
Beginning! A huge success in India and abroad, this fantasy film is half Disney Animated
Movie, half Lord of the Rings epic. It’s also the most successful film to come out
of India that’s NOT from Bollywood, and more proof that foreign film industries are
gaining on Hollywood – fast. The sequel comes out in 2016, so you better catch up now! And
those are the top ten hidden gems of 2015! What movies do you think are worth a second
look from this year? Be sure to share them down below, as well as vote for your favorite
movies of 2015 in Beyond The Trailer’s annual poll! The link is in the video description!
I’m Grace Randolph and you can check out my own top ten list for 2015, and top ten
worst list for 2015, right now!

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