Trailer Trashing Horror Movies! (Saturday SupercutπŸ”ͺ)

Trailer Trashing Horror Movies! (Saturday SupercutπŸ”ͺ)

– Saturday Supercut – I heard trailers go off without a hitch. (laughs) – Yay – Wait up guys, I’m coming! – Once again, I was not invited. – [Orange] Come on, hurry! We’re gonna miss the trailer! – [Pear] I don’t know about this, guys. – [Apple] Oh, stop being
such a scaredy-pear. (laughter) – [Orange] Quiet, it’s starting. – [Woman] John, wake up. – [John] What is it? – Next door, I heard a scream. – [Orange] What, the neighbors
are getting out ice cream? I’m there! – [Pear] No, she heard them scream. – Is everything alright? – [Orange] No, they’re
out of cherry garcia. – Go back inside, it’s not mine, it’s not. Go back inside and call
an ambulance right now. – [Apple] Call the ambulance, he’s got a wicked case
of ice cream headache! (Fruits scream) – [Creepy Lady] I like your doll. – [Apple] Gosh darnit, mom! If I told you once, I
told you a thousand times. It’s not a doll, it’s an action figure! – [Pear] Oh, no. You maniac, don’t bleed on it! It’s in mint condition! (groaning) – You survived, you don’t
come out the other side of something like this weaker. What is there left to scared of? – [Pear] Uh, Ebola! – [Apple] Giant meteors! – [Orange] Justin Bieber! – How did that get in there? I swear I threw it out. – [Apple] And by threw it out
I mean burned it in gasoline. – There, she fits right in. – [Orange] Sorry lady, your doll’s so ugly it scared the crap outta the toilet. (laughter) – [Pear] This doll’s so ugly
when One Direction saw it, they went the other way. (laughter) – [Apple] Her doll’s so ugly,
even Hello Kitty said goodbye. (laughter) – [Orange} Burn. – [Pear] Yeah! Aw, I thought they were
gonna play Lincoln Park. – [Orange and Apple] Pear. – [Pear] Sorry. – [Apple] Look, she’s doing
her John impersonation. – [Orange] Seriously, is everyone
in this movie narcoleptic? – [Pear] This summer
everyone takes a nap… (snoring) Annabelle. (laughter) – [Orange] Annabelle? I kinda feel like that name sew-sew. (laughter) Sewing puns! – [Pear] Yeah, we know. – [Orange] Okay, maybe that seams wrong. – [Pear] Knock it off! – [Orange] What, not thread-ening enough? – [Pear] Okay, enough! – [Marshmellow] Ooo, what’s for dinner? (fruits scream) – [Orange] Pork chop sandwiches! Oh, what are ya doing? Get the fork outta here,
you’re all gonna die. – [Pear] Oh no. – [Orange] Aw, what a drag. – There are things happening
that I can’t explain. – [Apple] Yeah, like why the
Kardashians are so popular. – I don’t think what you’re
experiencing is a ghost. – [Pear] What you’re experiencing
is the Miley Cyrus virus. – [Orange] Symptoms include twerking, sticking out your tongue,
and licking hammers. (screaming) – [Apple] I think I just piddled myself. – Sometimes demons can
attach themselves to objects. – [Pear] Especially if those objects are covered in Crazy Glue. – [Orange] Sounds like a sticky situation. – Protect your family. – [Orange] From the evil garbage truck. (screaming) – [Apple] That’s why I always recycle. – [Marshmellow] This
movie needs more fire. More fire! (wind wooshing) – Who are you? – [Pear] And what have you
done with my demonic doll? – [Apple] Action figure! (Screaming) – [Orange] Aw, ghost kids
sure grow up fast these days. – [Apple] Annabelle. Half animal, half bell. All terror. (laughter) – [Pear] How much do you wanna
bet John is still sleeping? – [Orange] When he should be making more pork chop sandwiches. – [Marshmellow] With fire. Fire, fire, burn! (laughter) – [Pear and Apple] Um. – [Apple] Okay. – [Marshmellow] I mean, yay. – [Pear] I don’t wanna
miss the trailer, hurry up. Come on. – [Orange] Guess what, guys. Hey guys, hey, hey. – [Everyone] What? – [Orange] Knife! (screaming) – [Pear] Dude, I go to the
movies to get away from that. – [Marshmellow] So insensitive. – [Apple] Don’t do that again. – [Girl] This much, I know. – [Marshmellow] Spooky. – [Apple] Okay, that’s it,
I’m closing my eyes now. – Would you be mine? – [Pear] Aw man, Loki’s got game. – [Orange] He’s the broom
that sweeps ya off your feet. – [Marshmellow] Yay, I love brooms. – [Man] Edith, this is my sister. – There are parts of the
house that are unsafe. – [Pear] Yeah, like Loki’s bathroom. Pee-ew. – [Orange] Well he is the
Norse God of hot boxing. – [Apple] Um, is it safe to look now? – [Marshmellow] Yay, I love
creepy, killer clown dolls. – [Apple] I’ll take that as a no. (laughter) (eerie piano) – [Edith] I can imagine the
two of you in here as children. – We were not allowed in here as children. – [Pear] And I’m still
very angry about it. – [Orange] They told me
I could never play piano. Well who’s wrong now, mom? – [Apple] You think she’d play something a little more upbeat. – [Pear] I thought you weren’t watching. – [Apple] I’m not deaf, dude. – [Orange] Loki, you’re
doing the Macarena all wrong. (laughter) Gentlemen start your engines. – In your own best interest,
proceed with caution. – [Pear] And by that I mean,
burn it down right now! – Has anyone died in this house? Specific deaths, violent deaths. – [Orange] What about hilarious deaths? Anyone killed with lawn darts
or too much Laffy Taffy? – [Marshmellow] Yay, I love ghost kitties. – [Apple] Ghost kitties? Okay, I’m opening my eyes now. We’re obviously all done
with the scary bits. – [Pear] Yeah dude,
I’m sure it’s fine now. – [Orange] Sike! – [Pear] Knock it off. – [Woman] This is your home now. (Screaming) – [Woman] Beware of crimson beads. – [Orange] Yeah, might wanna watch out for the yellow puddle too. (laughter) – [Apple] Shut up you guys,
I did not pee on the floor! This time. (laughter) – [Pear] Uh, uh. No way, nope. I don’t wanna sit next
to little Apple for this. – [Orange] Me neither. – [Apple] Guys, I took care of it. My bladder’s completely empty and there’s nothing left to worry about. – [Pear] Yeah there is, dude. This is Poltergeist. We all know you’re gonna
get so scared, you barf. – [Apple] What? I’m not gonna barf. – [Orange] You sure? ‘Cause there are creepy
children in this movie. (stomach grumbling) – [Apple] Yeah, yeah. I’m totally cool with creepy kids. – [Orange] Yeah? Then why’d your tummy just rumble? – [Apple] Just start the trailer already! – [Marshmellow] Yay, I love sitting in little Apple’s barf radius. – [Apple] I’m not gonna barf! – [Woman] You didn’t
know where else to go. But, you did the right thing coming here. – [Apple] Not scared yet. – [Woman] Maddie was the
first one to notice things. – [Apple] Still not scared. – [Pear] Good, no one is. – How will you get here? – Who are you talking to? – [Orange] I was talking to the door, please don’t interrupt. – [Woman] When was the last
time you had contact with her? – [Mother] Before she was taken. (screaming) – [Pear] I heard that Little Apple. – [Apple] My stomach
grumbled because I’m hungry! – [Man] It’s a fixer-upper. – All the houses are like
this in our price range. – Do you wanna see a trick? – [Orange] So far this trailer
hasn’t been too hair raising. Oh, I stand corrected! (laughter and groaning) – [Marshmellow] I like his hair-do. – We like this house! – [Apple] I’m not even scared at all. – [Orange] Boo! – [Apple] Okay, now my
bladder’s completely empty. – [Pear] Catchy tune. – [Orange] Play Free Bird, Play Free Bird! It’s an iPhone Sucks. – [Pear] Ugh, they’re bragging about being associated with The Grudge? – [Orange] That’s like
bragging you built the Titanic. – [Apple] Oh, man. She’s gonna go in the closet, isn’t she? Oh, keep it together Little Apple. (Stomach growling) (barfing) – [Pear] I told ya he’d barf. – [Mother] We have to call somebody. – [Father] We can’t call the cops. What are ya gonna tell em? – [Marshmellow] Tell them, Summer! Yay! – First things first,
your daughter is here and she’s alive. – [Pear] And here she is! Movie’s over, roll credits. – [Man] This development
was built on a cemetery. – [Apple] The situation is grave. – [Priest] This isn’t just
a few pissed off spirits we’re dealing with. – [Apple] Language, Mr. Priest! – It’s a poltergeist. – [Orange] Better than a
poutry-geist of ticked of chickens. – We just want our daughter back. – [Pear] Acting. – [Priest] The door to
their world could close at any moment. If that happens, there’s
no gettin’ her back. – [Orange] But, we can get her front. (laughter) – [Priest] I want you
all to clear your minds. – [Pear] That won’t be a
problem for Grapefruit. – [Priest] They already
know what scares you. – [Orange] Nicki Minaj! – [Pear] Ebola! – [Marshmellow] Running
out of toilet paper! – [Orange] Donald Trump’s hair! – [Pear] Twitter! – [Marshmellow] Beef-less beef jerky! – [Orange] Clouds shaped like hamburgers! – [Pear] Paul Blart two! – [Orange] Too far Pear. – [Apple] Is that a clown? (screaming) – [Orange] Well, this guy
really knows the drill. (laughter) – [Marshmellow] Oh, no, that really sucks. – [Orange] I’m telling you guys, this would be way better with chickens. – Maddie. – Yes? (screaming) – [Orange] Poultry-geist. – [Apple] I only barfed twice, good. – [Girl] … on mom. – [Pear] Ya sure about that? (screaming and barfing) – [Pear] Told ya. – [Orange] Let’s go find
some chicken actors. I wanna make Poutry-geist so bad. (laughter) (Jumbled up singing) – [Pear] Can you please
stop singing for one time. I just– – [Orange] Oh, no. PG-13? – [Pear] Yeah, PG-13. – [Orange] Little Apple,
you can’t be watching this. – [Apple] What are you talking about? You can’t be watching this. – [Pear] No, you both
can’t be watching this. – [Orange] I can’t be watching this. – [Marshmellow] Guys,
guys, guys, it’s okay. – [Apple] Marshmellow, if
we wanna watch this movie when it comes out, you have
to be at least 13 years old. Or else you have to
have adult supervision. – [Marshmellow] Yeah, I know. It’s okay. – [Pear] How is it okay? – [Marshmellow] I’m 835 years old. – [Everyone] Huh? – [Pear] How’s that even possible? – [Marshmellow] Yay! – [Apple] Um, “yay” isn’t an answer. – [Marshmellow] Silly Apple,
“yay” is always the answer. Yay! – [Pear] I am so confused right now. – [Marshmellow] Quiet, it’s starting! – [Pear] Geez. – [Apple] Marshmellow,
you got a violent side. – [Boy] Are you holding
my camera properly? – [Orange] I’m holding it
on a plate of spaghetti, is that wrong? – [Orange] Hey, I can do that. – [Apple] Knock it off! – [Pear] Stop it! – [Boy] Bye, mom. – My parents asked if their grand-children could visit them for a week. – [Orange] And I said no way,
old people smell like farts. – [Girl] I’ve wanted to spend
time with you for so long. – [Orange] I wish I had hands. (screaming) – [Orange] I thought it was gonna be R. Kelly in their closet. (laughter) – I have not seen your
Nana this happy in years. – [Orange] Embrace the power of naked! – [Pear and Apple] No. – Bedtime here is 9:30. It’s probably best you two shouldn’t come outta your room after that. – [Pear] Yeah, after 9:30 we
play naked Twister downstairs. You don’t wanna see. – [Everyone] Ew! – 9:30. – 9:30. – [Orange] 9:30. – [Pear] 9:30? – [Apple] 9:30 – [Pear] 9:30 – [Apple] 9:30 – [Pear] 9:30 – What is that? – [Orange] Sounds like demon farts. (laughter) – [Boy] It’s 10:47 – [Orange] 10:47? – [Pear] 10:47 – [Apple] 10:47? – [Pear] 10:47 (screaming) – [Orange] Oh, guys it’s okay. It’s just a cat lady looking
for a scratching post. (laughter) – [Pear] Uh-oh. – [Orange] Oh no, M. Night Shyamalan. – [Girl] I think Nana’s not feeling well. – [Orange] Yeah, ’cause she just realized she’s in a Shyamalan movie. – It’s like somebody
talking in their sleep. – [Orange] Saying, “Wake me up
from this horrible nightmare, I’m in a terrible movie!” (laughter) (gun cocking) – I was just cleaning it. – [Pear] With your tongue? (laughter) – [Pear] Whoa, look out! Nana’s gotta pee really bad. – Mom, there’s something
wrong with Nana and Pop-Pop. – They’re just old. – [Pear] So, what your saying
is all old people are weird. – [Orange] Seems legit. – [Marshmellow] Hey, I resent that. – [Orange] Wow, Nana
really knows how to rock. (laughter) – [Girl] Nana, are you okay? – [Pear] Yeah, that would be my reaction if I was in a Shyamalan movie too. (laughter) – [Orange] And the sound
mixer from Paul Blart please– (fart noise) (laughter) – It’s just the end of your trip. – [Orange] Bye. (screaming) – [Orange] Dude’s got an ax to grind. – [Pear] Stop. – I’m sad it’s all over. – [Orange] I’m not. – [Nana] Gonna get you. – [Apple] Leave me alone Nana. I don’t wanna rub you bunions anymore. (laughter) – [Pop-Pop] Let’s make it a perfect night. – [Pear] Great, let’s shut this movie off. – [Girl] What is that? – [Orange] Dude’s just hanging around. (laughter and groaning) – [Orange] Oh well, well, well. – You need to come right now. (Intense music) – [Orange] Oh, he’s in a real pinch. (groans) – [Orange] Watch me whip, watch me Nana. Watch me whip, whip, watch me Nana. – [Pear] Stop. – Would you mind getting
inside the over to clean it? – [Orange] Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no ,no. I am not falling for that again. (laughter) So, this trailer taught us
that old people are weird and wanna eat us. – [Marshmellow] Oh, that’s silly. I’m over 800 years old
and me trying to get you to come to this movie is definitely not an elaborate plan to
cook you and eat you all. (Maniacal laughter) – [Everyone] Um. – [Pear] I’m gonna be busy that day. – [Orange] Yeah, totally. I got a thing, I got a thing… – In the case of a fire you always stop, drop, and pick your pants. – [Pear] No, that’s gross! – [Orange] I just don’t
get what’s so scary about a movie about some clown
who knows about computers. – [Pear] For the last time, dude. The movie is called It, not IT. (laughter) – [Apple] Uh, I don’t
know about this you guys. Clowns are like near the top
of my list of scary things. – [Marshmellow] Yay, I love clowns! – [Pear] Well you’re in luck, Marshmellow. I think this movie’s gonna
be right up your alley. – [Apple] Ah, man. – [Pear] You wear a diaper
this time Little Apple? – [Apple] Sure did! Learned my lesson last
time in a major way. – [Orange and Pear] Ew. – There ya go, she’s all ready captain. – Thanks Billy. – [Apple] In case you were
wondering, I’m not even scared. – [Pear] That’s good, because nothing scary’s even happened yet. – [Orange] Hey, what’s this a-boat? – [Pear] Please don’t. – [Orange] ♪Row, row, row your boat.♪ ♪Gently down the gutter.♪ ♪Merrily, merrily, merrily,
merrily life is but a–♪ – [Pear] Oh! (laughter) – [Pear] You guys, come on. – [Apple] I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I can’t help it. – [Orange] Let’s see it in rewind. – [Pear] Dude, no, stop. – [Orange] Oh! (laughter) – [Pear] Okay. (laughter) – [Pear] Har-har, we get it. The kid hits it’s head. Can we move on? – [Apple] Wait, Pear, maybe he
won’t hit his head this time. – [Orange and Apple] Nope. – [Pear] Okay, we get it. That was the last time, got it? – [Orange] We’ll see. – No! – [Apple] Uh, oh man,
oh man, oh man, oh man! What do ya think is down there? – [Orange] Probably the kids boat. Weren’t you watching? Oh, I’m gonna toot. – [Pear] Don’t do it. (Fart noise) – [Pear] Oh, ugh. You ruined the part where
the scary clown pops up. – [Orange] Sorry, I’m gassy. – [Apple] Is it just me or does the clown look a lot like Orange? No? Okay. – [Boy] Derry is not like any
town I’ve ever been in before. – [Apple] Is there actually
a town called Derry? – [Orange] I don’t know, but if there is, they’re probably having
a cow over this moo-vie. Double pun sucka! (Eerie music) – [Marshmellow] Yay, I love balloons! – [Orange] And I love fast forwarding through really boring parts. Woo hoo! – [Pear] Orange, knock it off! You’re blowing through all the good stuff. – [Orange] Okay, I’ll
stop clowning around. (Groans) – Look, it’s all connected by the sewers. That’s where It lives. – [Apple] This music
is making it so scary. Why am I scared of this boring projector? – [Orange] Oh, I remember
that trip to Splash Mountain. We had a lot of fun. – [Pear] What are you
talking about Orange? You’re not in this movie. – [Orange] Are you sure about that? – [Pear] Um, Yeah. – [Apple] What’s going on? – [Pear] I don’t know, dude. – [Marshmellow] Yay,
Orange is a movie star! – [Orange] It was such
a windy day that day. Hair was getting all in my face. – [Apple] I have so many
questions right now. – [Pear] Yeah. Questions like, what are
you doing in this movie? – [Apple] Yeah, are you
playing a trick on us? – [Marshmellow] Is it you that’s a clown? Because I’m going to be– Yay! – [Orange] I did meet
him, he was really nice. – Bill, if you’ll come
with me, you’ll float too. You’ll float too, you’ll
float too, you’ll float too. You’ll float too! – [Orange] I could really go
for a root bear float now. – [Pear] Alright, that is you! – [Orange] Okay, okay, the secret’s out. They asked me to play
the clown and I said yes. – [Apple] No they did not. – [Orange] April Fool’s! – [Pear] That was like last week, dude. I don’t know who let
you re-edit the trailer, but you totally ruined it. – [Orange] That’s not true, you haven’t seen the best part yet. (laughter) – [Pear] Goodbye. I haven’t heard anything about the movie that we’re watching today. What, no. – [Orange] Alright, you guys. Are you ready for the trailer today? – [Pear] Please tell me it’s
not a superhero trailer. – [Apple] Hey, I like those. – [Orange] Well, depending
on how you look at it. His name does kinda sound
like a super hero name. – [Pear] What do you mean? – [Pear] Well like Superman and Batman, he has man in his name. – [Apple] Oh. So is it like Kool-aid man? – [Orange] No. – [Pear] He-man? – [Orange] Colder. – [Marshmellow] The Muffin Man. – [Orange] Nope, not
the Muffin Man either. – [Pear] So are you gonna
tell us who this secret super hero, non super hero is? – [Apple] Yeah, seriously– (screaming) – [Orange] Slender Man. – [Apple] Totally not cool you guys. I already piddled myself. – [Pear] Yeah, I’m totally not cool with any of those things I just saw. – [Orange] Well, what
wood you like to see? (groaning) Get it? Cause they’re looking in the woods? – [Apple] We get it, we get it. – [Marshmellow] What does
it say on the tombstone? – [Orange] Oh that one
says, “Here lies Brock Lee”. Get it, broccoli. – [Man] Where is my daughter? – [Apple] Pear is my daughter? – [Pear] Didn’t say that. Stop it you guys. – [Man] People don’t just disappear. – [Orange] Sure they do. They’re called magicians. (laughter) – [Apple] Was that Slender Man? – [Pear] No, that’s a tree, dude. – [Orange] Yeah, leaf it alone. (laughter) – [Pear] I gotta say, if the woods are making sounds
like they want to eat you, then don’t go in the woods. – [Apple] I think that’s sound advice. – [Orange] Uh-oh. Slender upgraded from
eight pages to 800 pages. – [Pear] Oh, boy. – [Orange] He really likes corn bread? – [Pear] Yeah, that’s what they said. – [Orange] He like papyrus? – [Pear] Yeah, yeah. He likes corn bread and papyrus, that’s what they’re talking about. – [Apple] Why’s it quiet? (screaming) – [Pear] You know what it is? She just realized she’s
in a crappy horror movie based on a meme and a video game. (laughter) What, I’m serious. This looks terrible. – [Orange] Uh-oh, looks like she’s trying to warn us about something. Starts with an “h”, um, hipsters! (laughter) – [Pear] Yeah, hipsters
in the woods, watch out. – [Apple] Let me back in the
room, I forgot my fedora. (laughter) – [Orange] Hey, “HI”, I
bet you it is hipsters. – [Pear] I’m guessing it’s probably not. – [Orange] Oh, maybe it’s hippopotamus’. – [Apple] Whoa, extreme head banging. – [Pear] Seriously. (screaming) – [Orange] She needs
to watch what she eats. – [Pear] Oh, it’s “him”. It’s not a hippopotamus
or a hipster, sorry dude. – [Orange] Uh-oh, knife to meet you. – [Apple] No, please, don’t do it. – [Pear] I don’t like where this is going, – [Marshmellow] Oh, no! – [Orange] Oh, no! She stabbed her ketchup packets! (laughter) – [Pear] Uh-oh. – [Apple] It’s Slender Man. – [Orange] Oh, no, it’s
cool, don’t worry about it. He’s a super hero, he wants to help you. – [Pear] Yeah, that’s
definitely what it is. – [Orange] Yeah, he’s
trying to protect her from the hippopotamus’ and hipsters. (laughter) (screaming) – [Orange] You’ll really fall for Slender. (laughter) ♪ Slender Man, Slender Man ♪ ♪ Doin everything that a Slender can ♪ – [Pear] I kind of like the idea that he’s a misunderstood super hero. – [Apple] Yeah, when he creeps up on ya, he’s just trying to warn you that you have a little bit
of ketchup on your face. (laughter) – [Apple, Pear, and Orange]
♪Na, na, na, na, na, na, na♪ ♪ Slender Man ♪

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  1. 🍊: your doll so ugly it scared the toilet 🍐: your doll so ugly when one direction saw it they went the other way little 🍎: your doll so ugly even hello kitty said goodbye🐺

  2. One day i went to see the movie with my sister and mom But when i saw it ANNABELLE SCARED ME AWAY AND MY SISTER AND MOM RANYAWAY FROM THE MOVIE! By the way childs play is scary too.

  3. When you can laugh at something scary it makes something way less terrible πŸ™‚ also that one where the girl got locked in the closet and the eyes appeared that's why we close our closets at night

  4. Oh I thought Annabelle was just like a doll that comes to life but doesn't turn into a human but is a dog that chases you and kills you I didn't know she was a human

  5. 1.Jason Orange(Jason Voorhees)
    2.Freddy Booger(Freddy Kruger)
    3.Toast Face(Ghost Face)
    4.Michael Piers(Michael Myers)
    5.Feather Face(Leather Face)
    9.Ash Pilliams(Ash Williams)
    10.Candy Pan(Candy Man)
    11.Hannibell Lector(Hannibal Lector)
    13.Tack Torrance(Jack Torrance)
    16.Hershey Bar West(Herbert West)

  6. 11:24 Merrily,merrily,merrily,merrily life life is but a-
    Orange and little apple:laughs
    Pear:guys come on
    Little apple: I know I shouldn't laugh but I can't help it

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