Tradition or Racism? – The Jim Jefferies Show

Tradition or Racism? – The Jim Jefferies Show

– Down in Australia, food and toys that I grew up
with are being discontinued, because some groups suddenly find the names
of these products racist. We’re talking about things
like lollies and cheese. F**king Jesus. So I headed back to my hometown
to sort these people out. Now I haven’t seen
these products in years, but I don’t remember them being so bad. For instance, my favorite
candy Red, aw shit. But who doesn’t love Chico babies. And then our favorite cheese, Coon. Aww, what are you doing, Australia? So maybe these products didn’t age quite as well as I remember, but one couple isn’t going
down without a fight. – [Announcer] Nana loves her
teddies, all 15,000 of them. – Dave and Jan Robinson own
Nana’s Teddies and Toys, located just two hours outside of Sydney. And these anti-PC crusaders are defending one very
traditional Australian item. Fuck. What is this? – [Jan] They’re golliwogs. (whimsical music) – Australia. Meet the golliwog. Generations of Australians, including me, have grown up with these
black face rag dolls. The Americans don’t know what these are, but what are golliwogs? – A golliwog is basically a
dark-skinned or black rag doll. – Why do you think there’s been a push to ban the golliwogs? – There’s a few people in the
world that are against it, and we’re not sure weather they
don’t actually like the doll because it’s a black doll
or because of the name. – [Jim] One of the few people
who doesn’t like this doll is activist, author, and
filmmaker Dr. Stephen Hagan. He’s fought for the rights of
Aboriginal people for years. – Well, you got to understand
the origin of the doll. – [Jim] Okay, here it goes. (inhales) The golliwog first appeared
in the 1895 children’s book “The Adventures of the Two Dutch Dolls” by Florence Kate Upton. Not to be confused with this Kate Upton. Based on the tradition of
the blackface minstrel, the enormous success of Upton’s
book and its many sequels only increased the
popularity of the golliwog around the world. So much so that British jam
manufacturer Robertson’s used it as official mascot from 1910 ’til 19 fucking 88! Then boycotts eventually
lead to its banishment. Oddly enough, the first group to
officially ban the golliwog, labeling it as, quote “an inappropriate toy for young children,” were the Nazis in 1934. In fact, the Nazis were so offended, they also banned actual black people. (exhales) Jesus Christ. – White people don’t want to be told what they can and can’t like. – Why should we lose
something that people love? – Yeah, but a lot of
people hate it as well. – They have a right to be
offended if that’s their choice. The same as we have a right not to be. – Don’t you think this
one’s a bit Aunt Jemima-ry? – She’s still got a smile on her face. – Still got a smile on her face. It is a little black
minstrel-y though, isn’t it? – A little bit. – A lot of bit. Do you feel like we lose the golliwog, we lose some heritage or
history or something like that? – It’s traditional, so why change it? – The old “it’s traditional,
so why change it” argument. Whether it’s confederate
flags, Black Piet, and almost everything in the Bible, people love keeping things
exactly as they are. No matter what. I decided to move on to
other controversial products. So the Golliwog Biscuit was banned. Do you think that should’ve happened, or you think we should’ve
kept the biscuits? – Should’ve kept biscuits.
– Should’ve kept the biscuit. – There was nothing wrong with it. It is was a nice (mumbles) biscuit. – They’re gone. When was the last time
you ate Coon cheese? – Oh, when I was a teenager. – What if it’s in slices? I don’t have it because I shit myself and I’m lactose intolerant, but we all have our crosses to bear. I spoke to an Aboriginal man who is trying to get rid of Coon cheese. – But why change the name? It’s been like that for years. – Yes, it has been that way for years. But maybe it’s time to
audition some new names. What should we rename Coon cheese? – Why not call it Diary Farmer’s Cheese? – Maybe something that throws back at them and call it Bigot’s. – I think that’d be a good name for it. Then no one will eat it then. – Well-spoken cheese. That a better name? I Can’t Believe It’s Not Racist Cheese. Guess Which Cheese Is Coming To Dinner. – Well, there’s one.
– There’s one, not so bad. – Are things just too PC these days? – Yes. – What are we endanger of happening? – I think we’re in danger
of having our children grow up without having
as much free thought and having their opinions biased and not so much in a good way. – My argument has always
been with racist things, is that if it was a norm for your family to tell racist jokes, you’re gonna teach your kids
it’s okay to make racist jokes. So when you want to say, oh,
is Coon cheese offensive? No, wasn’t offensive to grandfather, wasn’t offensive to Auntie Mary. – We didn’t think of it that way. – Exactly. The populace don’t believe
these food items are offensive because it’s not offensive to them. – But if I eat Red Skins
and I eat Golliwog Biscuits, does that make me a racist? – Well, in a way it does. If you’re educated enough to know that these things offend people of color, you shouldn’t eat them. – So if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. It was clear that Dave and Jan found no offense to these products. So decided to ask about certain words. Does the N word offend you? – What, n*****?
– Yeah. – It doesn’t offend me because I don’t have any
real connection with it. It’s not a term I would use. – Would we be all right with a product called N Word Fried Chicken? – Had it can out under
the market in Australia as N***** Chicken, probably be accepting of it. – It’s like the shoe polish. – The what?
– Yeah, there was a shoe polish called N*****. N***** Shoe Polish. Is was all N***** Show Polish. – N***** Show Polish. – Australia’s doing wonderful. But don’t get too finger pointy, America. You’ve got your own products
with racist undertones. Hit the music. Aunt Jemima was first introduced in 1889. The character for her is the common mammy archetype of the day. The expression “aunt” is a pejorative term for a servile black woman. Which brings us to Uncle Ben. Same awful roots. Not those kind of roots. I’m running out of air here. Cream of Wheat, also super f**ked up! Just look at some of these pictures! How the f**k are companies still using these characters
in their products in 2019? (inhales and exhales) And with that, I only had
one more thing to ask. What would you say to a black person who is offended by these dolls? – That you’re right. – Yeah, look, I would actually apologize that the doll was offensive to them. – Maybe he’s finally starting to get it. – But there is other products in our store that obviously don’t offend them. Focus on that. – Right. The number one ice cream in Australia, it has been for years, Golden Gaytime. – I don’t eat ice cream. – I think the only way
it could be offensive is if in the middle, you put “shower. Golden Shower Gaytime.

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  1. It's offensive and/or racist, sure, but I'm pretty sure I'm not willing to take a morality lesson about racism from a dude who said blatantly racist things about Muslims. So, kindly, go fuck yourself.

  2. We grew up with Golliwogs in the UK too. Understand why they're regarded as offensive now, especially the name. If they wan to continue to make them, they should just call them rag dolls and make them in all different skin colours.

  3. Australia has a racist problem, but it's not properly explained in this piece. This is my main problem with SJW crowd. This is an old couple somewhere in rural Australia. Throwing energy at them you think will solve anything? All it does is just give you some useless comfort points.

  4. Tradition was, fat shit like that guy would have been stripped, greased and prodded all over town. Do you think he would agree with that?

  5. "Tradition" is a thing we've "always done." Doing something that's wrong for a long time doesn't make it right.
    Then again, people that think like this are steadily dying out. Really just a question of whether it's worth all the drama and energy to correct them when waiting them out will be far less painful.

  6. These idiots, tradition? Owning human beings was a tradition for many millenia, but…. DUH!
    Tradition isn't a good excuse to continue ANY adverse behavior, opinion or creed. Smoking cigarettes was definitely a tradition in my enormous extended family until the late 90s. Even after my grandparents died in their 60s. But many family members died from cancer and heart disease. Some survived, for now. So smoking is no longer a thing to do. Racially insensitive products are harmful. Harmful to those who are targeted, harmful to the sensibilities of those who don't discriminate and harmful to the unity that has been accomplished. That kind of "tradition" is cancerous to society and I find it hard to fathom that it's being perpetuated in any democratic society. I'm in NO WAY an SJW, in fact, I find most of that shit to be an annoying phase more and more young adults go through because they base their beliefs on unrealistic childish notions and on what they hear their socialist teachers and professors spew. But this is NOT that! Racism and prejudiced "traditions" are the antithesis of treating all humans equally. Every human has the right to be treated according to their character. If you're a "saint" then you get treated well, if you're an asshole, then you get treated accordingly. No matter what color u are. Those doll shop owners in this video know damn well those black faced dolls are mocking black people and they couldn't say "nigger" enough once the "black" ice was broken. To say it's unacceptable is the mildest of adjectives. The U.S. is probably more racially diverse than any other country on the planet and despite our problems, a shop selling black faced dolls in America wouldn't last a day, if it were to ever open at all. WTF is happening in Australia that no one is even protesting outside that shop?! COON cheese?! Even pre-civil rights America never had something that blatant and "Aunt Jamima" and "Uncle Ben's" must be rebranded! SMH 😕

  7. Andrew Yang needs to be the next President, come on America open your minds to real change, like the TECH CHECK, can you imagine how that would instantly solve everyone's problems, join the YANG GANG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not LEFT, not RIGHT, but FORWARD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. In my opinion dolls like these should exist to remind people of history so the mistakes of the past are not repeted i think they also serve the same purpuse as the old black and white racist films and taking those stuff out of the shelves and and pretending they dont exist is like pretenting like those historical events never happened

  9. People don't understand why insanely racist things are allowed, so all the nuance-y things have no chance of getting banned without some assholes fighting it.
    In my country we had a kind of chocolate candy called "n*** kisses" which is so obviously fucked up, and STILL people fought the name being changed to just "kisses" (and that wasn't that long ago unfortunately..). So imagine what happened when another candy called "liquorice pete" that had a wildly racist caricature of a black face on the wrapper was going to be changed. 🙄 we still have a cheese called black pete……

  10. Imagine attacking Aunt Jemima for being racist. Giving this household pancake brand the complete undoing for it's name.
    All comes down to the fact that nobody views it that way, but if you call it then you give the racists the power to use it. You literally made it that way now, congrats.

  11. This Segment was great. Brought me back and reminded me of some of my favorite snacks as a kid. "Faggot Niggers" the chocolate fruit cake. "Flaming Beaners", the spicy burritos… And of course, "Chicklets with Dicklets" chewing gum. Good times.

  12. I think it's REALLY fucking weird how open and casually they keep saying, "Nigger" over and over. Especially the woman. Good God. Hahaha

  13. Try having black people on your fucking show and ask them! Alot of them! Instead of making it seem like "they" cant talk for themselfs.

  14. Wow, sometimes I think these videos are legitimately just ways to identify racist people, this comment section, my goodness.
    Maybe some of them should be invited to the cookout, because like this on the Web we won't ever get through to them and I honestly want us to get through to them, for our children's sake.

    Sometimes I forget that they haven't ever faced real racism before and that is why they don't get the difference between these derogatory dolls and the other dolls(mainly white) of the time and the attempt to give our children dolls today that they can associate with in a healthy way with their own image of themselves.

    Just imagine if you never saw anyone that looks like you called beautiful by people who aren't your family. Just imagine if all of the dolls were black. Just imagine if every advert on decency was a black man in a suit. What if it was white dudes who immediately are labeled as terrorists or criminals without even a word. What if white guys were followed in stores because owners just assumed they would steal something and now tell me that fatherless homes and abusive fathers can't be traced back to how slave owners would demean their male slaves and cause them to seek physical dominance somewhere else, how alcohol abuse didn't stem from farmers paying their workers in wine or cider and how that didn't translate into even greater levels of domestic violence.

    Tell me how that is playing the victim and all I'd ask you is to just imagine if that was your life right now, are you sure you could( on your own) immediately break the cycle especially when everyone still treats you the same way regardless of how you act or try to be better and how your own culture has been so distorted by all of this that even those who look like you expect you to act that way and judge you if you don't. Maybe then it makes sense how we celebrate men and women who were able to do just that, break the cycle.

    I think it's honestly time to empathise first and then later defend our own situation( and that goes for all the amazing ethnicities the world over)
    Blessings to all.

  15. Fuck off America. Don’t try to apply and force your racist history and guilt on the rest of the world. We don’t have slavery in our history (unless you want to go thousands of years in the past, and then all societies where fucked up by modern standards)

  16. Trump supporters are exactly like the doll shop owners , they know only white people, when you hang out with white people and have white friends only , ur point of view is biased , the question is are people educated enough in this day and age to see this in themselves , trump supporters liked Slave owners on statues and the way the country was when there were more white people in every city with less diversity because to these racist folks anything that’s not normal to them and their previous way of thinking , they don’t like it and they don’t like you for changing things in their “perfect “ situation .

  17. In 14th century England, people threw the contents of their chamber pots in the streets, because indoor plumbing didn't exist, nor did the idea of germs. If it's good enough for people who spread the plague, it's good enough for us!

  18. My pops described to me that you could peel off the Golliwog logo from the jam bottle, and if you sent 14 or so to the company. They would give you a patch that you could sew on your jacket

  19. I don't see what is fundamentally bad with the dolls themselves. Therefore, the only thing that makes them racist is the viewer. The dolls themselves look happy, and quite innocent. It would be nice if kids had dolls of various skin colors, so they get used to the idea that there are differences in appearance but not behavior

  20. Literally every single product you mentioned in the intro was designed to honor those groups of people, not insult them. It's so funny how the actual ethnic groups have never spoken out against these brands for the decades they've been on the market yet some of the white candy asses in my generation get super offended by these 50 year old household names that have absolutely no relation to them whatsoever. This is the problem with SJWs, they don't have anything to personally bitch about so they decide to get offended by harmless shit on behalf of other groups as a way of getting attention and reinforcing their own moral superiority complexes. Also, stop saying these names are racist, they're not. Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. These brand names are stereotypes (which by definition are partly rooted in fact) at worst, they're not symbols of racial inequality. You should be smart enough to know this, Jim.

  21. Never made the connection that the guy on creAm of wheat was a slave or anything. I just thought he was a black chef.

  22. Oh, shit… I had no idea about Uncle Ben's or Cream of Wheat. I eat a lot of Uncle Ben's, and I just assumed it was name for the founder's uncle.

  23. For all the white (and brown) people who are not offended by the doll: you are not supposed to be offended; it isn’t a caricature of you. To end bigotry and systemic racism, we need to be allies to the people who are offended and to the people who are caricatured. We need to listen. We need to walk a mile in other people’s shoes. When we are not their allies, intolerance and racism against them continue; they continue because of us, just as surely as if we are openly bigoted and racist ourselves.

  24. “I’m sorry the dolls offend you. But there are other items in my store that aren’t offensive. Focus on that”
    Forget the source of this quote. But this really applies to life! Ingenious

  25. Although I do agree with Jim Jefferies, ever since the interview with Avi Yemini, I don't trust the editing anymore.


  26. Now I can see why all those White South Africans moved to Australia after Mandela was released from prison…

  27. Well I can't relate to history of the doll, but what I can say is that a form of ridiculing a person is to focus on and highlight what you see as his biggest weakness, so when the defining characteristics of the doll are the lips and the skin color, it's pretty much offensive and racist.

  28. There is too much political correctness in the U.S., but this stuff in Australia is not just politically incorrect, it’s outright racist.

    Political correctness is when pro-censorship white people, tell people people of color, what they should be offended by, because they just incorrectly appropriated a notion in a class about race.

  29. I have a doll called white old ignorant dumb fucks. It doesn’t offend me so I see nothing wrong with profiting off of selling them.

  30. I’m from mexico and we refer to our darkest skin friends as “el negro” (that’s nigger in case you didn’t figure it out by now) and not a single butt gets hurt…why? Cause we don’t give a shit and there’s no hate behind those words. The problem with North America is plain and Simple “hate”. Then they have to come up with tricks to get away with that saying the “N” word.

  31. When I see a black person I don't think: hey a black person. I just think: hey, a person. Same goes when I see a black rag doll. Why is it racist if the doll is black? Would it be racist if the doll is white or asian?

  32. Isn't Australia a colony of exiled criminals? And now their offspring? I guess it is fairly simple to explain their severe ignorance when you consider this fact.

  33. im sorry but i dont understand why black dolls (like a black barbie) is offensive. im from Europe maybe this is the problem, but i think its no offesive being black .also dont understand why the crowed yelled whe n she asked back to clear what the N word means. so there is no situation when you can say nigger ? wait until they find out there is a country called Niger and also a big river 🙂 boy you guys are harsh in america. yayx

  34. Its actually about countries also. Countries who havent faced serious racial problem based on skin dont know how serious this is and do it just for fun.

  35. Racism is not something to be joked about or made light of. In certain context amongst friends is one thing or for certain comedians sure I mean people pay to see stupid shit all the time. However I find it sad that society has to stoop to such extremes. I just wish everyone from all age gaps and of every ethnicity could put their differences aside and just accept that we're all born poor and die poor material items and the color of someone elses skin or where they're born into isn't their fault they couldn't control it. Reality is that we live in a world where violence, greed, and corruption thrive. Maybe next time before cracking that inappropriate joke or saying something racist put yourself in another persons shoes. Also message to the Media please stop airing any of this FILTH I'm not saying this show is filth but making light of Racism is in VERY POOR taste.

  36. All those black dolls needed was to hold little stuffed watermelons and the trifecta would've been complete… My god what else do you need to make this more offensive?

  37. Hello everyone, Thanks for the video.
    My first shirt on the theme of racism
    Thanks for your interest.

  38. Well, I, for one, definitely appreciate that we no longer have Nigger Hair cigarettes. I am also glad we no longer have the great three hundred year American tradition of black slavery.

    Not all traditions are good.

  39. it seems that he's making the point that black characters are an offensive concept. how is that in itself not racist

  40. So when you’re doing something shitty for a long time, it’s at some point going get less shit.. because you’ve been doing the shitty thing for a long time? Wouldn’t the fact that it’s been going on for an extended time period make it worse?

  41. ok i have a question, lets say we do remove all the Black "Mascot" character from food brands, should they be replaced with something else, or no mascot at all, if they would be replaced with some weird cartoonie ones, can the cartoonie ones be black? If not, wouldn't it be a matter of time till someone complains that there are no renditions of black characters in food brands and it's predominantly white? This are all my Legit question, i'm not trying to mock the conversation in any way, sadly most my questions have a big "WHAT IF" in them, so maybe they are not very good questions, but i still would love to talk about them.

  42. its fair enough that you find this stuff offensive, and I can see some of the counter arguments having some merit, but Jim Jeffries totally misrepresents his own views on this show the whole time. Look at his early comedy, and even up to the point which he took the job with comedy central. He was famously anti-pc. but got picked up by comedy central after his bit on gun control went viral, and he's now wheeled out to peddle the pc leftist line.

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