Toyland | Oscar – Best Live Action Short Film | A Short Film by Jochen Alexander Freydank

Toyland | Oscar – Best Live Action Short Film | A Short Film by Jochen Alexander Freydank

Heinrich. TOYLAND They are still praticing. Don’t you think they are getting better every day? Yes, wonderful. If David could only go on playing like this forever. They say, tomorrow. Quiet, for Christ’s sake! Stop that noise, you damn Jews! You both played really wonderfully today. Catch me if you can! That’s my music. Abracadabra. Have you seen my son? Why are you in such a hurry? Please, I can’t find him. The Silbersteins left today. Nothing else has been going on. It’s better for Heinrich, anyway. And what about the teddy bear? Why was Mrs Silberstein so sad? Because the Silbersteins may have to go on a journey soon. On a journey? Where to? To Toyland. To Toyland? I want to go there, too. It’s not possible. But I want to go there. That’s enough. Eat up. Dad would have let me go. I’m looking for a six year old boy. Do you think I can tell one of them from another? But he is my son. Jewish? Don’t worry, Madam, we only took Jews to the station. Have a nice day! Heinrich. Can you… …keep a secret? Down in the street I ran into a rhino. A real rhino? Then I’ll tell you my secret, too. I’m coming with you to Toyland. even if mother won’t let me. Why won’t you let me go to Toyland? Because it’s too far away. I don’t care. And… …the teddy bears are huge there. Bigger than Little Paul? Much, much bigger! Now go to sleep. We are not afraid of this, are we, Little Paul? Mum, can you please leave the light on? Stop, Jewish bitch! I’m looking for my child. Well, sweetheart, where is your little star? Where is your yellow star? Not Jewish? My child… My son, he must be here somewhere. Why didn’t you tell me you were going on a journey? I forgot. I’m coming with you to Toyland anyway. You can’t. But we’re blood brothers. We swore to do everything together. I even take the music with me, so we can practice whenever we like. Name of the neighbours? Silberstein. Usually everthing works smoothly here. Your son insisted on going with them? The boys are friends. Carriage number 3, Obersturmführer. David, wait for me! Heinrich? Heinrich, my boy, this is no time for “hide and seek”. Heinrich. Come to me. But I want to be with my friend. I want to go to Toyland. There is no Toyland. Heinrich, come here. Just a moment. Let us do this. Such a good looking boy, just like his mum. Next time don’t scare your mum like that. We still need you. And now off you go. I apologize for any inconvenience. Good-bye, Madam. Scharführer, I’m expecting an explanation. Do we go on playing?

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  1. Wow! I watched the whole thing thinking for some reason it had been made in 1962. That's a tribute to the cinematography and costuming.

    Great job, and great job structuring the English version with great unobtrusive subtitles.


  2. I could not understand what that movie is all about, can anyone please help me and tell me the concept of this movie, its a request.

  3. Ich bin so froh nicht in dieser Zeit gelebt zu haben. Ich bekomm Panik wenn ich darüber nachdenke wie schlimm das war. Ich hoffe so etwas passiert nie wieder.

  4. Great job at representing the past time of Germany. Every aspect, the hatred, the crucial attitude of the Leutnants and the victims are well performed. That time wasn’t really fun, and showing how bad it can get, when you lie to your kids, just ridiculous. Great job, again.

  5. Thanks so much for making this wonderful short available. We've added it to our list of full period dramas to watch, on our YouTube Channel.

  6. This is what the film is about, two families one jewish one not. Jewish family sent to condensation camp and sure death the other mother goes to look for her son and realises it is her opportunity to save the jewish families son ….

  7. Such an incredible story, it’s amazing the emotion and tension they were able to capture in just 10 min. The most beautiful short film ever made!

  8. Die Schönheit der Menschlichkeit. Wirklich ein guter Film! Man darf die Geschichte niemals vergessen, denn wegen der Flüchtlinge-Welle jetzt in Deutschland wieder solche rechte ,,Wutbürger" gibt. Was damals gab kann wieder zurückkommen, wenn man damit nicht vorsichtig umgeht.

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