Traditional Remedies vs. Modern Science – The Jim Jefferies Show

Traditional Remedies vs. Modern Science – The Jim Jefferies Show

Essential oils, acupuncture, probiotics. More and more Americans are turning to alternative medicine. [Man] After three or 4,000 years, I’m sure the Chinese can’t be wrong. But is moving away from modern science really the way to go? To find out, I’m heading to a place that’s relied on traditional remedies for centuries. South Africa! Eighty percent of the population relies on traditional healers as their primary form of health care. I’m here to meet Richie Sekwele. He’s a faith healer of over 30 years who claims to have extra powers. Give me your top five things you can cure. Wow! What are the ones where you’re like, “ah, good. This c**t’s got malaria. I’ve got this in the bag.” Can you cure cancer? And that’ll get rid of any cancer? AIDS? Oh, you have cured some people of AIDS? With some herbs? Can you suck that out with a tube? No, no, fat. Yeah, it’s fat. Alright, yeah. OK, stop for a second. You can get rid of piles? How do you do that? ‘Cause I’ve had hemorrhoids my whole life. [Jim] Listen, I’ve heard it all. Eat more Metamucil, don’t push so hard while taking a dump. I’ve even had surgery on my colon. Nothing works! Oh, f**k it. I’ll give it a go. And the piles will just go back up? Because at the moment, I shit and push. Couple fingers, back up. [Jim] Look out, Preparation H. Richie is gonna save my asshole! Thank you, Richie. Thank you, doctor. I won’t get stopped at the airport. This feels like the beginning of an episode of “Locked Up Abroad.” Yeah, that’s um – it’s just bark. It’s just a bag of bark. [Jim] Well, I gotta say. This is a little different from my doctor back home. But it’s not dangerous, right? I think there’s definitely a potential for traditional healers to be dangerous. [Jim] Alright. Meet Dr. Farhaan Williams. He’s a fancy, show-off hospital doctor. And he supports the South African government’s recent push to regulate healers. But is this just some self-serving plot to steal my buddy Richie’s customers? Moving in on the little guy trying to f**k him over? No, I don’t think we try to do that. The drive is more to understand where the roles can work together and also understand what they provide. Have you ever seen anyone who’s been cured by a traditional healer? If they were cured, they wouldn’t need to see me. What do you think about western doctors? Right. Right. [Jim] He has a point. They’re handing out opioids like f**king candy! But that said, modern medicine isn’t all bad. [ TV ad band ] Viva Viagra! Talk to your doctor about Viagra. Have you got herbal Viagra? No, no, no. I’ve got friends who take that stuff sometimes after a big night or a coke binge or something like that, they might have to take it to f**king do what they need to do, but – You just – you just go… You just get the c*m in your hand and lick it? Yeah, lick it. You lick your own c*m? [Jim] Alright, maybe the one pill isn’t that bad. But if the c*m doesn’t do it, Richie’s got one more way to spice things up in the bedroom. I’ve been told that you can restore a woman’s virginity. Yeah, yeah. What does that mean? That you sort of cup it a bit and then the hymen grows back in? Oh, you don’t touch it? She puts a pillow up there? Yeah, under. Like, maybe a corn hole sack. Like a little bean bag – from the game corn hole. Yeah, three points for that. Oh, it fixes the family because he’s like, “kids, mom’s c**t’s good again. So, daddy’s gonna stay. The doctor fixed mom’s c**t up.” Yeah. [Jim] Yeah, that uh… that doesn’t seem healthy. But I’m open to being proven wrong… ’cause the time has come to see Richie’s extra powers. [ whistle blowing ] Woah! [ chants ] It’s like we’re getting ready for Scrabble. Sorry? Oh, nothing. Five and four? Let’s keep going until we get the number we want. Is that the one we want? No, no. Alright, keep going. Seven, seven! There you go. How long did you go to medical school for? Seven years. Correct. This is what he gave me for hemorrhoids. I am not an expert in the contents of that, but – Could there be some hallucinogens in there? Very possibly, uh – Alright, I’ll give it a go. I’ll give it a go. Yeah. See if it’s – I’ll take both of those. Why are traditional healers so popular here? There’s greater access to a traditional healer. Often times at less cost. And that would force a person who’s in need of care to visit somebody that their parents visited when they were ill and their grandparents. [Jim] Actually, this sounds familiar. Poor people with shit options for health care just because that’s the way it’s always been. And the consequences are clear. When the government doesn’t support free health care for everyone, people with all sorts of illnesses don’t get the real help they deserve. But look, I also understand why even rich people try alternative medicine. You believe it can cure you because you want to believe it. And when your asshole is prolapsed, even bark sounds pretty reasonable. But I guess I’ll ask a real doctor for advice. How about some ice lollies? Yeah, where you put the ice against it? Inside! You shove an ice block up your ass? With some lubrication. Well, I’ve got my weekend planned.

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  1. Last time I was this early all of the incels in the comment section were just known as virgins and not the terrorists that they are now.

  2. ok but i think using traditional medicine first is a better idea before wasting your money on the doctor when it could’ve easily been cured with at home remedies. just a thought 🙂

  3. I thought I was the only person that used the two finger scoop! Thank you Jim for coming out, we will live in shame no more!!

  4. While i greatly dislike faith healers due to them being blatant liars, he does have a point in that it seems more about selling to the patient than it is curing him. It's quite dehumanizing to people when even the doctors see them as nothing more than walking dollar signs courtesy of viva viagra.

  5. Poor people not getting the help they need because they cant afford access to healthcare? What a sh*thole 3rd world country … Glad I live in the richest country in the world where that never happens

  6. I swear, just for a few seconds at one point, it looked liked you wanted to punch that healer in the face.

    Might of just been wishful thinking.

  7. With all of the medicine man's remedies, he still ain't looking like no spring chicken. This video was just dumb diddy dumb dumb dumb.

  8. Nice one, hope you enjoyed your stay in a South Africa. By the way western doctors and gov have admitted that traditional healers offer a better solution to psychiatric patients

  9. I remember my doctor and therapist giving me all kinds of Pills with side effects for my anger management. So I went to see one of this healers he told me to get a divorce before I hurt someone or my self and it worked!.


  11. 90 year old in the amazon…probably knows a thing or 2 about natural remedies.

    Some blond lady named Karen… probably full of shit.

  12. Tim Minchin said it best: "Alternative medicine has either not been proven to work, or has been proven not to work. Do you know what they call alternative medicine that has been proven to work? Medicine."

  13. Jim, try Daflon, Venalex or anything with diosmin and hesperidin for your hemorrhoids. These are considered by FDA as supplements. Originally used to treat varicose veins, but work good with hemorrhoids too. In Europe these are legit drugs. Thank me later.

  14. For those who believe they're cured and they're suffering less, people shouldn't mock what they haven't experienced…. Even if they had the same treatment, not everyone has the same dna and won't react the same.

  15. In all seriousness, prep H is weak. Get some full strength witch hazel, and make sure you go often enough to not deal with the pain

  16. To be fair, all the faith healer knows is that once his patients take his medicine they never call again.

  17. That shit works. Western medicine has been taking ideas from African medicine for years. A simple example is how they created slimming tablets.

  18. It seems like people are looking for wonder medicines that will cure them over night without them having to do anything.
    Just don't smoke, don't drink so much alcohol, work out every few days and eat healthy. How hard can it be?

  19. What A Total Crock Of Fucking Bullshit.. No Different From The Con Artist Televangelists Assholes That Have Infested And Infected America

  20. Jokes aside African medicine works. For us ancestors are everything they provide their wisdom even after life through dreams and traditional healers.

  21. Of all the traditional healers, he has to pick the guy who's borderlining a magician.
    All I can say is herbs have saved my father's life and avoided a surgery, cured my son of severe eczema, and improve my overall health at times.
    Western meds have their uses, but generally, they treat symptoms and not always the underlying cause. That's why they can have these one dose fits all pills for everyone, and that you can never stop taking them (since you are never cured).

  22. Chinese traditional medicine was basically invented as a PR tool by Mao because he didn't have enough doctors. His people collected massive amounts of local traditions throughout china and then took some and mashed them up to make a unique belief system of medicine that wasn't anymore traditional than Wicca or how danish primitive gymnastics and swedish calisthenics spent a century in india picking up some local wrestling and getting marketed as "yoga" using an existing tradition to cloak its origins and give it exotic legitimacy.

  23. I’m sorry but the reason people are into alternative medicine is because they’re stupid. It’s not because they can’t see a doctor, because look who the majority of alternative medicine nut jobs in America are: white middle and upper class women.

  24. When we invest in our security by having armed forces, no one calls it "free military protection". When we invest in our infrastructure, no one calls it "free roads and bridges". Yet when we talk about investing in our country's health and education….suddenly it's "free health care" and "free college". From the standpoint of the individual, it might be free. But from the standpoint of the nation as a whole, it looks like an investment to me, one that makes a lot of sense economically. I wish advocates of these things would phrase it this way instead.

  25. I live in China. Trust me when I say this, yes they can be wrong. Mostly about the temperature of things. They believe that cold will kill you.

    They believe if you drink cold water, you’ll get a stomach ache, the water must be piping hot.

    AC is a big no no. And a slight chill in the air means covering your entire body in cloth, no exposed skin cuz cold is death.

    Children can’t even eat cold fruit cuz they’ll get sick. It must be room temperature at least.

  26. For those posting about how traditional medicine worked for them or a friend of theirs please read this response in the hope that it may save your life or the life of someone you love:

    Everyone thinks their story disproves research, but that's not how science or just general understanding works. Imagine there are 300 people with the same disease and 100 each use western medicine, traditional medicine, and nothing. 2 months later 87 of the people who used western medicine are alive, 6 of the people who used traditional medicine are alive, and 6 of the people who used nothing are alive. The people who used traditional medicine cant say "Traditional medicine worked for me. I had that disease and I'm still alive just like those people who used western medicine." Its inaccurate, and since there's no one left who used traditional medicine to say "It didn't work for me." it seems to outsiders like they're equally effective choices. So some of them try to use traditional medicine and likely die from lack of treatment.

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