Top Upcoming Movies 2020 | The 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

Top Upcoming Movies 2020 | The 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2020

2019 hasn’t even properly started yet. That does not however keep us from already
looking at the next year! 2020 promises to be yet another exciting year
for movieenthusiasts. This is why we will now present you our top
20 list of our most anticipated blockbusters for 2020. But please be aware that you should always
take details like relase dates with a grain of salt – since they can always be changed
throughout the year. Other than that – Let’s kick of our list. Bad Boys for Life In 1995 viewers around the globe were first
introduced to the onscreen dynamic between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence when they were
chasing chasing criminals as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett. In 2003 Michael Bay gave us a sequel to his
buddy-cop-action-comedy with Bad Boys 2. But ever since their second adventure we rarely
heard anything regarding our favorite cop duo. But next year – 25 years after the original
a third film will hit theatres. Michael Bay will however not be involved with
the project anymore. We are hoping for intense action sequences
and good comedy nonetheless. Both Lawrence and Smith are set to reprise
their respective roles. James Bond 25 At first it was announced that „Trainspotting“
director Danny Boyle would helm the 25th bond movie. His vision did not sit right with the producers
though. This is why Cary Fukunaga the master mind
behind true detective will now direct the film. Bond 25 could very much be Daniel Craigs final
007 adventure, which is why it seems very interesting that it will tie in with „Casino
Royale“. We are eager to see what the agent with the
licence to kill has in store for us for his anniversary. Bloodshot Vin Diesesl intends to do so much more than
playing Groot in the MCU. This is why he will now dedicate himself to
a new superhero project, which has nothing to do with Marvel or DC. In the upcoming Sony produced film Vin Diesel
is set to portray Raymond Garrison aka Bloodshot. A former soldier who has the ability to regenerate
and change his appearance – all thanks to the nanotechnology inside his blood. Vin Diesel playing a super hero who gets to
say more than just his famous 3 words – seems interesting 🙂 Fast and Furious 9 Speaking of Vin Diesel – The crazy adventures
of his fellow drivers will be continued in 2020 as well. Dom and his family will do incredible stuff
once more. Stuff that requires you to suspend disbelief
– because with these guys it’s never grounded in reality. Dwayne Johnson won’t be joining the team this
time around though. He seems to be on his own path with spin offs
like „Hobbs and Shaw“. It is however possible that he may return
for a 10th film. With or without the rock – cars will be
flying and the action is going to be insane once more! Godzilla vs Kong
Spoiler Alert! Godzilla will more than likely survive the
clash that will unfold in „Godzilla King of the Monsters“. After all who but our favorite Lizard would
be worthy of that title and we must not forget that a „Godzilla vs Kong“ film is definitely
coming. In it we will witness the ultimate clash between
Godzilla and Kong from 2017s „Skull Island“. Who will win? Who will be stronger? We are definitely lookin forward to the ultimate
monster mash. And on a positive note – it can’t be possibly
worse than the 1962 version where Godzilla took on this flea ridden
monstrosity pretending to be King Kong. Maleficent 2 In 2014 Angelina Jolie turned in to the wicked
fairy godmother and showed us that there are two sides to every story. Pirates of the Caribbean 5 director Joachim
Ronning will the 2020 sequel which will see the return of many familiar characters from
part 1. The movie will continue to explore the relationship
between Maleficent and Princess Aurora. Joining the cast will be none other than Michell
Pfeifer who will portray Queen Ingrith. Wonder Woman 1984
After fighting in WW1 Diana Prince will now be dropped into the turmoils of the Cold War. In „Wonder Woman 1984“ the amazon will
meet her archnemesis Cheetah. Patty Jenkins will once again direct the film. Gal Gadot will reprise her role and Kristen
Wiig will portray newcomer Cheetah who will cause trouble. The first Wonder Woman was a fun action adventure
and since the crew behind and infront of the camera is set to return – we have high hopes
for the sequel. Ghostbusters 3
Not too much has been revealed when it comes to the upcoming 2020 „Ghostbusters“ film. Jason Reitman will continue his fathers (Ivan
Reitmans) work by directing the film. The movie is intended to be a direct sequel
to „Ghostbusters 2“ from 1989, which is why we are hoping to see our OG Ghostbusters
in action once more. We already now who we gotta call next year! Top Gun 2
In 1986 Tom Cruise turned into the badass fighter pilot Maverick inTony Scotts „Top
Gun“. The movie is an 80’s cult classic with its
great action sequences, its iconic soundtrack and well… its Tom Cruise. In 2020 a sequell called „Top Gun: Maverick“
will hit theatres. In it Cruise reprises his role as Maverick
and will act as a mentor figure for his best friend’s son while simultaneuosly having to
deal with some umanned drones. A similar concept already worked well for
the „Creed“ films in which Rocky Balboa became the mentor. We’d like to see Cruise succeed as weel. The film will probably feature some amazing
action sequences again. Avatar 2 Are they finally coming or not? After his huge hit „Avatar“ James Cameron
constantly discussed the possibility of sequels. But after so many years a lot of fans simply
gave up on that dream. But now it’s finally happening. „Avatar 2“ will be released in december
2020. The film will probably blow us away once more
with its stunning visuals. We sat down with producer John Landau who
teased new cultures and worldbuilding. Fantastic Beasts 3
A total of five films involving beast lover Newt Scamander are scheduled. We already had the pleasure of seeing two
of these adventures ourselves. „The Crimes of Grindelwald“ gave the titular
character, whose hunger for power puts humanity itself at risk, some solid character development. But some exciting questions remained unanswered. We want at least some sort of resolution with
part 3. In any case magic enthusiasts can look forward
to another entry within the potter verse. Birds of Prey
Wonder Woman won’t be the only leading lady to make her return to the DCEU. Margot Robbie aka Harley Quinn will swing
her hammer once more – this time around without the support of her suicide squad. Instead she will become part of the birds
of prey – an all female group of superheroes who join forces with harley quinn to take
on the sinister black mask. The latter will be portrayed by none other
than Ewan McGregor. We are eager to see how the new additions
will leave their mark in the dceu. Mulan
Disney continues to turn its iconic cartoon classics into live action feature films. This time they’re taking on „mulan“. New Zealand director Niki Caro will helm the
remake. The story of Mulan who pretends to be a man
in order to join the army was first told by Disney in 1998. Fans of the songs of the original might be
disappointed though. Because this version won’be aa musical. Minions 2
Love em or hate em – one has to admit that the little yellow fellas have become pop culture
icons. 2015 marked their first stand alone film. The movie was a massive success. It made almost a billion dollars making it
one of the most successful animated feature films of all time. It was only logical that a sequel would follow
and 2020 will be the release date. The minions will be part of endless shananigans. Bananaaaaaa Sherlock Holmes 3
In 2009 Guy Ritchie turned Robert Downey Jr. And Jude Law into Sherlock Holmes and Dr.
Watson. The master detective and his loyal friend
returned for a sequel in 2011. Ever since that time it’s been awfully quiet
when it comes to Mr. Holmes. After all Robert Downey Jr. Has been pretty busy leading the marvel cinematic
universe. Nonetheless a 2020 sequel is happening with
both Downey Jr. And Law returning. Marvel Cinematic Universe A year without Marvel? Unthinkable. 2019s „Avengers Endgame“ will mark the
finale of a huge saga, that was developed throughout 3 phases within the MCU. But that does not mean the end for marvel
in general. 3 undisclosed movies are scheduled for 2020. One will arrive in may, one in july and the
final one in november. But as mentioned before – we do not know
which films they are yet. Onward
Pixar is also returning with another film in 2020. After the release of Toy Story 4 in 2019 the
highly successful animation studio will bring us another original story. „Onward“ takes place in a world of elves
and trolls. In the film 2 elve brothers are looking for
magic. It is pixar and therefore we are expecting
quite abit. The voice cast seems impressive aswell. Star Lord Chris Pratt and Spider-Man Tom Holland
are part of it – to name a few. Conjuring 3
When he’s not busy bringing Aquaman to the big screen, James Wan tends to scare the living
shit out of us with his conjuring movies. After the first 2 adventures of ghosthunter
couple Ed and Lorraine Warren another case will hit the big screeens in 2020. Originally there was an idea, which involved
werewolfs – but instead Conjuring 3 will take traditional route and focus on an evil
demon once more. Unfortunately James Wan won’t helm the film
himself. We are excited nonetheless – after all the
previous two films were shockingly good. Ghost Busters beware! You got some competition in this couple! Venom 2
Tom Hardy became Eddie Brock in 2018 – who then thanks to a symbiote turned into Venom. The fans seem to love this film. After all it made over 800 million dollars
at the box office. It seems like we’re gettin a sequel in 2020
and in it we should expect to see Carnage. And this character definitely deserves an
r rating. Dune
Denis Villeneuve pleases viewers with every single one of his films. Now he wants to take on a very ambitious project:
Frank Herberts Dune. Whether or not the film will be released in
2020 has yet to be confirmed but it seems more than likely. We are expecting great sci fi entertainment
when it comes to Villeneuve. The cast alone seems incredible: Timothy Chalamet
is set to play the lead character. The supporting cast consists of Oscar Isaac,
Dave Bautista, Zendaya and Stellan Skarsgard. Which movie are you lookin forward to the
most? Let us know in the comment section below! And for more original content – check out
these videos!

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  1. I am looking forward to watching The Avengers End Game and Toy Story 4. Sorry for mentioning these two movies not being released 2020, but the they are included in you video.

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