Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038

Touring A Massive $188 Million California Mega Mansion | Ryan Serhant Vlog #038

How many bathrooms in the house 21 21 how many bedrooms 12 12 38,000 square feet one helicopter helicopter comes with it. Yep. Got it. Perfect Right, yes, so Mark Cuban has a 350 million dollar boat. Okay, he’s gonna use it eight times All right, and he lives in a thirty million dollar house sure, so Doing well and 400 million on the boat lives in 225 million dollar house. Sure. Does it make sense? Right. So right you have a boat. Let’s say is worth 350 the first time you go into the Mediterranean that boat is worth 300 million sure after five years worth 150 and after ten years that Both were 50 million dollars you buy a house in the Platinum Triangle anywhere Right Bel Air Beverly Hills jambe hills and you look at any ten-year period of time and in the end of the day Residential real estate in the planet Rangel has outpaced two Dow Jones in the sp500. Sure. So like you get to limit your asset Enjoy your asset. Like what’s better than this, right? It comes with seven to the snap So we you know the burek I maybe international and you don’t know your area you got a driver right or you have a chef you have a Masseuse you have a physical trainer you have everything the best of the best. There’s 24-hour armed guard security here There’s a booth that you can’t see Crazy This is black quartz crystal losing the engine eating family for four generations Is the probably the most expensive valleys and ever see in your life this was? 250,000 euros crazy we carved it out and put it on the diamond Ron City. So you’re looking only got $300,000 better for the powdery for God nice so Bruce had an amazing quarry in Greece and Of hunting onyx and then what he did was he may have Louis Vuitton furniture out of it, basically Yeah, Francoise Renault and Bruce are the only two that own this insane. Take the most beautiful hunting onyx on the planet and Make it into Louie Vuitton Chessington sandblast the Louboutin logo into the chest Yeah, it’s crazy right here I mean there’s Eames Dane a hundred and thirty-five art installations in this house 15% of are designed by Bruce. So you’re gonna see stuff that you won’t see anywhere in the world, right? that Bruce designed and created and this is one of those pieces that’s completely crazy You’re not allowed to come in here. Alright, you stay there go look at other things I swim around jacuzzi That’s also new. Yeah, probably the this house has a lot of things that I’ve never seen before in my entire life Yeah, it worked a whole concept No one’s ever seen that because it doesn’t exist in any other house in the world Sheriff Elizabeth a broken remembers broken back. So of course crew is carved one out of Honey onyx that’s insane again. One of one something you won’t see anywhere else in the world. That’s insane I’m like kind of speechless walking through this house right for you to be speechless said wow. Yeah, so You could be laying in bed, right you could take your iPad your iPhone. You can order americano and expresso, right? They a cappuccino it has 16 different chambers Wow, it makes mixes most amazing coffees it’s in the bedroom in between their two closets and espresso and then figure out what your This looks better When our 300 drawers in this house, each one is aligned in its way my mother. Ah Nuts like gorgeous. Yeah crazy So the staircase alone took two years to build And probably somewhere around two billion dollars Got 20 guys who again? This isn’t this isn’t throne. This is polished steel and to get polished feel to this level of finish is extremely difficult to do What just happened, right? Every this isn’t this isn’t a staircase. This is art. Yeah Take a look up here again, the level of finish this thing is anchored at the bottom. It’s anchored at the top. There’s zero deflection Again, you’re looking at a two million dollar staircase, but I believe it’s the center in this room. That’s insane Oh, I see something cool. Yeah Is that 350 speakers in this house? We’ve got 200 inside. We’ve got 150 tickets outside But again, we’re sort of surrounded in this total privacy the design insane That’s awesome probably looking like this $80,000 anchor That’s Jade right onyx it’s probably the most expensive onyx in the world that piece that you’re looking at There’s probably quarter million dollars and again, like I said developers in this town Crazy These Dom Perignon magnums into fire extinguishers so we haven’t fired this house we take whatever You break the glass and put the house out with champagne That’s crazy And again your client and to buying this house Ryan will put whatever Wines or spirits in he wants sure we want screamin eagle will follow places. We’ve been do whatever it is insane The store pulled over when it to the store and said to the manager, you know I’m gonna buy this camera and the guy said, you know every camera in the sewers yourself But not this one and Bruce would say everything’s to sale So after like a half hour of negotiation, not only with the manager But the CEO of like a Bruce had a flatbed waiting outside like in Beverly Hills They had to take the storefront off liked it because this was put in before they put this or while on the store Right in here my flatbed and then took it by crane and run it through The skylight and it landed right here on the main level. That’s crazy we didn’t have a It’s a 1 it’s probably worth somewhere around a million dollars Bonkers, you can actually see through it Behind this bar television, we have a 40 seat dolby atmos theater So you’re watching the Super Bowl with 40 of your closest friends or a premier with your thirsty? You come out here make a martini. Then you go back All right hang out at the you know, 25-foot screen and then go back in. This is what Bruce calls it dignity luxury So predicted to Louis Vuitton Mainline mess right in the main vein, right? Yeah. Yeah, so predicted to earth voices Portia’s, you know addicted the Ferraris here is one more cool piece of art one of the 50 cars that doesn’t hear crazy The four-legged on our body this is the world’s fastest electric motorcycle in the world, it’s called Essaouira There’s on five episode of sinful life by the face our billionaire 924 Bel Air Road No From zero to 120 in less than three seconds This is a Dolby Atmos Theatre the absolute best residential and commercial application in the movie theater in the world Okay, we’ve got a crispy d cinema projector which today is the absolute best projector. You could buy We’ve got 57 speakers in here in 16 subwoofers. Each. One of them is on its own channel that adhere the same night It came out of Hollywood just because you live in the area know just because we’re part of that. This is Bel Air circuit It’s like a club how crazy that’s to join It’s like joining an expensive Country Club at the end of day, but you get the movies the night. They hit the theater, right? So if you’re having 40 of your closest friends to watch a movie that’s coming out that night sweat easier than million downtown That’s crazy. Yeah, so we put together a three-minute demo for you sit back relax, enjoy Right now you’re listening towards cinematic audio has been What just happened That was insane like something like this like that’s the pinnacle of the house now, it’s just it has everything Truly the eighth wonder of the world Shawn Elliott. Thank you so much On the market for a hundred and eighty eight million dollars. Thanks the craziest thing, okay I uh, I actually I feel sad leaving right now. Yeah, cuz this is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my entire life It’s like getting off a MIDI. Uh, that’s exactly what you said that feeling when you get off the boat You’re like, oh I have to go back to my regular life That’s how I feel right now leaving this house regular life is sad. Yeah, dude, I feel bad for you But you know, what come back any time. Yeah. All right. Thanks, man. Thank you. Appreciate it. Thank you, brother. All right, we’re out Thank you

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  1. First person to accurately count how many times I say the word "Crazy" in this video gets a free signed book and a video message from yours truly 😉

  2. I am sitting in my two bedrooms apartment watching this video. I am lucky I have no any interest to live in a single house now so it doesn't matter to me.

  3. The rich guy tryna impress ryan… Rich guy..This is two million
    ……….. Crazy
    ……….. Crazy

  4. Meh, it does not feel warm and flattering at all. To large, to many wide open spaces, to much nonsense and silly expensive decorations just for the sake of it. To much white and reflective surfaces. It feels very sterile and dull. Some parts of it feels like a mall. Others feels like a car shop. And others like time square with all the big screens. You wont feel any sensation of home there. 90% of those rooms are going to be totally empty and unused.

  5. Being honest dont think i wanna buy this house just wanna go their to visit. Not my style i prefer a fun house ots more like a museum

  6. I would basically just sit in that movie theater…..go and take food with me between movies….and become a hermit. The whole place is too overwhelming

  7. Nothing special, nothing worth 188 millions anyway. They put the helicopter to give a sense of luxury, that's all. This mansion isn't a worth more than 50millions, which is obviously more than I can afford.

  8. Seeing the price drop 100million, from 250 to 150 and now the chopper is gone to cut price, I hope they lose money on it, such a waste of time material and money.
    It's a luxury party house, definitely not a house to live in 24-7.
    Satanic hellyjude

  9. For that amount of money, you'd have thought they would be able to build this house in a baroque style. As it stands now, the architecture is way too sterile

  10. I'd take the 822 Sarbonne Rd mansion over this every day for less than half the price! Even the neighboring house (908 Bel Air Rd) looks better and more homely than this for the same price…

  11. ways to improve :

    1. Not so shaky camera… Not sure if even a smartphone with image stabilization could handle that better….
    2. this does somehow not really seem as professional as others do it…. cant really say why

  12. Did they mention who the owner of this house was? Didn't catch it in the vid – some guy 'Bruce'? is he running a ponzi scheme ;P

  13. That old dude talking shit about mark cuban dude u sell houses for living cuban can buy w e he wants and u r the 1 talkin shit wow

  14. Dan bilzerian bought this house for $120million and fills it up with prostitute's and coke and throws insane celebrity parties here 💀😂

  15. I got the vibe that Ryan even thought this house was over the top. He seemed to just be faking interest, while silently criticizing the extravagance

  16. People please tell me who is the Bruce that the guide was talking about. I wanna see that guy who bought a camera whatever installation for a million dollars.

  17. Help me please i'm sick help me help you god i need you to bless god in your health help me this account number if you want to help me 003280000002022

  18. now, it's only 150 million dollars! what a great deal!

  19. Watch from seven minutes and 40 seconds hey says injected straight into the main vein that means you’re penis why would you say that 😄😄😄😄 that inject Louis Vuitton that’s some funny shit seriously

  20. That is not a home, that is a silly house. Now it is down to 150m$, and not sold yet. I do not know why anyone would buy it.

  21. If this house sells for 188mil i will cut my balls off. Its overpriced by at least 100mill. Just because you cramp it with overpriced items dosent make it worth that much
    Really down to square footage and location…

  22. How many times did Ryan say "crazy" or "insane". I get it that he was gumsmacked, totally blown away and was at a loss for words but one would think that he could come up with some better adjectives than "crazy" and "insane". He was very repetitive.

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