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  1. She has definitely changed her mind wishing to become a famous porn star than a notable artistic singer… but no… you can not mix art with shits pretending to be an artist! make your decision clear!

  2. This film is so cool ! Congratulation 👏👏, this inspired me so much and I love the quality !
    (Don't hesitate to visite my profile, I do short films)

  3. maybe it’s just me but like what was the point of this? idk i’m not trying to be rude i just don’t know what the plot was i mean i really liked her other films but this one kinda has no climax i’m just confused, could someone explain?

  4. I had only heard the singles but after watching this I'm heading straight to Spotify to check out the album

  5. Tove porno atmadığın kaldı amk bi kere oranı buranı acma sanki nicki minajsın güzel sesinin önüne geçmesin sarkık memen

  6. I really need a sequel to this. I swear. I am so invested. Like I need to know what happens next. Tove Lo – THIS IS SUCH AN INCREDIBLE SHORT FILM! THIS IS THE MOST RELATABLE MASTERPIECE I HAVE EVER SEEN. I can't wait for the next era. Love from the Philippines! <3

  7. Anna is a little more than anything in the morning to all the best for me to come back and forth to the hospital with my family and friends and family

  8. Damn, having all her songs strung together like that shows just how amazing her music is and how much she's slept on. Production on 10 ❤

  9. I'm sorry tove lo but if you fucking swooped in and took a hot guy I was trying to get with AND you had a penchant for dating anyone that i was with I'd drop your ass so fast you'd be time traveling back to when we were friends.

  10. That was the cutest fucking thing my eyes ever seen vulnerable … innocence… joy… awkwardness… love ❤️❤️❤️ man tove lo you are the goat!

  11. This makes me cry somehow. Although I need to dive deep into what you really mean but OMG this seems so real when I sometimes lose track of what I really want to say after some situation like this. I got goosebumps. Thanks for your great work! <3 Love always!

  12. Well that was just beautiful. I spent the whole time terrified that something awful was going to happen, but the ending was really sweet.

  13. Damn! Tove always making amazing shorts movies… I always watching, please tove make more movies for us in the future, you are so talented.. Love u so much.

  14. Took me like a year to find this masterpiece 🔥 Love you Tove… please keep acting. You are so natural and fun to watch.

  15. Loved this! I felt like I was watching an episode of a TV show. I would love a sequel to see what happens next!

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